Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



Saks hJl udinn.. Messrs. W. Dew and Son. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. COUNTIES CF DENBIGH AND FLINT. Sale of valuable FREEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSES1 at Ruthin, Rbyl, and Llanrwst, and FREEHOLD LAND at Cynwyd. TO BE SOLD BY PUPLIC AUCTION, BY Messes wm. dew and son, towards the end of the present month of September, 1875, the above valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTY, situate as follows:— RUTHIN.. The DWELLING-HOUSES and Premises, being Nos. 7, 9, and 13, situate in Cattle-street; Nos. 33 (Red Lion), 35, and 37, situate in Clwyd-street; Nos. 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24. 25, and 20, situate in Prior-street, all Let to good Tenants, and in excellent repair. RHYL. The DWELLING-HOUSES nnd Premises known as T0NYM0R, situate in Chinch-street j also, Nos. 21 and 22, situate ia Qneen-street. LLANRWST. The three I>WELLING-HOUSES and Premises situate at Pandv Tydr, tocher with several acres of LAND at CYNWYD, with ah the BUILDINGS erected thereon. Full particulars will appear in future advertisements in the meantime all further information may be obtained of Mr Edward Humphrey. 14, Castle-street, Ruthin and the Auctioneers, Wellfielci House, Bangor, and High-street. Rhyl. 358b COUNTY OF DENBIGH. IMPORTANT SALE OF FARMING STOCK, in- c'uding several powerful cart horses, milch cows and heifers, all in calf or now in full profit, two-year- old bullocks and heifers, rearing calves, 100 Shrop- shire Down sheep, pigs, poultry, a large collection of implements of husbandry, several acres of turnips, mangolds and potatoes, several stacks of well harvested clover hay, ricks of wheat, oats and barley, stacks of straw, an assortment of harness, household furniture, 4tc, at BRYNGWYN BACH, situate within four miles of St. Asaph. MESSRS WM. DEW AND SON have been instructed by the representatives of the late John Lloyd Price, Esq., deceased, to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, on the premises as above, on Thursday, the 21st day of October, 1875, the whole of the Out-door and In-door Effects, including 100 pure bred Shropshire Down ewes, lambs, and Tup lambs. Nine valuable milch cows, six barren cows, short-horn bull, Bine two-year old bullocks and heifers, six rearing calves, seven powerful cart horses, pigs and poultry. A large and valuable assortment of implements in husbandry, including Hornsley's patent self-acting reaper, patent pulpers, chaff cutters, ploughs, harrows, drills, two wheel carts, weighing machine, kc. A col- lection of harness and saddlery, together with four stack- of clover hay, two stacks of wheat, eight ricks of oats and barley stacks of straw, 14 acres of turnips and mangolds, potatoes. The dairy utensils and the houses hold furniture, &c. Lots to commence at 11 a.m. prompt. Luncheon will be provided. Catalogues may be had at any of the principal hotels in the counties of Denbigh and Flint, on the premises, and of the Auctioneers, Wellfield House, Bangor, and High-street, Rhyl. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. COUNTY OF MERIONETH. Sale of valuable Freehold Upland Farms, situate in the parish of Llanelltyd, known as Cae-Mab- Seifion Uehaf and Isaf. TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION, BY MESSRS WM. DEW and SON, at the Golden Lion Hotel, Dolgelley, in the month of October, 1875, (subject to conditions then and thre to be produced), the above exceedingly valuable UPLAND FREEHOLD FARMS, known as Cae Mab-Seifion, Ucbaf and Cae Mab- Seifion Isaf, situate in the parish of Llanelltyd, county of Merioneth, close to the town of Dolgelley, and containing about 517a. Or. 3p. OF FERTILE LAND. Full particulars and plans will shortly appear. In the meantilne, all further information may be obtained of Mr John Davies, Solicitors, Denbigh; Mr Edward Roberts, Solicitor, Rhyl; and the Auctioneers, Wellfield House, Bangor, and