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SULPHOLINE LOTION. The Cure for Skin Diseases. L; A FEW DAYS ERUPTIONS, PIMPLES, BLOTCHES, ENTIRELY FADE AWAY. BEAUTIFULLY FRAGRANT. PERFECTLY HARMLESS. CURE3 OLD STANDING SKIN DISEASES. REMOVES EVERY KIND OF ERUPTION, SPOT, OR BLEMISH, AND RENDERS THE t SKIN CLEAR, SMOOTH, SUPPLE AND HEALTHY. There is scarcely any eruption but will yield to It Sulpholine in few days, and commence to fade away, even if seemingly past cure. Ordinary pimples, redness, blotches, scurf, roughness, vanish as if by magic; whilst old enduring skin disorders, eczema, psoriasis, acne, blackheads, scaly eruptions, rosea, prurigo, tetter, pityriasis, however deeply rooted, Sulph- oline" successfully attacks. It destroys the animalculce which mostly cause these unsightly, irritable, painful affections, and always produces clear, smooth, supple, healthy skin. "Sulpholine" Lotion is sold by most Chemists. Bottles, 2s 9d. PEPPER'S QUININE AND IRON HEALTH, STRENGTH, TONIC EN ERGY. GREAT BODILY STRENGTH, GREAT NERVE STRENGTH, GREAT MENTAL STRENGTH, GREAT DIGESTIVE STRENGTH. Follows the use of PEPPER'S QUININE AND IRON TONIC. It improves the appetite, pro- motes digestion, greatly strengthens the nerves, increases strength of pulse, gives firmness to the muscles, alters pale countenance, supplies deficient heat to weak circulations, overcomes bodily weari- ness and weakness, cures many painful complaints— neuralgia, sciatica, &c. is a remedy for dyspepsia, stomach affections, &c., and thoroughly recruits the health. Peppers Quinine & Iron Tonic MOST IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS A new, smaller size bottle of this valuable medicine is now supplied at 2a 6d, thus bringing it in the reach of all classes, aad greatly preventing the many injurious imitations largely offered. PEPPERS TONIC. Insist on having it. bottles, 16 doses, 2s 6d, next size. 32 doses, 4s 6d. Sold everywhere. D17DD17T) □ THE SAFEST JLJDX X JCiXi 0 ANTIBILIOUS _u Taraxacum MEDICINE. AND Podophyllin. A FLUID LIVER MEDICINE, WITHOUT MERCURY, MADE FROM DANDELION AND MANDRAKE ROOTS. Is now used and regularly prescribed by many Physicians instead of blue pill and calomel for the > ure of dyspepsia, biliousness, and all symtoms of congestion of the liver, which are generally pain 1eneath the shoulder, headache, drowsiness, no ppetite, furred tongue, disagreeable taste in the Liorning-, giddiness, disturbance of the stomach, and feeling of general depression. Bottles, 2s 9d, and 4s 6d. Sold by all Chemists. Insist on having Pepper's. Lockyer's Sulphur Hair Restorer. Best The Safest. The Cheapest. RESTORES THE COLOUR TO GHAY HAIR. :"STANTLY STOPS THE HAIR FROM FAD. rvrT. OCCASIONALLY USED, GRAYNESS IS "'I POSSIBLE. REMOVES sceRF, AND EM- 'r:r,LISHES THE HAIR, CAUSING IT TO GROW;WHEREVEtt THIN AND PATCH\T. Large Bottles, Is 6d. Sold everywhere. Pepper's Tannin Tnroat Gargle. Tilmin Gargle should be within the reach of all in least degree subject to throat aSectiona,whether inflammatory, relaxed, ulcerated, hoarse:i^ss, iien tonsils, enlarged uvula, weakened voice, &c. Those constantly speaking, singing, or read- ing, by using the Gargle prevent the dryness, and irritation so frequcrotW attendant on c'cr-exertion also of producing unusually sus- tained pnTrpM without injury to the mucous sur- faces of the throat. Tannin is a great purifier, and so useful as a mouth wash in cases of dissagreeable breath, aris- ing from decayed teeth, disordered stomach, mouth ulcerations, or other causes. As a cure for ordinary sore throat, with its usual painful and sometimes dangerous symptoms, the Tannin Gargle is far better than anything. Bjtties, Is 6d. Sold everywhere. Pepper's White Cough Mixture, The most reliable, speedy, and agreeable enre for covghs, colds, asthma, bronchitis, consumption and all diseases of the lungs