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WE HOP 'L AGRICULTURAL SHOW FOR 1871. The contest for the honour and privilege of having the Itoyal Agricultural Society's Show in 1871 is becoming quite exciting. The choice lay at first between Shrop- shire, Staffordshire, Cheshire, and the Welsh counties; but Cheshire has withdrawn her claim, on the ground that the meeting was recently held at Manchester, and North Wales is also out of the field, for she has no town of suffi- cient size to compete. The exhibition will therefore be held either at Shrewsbury or in Staffordshire and Shrop- shire possesses this advantage over her rival, that all the influence of the county will be exerted in favour of one town, while in the neighbouring county there is a division of power, between Wolverhampton, Walsall, and Stafford. An influential county meeting has been held at Shrews- bury, as we reported in our last, and the Town Council of that borough, as well as the committee of the Chamber of Agriculture, are moving in the matter. In fact, there is an evident determination on the part of the leading men of the county and the county town, not to lose the show from want of asking for it, and asking in a way that will give them a good chance of accomplishing their purpose. In order to ensure a favourable reply, however, the agri- culturists, and the inhabitants generally, must assist the movement, by subscribing, and by showing in an unmis- takable manner that they will take an interest in the meeting and do all they can to promote its success. Mr JASPER MORE has set a liberal example to the landlords, and a handsome amount was subscribed at the county meeting but it is hoped more will be raised, and we trust that the farmers and tradesmen of the county will do their Part in providing the money. The movement ought not to be confined to Shropshire, for the advantages of holding the show at Shrewsbury will certainly extend to the in- habitants of Denbighshire, Montgomeryshire, and other Welsh counties, to whom Shrewsbury is much more acces- Bible than Wolverhampton or any other town in Stafford- shire. The benefits of this great agricultural meeting are almost too obvious to need any remark from us. At the county meeting Lord Powis referred, with much point, to the show at Shrewsbury in 1845, and the stimulus which it had given to agriculture in this district; and if we succeed in having the meeting of 1871 held here, there can be Ho doubt that the agriculture of Shropshire and North Wales will feel the good effects, not only at the time, but for years afterwards. The whole agricultural life of the district will be quickened, improvements of many kinds Will be introduced, and it is quite possible that some con- SPicuous advantage will result, as what may almost be Called the establishment of the breed of Shropshire sheep resulted from the meeting of forty-five. Nor will the benefits be confined to agriculturists. Such an event as the great provincial agricultural gathering of the year cannot be held in any county without benefiting, in one Way or another, tradesmen as well as farmers but besides that, if agriculture is permanently benefited, other classes Will reap the advantage. Of the claims of Shrewsbury we Heed not speak, for they will, no doubt, be urged in the Proper quarter with all the force that can be imparted to them, but we may briefly point out that Shrewsbury is the centre of one of the most important agricultural districts, and, in a sense, the capital of Mid-Wales, that it is a most convenient centre of railway communication, and that it can supply excellent accommodation for all departments of the show. Subscriptions should be sent as Soon as possible, for upon the amount contributed the chances of success, we believe, very largely depend. Other towns are working vigorously, and the inhabitants of Wolverhampton and Stafford are not losing sight of the fact that if they miss the present opportunity another Will only come within their reach after the lapse of many Years.-Oswestry Advertiser. >



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