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Statesmen's$b&Ksa»s. I CELEBRATED O.D. WHISKEY. TL^ILLIAM JAMESON AND CO., f » Distillers, Dublin. AGENTS IX CHESTER: JORDAN AND CO., WATERGATE-STREET. WILLIAM JAMESON AND Co.'s O.D. WHISKEY.—There has been forwarded to us by Jordan and Co., a sample I of W. Jameson and Ce.'s old Dublin whiskey, with a request for cur opinion. The sample forwarded to us was exceedingly gooJ, and gave general satisfaction. This eld Irish whiskey has qualities of its own sufficiently valuable ta recommend it. It is of good alcoholic strength, and its spirit has been mellowed by age so that it has not the pungency often mistaken for strength in new spirit It is soft and "possessed of a fair proportion of that peculiar flavour which to rRany palates commends Irish whiskey. If some of the samples of Irish whikey generally sold 1 could relate their own history they would have a very different tale to tell from that of Wm. Jameson and Co.'s old Dublin whiskey."—Extract from Meaitai Times and Gazette, February 22nd, 1873. 7042 P HOT O It A P H Y. LEES (LATE EDWARDS), PORTRAIT & LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHER 26, HOPE-STREET, WREXHAM. Permanent Enlargements up to Life Size by New Patent Proeess. PLAIN OR FINISHED IN eRA YOX, OIL, OR WATER COLOURS. &arte-de- Visit e, Cabinet, and every other style of Portrait, including the new Enamelled arneo Vignette. ENLARGEMENTS FROM CARTE-DE-VIRITE OR OTHER PORTRAITS UP TO ANY SIZE, AND FINISHED TO ORDER. GENTLEMEN'S MANSIONS, FAMILY, AND OTHER GROUPS PHOTOGRAPHED. And the best possible attention paid to all Orders given. 7362 LEGGINGS, LEGGINGS, LEGGINGS. JLJ An excellent assortment of Leggings, AT JONES'S, SADDLER, HIGH STREET, WREXHAM CLIPPERS, CLIPPERS, CLIPPERS. Horse Clipping Machines by all Makers. AT JONES'S, SADDLER, WREXHAM. 'a" Portmanteaus ia great variety. Ladies' and Gentlemen's Travelling Bags. Carriage Rugs, Reversible Knee Rugs. Railway Wrappers. HORSE CLOTHING in suits, or single sheets. HUNTING STABLES FURNISHED IN ALL THE R REQUIREMENTS. 6580 pURE AERATED WATERS. ELLIS'S R U 1 H I N WAIERS CRYSTAL SPRINGS Soda Potass, Seltzer, Lemonade, Lichia, and for GOUT. Lithia and Potass. CORKS BRANDED R. ELLIS & SON, RUTHIN." And every label'bears their trade mark. Sold everywhere and Wholesale of R. ELLIS & SON RUTHIN, NORTH WALES. GLENFIELD. GLENFIELD. THE QUEEN'S LAUNDRESS SAYS THIS STARCH I IS THE BEST SHE EVER USED. GLENFIELD. GLENFIELD. "THE PRINCIPALITY YDYWYSOGAETH, JL "T H E PRINCIPALITY" Published every Saturday, Price One Penny A GENERAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER. PRINTED IN THE WELSH LANGUAGE, AND ADVOCA- TING CONSTITUTIONAL PRINCIPLES. Y DYWYSOGAETH has a very extensive circulation1—being either posted to Subecribers, or sold by AgentiJ-in almost EVERY TOWN and HAMLET in FLINTSHIRE, DENBIGHSHIRE, CARNARVON- SHIRE, ANGLESEY, MERIONETHSHIRE, MONTGOMERY- SHIRE, GLAMORGANSHIRE, MONMOUTHSHIRE, CARMAR- THENSHIRE, CARDIGANSHIRE, BRECONSKIRE, AND I M. BROKESHIRE: also. in London, Liverpool, Manchester Chester Oxford, Cambridge, &e., &c. DYWYKOGAKTH, as thus srnown, s not a LOCAL but NATIONAL NEWSPAPER, with. widespread circulation throughout North and Sou. TTr-iea. Y DYWTSOOAETH circulation is not confined to a particu- lar class either as it is received alike by the Clerrr. Nobility, Gentry, Farmers, Manufacturers, Traded men, &c., &c. Y DTWYSGGAETH—Advertisers may feel assume' ist he best, if not the only medium whereby their announce- ments can be SIMULTANEOUSLY perused in every county THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE OF WALES All Orders, &c., to be forwarded to