Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



Saks hn Startxott. -o Messrs. W. Dew and. Son. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. COUNTY OF MERIONETH. Sale of valuable Freehold Upland Farms, situate in the parish of Llanelltyd, known as Cae-Mab- Seifiou U chaf and Isaf. TO BE SOLD BY PUTSLTC AUCTION, BY MESSRS WM. DEW and SON, at the .iTJL Golden Lion Hotel, Dolgelley, in the montk of October, 1875, (subject to conditions then and there to be produced), the above exceedingly T-luable UPLAND FREEHOLD FARMS, known as Cae Mab-Seifion, Ucbaf and Cae Mab- Seifion Isaf, situate in the parish of Llanelityd, county of Merioneth, close to the town of Dolgelley, and containing about 517a. Or. 3p. OF FERTILE LAND. j Full particulars and plans will shortly appear. In the meantime, all further information may be obtained of Mr John Dnvies, Solicitors. Denbigh; Mr Edward Roberts. Solicitor, Rhyl; and the Auctioneers, Wellfield House, Bangor, and High- street, Rhyl. i'424c NEAR CORWEN, COUNTY OF MERIONETH- Sale of exceedingly vnliwhls Freehold Residential Property, known as GARTH MEILIO VILLA, With 61a lr 2D of Rich Arable and Pasture Land, known as rFronbacb," situate in the parish of Llan- gwm. TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION, BY MESSRS WM. DEW and SON, at the Owain Glyndwr Hotel, Corwen, on FRIDAY, the 29th d,ty of October, 1875, nt Three o'clock p.m., subject to conditions then and there to be produced, the above charminglv situated and desirable FREEHOLD RESIDENTIAL ESTATE, with 61a Ir 2p of well cultivated Pastime and Arable Land, called Fronbach, together with the ne»vlv-erccted genteel RESIDENCE built hereon, called Garth Moilio Villi. The Mansion contain" roomy drawing, dining, and breakfast rooms, kitchen, scullery, dairy, wine and ale cellar, six good bedrooms and attics, with out-buildings, viz: cow house and sheds, sfablcs, &c., with excellent garden well planted with fruit trees. The grounds are tastefully laid out and planted with shrubberies, having a terrace walk and lawn. There is a new drive up to the bouse from the vihago of Llaugwm, and it is only distant seven miles from Corwen. Lithographed plans and particulars may be bad at any of the principal h)tels in the county, of Messrs Sisson and G-eorge, Solicitors, St, Asaph; and from the Auctioneers, Wellfield Hou-e, Bangor, and High-street, Rhyl. 475c TOWN CF CORW-N. COUNTY OF MERIONETH. Sale of Old-established Freehold Hotels, Business Premise1, Dwelling Houses, and Land. TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION, BY MESSRS WM. DEW and SON, at the Owain Glyndwr Hotel. Corwen, on FRIDAY, the 29th day of October, 1875, at Two o'clock p.m„ (subject to conditions than and there te be pro- duced)- All those Freehold Premiss, consisting of DWEL- LING HOUSE, SHOP, and POST OFFICE, with Stables, Coach-house, Granary, Cow house, and Garden, in the occupation of Mr Owen Lloyd. I All that old-established f OTEL. known as Owfrn Glyndwr Hotel, with the Yard attached, including Stables, Garden, &c., in the occupation of Mr Wilham W ■rne. and Two Dwelling Houses and Premises, in the occupation of Mr Evan Lloyd and others. All that FREEHOLD SHOP and DWELLING HOUSE, with portion of Garden adjoining, in the several occupations of Mr Hugh Davies, bootmaker, and Mr Evan Lloyd. All that well-built FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSE and SHOP, with other Premises and Yard + the back thereof, in the several occupations of Mr Robert Williams, plumber, and of Mr Hugh Davies. j All those two Freehold DWELLING HOUSES, in the several occupations of Mr Owen Morris and Mr Hugh Evans, with the Premises and Land at the back thereof, in the eccupation of Mr Robert Williams, plumber. All that old-established FREEHOLD INN, known as the Queen's Hotel, together with the Yard and Stables thereto belonging, in the occupation of Mr Hugh J vileb. Lithographed plans and particulars may be obtained at any .of the principal Hotels in the county, or from Messrs Longueville. Jones, and Williams, Solicitors, Oswestry and the Auctio: ee:s, Wellfield House, Bangor, and High-street, Rhyl. 474c Mr Lrratt. BRYN DRAW TEREA.CE, WREXHAM. UNRESERVED SALE OF HUL EHOLD FURNITURE. It/fR LOVATT has been instructed to SELL BY AUCTION, on MONDAY, October 25th, 1875, upon the premises No. i, Bryn Draw Terrace, Chapel-street, Wrexham, the whole of the useful and well mad Furniture, adapted for kitchen, parlour, and bedroom purposes. The Kitchen contains fender, irons, ashpan, Wmdsor and easy chairs, painted tables, breakfast, dinner, and tea services, trays, glass, cutlery, and the usual culinary requisites. The Parlour is furnished with polished fender, irons, ashpan, coal vase, chimney ornaments, cornice pole, curtains, brown back hair-seated chairs in mahogany, easy chairs, circular table, book tray, books, carpet, rug, and engravings. The Bedrooms contain very handsome half- tester iron bedsteads 'with brass foot rail, French iron bedsteads, straw palliisers, wool ard fcathor beds, wash stands, toilette tables, glasses, services, chest of drawers, towel rails, carrpets, oilcloths, door mats, &c. The gas fittings through the house, which is to let with possession on the evening of the day of sale. Sale at Two o'clock. Old Swan Inn, Wrexham, October 14th, 1-7 473d FREEHOLD MALTKILN AND COTTAGES IN THE VILLAGE CF RUABO. < TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR LOVATT, at the Wynnstay Arms Hotel, Ruabon, on MONDAY, the 8th day of November. 