and air-passages. It is soothing, comforting, and tranquillizing in its r.ction, quite different fram ordinary cousfh re medies. Affords relief after second dose. 1: ottles, Is Hd, and 2s 9d each. Sold by all Chemists, Cracroffc's Areca-Nut Tooth Paste. Regularly used every morning the teeth are kept in beautiful order. All decaying and destructive tartar is removed-from the enamel, which assumes its ivory-like appearance. mi '.CRACROFT S PASTE. ^Removes all causes of decay, and will preserve tie teeth intact f >r many years. Branded Pots, Is each. Sold everywhere. Cracrofts Areca Tooth Paste. By using this delicious Aromatic Dentifrice the enamel of the teeth becomes white, sound, and polished like ivory. It is exceedingly fragrant, and fpecially useful. Get Cracroft's, DEAFNESS, NOISES IN THE EARS, &c. Dollar's Essence for Deafness Should always be tried, as in numbers of cases' seemingly incurable, it has done wonders. Slight deafness, obstructions in the years, aud the inces- sant humming sounds so frequent with affected hearing, are removed. Sold everywhere. Corns Corns I: Corns: Bunions and enlarged Toe Joints Cured in a few days. Dellar's Corn and Bunion Plasters Are the only real remedy. They differ from ali i'lusters, shields, or compositions. By instantlv -oftcning he callous surrounding the pain goes at oice, the Corn soon folio Ting. Buttons and en- toe joints require more time but the uctiou a v<-i relief is certain. Boxes, Is 1 d. Sold every- v ■' GULPHOLINE SOAP. i- a delicately refined, chemicaly pure Soap, in- 1 !!d¡,¡i fc'r gcnerti use, but specially" by those en- i '11 d with sensitive skins. Common imperfectly 1 y-irud Si .«pa, s-x-nicd with i juiious acrid oils, 1 .;ueatly cause i-kin diseases. For wa-hing at a.; times, and bringing the skin to a s.ft, pliable, 1 • ay coiiJition, Sulpholine S jap holds the first p. <o Its odour is very plea-ant, aud the Soap Tablets, tiel each. Liver Complaints, Biliousness, Indigestion, Stomach Derangements C," ,D sv Dr. KING 3 D ':Lle on & Quinine Liver Pills ( ,77 ftl<> UT MERCURY). Act effectively on the liver, and, whila mildly ap-ri-'ut, are ill that can be desired. l>r King's f unous Pills purify and clear the entire system by f 'ciitg Lhe liver from sluggishness, causing the H'Wii'li to properly perform its functions, quickly entirely removing all feeling of headache, dizziness, oppressions at chest and b-ck, disagree- able tasce, nausea, indigestion, spasm, sensation of heaviness, ard iiritating depression attending bilious attacks and liver derangements. BE SrRE TO HAVE Dr. KIXG'S PILLS. j EVERYWHERE, Sale by Auction. NORTHGATE HOUSE, EAST PARADE, RHYL. S A portion of the HOUSEHOLD FURITURE and EFFECTS, of the Misses HANDS, who are re- moving from their present house, will be offered for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, by MESSRS CLOLTGH & CO., on MONDAY, the 23rd of March, 1885. Sale to commence punctually at 1 o'clock. For further particulars see posters. Estate offices, Denbigh and Rhyl, March 5, 1885. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. SUTHERLAND HOUSE, EAST PARADE, RHYL. MESSR CLOUGH & CO., beg to announce that they have been favoured with instruc- tion from Mrs Morgan, to offer the whole of her HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS, For SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION on THURSDAY And FRIDAY, the 9th and 10th April, 1885. Fur- ther particulars in future advertisements. Estate offices, Denbigh and Bhyl, March 5, 1885. OMNIBUS for one horse, suit country, hotel, or station, also several wagonettes. A large quantity of wheels, springs, and axles cheap, at JAMES PARRY'S Coach Factory, 81, Foregate street, Ohester. ATTLE FENCING.—For SALE, 100 Iron Cattle Hurdles, 6ft. long, with 5 bars and screws for fixing quite new. Price, 3s. 8d. each, carriage paid Sketch sent.