the publisher— J. Motrin Y 1>YWYSOOAETH Office, Rhyl. Flintshire. THE WREXHAM GUARDIAN, JL and General Advertiser for North Wales, Shrop- shire, and Cheshire, Price Twopence, can be had every Saturday morning from the following Agents :— Aberdovey Mr D. W. Lewis, Medical Hall Abergele Mr Jones, Visitor Office Broughton.Mr Jackson, Stationer Brymbo Mr J. Mat-hias, „ Bala Mr Griffith Jones, High-street Bodfari Mr T. J. Owen Buckley Mr Cathrall, Post Office Bargor Bookstall Connah's Quay Mr Mathias, Ship Stores Colwyn Mr Davies, Post Office Chester Messrs. Smith & Son, Railway Station „ .Mr F. P. Evans, Foregte-street Mr Higginson, City-road Carnarvon Mr Williams, Bookseller „ Railway Bookstall Chirk Mr P. Walker, Saddler Corwen.Mr Edwards, News Agent Cefn Mawr .Mr W. Wright, „ „ Mr Williams, „ Denbigh .Mr Wm. Nott, Vale-street Mr Davies, „ „ Railway Bookstall Dolgelley Mr Owen Rees, Printer Dinas Mawddwy Mr R. Owens, Grocer Flint Mr C. Clarke, News Agent Gresford.Mrs Williams. Post-office Hawarden .Mr T. Newton, News Agent Holywell Mr F. L. Seotcher Holyhead Railway Bookstall Llangollen .Mr Thomas, Bookseller Llansannan Mr R-'H. Jones Llandulno Junction Bookstall Malpa3 Mr Tomkins Mold Messrs. Pring and Price, 15, High-street Northop Mrs James, News Agent Overton Mrs Gittins, Shopkeeper Overton Bridge .Mr Holt, „ Oswestry .Mr C. Bayley, Bookseller Prestatyn .Mr Williams, London House Penmaenmawr Railway Bookstall Qaeen's Ferry .Mr T. Newton Ruabon Mr E. Jones, News Agent „ Railway Bookstall Rhosymedre .Mr William Kay, News Agent Hhosllanerchrugog Mr Joseph Jones, „ Bhuddlan.Mr Robert Hughes, „ Bhyl. Mr S. G. Nott, „ u Railway Bookstall Mr A. Phillips, Tobacconist Mr H. G. Jones, Stationer Boss Mr Evans, Post Office Ruth Mr R. Lloyd, Chemist Mr Rouw, Bookseller J' Mr Green, „ Shrewsbury Railway Bookstall St. Asaph.Mr C. Hughes, Printer c Worthenbury .Mr Webb Wrexham Jtfessrs. C. Bayley and Co., Booksellers Messrs. Hughes and Son, „ Mr R. Potxer, Bookseller Mr J. Rogers, „ Mr R. Roberts, a Mr E. Roberts, Bridge-street, „ Railway Bookstall TEEMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: &WCAWB Cona-8t. 8d. per annum for 4s, 44 feaiHwv ra1ttamtn' a ()hraSts. C K • B E. N S 0 N AND Co., TEA DEALERS, FAMILY GROCERS, FRENCH AND ITALIAN WAREHOUSEMEN, 14, HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM. AGENTS FOR SPIERS & POND'S CELEBRATED WINES & SPIRITS. PORTS at 2/ 2/6, 3/ 3/6 and 4/- per bottle. SHERRIES at 1/6, 2/ 2/6, 3/- and 3/6 per bottle. CLARETS at 113, 1/6, 2/ 2/6 and 3/- per bottle, BURGUNDIES at 1/3, 1/6, 2/ 3/- and 3/6 per bottle. CHAMPAGNES at 3/6, 4/6, 5/- and 5/4 per bottle. GIN. at 2/ 2/3, 2/9 and 3/3 per bottle. COGNAC BRANDIES at 3/6, 3/9, 4/3 and 5/3 per bottle. IRISH AND SCOTCH WHISKEYS at 2/9, 3/3 and 3/9 per bottle. RUM at 2/3, 2/9, 3/3 and 3/9 per bottle. HOLLANDS at 2/8 per bottle. CASE BRANDIES AND FOREIGN LIQUEURS. ASK FOR THEIR COMPREHENSIVE WINE LIST. NOTE.-All their Articles bear their distinguishing Label, Capsule, or Seal on each. NO CHARGE FOR BOTTLES. 448o l S. D A V I E S AND S. 0 N I TAILORS AND DRAPERS, 58, HOPE-STREET, WREXHAM, Have much pleasure in informing their citstomers and the public generally that they have just purchased a large portion of the STOCK OF MESSRS LLAING AND IRVINE, MANUFACTUEEES OF TWEED, HOWICK, Bankrupts, at a considerable discouat off cost prices, and that they are now showing an extensive variety of TWEEDS and OVERCOATINGS, which they will offer at prices that will ensure every satisfaction. will ensure every satisfaction. THE HOSIERY DEPARTMENT Is now replete wit hia splendid assortment of all the latest shapes and newest materials in Scarfs, Gloves, and Ties, Gentlemen's Merino, Wool, and Cotton Underclothing, Hose, &e. Fownes Brothers celebrate4 Kid and Lined Gloves. Flannel Shirts made to order from the piece. Christy's, and Lincoln and Bennett's Silk and Felt Hats, in all the newest shapes together with every article pertaining to the business of their well-known establishment. 