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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

11 erthygl ar y dudalen hon

.-....-.--',ødry .


',ødry FROM A BALLAD. OH small liad been our shoutin For shoy, if ve had known Dat der Stoasenheim im oaV^n wald, r Lay dying all alone. j Vhile his oldt vhit/> horse tnit droopin h«t 1 Look dumly on hiip doun, ] Ash it he 'linked, Vy lyest dou here Vhile flghtin's go in on?" Und dreams coom o'er de soldier Slow dyin on de eart; Of a scliloss afar in Ba,den, Of his mutter, un, I nople birt Of poverty and sorrow, Vhich drofe him like de wind, Und he sighed, "Ach weh for de lofed ones, Who wait so far pehind! "YYohl ,111 f, my soul o'er de moundains! Wohl auf—well ofer de sea! Dere's a frau dat sits in de Odenwald Und shpins, und (links of me. Dere's a sliildisli blays in de greenin grass Und sings a liddle hymn Und learns to^shpeak a fader's name Dat she nefer will shpeak to him. "But mordallife ends shortly Und Heafens life is long:- Wo bist du BrCitmanul-glaub'es-- Gott suffers noding wrong. Now I die like a Christian soldier, My head oopon my sword:— In nomine Domini! "— Vas Stossenheim his word. # De tramp of horse und soldiers Vas all de funeral knell; De ring of sporn und carpine Vas all de sacrin bell. Mit hoontin-knife und sabre Dey digged de grave a span, From German eyes blue gleamin De holy water ran. Mit moss-grown shticks und bark-thong De plessed cross ve made, Und put it vhere de soldier's head Towards Germany was laid. Dat grave is lost amid dead leafs, • De cross is goned afay: Boot Gott will And der reiter Oopon de Youngest Day. -From Hans Breitmann in Church; with other Ballads.

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