—STANBY & Co., G, Livery street, Birmingham. |"13all TO be LET from Lady Day about half an acre i_ of LAND situated at Bryntirion. HE PERTH DYE WORKS.—AGENT j_ WANTED in Rhyl.- Apply to P. and P. CAMPBELL, 85, Bold Street, Liverpool. ft TO LEND ON GOOD SECU- ABOUUV RITY, In Sums from £ 10o upwards.—W. W. PARRY, Solicitor, Brighton Road, Rhyl, and Burslem, Staffordshire. GOOD GARDEN SOIL on Sale. Also good VJT size Garden to be LET, close to town.—Ap- ply to R'. OWEN, 9, South terrace, Newtown. 4m7 TO LET—House and Shop, situated in a good _M_ thoroughfare. Possession may be had 1st March or 1st May.—For further particulars ap- ply to "X," Advertiser Office, Rhyl. HOUSES TO LET. Numbers 2, 6, and 7 ) South Terrace, Newtown.—Rent 4/ weekly clear of rates and water.—Key at Xo. 1. TO LET at South End Villas, Kimnel and Elwv Street, TWO HOUSES at £ 19 10s rent each. Apply to Mr JAMES EAYTES, Estate Agent, Rhyl. OUSES TO LET IN PRESTATYN.-Con- JLJL veniently situated, within easy distance of railway station and beach.—For particulars apply to Mr E. HUNT, Laburnum House, Prestatyn. [ollml ARMY SERVICE. YOUNG MEN wishing to JOIN HER MA- I JESTY'S ARMY will, on application at any Post Office in the United Kingdom, be supplied, without charge, with a Pamphlet containing de- tailed information as to the Condition of Service and advantages of the Army, as to fay, Deferred Pay and Pensions. Great prospects of Promotion are offered to eli- gible Young Men. Applications can be made, either personally or by letter, to the Officer commanding the Regimen- tal District at Wrexham, or to the nearest Volun- teer Serjeant Instructor or other Recruiter. Recruits, if eligible, can be enlisted for any arm of the Regular Service thej may select. [52—2 BRYNTIRION, RHYL, NORTH WALES, TO BE SOLD OR LET FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED. THE House stands in about 3 acres of grounds. JL There is a large tennis lawn and extensive fruit garden containing vineries, peach house, forcing pits, melon house, &c. The house contains 10 Bedrooms, Dining Ro.->m, Drewing Room, Morn- ing roeai, Lady's Boudoir, Billiard Room, and Smoke Room; two large Bath Rooms Butler's Pantry, Servants'.Hall, HI u;=e-keeper's Room. Kit- Scullery, Larder. Cellarage, &c. Stabhng tor five horses, Harness Room, Coach House, Groom's Room, and Dwelling for Coachman. For terms, apply to Messrs BAILEY AND NEEP, 77, Lord citreet, Liverpool, or to A.. KELSO, ESQ., Bryntirion, Rhyl. ENGLISH WESLEYAN CHAPEL^ BRIGHTON ROAD, RHYL. TO MORROW REV. E. LLOYD JONES WILL PERACH. Services — Sunday, 10.30 a.m. and 6-30 p.m Wednesday, 7-30 Prayer Meeting on Friday at 7-30 p.m. Organist—G. E. Fielding, Esq., Fernleigh. ^TH R 1S T Q II U R C- H, H Y L. (PASXOII REV. D. BURFORD ITOOKE). During the Erection of the above Church, in ater Street, there will be SERVICES AT THE TOWN HALL. TO-MORROW, (SUNDAY) REV. D. BURFOLLD ILDOKE, (Pastor.) Will Preach—Morning at 11 Evening at 6.30. Collectiun at each Service. Week-even Service on FRIDAY, at 7 o'clock in (Welsh) Congregational Chapel ENGLISH PRESBYTERIAN CHAPEL j'J (BRIGHTON ROAD, RHYL. REY. E. LLOYD JONES, Rhyl. WILL PREACH TO-MORROW. Services, Morning at 10-30. Evening 6-30 Collections after each service. ERVOUS DEBILITY [ DEAFNESS, NOISES IN THE EARS, AFFECTIONS OF THE EYES, and other bodilv ailments. Sufferers should bend for REV. E. J. SILVER- TON'S WORK on these complaints (275th Thou- sand), containing valuable information. Post free or Six Penny Stamps. None should despair Note the audress, HEV. E. J. SILVERTON, 1G to la, IMPERIAL BUILDINGS, LUDGATE CIRCUS, LONDON, H. A. STEEB^~ Wholesale^andTamily W INE & SPIRtT JYJERC HAN'T, ALE & PORTER DEALER & BOTTLER, MINERAL WATER DEPOT. 