58, Hope-street, Wrexham, October 1st, 1875. o A CARD. •rpHOMAS RICHARDS, No. 3, YORKE-STREET, WREXHAM, PRACTICAL TAILOR AND WOOLLEN DRAPER. Gentlemen's first-class DRESS MATERIALS in an extensive variety, at the most economical prices. A PERFECT FIT Guaranteed. A Large and Superior Stock of Gentlemen's HOSIERY, Hats, &c. 1150 HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND BEDDING WAREHOUSE, GLASS, CHINA, AND EARTHENWARE STORES, DENBIGH. THOMAS HOWARD, CABINET MAKER, UPHOLSTERER, & c., 8, HALL SQUARE, DENBIGH, Continues to Manufacture Walnut, Mahogany, Bircn, and Deal Furniture of every description, and to supply Iron Bedsteads, by the best makers, i n every size and pattern. Also Spr ng, Hair, and Wool Mattresses, Straw Palliasses, &c., )f: he best jualicy. HIS Stocà of Glas3 China, and Earthenware will befound of really good quality, most varied de- scription, and at moderate prices. SEWING MACHINES OF EVERY WELL-KNOWN MAKE. Venetian Blinds made to order and old ones re-painted and fitted with new tapes, &c. Hair and W Mattiasses cleaned and re-made. THE WREXHAM GUARD AN g T E A M pRINTING • 0 R K S 0 HOPE STREET WREXHAM. The Proprietors Uoeg to intimate that' they are prepared to execute GENERAL PRINTING, PLAIN OR COLOURED, IN ALL ITS BRANCHES, AT 1 HE SHORTEST IVOTICE, AND UPON THE MOST REASONABLE TERMS. Placards and Posting Bills, Hand jBills, Show Cards, Pamphlets, Catalogues, Friendly Societies's Rules, Balance Sheets, Accounts, Memorandums, IuToices, Programmes, Circulars, Business Cards, &c. Examination Papers or Schools, Colliery Pay Sheets, Cheque and Receipt Books T:raa Bankruptcy Forms, Articles of Association, Conditions of Sale, &c., ic. ESTIMATES GIVEN UPON APPLICATION AT THE GUARDIAN" OFFICE, 26, HOPE STREET, WREXHAM. WREXHAM. TACKSON and SONS, NORTH WALES CARRIAGE WORKS, HOLT STREET. tJ Landaus, Broughams, Victorias, &c., &c., to order. 7536e n T E. POWELL, General Furnishing Ironmonger, Iron Merchant, Agricultural Imple- d ment Depot, 6, Town Hill, and 6, Abbot Street. 6727 C1EWING MACHINES. Agent for the Singer, Howe, Wilcox and Gibb's Princess of Jo Wales, Peabody, and all First-class Machines, S. SOTHERN, 3, Henblas Street. 6408 FURNISHING Warehouse and Depot of the Patent Metallic Coffin Co., 31, Bridge Street WILLIAM PIERCE, Proprietor. 618 ALFRED OWEN, General and Furnishing Ironmonger, High-street and New Agricul- tural Implement Depot and Show Galleries, Chester-street. WILLIAM SNAPE, FAMILY WINE and SPIRIT MERCHANT, LION HOUSE, HIGH STREET. 6086 SPECTACLES AND EYE GLASSES TO SUIT ALL SIGHTS, AT ALL PRICES. SPECTACLES from ONE SHILLING, S and EYE GLASSES from ONE SHILLING and SIXPENCE, at F R A S E R S HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM. 8486o CASH VERSUS CREDIT R. ARTHUR DAVIS DRAPER, DENBIGH, Is Sole Agent for Denbigh for the I WHEBLEB AND WILLSON'S LOCK-STITCH SEWING MACHINES, and is prepared to give 10 per cent dL c.i-vt YR CASH, off the I list prices. 8367h AMERICAN WATCH COMPANY FACTORY AT WALT HAM, MASS. Aleni Wrexham and Ihstrici F. F R A S E R 42, HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM. "Watches in Gold and Silver Cases at prices ranging ¡ from £ 4i 10s. upwards. 8488o EDWARD OWENS BOTCHEK, 7, SUSSEX-STREET, RHYL, (Opposite the English Baptist Chapel). FAMILIES SUPPLIED WITH THE BEST QUALITY OF BEEF, MUTTON LAMB VEAL AND PORK. ALL OJIDBR8 PHOMPTLT ATTENDED TO. FINE FLAVOURED PORK SAUSAGES. 