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Sales by Auction. Messrs. ainsworth & jones win sell by PUBLIC AUCTION 011 THURSDAY, OCT. 6TH, 1851, at 12 o'clock, on the Old Batlis Land, High-street, Rhyl, TWO FOR TABLE BOOTHS or TENTS, together measuring 4.) feet by 12 feet. Each is divided into compartments suitable for a photographer, and arc available for pic-nics or garden parties. For Ren*. AT 27, JJODi'OU s ,FR-PET, RIIYL. To Householders, Parties, Furnishing, and Others. MESSRS AINSWORTH & JONES Mill SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, without the slightest reserve, on TUESDAY, OCT. 4TH, 1881, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, a valuable collection of CUTLERY, ELECTRO SILVER-PLATED GOODS, Work Boxes, Bohemian Vases, Lustres, Water-colour Drawings, &c. On view the morning of sale. NO. 11, BODFOR STREET, RHYL. ON THURSDAY, OCT. 6TII, 1881. To Householders, Parties Furnishing, and others. Messrs. ainsworth & jones will sell BY PUBLIC AUCTION as above an assem- blage of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and Effects, comprising a >ipttms!i Mahogany Dining-room Suite of nine pieces, in leather Mahogany Telescope Din- ing Table with one loose leaf, Spanish Mahogany ChefEonier with cupboard, dra\\n and raised back Mahogany 3-tier Dinner Waggon upon white ball castors, a superb Walnut ChefEonier with plate-glass doors, surmounted with marble top and plate-glass back, a handsome Buhl Work Table, Mahogany Pem- broke Table, brilliant Pier Glasses in gilt and ebon- ized frames, charming gilt Girandoles, water colour Drawings, Oil Paintings, China, Cutlery, and Plate, Oak Bureau, Clocks, Carpets, Hat and Umbrella stand, Hall Table, Glass, China, iron Bedsteads, prime feather Beds, palliasses, Flock Beds, Toilet Tables, Washstands, mahogany and other Drawers, Toilet Glasses, Toilet Ware, cane- seated Chairs, and a variety of other effects. On view the morning of sale from 11 o'clock. Sale to commence at 2 o'clock prampt. Education. E DUCATION BY THE SEASIDE. PENRHOS COLLEGE, COLWYN BAY NORTH WALES. Miss POPE, Head Mistress (daughter of the Rev. Dr. Pope, of Didsbury College), Assisted by a large Staff of Teachers. EPWORTH COLLEGE, RHYL. DR. RABY, Head Master. With a full complement of Teachers. Term Fees at both Colleges, when Music is taken, X13 13s., and X15 l-5s., payable in advance. Further particulars on application to the Principals or Secretaries. Rev. Fred. Payne, I Hon. Rev. E. LI. Jones, J Sees. ENGLISH BAPTIST CHAT EL SUSSEX STREET. THE REV. DUNCAN MACGREGOR, MINISTER, Sunday Services, Morning at 11 Evening at 6-30 Tuesday Evenings at 7. As the maintenance of Public Worship is entirely supported by FREE OFFERINGS, a collection is made at each Sunday's service. ENGLISH WESLEYAN Q HAP EL BRIGHTON ROAD, RIIYL. TO-MORROW REV. E. LLOYD JONES fTTMl Tt 1 Services- Sunday, 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Wed- nesday,7 -15 p.m. Prayer Meeting on Friday at 7 p.m NGLISH PRESBYTERIAN CHAPEL, jLj BRIGHTON ROAD, RHYL. TO-MORROW REV. D. CHARLES EDWARDS, Will Preach. Services, Morning at 10.30; Evening, at 6.30. Collection at each Service. TIRE R HYDORDDWY FA RW MILK FARM DEPOT, 3b, WATER STREET, IS NOW OPEN for the sale*of MILK and all Farm produce. Week days, 6.45. a.m., to 6.30. p.m. Sundays, .45. a.m., to 8.30. a.m. RALPH J EDLESTON, Proprietor. MISSES GP,.IFFITIIS, THE GLADSTONE BUILDINGS, IJIEMPERANCE BOARDING JTOTJiL, JL JD il. BODFOR STREET, RHYL. Hot Dinners daily. Tea and Coffee always ready Special Terms fur Pleasure Parties and School Trips ri on application. N.B.