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Messrs. 77". Dew and Son. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. COUNTIES CF DENBIGH AND FLINT. Sale of valuable FEESHOLD DWELLING-HOUSES at Ruthin, Rhyl. aad Llanrwst, and FREEHOLD LAND at Oyuwyd. TO BE SOLD 3Y PUBLIC AUCTION, BY A "m/^EsSES YT3,T. DEW AND SON, towards iyl the end oi tb,p present month of September, 1875, tile above valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTY, situate v4ui follows :— RUTHIN. r 5 The DWELLIN<>-II0USES and Promises, being Nos. t 1, 9, and 13. -it Li,,i in Castle-street; No. 33 (Red Lion), 35, and 37, s 'uiUe in Clwyd-street; Nos. 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23. '.4, 2o, aud 2G, situate in Prior-street, all Let to'good Tenants, and in excellent repair. PJTYL. The DWELLI?'G-i !Oi>-ES and Premises known as TONYMOR, situate i Church-street; also, Nos. 21 and 22, situate in Q'seen-street. I,L ANRWST. The three DWr-.i LING-HOUSES and Premises I situate at Pandv together with several acres of LAND afeCYNWYD. with all the BUILDINGS erected thereon. I Full particular will appear in future advertisements t in the meantime :In further information may be obtained Of Mr Edward Humphreys. 14, Castle-street, Ruthin and ttie Auctioneers, Well^i/ House, Bangor, Anp K'iv1. //> 3aj/ COUNTY OF DENBIGH. IMPORTANT PAL" OF FARMING STOCK, ic- c'uding several powerful cart horses, milch cows and heifers, all in c: l' or now in fuil profit, two-year- old bullocks and heifers, rearing calves, 100 Shrop- shire Down sh° p poultrvya large collection of implements 0" husbandry, several acres of turnips, mangolds and not, i several stacks of well harvested clover hay, ricks of wheat, oats and barley, stacks of straw, an assoriaiant of harness, household furniture, &c, situate witum ■romniles of St. Asaph. MESSES YoLHffiftQrfCN'D SON have been of the late John Lloy«l Pria^r ^j^dP-d^astTd, to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCIl^ on th;; premises as above, on Thursday, the tIs) Jay of QptoWr, 1875, the whole cf the Out-door an OOr Eaects, including 101) pure bred Shropshire Down esvcf. lambs, and Tup lambs. Nine valuable milch cows, six barren cows, ahorfc-hora full. ni -e-,ir old bullocks and heifers, six rearing Ci Ives, -ven poveiful cart horlic-, p' g's and poultry. A h rge an1 va uab'e assortment of implements in husba'dr ifioluline Hornsley's yatsut self-acting reaper. patent pu!p.-rs, chaff cutters, ploaghs, harrows, drills, two wheel carts, weighing ttnachim. L-c. A col- lection of harness an: saddlery, tagejher with four stack- of clover hay, two stacks of wheat, eight ricks of oats and barley stacks (If 14 acres of turnips and mangolds, pctafoes. Tie dairy utensils and the houses hold furniture, £ c. Lots to commence at 11 a.m. prompt. Luncheon will be provided. Catalogues m?y ba had at any of the principal hotels in Jfce coanties of Denbigh agdjjfflint, on tho prenJfce^, *4** agRJf the Auctioneers, \Wlnfad House, Bangq*j«d ^jM-street, Rhy?. ¥ </ jg~" PALI-14INL-AP.Y ANNOUNCEMENT. COUNTY OF MERIONETH. 1 Salefreehold Upland Farms, situate in tftti p h of Lianelltyd, known as Cae-Mab- Seiion Uchat and Isaf. TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION, BY MESSRS AYM. DEW and SON, at the Golden Lion Hotel, Dolgelley, in the month of October, 1875, (subject to conditions then and there to be pioduced), the above exceedingly Taluable UPLAND FREEHOLD FARMS, known as Cae MaL-Seifion, Ur-lmf and Cae Mab- Seifion Isaf, situate in the parish of Llanelltyd, county of Merioneth, close to the town of Dolgelley, and. containing about õ1 ia. Or. 3p. OF FERTILE LAND. Full particulars and plans will shortly appear. In the meantime, all further information may be obtained of Mr John Davies, Solicitors. Denbigh; Mr Edward Rol erts, Solicitor, Rhyl; and Hie Atnetio-neers, Wellfield 1 ouse^JBangor, and W £ k- ~4y. Mr DeHney. AT CLAREMONBRIGHTON ROAD, RHYL, MR. G. DEPNEY has been favoured with instruction'; fr .Tam^s Taylor, Esq., to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, • i