6612 l^TR. EDWARD W. KEATINGE/ SUKGEON DENTIST, CYNVAL VILLAS KINMEL-STREET, RHYL.' Nine years with Mr James B. Lloyd, Rodney-street, Liverpool. Attendance every Wednesday, at Miss Jones's, Milliner, 11, High-street (corner of Crown-square), Denbigh; Ruthin every Third Tuesday the month at London House, St. Peter's-square. Teeth painlessly extracted under the influence of nitrous oxide gas IMPLEMENTS & MACHINES. PLOUGHS, Drills, Harrows, Chaff Cutters, -t- Ftilpers, Oilcake Mills, Rollers, Horse Gears, and all other Implements for the present season, in consider- able quantities to select from. JAMES DICKSON & SONS, CORN EXCHANGE IMPLEMENT WAREHOUSE CHESTER. 7625e OLD SiWAN COMMERCIAL INN AND BREWERY, ABBOT-STREET, WREXHAM EDWARD LOVATT, PROPRIETOR AUCTIONEER AND VALUER. ROYAL HOTEL, RHYL. ROYAL HOTEL, RHYL. A BRAKE will leave the Royal Hotel every morning at Ten, for RHUDDLAN CASTLE, and the far-famed MARBLE CHURCH (Bodelwyddan). FARE THBRE AND BACK lB. SUNDAYS, Is. 6D. Basket Carriages, Waggonettes, and Private Carriages always ready. An Oiuibwi aeete every Train, Jfagai amr fumir J\atim. -I (JO OPERATIVE CREDIT JJANK, MANSION HOUSE CHAMBERS, 11, QUEEN VICTORIA STREET, LONDON, E.C. FIRST ISSUE OF CAPITAL, £ 500,000. In Subscriptions of £ 1 and upwards. No further liability. Open to alL Each Cash Subscriber is entitled to Interest in lieu of Dividend at the rate of cl 10s. per cent. per month, 18 per cent. per annum, which will be paid in CASH. TRUSTEES: LIEUT.-GENERAL J. H. GASC01GNE, C.B., Ivybridge, Devoa. THE REV. W. F. GOOD, D.D., Newton Abbot, Devon. REV. C. HOPE ROBERTSON, Smeeth Rectorv, Asbford. HENRY WALKER, ESQ., Fowler Height, Blackburn. ACCOUNTANTS AND AUDITORS MESSRS R. W. HUDSWELL AND CO., 23, Martin's-lane, Cannou-street, E.C. MANAGER AND PROPRIETOR RICHARD BANNER OAKLEY, F.R.G.S. Current Accounts opened, and 5 per cent. interest allowed on the Minimum Monthly Balances. Cheque Books supplied. The Bank grants Cred ts, and issues Citcular Notes for the Continent and Amenca, and transacts every description of sound financial business. 1 DENBIGH BRAN CH-VALE-STREET J. A. YORK, MANAGER. AGENTS WANTED in several Towns in North Wales. 238 ira\)tm1t s hj)nss£s. PHOTOGRAPHIC AND FINE ART STUDIO, 0 3, HIGH-STREET, AXD HOPE-STREET, WREXHAM. PRINCIPAL KXTB^CE THROUGH MR EDISBURY'S CHEMIST SHOP -All R. J. ]LAING Begs to thank the nobility, clergy, gentry, and inhabitants of Wrexham and the neighbourhood, for the gratifying patronage bestowed on him during the past year, and hopes by a strict personal supervision of the details of every department cf his business, to merit a continuance of the same. The Studio, and Suite of Reception, Dresiing Rooms, &c.. have been RE-FITTED for the present Season, in order to secure every convenience necessary for the comfort of visitors. Mr J. L. with great pleasure also begs to announce to his numerous patrons that he has considerably increased his staff of Operators and Assistants, so as to be enabled to secure greater promptitude than hitherto in the execution of all commissions entrusted to him. Visitors to the Studio ivill at all times receive immediate attention. TERMS :— CARTES DE VISITE FROM 7s. 6d. PER DOZEN. LARGER SIZES AT EQUALLY MODERATE PRICES. Experienced Operators sent ANT DISTANCE to Photograph Family, Wedding, and Pic-nic Parties, Gentlemen's Residences, Views, Horses, Dogs, Architectural and Engineering Work. PHOTOGRAPHS and PICTURES of every description Copied and Enlarged to any Size, by the most approved methods. FAMILY and PRESENTATION PORTRAITS from Locket Miniatures to Life-size, in Oil and Water Colours, executed by first-class Artists ON THE PREMISES. N.B.