—One minute's walk from the station. STAR I F E SSCBANCE SOCIETY (ESTABLISHED 1813.) HEAD OFFICE MOORGATE STREET, LONDON. Assurance Fund £ 1,725,176 14 1 Annual Income. 292,375 14 2 Bonus Apportioned 801,656 0 0 Claims Paid. 1,883,943 6 9 This Society has been Established Thirty-seven years, and has issued above Thirty-seven Thousand p 0"1: r t i All Claims are settled Fifty days after proof; Prospectuses and every information may be ob- tained at the Head Office, or of any of the Society's Agents.1 W. W. BAYXES, F.I.A. SoerUary. Activ.: and t'ljiuvidtal Agents Wanted. Apply— E. DAVIES, Bridge Street, CORWEN. I) E li IIÏvE, 8, QUEEN STREET, PIIYL. SALE! SALE! S A L E J. A. & M. JONES ] T Beg respectfully to inform the Visitors and the Public I gtnc-r.div, that will oiler for Silo for .> 21 "DAYS, COMMENCING SATURDAY, ;3, !S8l, their SURPLUS STOCK OI' SUM ME II GOODS, Considerably U;CDI-;R COOT PRICE. SPECIAL ATTENTION is paid to tho Dress- making Department. All orders entrusted to us will be executed on the shortest notice. FiT and STYLE guaranteed. Dresses bought the S-tie will be made at Reduced Prices. TERMS (.sir. t NOTE Tin ADDKISS— C n v.. A, & JONES, » 1 BEE HlVE, b, QUEEN STREET, RHYL, j, Sale by Auction. COUNTIES OF DENBIGH AND FLINT. FREEHOLD PRO PERT-YI In the towns of RHYL and DEBIGH, and also in the parish of Llanrhaiadr, which will be offered for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION by Mil. J. D. LEWIS ('of Messrs Clough & Co.1 The Rhyl Property at the ROYAL HOTEL, in RHYL, on THURSDAY, the 13th DAY OF OCTOBER, 1881, the remaining property at the BULL HOTEL, in DENBIGH, on FRIDAY, the J ah DAY OF OCTOBER, 1881, each day at three o'clock in the afternoon punc- tually, in the following or in such other lots, and in such order as the agents of the Vendors may determine upon at the time of sale, aud subject to such condi- tions as will then be produced. The property consists of several Dwelling Houses, Shops, Cottages, and a public House in the town of Rhyl. Also of Cottages,Building and Accommodation Lands, and a Shop in the Borough of Denbigh, and of Cottages and Farm Land situate in the parish of Llanrhaiadr. PARTICULARS TOWN OF RHYL. Lot 1. PUBLIC HOUSE and Out-buildings, known as "THE SW AX," situate in Russell road, in the occupation of Mrs Catherine Ellis, as yearly tenant. J J Lot 2.-TWO DWELLING HOUSES, situate in and being Nos. 3 and 5, Russell road, in the respec- tive occupation of Messrs Richard Jones and Robert Roberts, as yearly tenants. Lot 3. —D"WELLING HOUSE and SHOP,situate in and being No. la, High street, in the occupation of Mr Francis MeKcroon, as quarterly tenant, to- gether with a Cottage, Stable, and Coach-house at the rear thereof. Lot 4. THREE DWELLING HOUSES and SHOPS, situate in and being Nos. 2, 3, 4, and o, High street, in the occupation as to 2, 3, and 4, of Mr Ed- ward Slinn, and as to No. 5, of Mr John Keyzar, as yearly tenants, together with three cottages at the rear thereof, in the occupation of sub tenants. Lot 5.—DWELLING-HOUSE and TWO SHOPS situate in and being Nos. 6 and 7, High street, in the occupation of Mr Alfred Harris, as quarterly tenant, with Yard and Garden at the rear thereof. Lot fi.—DWELLING HOUSE, situate in and being No. 8, High-street, in the occupation of Miss Margaret Amos, as yearly Tenant, with good yard at the rear thereof. BOROUGH OF DENBIGH. Lot 7.—FIVE COTTAGES and BAKEHOUSE, situate in and being Nos. 23, 2.3, 27, 29, and 31, Henllan-street, with the Gardens at the rear thereof, now in the several occupations of Messrs. John Wil- liams, Anthony Fielding, David Jones, Thomas Williams, and Mrs Elizabeth Myddleton, as yearly tenants. Lot 8—DWELLING-HOUSE and SHOP, situate in and being Nos. 33 and 35, HenTan-street, with the large Garden adjoining thereto, now in the occupation of Mr Hugh Roberts, as yearly tenant. Lot 9.