721__jnB^STRSET, RHYL. I STOCKS OR SHARES BOUGHT OB BOLS AT MARKET PRICES. SPECULATIVE ACCOUNTS OPENED FROM £1 PER CENT. COVER. OPTIONS GRANTED AT MARKET PRICES. CLIENTS GIVING REFERENCES ARE NOT KEQUIRED TO PAY ANY COVER IN ADVANCE. PROSPECTUS AND INVESTMENT CIR- CULAR FORWARDED BY THE R AND SHARE BROKERS. Every G^DCSERIPIRIO'I OflPrllltjng done at the II Advertiscrr. Office TENTH ANNUAL SALE. IB-GENUINE BARGAINS BOOTS & SHOES AT LESS THAN COST J. AMOS, 8A, SUSSEX STREET, RHYL. Begs to announce that his Tenth Annual Sale of BOOTS & SHOES WILL COMMENCE ON SATURDAY NEXT, MARCH 7TH, When the whole of the Large and Varied Stock will be submitted at GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. J A IN announcingJhis Annual Sale,begs M J\ « to state that the whole of his Stock will be offered at Clearing Prices, and that he has not bought inferior Goods to make his Sale attractive, but all the goods he will offer will be of the best manufacture, and in many instances are marked below cost. The Goods have been arranged in Lots, and be- low are a few particulars 70 Paira Women's Strong Lace Boots— 4/11. Splendid value, and undoubtedly the best of the kind ever offered in Rhyl. 50 Pairs Women's Nailed Lace. A very serviceable and well-made boot. A remark- ably cheap boot at 4/10 per pair. 150 pairs Boy's Strong Nailed Boots, (with heel and toe plate) 2; 11. Worth 4/- J.A. has long been known for the excellence of this class of goods. Ditto ditto 3; 11—Worth 5/6. A superior make. About 130 Pairs Boy's Elastic-side Lace Boots various make and new. To effect a complete clearance they will be offered at cost price. Amos's Celebrated Strong Water-tight Lace Boots, heavily nailed, 6/9. Usual price 8/6. These are a marvel of cheapness, and are sold at other shops at 12 and 10/- per pair. 16 Pairs Men's Elastic Boots at 6;11. Worth 8/- A good fitting boot and a genuine bargain. The same in Lace at 6 9. Usually sold at 7/11. Special !-J.A's stock of gentlemen's hoots is very large, comprising about 350 pairs of the best Northampton make. Each pair will be guaranteed, and will be sold at exactly cost price. A large stock of gent's low shoes loft over from last season will be offered at a great sacrifice to clear. 80 Pairs Ladies' Levant Button Boots— 4,11. Usual price 5/11. 70 Pairs Lace same make and same price. Both the lace aud the elastic are extraordin- ary cheap and will wear well. 90 Pairs Superior Ladies Levant Elastic Button Boots substantially and :fashionably made—5/9. Worth 7/6. Special !-The noted 11/9 Button and Laeo Boots will be sold as usual during the lale at 8/6. These boots are specially made for J.A., are the best value in ladies''bcots in Rhyl. There are 150 pairs, and each pair is enclosed iD a box. An immense stock of Ladies' Stafford- make Boots and Shoes, and Slippers will be sold regardless of cost. 400 Pairs assorted sizes SI nd makes of Children's Button, Elastic-side, and Lace Boots at cost price. Rare bargains. 100 Pairs of Amos's noted House Boots, and Slippeis from 2/6.—Good make and cheap. 220 Pairs Children's Plain Leather Lace School Boots at 1/10. Worth 2 6. A well made serviceable boot. The same at 2 9. 250 pairs Slippers and Goloshes (well- made) at below cost. Terms during sale-Strictly Cash. Note the address: Amos's, 8a, Sussex Street, Rhyl. THE RHYL ADVERTISER May be had from the Proprietors, AMOS BROTHEBS I By Post. Deliveredin Town. S. D. ONE QUARTER 1 8 HALF-YEARLY 3 4 ) Yearly 6 8 S. D, One quarter. 1 1 HALF-YEARLY 2 4 YEARLY 4 2 » TO CORRESPONDENTS. Correspondents are requested to gi ve their name and address when sending communications. Orders, Advertisements, &c., to be addressed to the Publishers: and all cheques, P.O. Orders, &c. to be made payable to the Proprietors, AMOSBEOTHEES Advertiser Office, Rhyl. To ensure insertion all correspondence should be received not later than noon on Thursdays. We cannot undertake to return rejected manuscript

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