—Having Purchased the entire Stock of NEGATIVES from the representatives of the late W. H. Edwards, of Wrexham, Mr J. L. is in a position to supply copies or enlarge- ments from the same. 8477c WILLIAM PIERCE, GENERAL UNDERTAKER, BRIDGE-STREET, WREXHAM, AG ENT to the Patent Metallic Air-tight L Coffin Company, Limited. Works and Offices: 158, GREAT CHARLES-STREET, BIRMINGHAM. These Coffins are covered with white, black, and crimson cloth or velvet, and every design of coloured nd rc-etal vjniiErsi 1 ured n::)'! YJ> ù!lv tb a weight of ead Coffins, and &M jecro durable. The expense is so small that they cau be used for all funerals except those of the very poorest class. Various sizes kept in-stock. TRY R A S E R'S WORKMEN'S TWO GUINEA WATCHES. 42, HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM. 8486o For the Blood is the Life."—See Deuteronomy, chap. xii, verse 23. CLARKE'S WORLD FAMED BLOOD C MIXTURE for Cleansing and Clearing the Blood from All Impurities, cannot be too highly recom nended. Cures Old Sores Cures Ulcerated Sores in the Neck Cures Ulcerated .-poye Le Cures Blackheads, or paripies on Face Cures Scurvy Sores Cnrea Cancerous Ulcers Cures Blood and Skin Diseases Cures Glandular Swellings Clears the Blood from all Impure Matter, from whatever cause arising. As this mixture is pleasant to the taste, and warranted free from mercury-which all pills and most medicines seld for the above diseases contain—the Proprietor solicits sufferers to give it a trial to test its value. THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS FROM ALL PARTS, Soldi n Bottles 2s. Gd. each, and in Cases containing i ottles, lis. each, sufficient to effect a permanent cure in ong-standing cases, by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors; or sent to any address on receipt of 30 or 132 stamps, by F. J. CLARKE, Chemist, High-street, LINCOLN. WHOLESALE AGENTS: Barclay & Sons, London, and all the Wholesale Houses 3097 MR. T. H. COLEMAN, SURGEON DENTIST REGE N T-STREET, (Opposite the Savings Bank), WREXHAM, BEGS to inform the public that his NEW ESTABLISHMENT, lately known as Davis'j Temperance Hotel, is now completely fitted up to suit the comfort and convenience of his patients. TEETH extracted without pain by NITROUS OXIDB GAS. ARTIFICIAL TEETH supplied'at lowest possible prices. Natural appearand and comfort guaranteed. A private Waiting Room for each patient. May fea consulted daily without charge. ESTABLISHED EIGHT YEARS. ( TVTESTERN MAIL. Is d i s t rib ute d • » throughout eight counties, viz GLAMORGANSHIRE, CARMARTHENSHIRE, PEMBROKESHIRE, CARDIGANSHIRE. BRECONSHIRE, RADNORSHIRE, t MONMOUTHSHIRE, GLOUCESTERSHIRE, and extensively in the ad- joining Western Counties. WESTERN MAIL. The oldest and only ▼ eight page daily newspaper published in South Wales and the West of England. Price Oxw Penny. XITESTERN MAIL. Has a Certified Cir- t T culation four times as great as any other daily paper published in the district. WESTERN MAIL. Is unsurpassed as a TV medium for all classes 0 advertisements, and is usea bf hd 0cai 8itb. attsticmeers, parochial autho- rities, railway and assurance companies, county officials &c., &c. WEEKLY MAIL. The largest circu lated weekly paper in the Principality. HEAD OFFICES ST MART-STSEET, CARDIFF SWANSEA OFFICE CASTLE-SQUARE. NEWPORT OFFICE COMMERCIAL-STREET MERTHYR TYDFIL OFFICE HIGH-STREET. LONDON OFFICES 130, FLEET-STBHHT, and 108, BiSHOMAnhMMM, Car. 788 The Marvellous Remedy for Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Asthma, Bron- '11'. chitis, Consumption, V and all cheat A Affections. 