—THREE COTTAGES, situate in and being Nos. 87, 89, and 91, Henllan street, now in the seve- ral occupations of Messrs Joseph Jones, Evan Evans, and Thomas Roberts, with good Gardens at the rear thereof. Lot 10 -All those two pieces of ACCOMMODA- TION LAND, situate on the west side of the road leading from Denbigh to Trosyparc, near the Rail- way bridge, now in the occupation of Mr William Parry, as yearly tenant, and containing together 4a 2r. 6p., more or less. Lot 11.—All that piece of ACCOMMODATION LAND, situate on the east side of the road leading from Denbigh to Trosyparc, now in the occupation of Mr Price Jones, as yearly tenant, and containing together 2a. lr. 12p. more or less. Lot 12.-All that piece of ACCOMMODATION LAND, situate on the east side of and adjoining the i-,tilway from Denbigh to Corwen, together with the carriage way from the Denbigh and Trosyparc road, and now in the occupation of Mr William Parry, as yearly tenant, and containing 3a. 3r. 20p., more or less. PLOTS OF BUILDING LAND. FIELD, now in the occupation of Evan Pierce, Esq., M.D., divided into Building Lots (13 to 20 on plan) and containing in the whole 10896 square yards more or less. FIELDS now in the respective occupations of Messrs. Thomas Gee and John Knowles, divided into the whole 15536 square yards more or less. The above Building Lots have a frontage to Ruthin road, along which the Denbigh sewerage has been recently laid, as also gas and water mains. Lot 29. All those TWO FIELDS or pieces of MeaclowaLand, situate near" Rhewl Cottages," in the parish of jLlanrhaiadr, on each side, and adjoin- ing the road leading from Groesffordd to Graiglwyd, in the occupation of Mrs Parry, and containing to- gether Sa. Ir. 39p., more or less. Lot 30.—TWO COTTAGES and GARDENS, called Rhewl," in the parish of Llanrhaiadr, in the several occupations of Mr David Jones and Mrs Mary Roberts as yearly tenants. Plans and particulars may be had at the principal hotels in the neighbourhood, from J. C. WYNNE EDWARDS, ESQ., and J. P. LEWIS, ESQ., solicitors,and MESSRS. CLOUGH & COMPANY, all of Denbigh, from either of whom any further information can be ob- tained. PIER PAVILION TIIEATRE. Open under the management of Mr W. H. Newsome SATURDAY, OCT. 1ST, 1881, The popular Drama of LADY AUDLEY'S SECRET. MONDAY & WEDNESDAY, OCT. 3RD & 5TII, LEAH, THK FOKSAKEX. TUESDAY, OCT. 4TII, AURORA FLOYD. THURSDAY, OCT. (iTH, For tii, BENEFIT of MR. A. MACFARLA.NE. The beautiful Comedy, W O X A T LAST. GRAND MISCELLANEOUS CONCERT. MR. FRANK JONES. MR, M. SAMUELS. MR A. MACFARLANE, AND MISS ANNIE JONES. To conclude each evening with a FARCE. FRIDAY & SATURDAY, OCT. 7TII & 8TH, Lord Lytton's Play of THE LADY OF LYONS. Doors opL-n at 7-15, to commence at 8 o'clock. Prices as usual. BOY'S SUITS. -—— J U V E N I L E S U I T S. BOY'S OVERCOATS J. MAliTIN' 25, BOD FOR STREET, Laving just purchased for CASH direct from largest Manufacturer in tho Trade is now prepared to show argest and best assortment in North Wales. ( BOY'S SUITS 3s. 8d. to 21s. DO. OVERCOATS 5s. 6d. to 25s. ¡ I BOY'S IT ATS. CAPS. COLLARS. HOSIERY. "Worthy of your inspection. ryN ViSmLIJNG;TIKTC H AM PION "FAMILY K,^] r 1 ,,jR> the greatest Novelty and Wonder >f D.Iv can bo Worked by all, Young and 0;d md turns out at great speed O'Shanter Huts, Jerseys' a stockings, Scarfs, Cuffs, Slippers, Mats, &c., &c. £ 3 < w easily earned; no Experience or Practice j :cc*s;.ry. Sent tu any Add rets for Post Order ir >tanqte, I,. 2,1.