ft-e premises as above, on Tuesday, Wednesday, nrdTtu ^ht, October 12rh, 13th. and 14th, 1STthe whole uf ih (.flll, substantial, and genuine modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and m eellaneous efrerts. the contents f drawing room, dining-room, breakfast-room, bedrooms, kitchens, &c., comprising an elegant walnut-wood drawing-room suite, fapholstered in crimson Utrecht velvet, consisting of six I chairs, easy chairs, and two couches; two handsome walnut-wood chrffod'ers, with plate glass Backs, marble ( slab tops, &c.; two walnut, loo tables on massive pillars and claws; card and other occasional tables; splendid Spanish mahogany i. scope dining tablqjgwith loose leaves; very handsome Spanish mahogany sideboards, j with trays, drawers, cellarets, and massivo carved backs with plate glass; handsome set of dining-room chairs upholstered in morocco leather, on brass castors; couches; I occasional and lounging chairs; handsome suits of moreen 1^ and lace window curtains; beautifully ornamented L-^window cornices; sets of massive Spanish mahogany and n' brass half-tester bedsteads; also, iron French ditto, with -window cornices; sets of masive Spanish mahogany and n' brass half-tester bedsteads; also. iron French ditto, with ^■^appropriate drapery^ sprirg beds; goose, down, and feather ditto; wardrobe of bed and table linen; very handsome Spanish mahogany three-winged wardrobes, with centre pla'e glass doors, cornice, &c.; handsome Spanish mahogany dressing table with swing dressing fclass, eleven drawers, &e. washstand to match eleowt sets of toilet ware, excellent Brussels carpets, cast-iron scroll fenders, fire irons, chimney ornaments, patant gas stove, handsome four and five-light chandeliers with globes, choice assortment of oil paintings and engravings by well-known artists, in massive gilt orna- msntal frames, a finf-onod cottage pianoforte in walnut- wood case, hat and umbrella stand, hall table, glass, chna dinner, ties serf, tea. add breakfast services; euflery kitchen and culinary requisites, &c. The Out-door fifiects include an excellent cow in full pnfit, a capital donkey"a small rick Ðf good hay, about 140lron hurdles, a quantity of iron chains and other feaung,5* email luggage cart, wheelbarrows, two garden franes with glazed lights, a quantity of water piping, ,s -ad garden seats, large flower rtanr-& vases, a lawn mow- ing iiachine and stone roller, quantity ol garden tools, Ac., fcc. The whole may be viewed between the hours of Ten ALM. -vad Four p.m, on Monday, nth, by catalogues enly. Sde to, Commence eaclt day at Twelve o'clock. Catalogues, showing order of sale, price three-pence each, maf be had at,the principal hotels in the neigh. hood. or it the Auctioneer's Office, 5, Bodfor.strect ,Rhyf. N3.—Che Auctioneer can, with confidence, call the ••pecial atfention of parties furnishing to the above the -bole baing been made of the best material and work- ■»an8h^), bautiful in design, aad in excellent keeping-* •Vlciionea-'s Office, 20thierir, 1875. E B Y A Z OWENS .t" T, SUSS" TOET, RHYL. > n J (Opposite ,th« English;Baptiat Chapel). ^BtMILIES BOt'zufa TCITH T^B BESr QUALITT OF Bfife. MUTTON LAMB YEAL AND PORK. '¡- ALL OSQBSS FBOMPTLT ATTBMDRD TO. ME FLATOUBKD BLUBAOV £ah$ by; Messrs. Churton, Elphick, & Co. FLINTSHIRE. ct' A delightfully-situated Family Residence, Gardens, and '■fifantations; three very compact Farms, &c.; extend- Ang in the whole to 377 acres of Land, close to the Bridge End, the Caergwrle and the Hope Railway 4 Stations, within easy distances from Wrexham, Mold, %and tJnester, in five Lots. N.B.—No Reservation of Minerals. WESSHS CHURTON, ELPHIOK, & CO. IfJL have been directed by the owner to re-offer the Six Unsold Lots by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Six Unsold Lots by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Grosvenor Hotel, in the city of Chester, on SATURDAY, the 16th day of October, instant, 1875, at One for Two o'clock p.m., most punctually (if not in the meantime disposed of by private treaty), the following highly important and compact FREEHOLD ESTATES :— LOT ].