1 Sold 0 by all Chemists, in 1? bottles, at Is lid, 28 9d, 4s 6d, and lis each. Sent by the proprietors upon receipt of Stamps. From Rev. J. STONEHOUSE, St. Saviour's Vicarage, Nottingham. August, 1874. DEAR SIR,-I can strongly recommend your Pectonne as an invaluable Cough Remedy. I have given it a fair trial in my own family, and have also supplied it to persons suffering from cough in my parish, and in every instance it has given immediate relief. In some cases, after passing sleepless nights, ono or two doses of the Pectorine have had such a good effect that persons have got a good night's rest, and the Cough has speedily disappeared. Mr A. ROLFE, St. Ann's Square, Manchester, Says: "Your Pectorine is superior to any Medicine I have ever tried for Coughs or Colds." PECTORINE cures the worst forms of Coughs and Colds. PECTORIisE cures Hoarseness. PECTORINE gives immediate relief in Bronchitis. PECTORINE is the best Medicine for Asthma. PECTORINE cures Whooping Cough. PECTORINE will cure a troublesome tickling Cough. PEGlOiilNL is invaluable in thu Early Stages of Consumption. PEClORlNli relieves all Affections of the Chest, Lungs, and Throat. PREPARED ONLY BY SMITH & CLARKE, Manufacturing Chemists, Park-street, Lincoln. *„* Vice Chancellor Sir C. Hall granted a perpetual injunction, with costs, against F. Mason, Chemist, Rother- ham, for using the word Pectorine." WHOLESALE AGENTS— Barclay and Sons, London, and all the Wholesale Houses. 443o INSTITUTION OF LANGUAGES 19, WsiTEFRIARg, CHESTER. PROFESSOR W. GEORGES-SCHLEINITZ, Late French' and Classical Master at the Military Academy, Berlin; Appointed Successor to Mons. Junod; FRENCH AND GERMAN MASTER AT Birkenhead College, Birkenhead, Miss Jones's Ladies' School, Birkenhead; Miss Gatchell's Ladies' Schsol, Birkenhead; Fairfield Classical and Commercial School, Liverpool; Prince's Park School, Liverpool; Mrs Wilson's Ladies' School, Wrexham Miss Morris's Ladies' School, Great Crosby; and at several First-class Schools in Chester. PROFESSOR GEORGES-SCHLEINITZ jL teaches on the method now adopted for several years past by the German, Swiss, and Russian Govern- ment Schools, and which has in these countries proved so highly successful with respect to its practical results. In France the same method has been recently introduced into all Public Schools by order of the Government. Principals of the Schools where Professor Georges- Schleinitz teaches in Lancashire, Cheshire, and Wales, and his numerous Private Pupils, acknowledge that this method has produced higher and more practiced results than those generally arrived at by anf other system. Children may begin at a very early age, deriving sub- stantial advantages from it; and as Professor Georges- Schleinitz applies his system to whatever text books are already in use, no further change in them is needed. Prospectus, with terms and references, on application to above address; or to Mrs Wilson's School, 14, Gros- venor-road, Wrexham. 7887h THE MONETARY AND MINING GAZETTE. A reliable Record and Review of Mining, Financial, and all other Joint-Stock Undertakings. Every Saturday Morning, price 4d. annual subscrip- tion, payable in advance, 15s.; free by post, 17s 6d. Original articles on topics pertaining directly or in- directly to joint-stock undertakings. Reports of shareholders' meetings, accompanied by such observations as they may appear to demand. An examination and analysis of directors' reports and balance sheets, as showing the actual condition of a com- pany's finances and resources. Reports of the working, progress, and prospeets of mining undertakings, supplied weekly, or as frequently as may be