-L. MOTION, 4o, Hiudju-stieeL, uahco, London. Notices. THE BANKRUPTCY ACT7 1869. In the County Court of Carnarvonshire, holdeu at Bangor. IN THh MA ITER of proceedings for liquidation by arrangement or composition with creditors instituted by JOHN JONES, of Brynhyfryd, Oclir- \oel, Dyserth, near Ilhvl, in the County of Flint, butcher, J NOTICE is hereby given that a first general meet- mg of the creditors of the above-named person, has been summoned to be held at the IJoe Hotel, Bodfor street, Rhyl, Flintshire, on Saturday, the Eighth day of October, 1881, at two o'clock in the afternoon precisely. Dated this 20th day of September, 1881. EDWARD ROBERTS, 73, Wellington-road, Rhyl, Flintshire, Solicitor for the said John Jones. T OMB ST ONE T O THE LATE MR. J. RHYDWEN JONES. VTa Meeting of the workmen and friends of the late Mr. J. RIIYDWEN JONES, held at the Cocoa Rooms, Rhyl, at 8 p.m., on Thursday, September 6, 1881, MAJOR PENN presiding, it was unanimously resolved: 1. That a Fund be raised to erect a tombstone in Rhyl Cemetery in memory of the late Mr J. RIIYD- WE-N JONES, as a mark of respect and esteem in which he was held by his workmen and friends. 2. That this Meeting do form itself into a Com- mittee, with power to add to its number, to carry out the above object. 3. That Mr. W. E. SMALLEY be requested to act as Hon. Treasurer, and Mr. ARTHUR ROWLANDS, Hon. Secretary, to the Fund. LIST OF SUBSCRIPTIONS. £ s. d. A Frionrl. 2 2 0 Messrs Jonathan Oldlield & Co. 2 2 0 Major Penn ••• ••• 110 Miss D. 1 1 () Mr W. R. Williams, Solicitor 110 Mr T. Winston ••• 1 1 0 Miss Trehair 0 Mr Robert Evans, Slate Yard ••• 0 10 C Mr W. E. Smalley 0 10 (i Mr Samuel Perks 0 10 G Mr P. Mostyn Williams 0 10 G Mr James Taylor 0 10 G Rev Thos. Richardson, Vicar 0 10 6 Mr Wm. Williams, Summerfield 0 lOG Alr Oliver George 0 10 G Mr A. Rowlands 0 10 G Dr. Carstairs 1.. 0 10 G Mr Thomas Jones, plasterer 0 10 G Mr Robert Price, grocer 0 10 G Mr Edwin Jones, sawyer 0 10 G Mr David Williams, mason 0 10 G Mr Hugh Jones, joiner 0 10 G Mr Jno. Evans, do. 0 10 G Mr Thos. Davies, 2, Thorpe-strect 0 10 G Messrs Brown & Macer 0 10 G Mr John Roberts, ironmonger. 0 10 G Messrs Amos Brothers, Advertiser Office 0 10 0 Rev Fred. Payne 0 10 0 Mr D. LI. Lewis 0 10 G Mr Wm. Reynolds 0 5 0 Mr D. Trehearn 0 6 0 Mr Peter Evans, joiner 0 5 0 Mr Thos. Williams, do 0 5 0 Mr Isaac Jones, do 0 5 0 Mr Geo. Jones. do 0 5 0 Mr Win. Jones, do 0 5 0 A Friend 0 5 0 Mrs Morley Jones 050 Mr D. Davies, Freelands 0 5 0 Mrs O. P. Williams 0 5 0 Mr E. Davies, Cobden Terrace 0 2 G A Friend 0 2 G Ditto 0 2 6 Master D. O. Williams 0 2 G A Friend. 0 2 6 Mr R. Neal 0 2 G SLims under 2s. 6d. 0 1 0 X24 10 0 Further subscriptions may be paid at the North and South Wales Bank, Town Hall, and the London and Provincial Bank, High Street. Rhyl, Sept. 23rd, 1881? THE GREAT HALF-YEARLY SALE OF D RAP ERY GOO D S IS NOW GOING ON AT LUNT g GRIFFITHS, FREE TRADE HALL, HIGH STREET, RHYL. The whole of the immense Stock has been re- duced alld re-marked REGARDLESS OF COST we need not (luolc prices as the gen- uineness of L. & G's Half-yearly Sales is a well-known fact. The public generally are in- vited to inspect the ENORMOUS BARGAI-N IS before purchasing elsewhere. FREE TRADE HALL IS KEPT OPEN EVERY EVENING UNTIL 8 P.M. STEAM S A WTITLUT& JOINERY WO LIKS^ MORLEY ROAD, RHYL. J. W ei O.N ,E S (Son oj the late J. Rhyd'.rcn JonesJ BUILDER, CONTRACTOR, TIMBER AND CEMENT MERCHANT, &c. Begs respectfully to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and the Public generally of Rhyl and the surrounding district that he has taken the above named Works, which were erected and conducted for so many years by his late