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THE CONGREGATIONAL UNION. The conference of the Congregational Union of England and Wales commenced at the City Temple, London, on Tuesday, when the president, the Rev A. Thomson, M.A., of Manchester, read the opening address, the subject being" Culture and Nonconformity." Referring to the charge against them of gloomy austerity, he said that as far as he knew congregationalist liomes were as cheerful as any in the laud. He lamented the want of culture in the country, which was the result partly of defective educatiou and partly of pressure of business. Men did not like the trouble of exerting their minds in forming opinions of their own. They assume their political habits very much as they do their coat—the tailor decides the one, and the clergyman and newspaper editor fashion the other. Hence come our Conservative reactions. He did not think the Establishment monopolised all the culture, for within the en- closure of the church bigotry was found to flourish, as in a congenial soil. The main office of culture was to soften and liberalise yet what must we think of the vicar of Owston Ferry. backed by the bishop and chancellor of the diocese, and of the Lincolnshire clerical magistrate for sending to prison children who were adicted to stealing flowers ? He regretted that Wesleyans still looked upon them unfavourably, but thought a few more letters from the Bishop of Lincoln would draw them nearer to Congregationalists. A resolution was passed that no change in the law of burial will be adequate which recognises churchyards as the exclusive property of the church. Resolutions were passed at Wednesday's meet- ing calling for the absolute withdrawal of the Admiralty slave circular, requesting county associ- ations to consider the question of an inadequate supply of competent ministers, and affirming the desirability of a conference of evangelical Pro- testants on questions relating to their common work. A devotional meeting was held at night in Surrey Chapel.