High- street, Rhyl. 14240 NEAR CORWEN, COUNTY OF MERIONETH- Sale of exceedinglv valuable Freehold Residential Property, known as GARTH MEILIO VILLA, With 61a lr 2p of Rich Arable and Pasture Land, known as "Fronbach," situate in the parish of Llan- gwm. TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION, BY MESSRS WM. DEW and son, at the Owain Glyndwr Hotel, Corwen, -n FBIDAT, the 29th day of October, 1875, at Three o'cl'-k p.m., subject to conditions then and there to be produced, the above charmingly situated and desirable FREEHOLD RESIDENTIAL ESTATE, with 61a Ir 2p of well cultivated Pasture and Arable Land, called Fronbach, together with the newly-erected genteel RESIDENCE built thereon, called Garth Meilio Villa. The Mansion contains roomy drawing, dining, and breakfast rooms, kitchen, scullery, dairy, wine and ale Cellar, six good bedrooms and attics, with out-buildings, viz: cow house and sheds, stables, &c., with excellent garden well planted with fruit trees. The grounds are tastefully laid out and planted with shrubberies, having a terrace walk and lawn. There is a new drive up to the house from the village of Llangwm, and it is only distant seven miles from Corwen. Lithographed plans and particulars may be had at any of ihe principal hotels in the county, of Messrs Sisson and George, Solicitors, St. Asaph and from the Auctioneers, Wellfield House, Bangor, and Higli-street, Rhyl. 475c TOWN OF CORWEN. COUNTY OF MERIONETH. Sale of Old-established Freehold Hotels, Business Premises, Dwelling Houses, and Land. TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION, BY MESSRS WM. dew and SON, at the Owain Glyndwr Hotel, Corwen, on FRIDAY, the 29th day of October, 1875, at Two o'clock p.m,, (subject to conditions then and there te be pro- duced)— All those Freehold Premises, consisting of DWEL- LING HOUSE, SHOP, and POST OFFICE, with Stables, Coach-house, Granary, Cow house, and Garden, in the occupation of Mr Owen Lloyd. All that old-established HOTEL, known as Owain Glyndwr Hotel, with the Yard attached, including Stables, Garden, &c., in the occupation of Mr William Warne, and Two Dwelling Houses and Premises, in the occupation of Mr Evan Lloyd. and others. All that FREEHOLD SHOP and DWELLING HOUSE, with portion of Garden adjoining, in the several occupations of Mr Hugh Davies, bootmaker, and Mr Evan Lloyd. All that well-built FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSE and SHOP, 'with other Premises and Yard at the back thereof, in the several occupations of Mr Robert Williams, plumber, and of Mr Hugh Davies. All those two Freehold DWELLING HOUSES, in the several occupations of Mr Owen Morris and Mr Hugh Evans, with the Premises and Land at the back thereof, in the occupation of Mr Robert Williams, plumber. All that old-established FREEHOLD INN, known m the Queen's Hotel, together with the Yard and bles thereto belonging, in the occupation of Mr Hugh Jones." J Lithographed plans and particulars may be obtained at any of the 'principal Hotels in the county, or from Messrs Longueville, Jones, and Williams, Solicitors, Oswestry and the Auctioneers, Wellfield House, Bangor, Md Bigfe-ftreet, Bhyl. 47te Sales JLtrcfioit. Messrs Davies and. Armor. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. Important and Extensive Sale of FARMING STOCK, a general and varied assortment of Implements of Husbandry, Horned Cattle, valuable team of Powerful Cart Horses, Household Furniture, and other Effects, at HENDRE DDU, LLANGERNIEW. Messrs divies and armor have been honoured with instructions from Miss Bellis, who is retiring from farming, to SELL BY AUCTION, on the above premises at Hendre Ddu, situated within an easy distance of the village of Llangerniew, on Thursday and Friday, the 4th and 5th days of November, 1875, the whole of the above valuable farming stock, modern implements of husbandry, dairy cows store cattle, pigs, horses, dairy vessels, and the whole of the modern house- hold furniture. Further particulars will appear in future advertise- ments. Royal Oak, Denbigh, October o, 1875. 