-The FAMILY RESIDENCE, known as (j Rhyddyn Hall," with the outbuildings, gardens, plea- sure grounds, and lands, containing in the whole 65a lr 16p, including the minerals. LOTS 12 & 3.—The celebrated" Bryn-y-gaer and C'aer Estvn WOODS and LANDS surrounding the same also the COTTAGE, &c., held by George Dutton and the HOUSE, GARDEN, &c., held by Mrs Sarah Mauley, containing in the whole 5a 2r, including the minerals. LOT G.—HOPE HALL FARM. with its extensive homestead and lands, together with the COTTAGES, &c., containing in the whole 13Ua 2r 8p., including the minerals. LOT ¡.-The CAEDU FARMHOUSE, buildings, gardens and lauds1, held by Mr S. Cheers, containing 79a lr 10p.. including the minerals. LOT 8.—A very compact and excellent FARM, called &ordley," containing 41a lr p., adjoining Lots G and 7, including the minerals. All minerals (except the limestone rock under lands formerly purcar Sjd from the Earl of Derby) are included in the sale. Any further information may be had from Messrs FARRER, OUVRY, and Co., Solicitors, 6G, Lincoln's inn Fields, W.C., London from Mr B. S. ROBERTS, Durton Hall, Rossett, Wrexham; or from Messrs CHURTON, ELPHICK, and Co.. the Auctioneers, at Chester, or Whiyfeurch, Shropshire, ther oi whom are prated privately for the ;vl,,oy or any lot. e/ Sn&pe. SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AT LAKE COTTAGE, GRESFOBD. MR SNAPE has been instructed by the Executors of the latyJoha Davenport, Esq., to SELL BY AUCTION, uppn the premises as above, on TDESDAY. Oc-toter 12th, ly^o. the whole of his HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE, ^uprising Lv HALL. DRAWING, using AND BREAKFAST ROOMS. —.Sofa, walnut and mahogany rabies, chairs, pier glass, pictu:es, baromete^ilWck, stuffed buds, carpeting, cup- board, &c I Ix BEDROOMS.—Mfhog.-iny bedsteads, featht:r beds, sheets ai:d blankets^^rPvssing- and toilette tables, tables, chairs, < £ c., &c. IN* KITCHEN, BACK KITCHEN* AND PANTRT.—8 days cloc^, mahogany aud oak tables, chest of drawers, tables, dinner and tea services, moat safe, and the usual kitchen requisites. 0:t view ia the morning of the day of sale. To com- inenqaat Twelve o'clock, praAibt. ^/vi/tioneer's Office, L/ Lioii House, Wrex| £ rfij. Hr. Lloyd. FAIR D A Y\ NORTH "WALES XND CHESHIRE AUCTION MART, WREXHAM. MR TjLQYD (late Jor.fe aiid-Lloyd) begs to announce that he will hold his next SALE, on THURSDAY, Oct. 14th, in the Auction Mart, situate as above. A magnificent, lot, of Fat and Store Sheep. Ditto ditto Pork and Bacon Pigs. Ditto ditto Fat Csrlves. Mr Lioyd gives notice that JaC intends presenting at bis next CiillISTAlASs £ >|JO\V DINNER, iu addi- tion to the usual C^rS, wflue £ 12 15s., 1st Prizg^|i|I>ilver Cup, value £ 7 10s 2nd -l^fiece of Plate, „ £ 3 3s To the Seller whlsej&ive Sto^k realises the largest amount of money in/the AucnSii Mart or elsewhere, during the presej^year, from January 1st to December 13th (Christinas Show Day), both days inclusive. Any gentleman winning 1st or 2nd Prize, and not wishing to compete against a Tenant Farmer, will be awarded a Silver Medal, the Farmer coming next will receive 1st Prize. A Cup or piece of Plate, value £ 3 10s, will be given to the Buyer of the largest amount of Stock between January 1st and December 13th (inclu- sive). Sellers and Buyers will please keep their Bills as a guide Further Entries respectfully solicited. SALE TO COMMEJNCE/LT TEN O'CLOCK^ /j PROMfa; /y £ )fjpEe, Plassey, Wrexl^ttn. sMtt Hr. G-. F. ^yiord. RUTH IN Important Sale of valuable Cart Horses, Farming Implements, Hajaless, Gearing, &c. MR G-. has received in- strucfion^^rom li^r iGreen (late of the Castle Hotel), to SEfcL WY AUCTION, on TUES- DAY, October 19th, J&7o (Fair Day), in a field adjoining the CastleJHotel, 1he whole of the above, briefly comprising several powerful and useful cart horses, 16 and 17 hands high, in good hardworking condition, suitable for town work; 1 superior cob