necessary to keep all interested in them well informed as to their present and future. Notes on all notable things relating to joint-stock companies occurring during the week. Details of the products, constitution, capital, and posi- tion of all such mining undertakings as are deemed worthy of public confidence, carefully revised, as changes in them occur. Published by Thomas Lowther, at the offices, 213, Gresham House, Old Broad-street, E.C.; and Edward Curtice, 12, Catherine-street, Strand, W.C.; and sold by Everett and Sons, 17, Royal Exchange, London, and all n«ws-vendor8. 6896 trabtsmtn's 4bbrtssts. JUST PUBLISHED. AN admirable PORTRAIT of Lieutenant- Colonel Sir WATKIN W. WYNN, Bart., M.P. Taken since his recovery from late illness. Size, the new -'Imperial," about 10 by 8 inches, on thick toned boards. Price 3s 6d each, or, post free to any address, 3s 9d. J. LAING, ARTIST AND PHOTOGRAPHER, Castle-street, Shrewsbury, and 3, High-street, Wrexham. OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. "An excellent likeness of the honourable baronet. Wrexham Guardian. "A capital portrait of Sir Watkin. Wrexham Advertiser. 344o DEPILATORY. WELLS'S DEPILATORY, the only effec- tual remedy for t he immediate and permanent removal of Superfluous Hair from the Face, Arms, Neck, &c. This preparation effects its purpose almost instan- taneously, without pain to the most sensitive skin. Full particulars on receipt of a directed envelope. Jenx WELLS, G, Great Russell Street, Bedford Square, London, W.C. N.B.—Hundreds of Testimonials have been received from the nobility and ladies of rank who have tried this marvellous remedy. 7412a JOINES'S HEAL.ALL OINTMENT i (Trade Mark—Registered). OR EVEUY MAN'S FRIEND! THE BEST APPLICATION KNOWN for Scrofula- Scurvy, Skin Diseases, and Sores of all kinds. It cures old sores, ulcerated soie legs It cures ulcerated sores on the head and neck It cures blackheads, or pimples on the face It cures scurvy sores, cancerous ulcers it cures burns and scalds, ringworm, itch, piles It cures weak and watery eyes It cures red and sore eyelids It cures inflammation in the eye It cures moving specs or floating bodies before theeyM It cures cataracts and partial blindness It cures obscurity of vkion and dimness It cures children's sore eyes left after measles It allays inflammation in a few hours, and soothes pais very quickly. Sold in pots, is l1d, 2s 9d, and is Gd. THE WONDERFUL BLOOD PURIFIER. JONES AND CO' 3 UNIVERSAL PURIFYING MIXTURE. Trade Mark Purifying Mixture." ERUPTIONS OF THE SKIN, IMPURITIES THE BLOOD, Skin Diseases, and Rheumatisnura speedily cured by this wonderful Purifying Mix- ture. It is most certainly the best preparation. the worldf or all eruptions of the skin, blotches, spot*, pimples, blackneads, boils, carbuncles, ring-worn34 sore heads, sore eyes, erysipelas, itch, scurf, seroful% scurvy, glandular swellings, cancerous sores, bad legs, piles, syphilis, secondary and all blood and skin djø. cases, and is highly recommended to a iiparties using their Heal-all Ointment, being agreeable, palatable, and safe. May be taken at all seasons and under any circumstances. Sold in bottles at 2s 3d and 4s 6d each, and in cases containing six 2s 3d bottles, lis each, sufficient to Bffect a perfect cure in loøg- standing cases. COUGHS COUGHS JONES'S BALSAM. OF HOKEHOUN2 $1 TOLU, AND LINSEED Hegistered). THE MOST AGREEABLE AND EFFECTITA-j REMEDY for asthmatic and consumptive caught bronchitis, winter coughs, difficult breathings whooping cough, hoarreuess, loss of voice, and all affections of the chest and lurgs. One bottle ia most cases effects a cure. Price is 1-jd, 28 9d, and 4s Gd per