477h Mr. Lloyd.. Highly Important Sale of Valuable and Superior House- hold Furniture, Live Stock, 2 Stacks of Prime Upland Hay, Out-door. Effects, &c., at Erbistock Rectory, situate about three miles from Ruabon, and four from Wrexham. MR LLOYD has been honoured with instructions from the representatives of the late Rev Peter Price, Erbistock Rectory, to SELL BY AUC- Rev Peter Price, Erbistock Rectory, to SELL BY AUC- TION, on the premises situate as above, on Wednesday, October 27th, 1875, the following Superior HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE, Live Stock, Prime Upland Old and New Hay, and other Effects, viz. :—Ladies' and gentlemens' easy chairs, mahogany leather covered chairs, rosewood loo table, mahogany, round and other tables, hair-seated sofas, cottage pianoforte (by Broadwood), rose- wood whatnot fourtic, three corner cupboard, mahogany dressing tables and washstands, pictures, mahogany four- post iron and other bedsteads, bookcases, quantity of valuable books, umbrella stand, brass cornice poles and rings, biddett. child's crib, hair mattresses, mahogany maple, and other chests of drawers, mahogany chair with night commode, large kitchen dresser, wire meat safes, flour bins, fire guards, fander and fireirons, brass candle- sticks, kitchen hastener, large pl,;te rack, churn3 with ten steans, joiner's bench, set of harness (brass mounted), side saddle, long ladder, set of thrill gears, cart with harvest gearing, wheelbarrow, large fowl house, iron plough, winnowing machine, turnip slicer, two capital milking cows, heifer and calf, fat pig, and a quantity of other effects, too numerous to mention. 1 Stack of prime old Hay (about 5 tons), 1 Ditto ditto new Hay (about 10 tons). Sale to commence at One o'clock p.m. prompt. Offices: Plassey, near Wrexham. 473b FAIR DAY. NORTH WALES AND CHESHIRE AUCTION MART, WREXHAM. MR LLOYD (late Jones and Lloyd) begs to announce that he will hold his next SALE, on THURSDAY, Oct. 28th, in the Auction Mart. situate as above. A magnificent lot of Fat and Store Sheep. Ditto ditto Pork and Bacon Pigs. Ditto ditto Fat Calves. Mr Lloyd gives notice that he intends presenting at his next CHRISTMAS SHOW DINNER, in addi- tion to the usual CUPS, value zC42 15s., 1st Prize.—A Siiver Cup, value £7 10s 2nd „ —A Piece of Plate, „ 23 3s To the Seller whose Live Stock reallge the largest amount of money in the Auction Mart Or elsewhere, during the present year, from January 1st to December 13th (Christmas Show Day), both days inclusive. Any gentleman winning 1st or 2nd Prize, and not wishing to compete against a Tenant Farmer, will be awarded a Silver Medal, the Farmer coming next will receive 1st Prize. A Cup or piece of Plate, value £3 10s, will be given to the Buyer of the largest amount of Stock between January 1st and December 13th (inclu- sive). Sellers and Buyers will please keep their Bills as a guide Further Entries respectfully solicited. SALE TO COMMENCE AT TEN O'CLOCK PROMPT. Office, Plassey, Wrexham. 8096 -==-_=. Mr Lovatt. RUABON PADDOCK LANE, MONDAY NEXT, OCTOBER 13th. MR LOVATT has been instructed by the Executors of the late Mr Edward Swan, to SELL BY AUCTION, upon the premises, Paddock- Lane, Ruabon, on Monday next, October 18th, 1875, the whole of the Household FURNITURE, comprising cane-seated chairs, mahogany hair-seated couch, large cupboard, leaf tables, oak chest of drawers, toilette, com- mode, iron half-tester bedsteads, capital feather bed, sheets, blankets, counterpanes, kitchen utensils. Also, on a future day of which due Notice will be given, all that FREEHOLD MALTKILM, with Cottages, adjoining the. Great Western Railway Inn, and Shares in the Ruabon Gas Light Company. Sale of Furniture at Two o'clock. Old Swan Inn, October 11th, 1875. 