father. J. W. J. having an intimate knovvleige of the Building Trade in all its branches, hopes, by close attention to business, to secure the patronage and support so fully enjoyed by his prede- cessor. Experienced men are kept in all departments of the business. To the trade lie can offer Sawing, Mouldiug, Rabbet-ting, Tenoning, aud other Machine Work oil advantageous terms. Plice lists on applica- I ion. Funerals furnished throughout. Repairs of all kinds punctually attended to. ESTIMATES FREE. Agent for the Aliiance Fire and Life Assurance Company and The London and County Plate Glass In suranco Company. NO FEES UNLESS CASH IS ADVANCED. JpRIVATE H A DVANCES 3n Farm nnl Trade Stocks, Furniture, &c., iu town ;r country, without removal, aud with or without mix-lie*. All coinniinicaLions from intending borrowers rented with strict confidence. A poly person illy or write for prospectus to GEORGE PAYNE, 7, ST. JOHN STREET, CHESTER, Established 1870. AMOS BROTHERS, QENERAL ^VTEAM JpIUNTERS, kc., Gwyliedydd Office, RHYL Every desci-.ptiou of Printiug exeuted at low prioes. Miscellaneous. HOL'SE WANTED at RHYL to rent Unfurn- ished, suitable for a residence, containing four sitting and 10 bedrooms.—Address M.B., Messrs. PIIILLIPSON & GOLDE11, Eastgate Row, Chester. rriO LET.—1IOUSE in West-street, with -,L GOOD I STABLE. Rent, 6s. 6d. per week.—Apply to AIXSWORTH AND JONKS, Rhyl. TO BUILDERS AND INVESTORS. rTlO BE SOLD, cheap TEREE very valuable J. Comer PLOTS OF BUILDING 'LAND in Warren-road, suitable for detached or semi detached villas. Bricks can be had to build the same at a sav- ing of Gs 6d per thousand.—For plaus aud further particulars apply to AINSWORTH & JONES, Bodfor St. N ESCELTE^THSTEW'-DWELLING HOUSE and SHOP to be Let, situate in Abbey-street. —Apply to Jom. EDWARDS, Builder, 26, Wellington- road, Rhyl. T.iO LET, FURNISHED, a DETACHED COT- I TAGE. containing five rooms, pleasantly situ- ated. Terms very moderate.- &pply, 40, High- street, Rhyl. rpo BE LET FURNISHED, for tha Winter Months, No. 18, CHURCH STREET, containing Dining, Drawing, three Bedrooms, bells, w.c., Kitchen, &c. —Apply on the Premises. TO LET. A Capital HOUSE and SHOP, with Bakehouse ik attached. Stock, Fixtures, and Furniture may be taken at a Valuation. Immediate possession. Rent, £ 30.—Apply on the promises, Belle Vue House, Crescent Road, Rhyl. 'jnO BE LET or SOLD, 61, West Parade, contain- g ing 28 rooms.—Apply to J. FOULKES & SON, Timber Merchants, Rliyl. COTTAGES.—TO LET, in Warren Street. With I each house will be let a plot of land for garden. Apply, AINSWORTH k JONES, 5, Bodfor Street, Rhyl. ?\N~SALET^Spfei^'dlc^BlfiLDING LAND 0 in CRESCENT ROAD.—Apply to Mr. JAMES DAVIES, Estate Agent, Rhyl. BUSINESS PREMISES TO LET, in Good position. Commodious SHOP and HOUSE Department, extensive.—Apply to Ainsworth and Jones, Auctioneers, Rhyl. WO COTTAGES and SHOPS, TO LET near the Winter Gardens, Rhyl.—Apply Ainsworth Jones. TO LET.—The most convenient and well finished HOUSES in Rhyl. Six good rooms. Situate in Wood-road, off Warren-road. Rent os. per week. Also those pleasantly situated convenient and com- fortable BAY WINDOW HOUSES, called Sand- field Place," adjoining the above, at very low rents. Splendid prospect. Rent, C 16. Intended household- ers are invited to inspect them.—Apply to Ainsworth and Jones, Bodfor-street, or Mr. Rose, Hollinwood Terrace, Wood-road, Rhyl. THE RHYL ADVERTISER May be had from the Proprietors, AMOS BROTHERS By Poit. s. 1). One quarter 1 8 Half-yearly 3 4 Yearly 6 6 Yearly 6 6 Delivered in Toivn. s. D. One quarter 1 I Half-yearly. 2 2 Yearly. 4 4






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