bottle. JONES'S PATENT VEGETABLE PILLS J FOR WIND (Registered), ARE THE BEST PILLS IN THE WORLD for bait digesticn, wind and pain in the stomach, liver com-t plaints, jaundice, sick headache, pains in the chest, lo-s of appetite, pain in the back, flatulency, gripin colic, a sense of weight in the back cnd loins, dart- ing pains in the region of the heart, liver, and kidneys, constipation, pains in the thighs, some- times shooting down to the calf of the leg and foot, suppression and retention of the urine, pains in the stomach, and all liver complaints. Thousands have been cured by thene pills and many wh« had been pronounced hopeless have oeen restored to health by their use. ONE BOX WILL CONVINCE THE MOST SCEPTICAL OF THEIR EFFICACY. Sold in boxes at Is Hd, 2s 9J, and 4s 6d each. 2 Sent post free for 15 or 36 stamps. Sole manu- facturers, W. JONES and Co., Chemists, 157, Great Howard-street, Liverpool. AUTION.-Beware of spurious imitations, and askf or Jones and ( Jo's.—of Liverpool—Medi- cines, and see that you get them; don't have other pills, eintment, and mixtures palmed on yen for the sake of trifling gains. REMARKABLE CURES. A daughter of Mr Bradford, Stanhope-street, Liver- pool. was cured of large blotches and sores all over the body wih Jones's Heal-All Ointment and the Purify fying Mixture, after having tried the best medical advice in Liverpool for five ye2-rs without deriving any benefit. Mr Fred Houghton, Hale Bank, Ditton, was cured of-a bad skin disease-after having pent over £ 5G in doctors' bills—with two 2s 9d pots and two 4s 6d bottles. 2, Birkett-street, Liverpool. 20th March, 1874.. Dear Sirs,—It is witil feelings of pleasure I write to inform you of the good effects your Purifying Mixture and Heal-All Ointment has deme to me. About six years age I was bitten on the leg by a venemous reptile, which nearly cost mo my life and I now declare to voii and the wotId, after spending- over X150 in doctors bills to try and heal the jtg, it is now entirely healed, after using only two 4 fed pots of your World-Famed Ointment and two lis cases of your universal Purifying Mixture. The truth of the above statement any person who wishes may refer to me. Your very obedient servant, Messrs Jones and Co. JAMES SMITH. Baton Rouge, Locisana, U. States, July 21st, 1871. Gentlemen,—I enclose yon a P. O. order for £2 10sv for one dozen boxes of your Vegetable Wind Pills and Heal-A J JOintment. Please send by the first mail, and direct as before. I intend to distribute them amongst my friends here. Your Wind Fills are the best I ever used in my life, and vour Ointment exceeds anything I ever saw for healing all kinds of sores. Yours very obediently, T. W. Jones and Co. EDWIN^MCCLOT. AGENTS FOR WREXHAM AND^DISTBICT- Mr J. F. Edisbury, High-street. Mr J. Francis, chemist, Hope-street. Oswestry—Mr Saunders I Denbigh—Mr Jones Llangollen-Mr E. Evans Holywell-Mr Carman. Huabon-Mr Davies Portmadoc-Mr Jones Rutliin—Mr Lloyd I Rhyl-Mr Jones Mold—Mr E. Williams j Abergele—Mr Jones Wholesale Agents: J. WOOLLEY. :and SON, Man" chester; and J. B. ENTWISTLE, Duke-street, Liverpool EVANS, SONS, and Co., and J. THOMPSON Hanover street, Liverpool." NERVOUSNESS CURED AND HEALTH AND STRENGTH RESTORED To the most weakened constitution. Full J- particulars on receipt of directed envelopes.—J. WELLS, 6, Russell-street, London, W.C. 354h DEPILATORY. WELLS' DEPILATORY is the only effectual remedy for ihe immediate and- per- manent removal of superfluous hair trom the face, arms, neck, &c. This preparation effects its purpose almost instantaneously, without pain or injury to the most sensitivo skin. 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