468b BRYN DRAW TERRACE, WREXHAM. UNRESERVED SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. MR LOVATT has been instructed to SELL BY AUCTION, on MONDAY, October 25th,, 1875, upon the premises No. 4, Bryn Draw Terrace, Chapel-street, Wrexham, the whole of the useful and well mad Furniture, adapted for kitchen, parlour, and bedroom purposes. The Kitchen contains fender, irons, ashpan, Windsor and easy chairs, painted tables, breakfast, dinner, and tea services, trays, glass, cutlery, and the usual culinary requisites. The Parlour is furnished with polished fender, irons, ashpan, coal vase, chimney ornaments, cornice pole, curtains, brown back hair-seated chairs in mahogany, easy chairs, circular table, book tray, books, carpet, rug, and engravings. The Bedrooms contain very handsome half- tester iron bedsteads with brass foot rail, French iron bedsteads, straw palliasers, wool ar d feather beds, wash stands, toilette tables, glasses, services, chest of drawers, towel rails, carrpets, oilcloths, door mats, &c. The gas fittings through the. house, which is to let with possession on the evening of the day of sale. Sale at Two o'clock. Old Swan Inn, Wrexham, October 14th, 1875. 473d Mr. G. F. Byford. RUTHIN AUCTION MART. MR G. F. BYFORD will Sell by Auction, at his Mart, adjoining the Town Hall, on TUES- DAY, 19th inst. (Fair day)- Several pens of prime Fat SHROPSHIRE SHEEP. Ditto ditto WELSH WETHERS. Sale to commence at Eleven o'clock. Plas yn Llan, Ruthin. 478h RUTHIN. Important Sale of valuable Cart Horses, Farming Implements, Harness, Gearing, &c. MR G. F. BYFORD has received in- structions from Mr fGreen (late of the Castle Hotel), to SELL BY AUCTION, on TUES- DAY, October 19th, 1875 (Fair Day), in a field adjoining the Castle Hotel, the whole of the above, briefly comprising several powerful and useful cart horses, 16 and 17 hands high, in good hardworking condition, suitable for town wQrk; 1 superior cob pony, 1 useful pony, a strong barren cow, 2 farm carts, with harvest gearing complete, 1 railway cart, pulping and slicing machine, kibbling machine, winnowing machine, also ploughs, har- rows, cultivator, turnip scuffler, stone and wood rollers, 2 sheep racks equal to new, ladder, pig troughs, pikels, rakes, several sets of chain and shaft gearing, in good condition, &c. Sale to commence at 2 o'clock. Plas yn llan, Ruthin, October 6th, 1876. iMc by Ipriijiife Contract. TO VETERINARY SURGEONS. TO BE DISPOSED OF, in consequence -JL of the death of the Proprietor, a Thriving BUSINESS in an excellent district.—For particulars, apply to the Administratrix of Mr John Edwards, V.S., Abergele. 434 SECOND HAND MACHINERY. EVERAL RIDDLE FRAMES, complete:" t- with Cog Wheels and Pedestals, Boxes, Brackets, Strap Pulleys, &c., for SALE, at Aberderfyn Brick- works, Gutter-hill, near Ruabon.—Applications, if by letter, to be prepaid. 470b PRELIMINARY NOTICE. AN Important SA LE of Border Leicester sheep, fat and store cattle, agricultural implements, and horses, green crops, &c., &c., the property of Captain Philips, of Rhual (who is giving up his farm), will take place at the "Maesgarmon" Farm, one mile from Mold station, during the last week in November. The flock consists of 120 breeding ewes, 40 fat ewes and wethers, 140 ewe and wether lambs (all from noted prize-taking stock, bred with great care and judgment), 30 fat and store cattle, four excellent working horses, and about 17 acres of swede turnips. The implements are nearly new, and by the best makers. Catalogues may be had after the 1st November, from Mr Waddel, Bailiff, Maesgarmon Farm, Mold. October 14th, 1875. 