i pony, 1 useful pony, a strong barren cow, 2 farm carts, with harvest gearing complete, 1 railway cart, pulping and slicing machine, kibbling machine, winnowing machine, also ploughs, har- rows, cultivator, turnip scuffler, stone and wood rollers, 2 sheep racks equal to new, ladder, pig troughs, pikels, rakqs, several sets of chain and shaft gearing, in go«d condition, &c. f Sale to comuijj*gt!T^f 2 o'clock. Ills yn llan, Ituthin, CpfT (j/ October fith, IJj^Py Saks irir ^rib^tc Cnntrucf. TO YE^PjN^Y SURGEONS. TO BE ptrkPC^ED OF, in consequence of thp'fleaVli <Jt the Pceprietor, a Thriving BUSINESS in^i excellent djwrict.—For particuyfs, a^^to the Admi^trat^^|^>Ii" J^|| Edwards,^ps., J SECOND MACHINERY. SEVERAL FRAMES, complete, KJ with Cog W&els and Pedestals, Boxes, Bracks, &c., for ^lLE, at Aberderfyn *ick Wcdfts, liutrer ihll, near BWaabon.—ADplicationsiTi Joy le».^r,/o be prepaid. Q/ If fjj/b antr g^iic Sotias. f WHEXHA TEDDVOD, 1876. b D V lbDD CHOIR. AD S,006d .GENTLEMEN\ desirous of JLjt joiniug tlyi-'lSisteddvod Choir, now in course of formation, are respectfully requested to send Name, Address, Register of Voice^Ac., to the Conductor, Mut £ » 10. Ruaboa-road; cfj/ W. ROBBRTS, 30, BJgcJ. s|5 *s > state whe^ejMWd sotation or toniq^^Pfa At THE T BILLIARDS! BILLIARDS!! A* THE worn M MEN'S CLUB. H^5vv\^ALOON Will be OPENED on 'WiAsESDaY, 20th October, with two first- class TablcsJ^jr those celebrated makers, ORME ANQ- SONS, MancB^ter, who will present Cue and Case tj^Be contested for by the members^^ lferlis of Membership—jSfrly, 4s 6d; half-veMy, X. OWEN X. OWEN t T. OWEN, tMh Manager. tgal anb uhlic |lntias. FESTIYITES TO CELEBRATE THE BIRTH OF A SON AND HEIR I TO THE HOUSE OF ACTON. AT a Meeting of the Tenantry and Friends of SIR R. A. CUNLIFFE, BART' held on Thursday, the 23rd of September, 1875, a Com- mittee composed of the following gentlemen was formed for the purpose of raising a fund and carrying out the celebration of the above auspicious event. COMMITTEE: Mr Henry Bate, Pantyockin (Chairman) Mr E. Lewis, Pickhill Mr T. Meredith, Borras Mr E. Williams, Borras Mr Peters, Pickhill Mr McLevie, Rhosnessney Mr G. Price, The Fields Mr T. Jones, Tvgwyn Mr J. Price. Croesyn Iris Mr E. Roberts, Gresford Vclr Robert Jones, Rhosnesaney Mr J. Farquharson, Rho Robert, Llovd, Esa., Mayor of Wrexham T. T. Griffith, E^V Edward Williaois, Esq., M.D. Edward Datfies^^Sftq., M.D. J. Pryo^Jone^ Esl., J.P. Heni'y II u nfejarey if Eoff. John Jone^xlsq. Ir Subscriptions in aid or the above purpose will be received' by anyhe above named gentlemen, or by the Treasuref; or may be paid into the National Provincial and North and South Wales Banks, Wrexham. AMOUNTS ALREADY PROMISED. £ s. d. M £ Hanry -Bate, Pjuii^ackin.7.7r"3~Si 0 Mr E. Lewis, Pickhill. 3 0 q T. T. Griffiths, Esq. M.p 3 q q Edward Williams, Esti 3 0 0 J. Pryce-Jones, Esq 3 0 0 Edward Davies, Esq.i'llf.D 3 p q William Low, Esq., JjP., Roseneath 3 0 0 Hampden A. Poyser, Esq., Rose Cottage 2 2 0 A. P. Lonsdal, Esq., Acton 2 2 0 Charles Hughes, Escj., J.P 2 2 (! Mr J. Meredith, Borijas 2 0 0 Mr E. Williams, Boiias 2 0 0 Mr Peters, Pickhill..}. 2 0 0 Mr Price, The Field* 2 0 0 Mr J. Price, Croesynjlris 2 0 -0 Mr E. Roberts, Gresford 2 0 0 Mr Thomas Jones, ikgwyn 2 0 0 Mr Robert Jones, RHosnessney 2 0 0 J. Allington Hughes Esq 110 Henry Humphreys" Esq., Oak Lodge 110 Thomas Eyton-Jones, Esq., M.D 110 John Bury, Esq .7: 110 John Jones, Esq., solicitor 110 Mr John Shone, builder 1 1 0 Mr Edwtu'd Jones, Chester-street 110 Mr M. McLevie, lihasnessney 1 0 0 Mr T. McLevie, Rhocnessney 1 0 0 Mr J. Farquharson,!Rhosnessney 10 0 Mr W. Snape, Lion .House 1 0 0 Mr W. Snape, Lion .House 1 0 0 Mr T. Woodville, te Inn. 1 0 0 Mr J. F- Edisbury..i 1 0 0 Mr BrIscoe, Parke 1 0 0 Messrs Peters and powland 0 10 6 I Mr W. Lee, Spring Lodge 0 10 6 Misses Lewis, Llwynknotia 0 10 (> Mr Alfred Owen, High-Btreet if. 0 10 6 j Mr E. M. Jones 2 0 0 [ Messrs Thomas and Hll!!he$.A!l 2 2 0 < Robert Lloyd, Esq 1 1 0 I Captain Whi-e, Gladwyn 110 I T. C. Jones, Esq., J.P. 1 1 0 ) Mr J. B. Murless 1 1 0 Mr Frank Lloyd 110 Mr Y. Strachan, seedsman 0 10 6 • Mr T.. Hey wood, jeweller. 