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RUTHIN. ROOR RATES.—Five persons had been summoned to appear before the magistrates on Monday, for non-pay- ment of poor rates, but the cases were "settled out of court by the payment of the rates and expenses. HOUSE BREAKING.—Oa Sunday and Monday, the police had reported to them three cases of house breaking that had occurred within a few days; two of them at Llan- bedr, and one at Llanganhafel. At the time of writing, the police had not discovered the culprits, but hoped to be able to do so. STORMS.—On Saturday this district was visited with unusually heavy showers of rain, sleet, and hail, which, with a bitterly cold wind, combined to make things rather miserable out of doors. This state of things con- tinued during the whole of the early part of the week, and much land is thoroughly soaked with water. FOOT-AND-MOUTH DISEASE.—This disease, which up to the early part of last week appeared to be spreading rapidly, now shows signs of abatement, and hopes are entertained that it will pass away. No.fresh farms have become infected, and no further deaths are reported by the inspectors. This district seems to have been sub- jected to a visitation of a far worse nature than Denbigh or its surroundings, if we except Cerrigydruidion, where it has been very severe. POLICE COURTS.—On Monday, at the County Magis- trates' Court, before R. G. Johnson, Esq., and Colonel J ones-Mortimer, Isaac Hughes, on the information of P.S. Dicker, was fined 5s and costs for drunkenness at Ruthin; and Thomas Jones was fined 4s and coats for allowing eight pigs to stray on the highway.—At the Borough Court, before the Mayor and the Rev. the Warden of Ruthin, George Rase, Ruthin, was charged, by Sergeant Dicker with allowing a dangerous dog to be at large. The bench made an order for the dog to be kept chained, which the defendant promised should be strictly obeyed. —On Friday, before the Mayor (B. G. Ellis, E q.). Joseph Morris, BryBeglwys, was charged by P.S. Dicker with furious driving on September 21st, and fined Is aad coeta. WATERWORKS.—It seems likeLy that the corporation will not purchase the waterworks; but that they will still be carried on by the old company, who will no doubt increase their capital, an 1 yet make it a paying concern. We believe this is the opinion expressed by Mr Low, of Wrexham, and othersj who have Taken an interest in the project. HARVEST FESTIVAL AT LLANFAIR D.C.—On Wednes- day, the annual harvest festival was arranged to be held at Llanfair D.C. The order of services in the parish church was as follows :-11.30 a.m., holy communion, attended by a goodly number of communicants; at 3.30 p.m., English service with a sermon by the Rev. W. H. Boscawen, rector of Marchwiel, Wrexham; in the even- ing, service yn Cymraeg, with sermon by the Rev. John Davies, rector of Llanvnva. The offertories at the different services were set apart for the funds of the Society for the Propogation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts. THK DTING STRUGGLES OF OLD "JOHN JONES."— Travellers on the Ruthin line of rail have become familiar with that specimen of locomotive power in the shape of a engine called" John Jones, Senior." Often have we fretted and fumed in a railway carriage, despairing of being able to keep an appointment, because "John Jones," poor old fellow, had been suddenly seized with an attack of diarrhosa, asthma, or other internal malady, and must perforce stop. midway probably between two stations, whilst his medical attendants (in the shape cf engine driver and stoker) operated upon him. What we believe will prove to be poor old John's death struggles, occurred on Saturday night. Employed to draw a passenger train from Ruthin to Denbigh, John" was seizsd with a terrible fit on the incline near Brookhouse, and after struggling in vain, gave,up in despaii, and submitted to be drawn, train and all, into Denbigh station, by a London and North Western Company's engine. After this, poor old John was taken to Ruthin, and consigned to the hospital, from which it is iikeiy he will never emerge, at least to do duty on the Ruthin line. The decease of old friends is usually a matter of regiet, but it seems hardly likely that any tears will be shed over the departure of "John Jones, Senior," particularly as a fine new engine has taken his place. THE FORTHCOMING ELECTION.—There does not appear to be much st:r at present in view of the municipal election, but it seems absolutely certain that the out- going members will not be allowed a "walk over." No doubt the alterations made in the mode of nominat- ing candidates will put a stop to the jokes—whicti had become a disgrace to the town—namely, the practice of nominating persons who had not the least notion of standing, and were very often unqualified for the office. The names, however, once nominated, gave anonymous scribblers an opportunity of vilifying them on cards of the races," &c. This kind of joke had been cariied to such a length that the council very gladly presented a petition some months ago in favour cf altering the mode of election, and at the meeting passing the resolution some strong language was used in condemnation of the practice to which we have alluded. With regard to the omce of mayor the tpwnspeople cannot do better than use their utmost exersions and influence to keep Mr Ellis in office. His position, business-like habits, and great liberality, combining to make him "a model chief magistrate." It is, however, worthy of remark, that Ruthin corporation possesses a goodly number of mem- bers eligible for the office of Mayor, and in this respect the body contrasts very favourably with some Other corporate towns in the county. A DAY OF THANKSGIVING.—Following out a practice originated some time ago. leading officials of the churches and various Nonconforming sects in Ruthin agreed to set apart a day for thanksgiving to Almighty God for the late bountiful harvest. It was therefore decided that notices should be issued on the recommendation of tho authorities, stating that the banks and shops would be closed and that business would be suspended yesterday (Friday) for the purpose named. The arrangement of the day s services at St. Peters, was as follows :—Eleven o clock in the morning, prayer in English and the ad- ministration of Holy Communion; in the afternoon the service was again conducted in English, the preacher beiug the Rev. David Williams, rector of Llandyrnog, gentleman well known now in this district for the earnest and e'oquent character of his discourses. The English service was in ^Telsh, the preacher being the Riv. W. H. Jones, of Clocaenog. The offertories were in aid of the church expenses and the congregations were large. The following were the arrangements made by the Noncomformists for the celebration of the event:— Preliminary service on Thursday in the Baptist chapel; early morning service yesterday, in the same edifice. At ten o'clock, meeting for prayer and praise at the Batha- fern chapel. Services were held at two p.m. in the Independent chapel, and at seven p.m. in Rhos-street chapel. The various ministers and leaders took part in the services; they being of a united character. The congregations throughout the day were worthy of the solemn occasion.









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