479d tgar imir ulrlit Hofcs. WREXHAM EISTEDDVOD, 1876. EISTEDDVOD CHOIR. LADIES and GENTLEMEN desirous of joining the Eisteddvod Choir, now in course, of formation, are respectfully requested to send Name, Address, Register of Voice, &c., to the Conductor, R. MILLS, 10, Ruabon-road; or to W. ROBERTS, 30, Bridge- street also state whether old notation or tonic sol-fa preferable, 392oj •'A LADDO A LEDDIR." "IESTJ, NA'D GAM- /|\ "Y GWIE Y\ EE- WAITH, I BYN Y BYD." WREXHAM NATIONAL EISTEDDVOD, 1876. A SELECTION FROM THE LIST OF SUBJECTS FOR COMPETITION. BARDDONIAETH (POETRY). AWDL Y GADAIR (The Chair Ode). Helen Llwyddawg." Heb vod dros 600 o linellau. X20, Cadair Dderw, a Thlws Aur. English Poem, upon the Massacre of the British Monks of Bangor-is-coed." X5, and a silver medal. RHYDDIAITH (PROSE). Best" Scientific account of the origin and growth of the Welsh language, from the earliest period to the present day." (Y Traethawd goreu ar darddiad a chynydd yr Iaiath Gymraeg, o'r cyvnod boreuav i'r amser presenol). X25, and a gold medal. (Eng- lish or Welsh. Best account of "Wrexham and its inhabitants during the 17th and 18th centuries." (English). J65, and a silver medal. Fullest collection" of the names of places, fields rivers, hills, etc., in the two Maelors, with their derivation. (Y casgliad mwyav cyvlawn o enwau lleodd, meusydd, avonydd. &c., yn y ddwy Vaelor. ynghyd a tharddiad y cyvryw). (English or Welsh). JE3. CYVIEITHfAD (TRANSLATION). Best translation into Welsh of Shakespeare's play As You Like It." XIO,. and a gold medal. CERDDORIAETH (MUSIC). VOCAL. Chorus—open to all comers-" Ye Nations Offer to the Lord" (Mendelssohn's "lIymn of Praise' and "Achieved is the glorious work" (second chorus), Haydn's Oi-eation." Choir to contain not under 100 nor over 150 voices. (To be competed for on the first day of the Eisteddvod), .£100 and a baton value XIO for the conductor. ART. Best Original Oil Painting on any subject illus- trative of Welsh History; painted subsequent to 1874. X25, and a gold medal. Best Original Picture in Water Colours, of any view in the counties of Flint or Denbigh, to be painted subsequently to 1874. £10, and a gold medal. Sculpture-Dunawd, of Bangor, near Wrexham, delivering the celebrated British protest" at St. Augustine's Oak in Worcestershire. X25, and a gold nftdal. CARVING. Best Carved Oak Bardic Chair (to be the pro- perty of the Committee). XIO and a gold medal. OTHER SUBJECTS NEXT WEEK. A complete List of the Subjects, with the Con- ditions, may be had from the General Secretary, post free, for four penny stamps. SPECIAL NOTICE. A Supplemental List, containing List of Adjudi- cators, New Subjects, &c., &c., will be issued in a few days, and may be had on application to the Secretary. EDW, WILLIAMS, M.D., Chairman JOHN JONES, 1 XT- o „ HUGH DAVIES, j Ho11, ecs" ROBERT WILLIAMS, General Secretary. 469a 35, Lorne-street, Wrexham. PRESENTATION TO MR. J. WHITEFOOT, SENIOR. Formerly Head Ostler at the Wynnstay Arms Hotel, Wrexham. ONE of the most deserving Presentatipns or Testimonials which has been before the public is now in course of preparation to Mr James Whitefoot, whose attention and affability to all, when in the above situation, and his agreeable manner in his every day life, gained for him high and deserved respect from alt persons who have the pleasure of knowing him. Mr James Whitefoot held the above situation for the long period of 28 years. Two severe accidents which he then received, and from which he had his knees broken, rendered him unable to follow this situation any longer. For the last few years he has become very infirm, and unable to follow any occupation whatever, consequently his numerous friends have resolved upon making him a presenta- tion. The following gentlemen have kindly consented to receive subscriptions, and present their com- pliments to you, and by allowing your name to be entered on either of their subucription lists you will confer a favour. Mr J. W. JONES, Saddler, High-street, Wrexham. Mr RICHARD EVANS, Corn Dealer, &c., 9, Yorke-street, Wrexham. Mr JOSEPH WILLIAMS, Tobacconist, 43, Hope- street, and Bank-street, Wrexham. Mr MANLEY, Feathers Hotel. Subscriptions already received will appear in next week's paper. On behalf of the above, RICHARD OLLERHEAD, 9, Charles-street, Wrexham. October, 1875. 