0 10 6 WILLIAM Treasurer. S THOMAS^fCj^TLLE, SeceetarjA BOROUGH OF WftXHAM. ——— ROBERT LLOYD., /ESQ., MAYOR. INFECTIOUS DIS^55BT AMONG ANIMALS. IV^OTICE Ig ^ER^BY GIVEN, that -L every Pej^on hlpV^in his possession or under his charge au iuiimal (jrtKiding a Horse) affected with a Contagions oi InfeMj&us Disease shall observe the -I" folio wingyfiiles (1). He sosy as far as practicable keep that animal sejj^rate from animals not so affected. (2). He shall with all practicable speed give notice of the fact of the animal being so affected to Mr Thomas Kennedy, No. 41, Hope-street, the Inspector. And Notice is Hereby Further Given, that after an Animal has been affected with Feot-and-Mouth Disease, or that has been in contact with or in tne same field, shed, or other premises with an Animal affected with Foot-and-Mouth Disease, the same shall not be removed out of any field, shed, or other premises in which such disease has existed, or from any land or building contiguous thereto in the same occupation, without permission of the Inspector. Any Person offending against this order will be liable to the penalties. Bv Order. JpHN JAMES, Town Clerk^t /*toifa Clerk's OfSce, /y y 4th October, *87^/ <4 £ 5c ANNIVERSARY OF THE REOPENING OF OSWESTRY PARISH CHURCH. E I THERE win be SPECIAL SERVICES as follow :— MOXDAa OCS 11TH, J>he LORD BISHOP o|>§I. ASAPH will hold ,a CONFIRMATION aill a.m. On rt; SDAY, OCT. 12TH (When the NEW 0 AN will be used for the first time), Holy Communion, 8 a,m. Matins (Choral), 13.15 a.m: Preacher—The LORD BISHOP of LICHFIELD. Evensong, 7.30 p.m.: Preacher- The DEAN of MANCHESTER WEDNESDAY, OCT. 13TH, HAR-VEST THANKSGIVING." Matins and Holy Communion, 11 a.m.; Evensong, 7p.m. Preacher- Venerable ARCHDEACON of MONTGOMERY. THURSDAY, OCT. 14TH, Holy Communion, 8 a.m Mattins, 11 a.m.; Evensonsr, 7.30 p m. Preacher-Rev J. H. COOPER, M.A., rector of Tarporley. ON SUNDAY, OCT. 17TH, Th) LORD BISHOP of ROCHESTER will preach in behalf of theVVSWESTRY COTTAGE 7HOSPITAL. S N 0 TE. SCHOOL BOARD F^/THE UNITED SCHOOL DISTRICT OF RjpHnjl ANP LLANFWROG. I\TOTICE- Y GIVIEN that:- j^otice-;2&GIVEN that;— 1.—Tbe abov^/Mjiool Board have (subject to the approval of t&<pmication Department) made certain Bye-Laws in pmreuance cf the powers given to the School Board by E. 74 of the Elementary Education Act, 1870. 2 —A printed copy of the proposed Bye-Laws will con- tinue deposited, for inspection by any Ratepayer, at No. 6, Market-street, Ruthin, the Office of the Clerk of the School Board, for one month from the 9th day of October, 1875. U 3.—At the expiration of the said month, the said pro- r posed Bye-Laws will be submitted to the Educatio 10 Department forapproval. 4.—The School Board will supply a printed copy dnhe said proposed Bye-Laws grati&^o any Ratepayefj^^ j /KRA BOBERTS,Cjrffi. 'bifcbw 9tb, 1875. ] H4C S,tgal aub public | SC A HARVEST TIIANKSGI "I I EICE will be held hLstlx 1/ _RCH PARISH CHURCH E "'1, WEDNESDAY NEXT, OCTOB^T3TH, 1S75, At Sev p.m. PREACHER: The Rev H. HERS, M.A., Vicar cf Conway. Tfye Thank Offerings wtjl be devoted to th^ffihvl CcgV^ escent Home. THE DAUGHTERS OF MR MANUEL JONES, V, REXtt^M. IN response to<-Canon Culiliffe's appeal, the following subscriptions havabeen received: — j £ s. d. Mr Charles Hughes j 2 2 0 Mr William Phillips 0 10 0 Townshend Mainwating, Esqi 10 0 Mr John Lloyd, Hope-streeu 0 10 0 Rev R. 0. P'urton 10 0 Mr Gittins i 0 5 0 Mr William Warburton. 0 o 0 Mr Simon Jones 0 5 0 [ Dr Wiliiams JV 2 0 0 i Mr Plant, Soathsea 2 2 0 I Mr W. Rowland, High-street. 110 t. Mr Hey wood f 110 Mr Overton 1 6 (3 Mr Glascodine 0 10 G 1 Mr John Ollerhead, Hope-street, 0 10 0 | Robert Lloyd (mayor) 110 Canon Cunliffe 1 10 0 Mr Wainwright.Sdfctlpy 1 0 5 0 Mr M^Aewj|lI^^I^Dwch. j. 0 2 tG Mr^Ji^id, Bryn Offa 0 10 0 Murf^erts. Golden Lion 0 5 0 Mrs John Claik. Chester j 0 10 6 Miss Nickson, Homestead J. 10 0 Mr Williams. Greenfield 4. 0 10 6 Mr Potter, High-street. 