4670 tgal urttr |};ttMic flotias. THE MARRIAGE OF THE HON. GEO. T. KENYON, A DINNER will be held at the Gredington Arms, Llanypwll, to celebrate the marriage of the Hon. Geo. T. Kenyon, on THURSDAY NEXT, OCTOBER 21 ST. DR. EYTON-JONES WILL PRESIDE. Tickets, 5s. each, may be had at the Gred- ington Arms. DINNER ON THE TABLE AT FIVE O'CLOCK. ON FRIDAY, There will be a TEA PARTY to the Woaaen and Children of the district; and in the evening a BALL will be given. MR STEPHENSON'S QUADRILLE BAND will be in attendance. ON SATURDAY, The Labourers on the Estate will be enter- tained to dinner. 471c MARRIAGE OF THE HON. G. T. KENYON TO MISS LECHE, OF CARDEN PARK, On the 21st instant. THE Committee composed of the following gentlemen, Burgesses of Holt, viz :— SAMUEL DALE, Esq., Dea Side, Mayor of Holt. < THOMAS MORRIS, Esq., The Esp Hill, Holt. GEO. WM. CHALLINOR, Esq., Holt Hall. WILLIAM BAKElt, Esq., Fair View. THOMAS RYMER, Esq., Recorder of Holt Formed for the purpose of presenting the Honble. G. T. Kenyon with a suitable Testimonial on the occasion of his marriage with Miss Leche, of Carden Park, and of entertaining the families of the Burgesses of the Borongh of Holt on the same occasion, have received, in addition to the snms already advertised, the following subscrip- tions £ s. d. Sftr Watiin W. Wynn, Bart 5 5 0 Peter Walker, Foq-, Coedyglyn 5 5 0 The Rev. J. Edwards I. 3 3 0 E. Tench, Esq 110 ft Williams 1 1 0 O. Bury, Esq 1 1 0 Rymer, Esq 1 1 o ft. Coxhead, Esq 2 2 o ik-C. Owen, Esq 1 1 o (general Townshend, Trevallyn 2 2 o §7. Turner, Esq 0 10 6 Morris, Esp Hill 1 1 o Mr Charles Bellis 1 1 o & Lewis, Esq., Wrexham 2 2 o $4? E. Jones 1 1 0 W. Low, Esq 2 2 o W. Brookes, Esq 1 1 0 Beo. Parker, Esq 1 1 0 Mr John Hsghes 0 5 o John Jones, Island Green 1 1 0 Mr R. Parker, Belgrave 1 1 0 The Rev. W. Jones, Holt 0 5 0 Mr Watkin Harrison, I-Iolt .050 Messrs Acton and Bury 1 1 0 R. Clayton, Esq., Brynmally 2 2 0 Mr Wm. Redrop, Holt 0 7 6 S. Boydell, Esq., Rossett 110 Mr J. B. Mnrless, Wrexham 1 1 0 Dr Armstrong, Farndon 2 2 0 L And other various small sums. <r\ Any further amounts will be leceivei by the North apd South Wales Bank, Wiexiam. iJESTIVITES TO CELEiRATE THE BIhTH t f. OF A t. fa SON AND HEIR TO THE t. HOUSE OF ACTON. J.A T a Meeting of the Tenantry and Friends n l\ T a Meeting of the Tenantry and Friends of SIR R. A. CTTNLIFFE, BART., held on the 23rd of September, 1875, a Com- itfffcfcefe composed of the following gentlemen was farmed for the purpose of raising a fund and carrying out the celebration of the above auspicious dirent* j COMMITTEE M. Henry Bate, Pantyockin (Chairman) fe Mr E. Lewis. Pickhill a Mr T. Meredith, K^n-as Mr E. Williams. Borras Mr Peters, Pickhill Mr McLevie, Rhosnessney ¡'< Mr G. Price, The Fields ? Mr T. Jones, Tygwyn fj\ Mr J. Price, Croesyn Iris §Mr E. Roberts, Gresford t Jtr Robert Jones, Rhosnessney js Mr J. Farquharson, Rhosnessney Robert Lloyd, Esq., Mayor of Wrexham T. T. Griffith, Esq. j ''Edward Williams, Esq., M.D. hj Edward Davies, Esq., M.D. I J. Pryce-Jones, Esq., J.P. Henry Humphreys, Esq. :1, John Jones, Esq. ubÛcriptions in aid of the above purpose will be d. by, any of the above named gentlemen, or blrtfae Treasurer; or may be paid into the National Provincial and North and South Wales Banks, Wrexham. I SUBSCRIPTIONS PROMISED. £ s. d. t Amount already acknowledged 70 13 6 i SirtW. W. Wynn, Bart 5 0 0 fW. Corn vvallis West, Esq 3 3 0 kMessrs Townshend and Barker 3 0 0 fEdmuod Peel, Esq., Brynypys 3 0 0 t The Sergt.-Major, Sergeants, and Buglars, .1 comprising the Royal Denbigh Militia £ Staff 2 2 0 Chilton; Esq., The Elms 2 2 0 "Mr G. Bradley 1 1 0 Mr Thomas Williams, wine merchant. 1 1 0 ..VMf William Thomas, Hope-street 0 10 G jQ}n ^anaes, Esq 1 1 0 Peter Walker, Esq 1 1 0 Tilston, Esq 1 1 0 Sn Pearson, Porthwygan 1 1 0 f R, Potter, High-street 0 10 6 R. Benson, High-street 0 10 6 j&r William Wynne, Rhosnessney 0 5 0 -William Bithel, Rhosnessney 0 5 0 WILLIAM SNAPE, Treasurer. THOMAS WOODVILLE, Secretary. 