010 0 Mr Walter Jones, Charles-street 0-10 0 Mr Alfied Owen, High-Etreet 010 0 Mr Snape, Lion House 0 5 0 Miss Mason, Cattle Market.0 5 0 Mr Edward Rogers, Charles-itreet 0 10 0 Mr Edward Jones, Chester-stieet 0 10 0 Dr Dickenson .0 10 0 Mr E. M. Jones 0 10 0 Mr Kenrick, High-street ) 0 2 G Mr Adams, Halghton Ivlill 0 2 (i Mr Hugh Price 0 5 0 Mr Thomas, Grocer.l. ù 10 0 Mr Fraser, Queen-street 0 10 0 Miss Griffith, Queen-street. 0 10 0 Mr J. AUiugtou Hughes 1 1 0. Miss Humphreys, Gresford .j. 2 2 0 Mr Frauds, Brynedwyn .l 10 0 Mr Alderman Joues 0 10 0 Mr Councillor Beak* 0 10 G Mr Powell, Summorhill I. 0 5 0 Mr W. Jones, High-street 0 5 0 Mr Srrachan, High-street 0 5 0 A Friend .026 Mr Weaver, Hope-street 0 2 6 Mr James Ollerhead, King-stnipt 1 1 0 T. J. Ollerhead, surgeon J. 0 10 0 H. E. Edwards, High-street 0 5 0 A Friend 1 0 Mr Sudlow, Hope-street A 0 5 0 Mr Allmand, Hope-scrset .I 0 10 0 Any further subscriptions will e thankfully recieved by the treasures, Mr Thomas Hey wood, 8, High- atrcet. 420c *—————————————————L.———————————————————————————————————————- fetors. TO SEWER CONTRACTORS, &c. RHOS DRAINAGE.—CONTRACT No. 2. rriHE EUEAL SAN1TAKY AUTHORITY of the Wrexham Union are desirous cf receiving Tenders from persons willing to Convict for the con- struction of about ^IJJpdicejrfly-ard* 'of stoneware, pipe sewers, together witi»«heoi^a^6orks, tanks, manholes, lampholes, ventilaiora &c., in accordanca witn the Plans at, and Specificatiens pti/aled by Mr W. H. Glennie, of Birmingham, tbe e,.ig to tho works. Plans and Drawings and Specifications may be seen and copies of the form of Tender and schedule of prices obtained on payment of one guinea (which will be re- turned to ail persons making a bona-Jide Tender] at my Office on and after Mosday the 11th instant. Sealed Tenders, endorsed "Rhos Drainage, Contract No. 2," must be delivered at my Office 0:1 or beforo Saturday, the 30th day of October inst. The Authcr.ty do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. J. 05WELL BURY, Clerk to the Rural Sanitary Authorijv. 10,JlYmplc-rovv, Wrexham, /y 5th October, 1875. ,r Irabsmm's â\bDrtSS£s. THS TEA TRADE. 14, HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM. THE present Season's arriyals of FINE TEAS -[- from China are again- exceedingly large, while the excellent quality of former years is fully main- I tained. The most delicate taste of connoisseurs will be gratified by the superior elufracter of some of the INDIAN TEAS which hay/ arrived, resembling the old CHOICE KAIiOM-So/ highly- appreciated by consumers of the finer cla*es of TEA. The unparalleled success which has marked the pro- gress of our Business year to year is the result of our practical kuowledWpf TEA, and of the exercise of proper care iu tbfe srffiletpji of Stock, which enabiesus to sell ffEAS aid C £ B?i £ £ S of superior Qualities at moderate Prides. j J We tender our sincere thanks to our numerous Customers for their constantly increasing support and extensive recommendation. They may rest assured that all orders entiusted to us will continue to have our prompt attention. The foilewing qualities are well worth special notice:- s. d. Strong KAISOW CONGOU, refreshing pungent 2 0 Vine KAISOW CONGOU, a choice mixture 2 4 Delicious BREAKFAST CONGOU. This is a perfect Tea of great strength 2 <5 Choice JVIONING- CONGOU. This is a Tea of sterling quality '1 8 Finest MONING CONGOU. We especially comnieud this high-class Tea 3 0 iI Finest LAPSANG SOUCHONG, at the price 3 4 Finest KAISOW CONGOU, a Wily'BApre of fine Teas, choicely Wended, rica In nifcjtV. 3 6 The Finest MIXTURE OF TEAS that can Be produced. This is the prince of Teas. 3 S A Choice and Select Stock of FRENCH, ITALIAN, AND COLONIAL GOODS. .1tI AGENTS FOR SPIERS AND POND'S' CELEBRATED WINES AND SPIRITS. Orders per Post or Carrier promptly attended to. Family Orders of Two Pounds and upwards delivered free to any Railway Station. C. K. BENSON AND CO., Family Grocers, 14, HIGH-STRBET, WREXHAM. 0 3 HORSE CLIPPIN(r7T|J%, JOHN MORGAN AND CQSF HORSE y% CiilPPERS.