420o -4 DAUGHTER OF MR MANUEL JONES, WREXHAM. ipwi^pottse to Canon Cunliffe's appeal, the JL following subscriptions have been received:— s. d. Subscriptions 'previously announced Sfe 15 0 Rev D. Howell 10 0 xHon. Geo. T. Kenyon 110 Sir,W. yf. Wynn, Bapt 110 ,lk,Step. hen Jpnes 0 5 0 i^lMAatr. 0 5 0 -Mj Davies, Hope-street 0 5 0 vljftV. E. Samuels 0 2 6 Ut Houghton, Talbot 0 5 0 &&Parsonage. 0 2 0 MpBr' Griffiths. g*: 0 2 0 jftr 2$o^erg„ bookseller 0 2 6 by f ther' subscriptions will be thankfully recieved tqt tte treasurer, Mr Thomas Heywood, 8, High- etrvet. 420c I i,rahrsmttt' s hhrtsSts. CHARLES JJAYLEY AND CO., CAXTON BUILDINGS, 51, HOPE-STREET, WREXHAM, Beg to inform their customers and the general public that they have just received a large and varied stock of GLASS, CHINA, EARTHENWARE, &c. SOLE AGENTS FOR MINTON'S AND COALPORT'S CHINA. -i.. GLASS, CHINA, CUTLERY, &c., FOR HIRE.—ESTIMATES GIVEN. C. B. and Co. have just made arrangements with the celebrated firm of BEARE and SoN, Musical Instrument Makers, London, to be their sole representatives in this district, and are now selling a first-class HARMONIUM FOR £6 6s., CASH, or, X' i 7s. in Weekly Instalments of 6s., or Monthly Instalments of .£1. LIST OF STOCK. GL I S S, CHINA, PARIAN. LA V A, TOYS, LEATHER GOODS, PAPIER MACHE, PICTURES, EARTHENWARE, S TAT ION ERY, BOOKS, I MUSICAL BOXES AND INSTRUMENTS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. 463o THE WREXHAM AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT DEPOT. J. E. PO WE L L, Begs respectfully to call the attention of Farmers to his large and well selected stock of ROYAL SOCIETY'S FIRST PRIZE SEASON IMPLEMENTS AND MACHINES, Oomprising:- CHAFF CUTTERS, ROOT PULPERS, OIL CAKE MILLS, CORN CRUSHING MACHINES, HORSE AND PONY WORKS. SINGLE AND DOUBLE FURROW PLOUGHS, ZIG-ZAG & CHAIN HARROWS, CULTIVATORS, SHEEP RACKS, HOWARD'S, HORNSBY'S AND RANSOME'S PLOUGH FITTINGS. CHAFF CUTTERS, &c., REPAIRED ON THE PREMISES. PLEASE NOTE THE ADDRESS :— J. E. POWELL, GENERAL FURNISHING IRONMONGER, IRON MERCHANT, G, TOWN HILL, WREXHAM. N.B.—BEST PETROLEUM, FRENCH COLZA, & MACHINERY OILS. 464o 1Etnbtrs. TO SEWER CONTRACTORS, &c. RHOS DRAINAGE.—CONTRACT No. 2. THE RURAL SANITARY AUTHORITY A of the Wrexham Union are desirous of receiving Tenders from persons willing to Contract for the con- struction of about 5,100 lineal yards of stoneware, pipe sewers, together with the outfall works, tanka, manholes, lampholes, ventilators, &c., in accordance with the Plans and Specifications prepared by Mr W. H. Glennie, of Birmingham, the engineer to the works. Plans and Drawings and Specifications may be seen and copies of the form of Tender and schedule of prices obtained on payment of one guinea (which will be re- turned to all persons making a bona-fide Tender) at my Office on and after Monday the 11th instant. Sealed Tenders, endorsed "Etios Drainage, Contract No. 2," must be delivered at my Office on or before Saturday, the 30th day of October inst. The Authority do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. J. 05WELL BURY, Clerk to the Rural Sanitary Authority. 10, Temple-row, Wrexham, 5th October, 1875. 446f rahtsmtn' s hrtssts. THE TEA TRADE. 14, HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM. THE present Season's arrivals of FINE TEAS from China are again^exceedingly large, while trie excellent quality or farmer years i" fully main- tained. The most delicate taste of connoisseurs will be gratified by the superior character of some of the INDIAN TEAS which have arrived, resembling the old CHOICE KAISOW-80 highly appreciated by consumers of the finer classes of TEA. The unparalleled success which has marked the pro- gress of our Business from year to year is the result of our practical knowledge of Tr.A, and of the exercise of proper care in the selection of Stock, which enables us to sell TEAS and COFFEES of superior Qualities at moderate Prices. We tender our sincere thanks to our numerous Customers for their constantly increasing support and extensive recommendation. They may rest assured that all orders entrusted to ns will continue to have eur prompt attention. The following qualities are well worth special notice:- s. d. Strong KAISOW CONGOU, refreshing pungent 2 0 Fine KAISOW CONGOU, a ckoice mixture. 2 4 Delicious BREAKFAST CONGOU. This is a perfect Tea of great strength 2 6 Choice MONING CONGOU. This is a Tea of sterling quality 2 8 Finest MONING CONGOU. We especially commend this high-class Tea. 3 0 Finest LAPSANG SOUCHONG, unsurpassed at the price 3 4 Finest KAISOW CONGOU, a family mixture of fine Teas, choicely blended, rich in flavour. 3 6 The Finest MIXTURE OF TEAS that can be produced. This is the prince of Teas. 3 8 A Choice and Select Stock of FRENCH, ITALIAN, AND COLONIAL GOODS. AGENTS FOR SPIERS AND POND'S CELEBRATED WINES AND SPIRITS. Orders per Post or Carrier promptly attended to. Family Orders of Two Pounds and upwards delivered free to any Railway Station. (J JJENSON AND £ 10., Family Grocers, 14. HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM. 447oj BILLIARDS! BILLIARDS!! ]VTOTICE.—The OPENING of the New J-^l Saloon, at the Working Mens' Club and Institute, IS POSTPONED until the 25th instant, when a grand entertainment will be given by the celebrated player, W. Timbrell, and a resident, the latter receiving 300 in 1,000. Admission, the Public, 2s; Members, Is 6d. Terms of Membership yearly, 4s 6d; quarterly, Is 3d. Tickets to be'had from the manager, T. OWEN. N.B.—Persons becoming members at oace.are entitled to admission at reduced price as above: also to join in contest for cue and case, to b3 presented by the table makers, Orme and Scns, Manchester. 466b HORSE CLIPPING. OHN MORGAN AND CO,, HORSE CLIPPERS.—Apply at the Feathers Inn, Chester-street and Charles-street, Wrexham. 454c FAMILY DRAPERY. WE are now in receipt of our Winter parcel of BLANKETS, ENGLISH AND WELSH FLANNELS, COUNTERPANES, SHEETINGS, &e. These goods; we boughtfearly, under the most favourable circumstances, and are therefore ablo to offer our Customers better made and better finished goods, at lower prices than we think they have seen for many years. We very respectfully invite inspection and comparison of value, TV & J PRICHARD, Drapers and Undertakers, HOPE STREET, W KEXHAM. October, 1875. 439b 23, IRONMONGER LANE, LONDON, (THE OLD, HOUSE). [ JOHNSTON'S CORN FLOUR IS THE BEST. To obtain the best, ask for JOHNSTON'S. CORN FLOUR. It is rich in flesh-forming and heat-giving properties, and when boiled with milk affords complete and perfect nourishment for children and persons of weak digestion. It is delicious for Puddings, Custards, Blancmange, &c. J lllo THE BRITISH LION let- loose. The sale of this satirical Britisher is immense. Price Twopence post free for three stamps. Usual terms to Newsvendors. Published Monthly" at the Office, 8, Piccadilly London, W. 375o (•tbwratkrn. THE SCHOOL, CHIRK, CONDUCTED BY MRS HALLIDAY. THE MICHAELMAS LESSONS will commence October 11th. Special classes for accomplishments. Prospectuses, with references on ap- plication. 3330 EDUCATION. TAVISTOCK HOUSE, RHOSDDU, WREXHAM THE MISSES SIMONS (who have had much experience in teaching) receive Eight Young Ladies to Board and Educate. References to clergymen and parents of former pupils. Quarter commenoes on day of entrance. 242h MR. SPARROW, (Organist of Ruabon Church, and Private Orgunifft to Sir Watkin Williams Wyn., Bart, M.P.), Teacher of the ORGAN, PIANOFORTE, HARMONIUM, AND SINGING. Appointments: Ruabon .Wednesdays & Saturdays Mold, Denbigh, and P.u'thin. Mondays Llangollen, Corwen. and Bala.Tuesdays Wrexham and Chester .Thursdays Chirk, Oswestry, and Ellesmere .Fridays SCHOOLS ATTENDED. Engagements accepted for Concerts as SOLO TENOR, AND AS CONDUCTOR Of Choral Societies. "jV'Ti R S. visits London periodically for the selection of PIAKOFORTES and HARMONIUMS, which (from many years' practical experience) he is enabled to supply oi the best quality and oa reasonable terms. For Terms apply to Mr SPARROW, Ruabon.