—ApriT>at Feather^iA, Cnf«/er-street and dftrlM^reet, Wrexham.^ U tfie iral)tmttt' 6l)l:ttttS. ) H A R L E S BAY LEY A, N IQ 0 CAXTON BUILDINGS, 51, HOPE-STREET, WIRFCHAM,' Beg to inform their customers and the general public th^ jtey^iavv just received a large and varied stock of GLASS, CHINA, EARTHEN^RE, &c. SOLE AGENTS FOR MINTON'S ANI)O COALPORT*S CHINA. GLASS, CHINA, CUTLERY, &c., FOR HIRE.—ESTIMATES GIVEN. C. B. and Co. have just made arrangements with the celebrated firm of BEARE and SON, Musical Instrument Makers, London, to be their sole representatives in this district, and are now selling a first-class HARMONIUM FOR £6 6s., CASH, or, = £ 7 7s. in Weekly Instalments of 6s., or Monthly Instalments of 41. LIST OF STOCK. GLASS, CHINA. PARIAN, LA Y A, TOYS, LEATHER GOODS, PAPIER MACHE, PICTURES, I EARTHENWARE. STATIONERY, BOOKS, MUSICAL BOXES AND INSTRUMENTS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION^ ✓y ♦ AUTUMN FASHIONS, 1875. GEORGE HENRY LEE & COMPANY, BASNETT-STREET, LIVERPOOL, WILL BE PREPARED TO MAKE THEIR PRINCIPAL DISPLAY OF WINTER FASHIONS ON TUESDAY NEXT, THE 12TH INSTANT. And following days, When the favour of a visit will be highly esteemed. MILLINERY ROOMS. All the Newest and most E'egant MODELS produced by the principal Parisian Modistes in TRISEMED FELT AND MILLINERY BONNETS, COIFFURES, CAPS, MONTURES, &c.. Felt Bonnets being The recognised mode this season, G. H. L. and Co. are prepared with all the newest Forms and Colourings. YOUNG LADIES' BONNETS J 111 Trimmed Felt, Whole Straw, &c., One Guinea. HAT DEPARTMENT. The preference shown for Felt Hats this season being very decided, G. H. L. and Co, have succeeded in secur- iug a large and handsome collection of all the favourite and mosc becoming Shapes for Ladies and Children. The new Shades ere Creme, Biscuit, Ecru, Mode Marian. Bleu-Mariu, Castor, &c., all dyed to match the new Silks and Dress Materials exactly. YOUNG LADIES' -TRIMMED HATS from 17s. 9d. LADIES TRIMMED FELT AND STftAW HATS from 21s. CHILDREN'S TRIMMED I?VU6 from 14s. 9d. BOYS' TRIMMED & UNTRIMJfED FELT HATS. MANTLE ROOM, AT 5, BASNETT-STREET. RICH LTIES. The mcst handsoms^ia "siAVv -ilvet Jackets. Most elaborately Ertib!0(d^ar;jClot|r Jackets, trimmed fur, from. Five to TvvJK'e GMlea^^ LADIES' & YcJUKG LADIES' CLOTH JACKETS. A large c-otfecnoj of riav styles, from simple shapes pu to the rnoH. handsome designs, including the YOUNG LADIES' PLAIN & BRAIDED CLOTH, At 25s. and 30s. ROTCNDES AND PALETOTS. Fur-lined Rotondes and Paletots, trimmed blue fox, raccoon, black polish, skunk, and other furs. CHILDREN'S Hyde Park, White Cu;Loy, Astrachan, Cloth, &c., Jackets. OPERA MANTLES. G. H. L. and Co. have formed a very large collection both of rich handsome Embroidered Mantles and of prettily trimmed Cashmere Capes. LADIES' WATERPROOFS. A new and large Stock of the colours most approved of. REAL INDIA SHAWLS. G. H. L. and Ca. keep an assortment of real India Shawls, at less than the usual prices. ROBES AND COSTUMES. G. H. L. and Co. wili show a most chcice collection of Robes and Costumes, comprising every novelty from Paris and Berlin also their own beautifully made copies. Black Silk Costumes. Ten and Twelve Guineas. Black bilk Robes, Seven, Eight, and Nine Guineas. Coloured Silk Coi.umes, and Silk combined with Cashmere, Amazone, Uamasse, and Broche. The Striped Silk Costume at 78s 6d. PARIS AND BERLIN COSTUMES, In new colours, at Five, Six, and Seven Guineas, includ- ing Royal Coating Cloth, Double Beiges, Estamaine Serges, trimmed with the new broad braids. The Costumes at Three and Four Guineas complete comprise many handsome and rich designs in all the new materials. The Robes at Two Guineas, 55s, and 73s 6d, ith material for bodice, in every fabric and style, afford great choice. BLACK ROBES AND COSTUMES. G. H. L. and Co. have prepared a very large stock, and ask special attention to their Black Silk Costumes, Paramatta Costumes, Black Cashmere and Si!k, Henrietta Costumes, Black Cashmere and Crape, Barathea Castumes. The Alpaca Cords, Victoria Cords, Paris Twills, and Barathea Robes, a 35s. 42s, and 55s. I The Cashmere and Henrietta Cloth Costumes at 78s 6d II and "Is Gd. Servants' Mourning very moderate. LADIES' OUTFITTING. A full assortment, of new and choice work, of own mauuiacture, at iiiodertite prices. Also some very elegant French .productions. LADIES' SKIRTS. Plain £ n! Trimmed Fsit, Alpaca, Rural Cords, &c. Rich Qudt. d and Trimmed Satin SVirts. Special Rich Quilted All-black Satin Skirts, at 21s. LADIES' MORNING WRAPPERS, j Novelties iu French Striped Cashmeres. I Felt, Embroidered, ann Trimmed Satin. L Embroidered Flannel, from 26s 6d. The special-make Flannel Wrappers, at ISs 9d. CHILDREN'S DRESSES. Novelties in' Check, ijomespun, and Serges, up to twelve years of age. A very choice assort.: eat of Little Children's Dresses in Poplin, Velveteen, &c. Pelisses in Velvet and Homespun, Trimmed Fur. Boys' Cloth and Waterproof Dresses, Suits, &c. New Styles in Homespun Blouses. INFANTS' GOODS. Infants' Hoods, Bonnàs,{d Hats, in Silk, Cashmere, and Velvet. New French Shapes. RIBBON, LACES, LADIES' TIES AND BOWS, DRESS AND MANTLE TRIMMINGS, MILLINERY AND DRESS TRIMMING MATERIALS. EVENING DRESS MATERIALS, ARTICLES DE PARIS, FURS, &c. GEORGE HENRY LEE & COMPANY, /BASNETT^TREET, Liy*m>oL. '(& £ /±j AMERICAN "WATGIL/COTTPANY FACTORY AT W A^AAL, ASS. AT W A^AAL, ASS. 1; Agent fiyspbaapaitd Duiricz F • A S E R 4a, HIGH-STREET, "WREXHAM. jT Vyt&Js in Gold and sTljirjPaees at pricM rdL&a.& j -ir from £ 4 for upwards. H8So FAMILY DRAPERY^, ^t\E are now iu receipt of ouj, ■ » Winter parcel of BLANKETS ENGLISH AND WELSH FLANNELS. ENGLISH V*-ELSH F NNELS. COTTNTFRPANF-S, TINGS, &c. These odfe/««^ought early, under the most»«f^arffable circumstances, and are therefero able to offer our Customers better made and better finished goods, at lower prices than we think they have seen fcr many years. We very respectfully invite inspection and comparison of value. W. & T PEICHARD> Drapers and Undtrtakprs, HOPE STREET, WREXHAM. October, 1875. X 439b NORTH OF ENGLAND DRESS WAREHOUSE, AUTUMN, 1875. QEOEGE JJ E N R Y LEE AND COMPANY, BANETT-ST E LIVERPOOL; •' Havife/madofs0cx f*traordinaxv cheap fPURC^ASKaO m J>EESS MATERl^p,^ BLACK SILKS 4s 6d s 6d per yard, COLOURED SILKS in three qualities. In anticipation of the coming Season, will be nappy to send Patterns of the same on request. GEORGE HENRY LEE AND 'cOMPANy^ BASNETT-STREET, ^VERPOOL? 3 A 23, IRONMONGER LANE, LONDON, (TNE OLD HOUSE). JOHNSTON'S £ ^N^CTR v YO IS THE BEST. To obtaia/th- best, ask for JOHNSTON'S CORN FLOLTR. It is rich in fiesh-forming and heat-giving properties, and when boiled with milk affords complete and perfect nourishment tor children and persons of weak digestion. It is delicious for, Puddings, Costards. Blancmange, 1116 JOHN H. KIDD k CO., Manufacturers of AILWAY WAGGON COVERS RICK AV: CLOTHS, cAfir CO VERS, LIME SHEETS. Cires kept in stock. BRATTl/l CLOTH. AIR-TUBING. liensE CLOTHS. WATZHPHOOF RUGS, INDIA-RUBBER GOODS Iwojinc/ Dry Hair, and Boiler Feit, SACKS, COTTON W ASTF, LAMP WICKS. OFFICES PUBLIC HALL, WREXHAM-* o (tbucatlon. I THE S C lipOjL, CHIRK, HALLIDAY. HE MmSeLMAS LESSONS wiU coinme\p:e Oat-iber lltb. Special c'asses foe accomplishment*. Prospec uses, with references cn ap- plication. 333o EDUCATION". TAVISTOCK .HOytEJjkHOSDtiU, WREXHAK r bIMO N S (who have "hai JL inuMyrapenejace in tcachirg) receive Eijfht Young Ltmi" bo Board and Educate. Inferences to clergymen and parents of fornn r pupile. Quarter.-etmL-ienc day of entrance. > 242h rmtlOpHAUe,. WREXlIAJI. IMPOIVFA^ OF TALKING PAR OTS, AN El,. FOREIGN BIRDS. MR. CF A. c Us AN i, wii| SELL BY AUCTION, on Wf;D.\EcDiiY, Oc obe- loth. 1875, an extens:w co isigument. oi T.opicat adft BIRDS, which i-V.l consist of a very Sue Coller on at Grey and Green Talkit.yf Parrot.?, Senegal ^^at Two p. in.3^%en 4n the JErenh;; 4 .A. fTMIE BI)nvS&/oN let loose. The JL sale Britisher is imtceiwe. Pti09 Twonenccthree sUitui.s. ISual NW#eudor«. at the 0fax 8^ | yfyjfcilly LocdAyW. Jr o75o