1875, at Four o'clock in the afternoon, in the following or such other lots as may be agreed upon at the time of Sale, and subject to conditions to be then produced :— LOT 1. All that large MALTKILN with the Two COTTAGES Adjoining, situate at Pont Adam, in the village of Ruabon, adjoining the Great Western Inn, and formerly in the occupation of Mr Edward Swan, malster, and now of Mr Robert Pemberton and others. LOT 2. One hundred and ten SHARES, fully paid, in th^ Ruabon Gas and Coke Company. The Freehold Property is advantageously situate for Maltsters, Manufacturers, and others, as it abuts upon a good, stream of water and is within a short distance of the Buabon Railway Station. The Shares in the Ruabon Gas and Coke Company are an excellent investment. and have for some years past received a high rate of dividend. Iv Further particulars may be had on application to Messrs Acton and Bury, Solicitors, Wrexham, or to the Auctioneer. 484c HORSE CLIPPING. JOHN MORGAN AND CO,, HORSE ClAPPFRS.-Apply at the Feathers Inn, Chester-street and Charles-street, Wrexham. 454c t I Salts 1111 Jmtfion. Messrs Davies and Armor. HAFOD-Y-COED, Situate near the Village of Tremeirchion, j^nd within an easy distance of the City of St. Asaph. Sale of 27 Head of DAIRY COWS, Store Cattle, and Rearing Calves. MESSRS DAVIES AND ARMOR have been honoured with instructions from the Rev. Charles W:cksteed, to Sell by Auction, on the above pre- mises, at Hafod-y-Coed, on TIIORSDAT, the 28th October, 1875, the whole of the valuable stock of 27 Head of Cattle, comprising— 17 Head of Shorthorn Diiry Cows, all of which j are to calve early in spring, 4 Promising two-year-old Store Cattle, and 6 Rearing Calves. The above stock are now pronounced healthy and in prime condition. Also, very fashionable and light-running four-wheeled Pony Carnage, to carry five; carriage rugs and wrappers, horse clipper; together with the whole of the useful Dairy Vessels* and various other effects.. The sale to commence at. Two o'clock, p.m. prompt. Certificates for removal will be supplied Oil the day of sale. Royal Oak. Denbigh, October 20: 1S75. 492h Important and extensive Sale of Farming Stock, a general and varied assortment of Implements of Husbandry, Horned Cattle, valuable team of Powerful Waggon Horses, Household Furniture, and other at HENDRE DDU, LLANGERNIEW. ESSRS DAVIES AND ARMOR have been honoured with instructions from Miss Bellip, who is retiring from farming, to SELL BY AUCTION, on the above premises at Hendre Ddu,situated within an easy distance of the village of Llaugerniew, and midway between Lianfairtal-haiarn and Llanrwst, in the county of Denbigh, on THUXSDAY and FRIDAY, the 4th and 5th days of November, 1875, the whole of the valuable FARMING STOCK, modern Implements of Husbandry, Dairy Cows Store Cattle, Pigs, Horse?, one useful Pony, Dairy Vessels, and the whole of the modem Household FURNITURE, briefly comprising the whole of the above valuable Stock, Modern Implements of Husbandry by first-cinss makers, 37 head of Cross-bred Dairy Cows, Store Bullocks, Heifers, promising rearing Calves and Bulls, 44 prime Welsh Sheep, half-bred Berkshire Sows and Litters, Fat Pigs, very valuable and powerful Waggon Horses, 16 and 17 hands high, young and in prime condition, and suitable for town work; 1 very useful harness Pony, perfectly steady for saddle or harness. Also the depasturing of 21 Acres of Grass Land, Ricks of well-harvested Wheat, Barley, and Oats, a Stack of prilll Meadow Hay, quantity of loose Straw, Dairy j Vessels, and the whoie of the valuable and modern Household Furniture. Order of Sale-First day Implements. Farming Stock, Horned Cattle, Sheep, Hordes, Curn, Hay, and Pasture Land. Lunch at Eleven. Sale to commence punctually at 12 noon. Second day—Dairy Vessels and Household Furniture. Sale to commence at 12 o'clock prompt. N.B.—Three months' credit will be aHowed on the Farming Stock only, or the usual discount for cash. The Straw to be consumed on the premises, but ample accommodation will be provided, together with an out let. Catalogues will be had at Mr Rogers', Stag's Head, Llangerniew, the principal inns in Llanrwst, Llanfair- talhaiarn, the place of Sale, or from the Auctioneers on receipt of postage stimp. Royal Oak, Denbigh, October lWh, 1875. 4S5c Hr. Lloyd.. Highly Important Sale of Valuable and Superior House- hold Furniture, Live Stock, 2 Stacks of Prime Upland Hay, Out-door Effects, &c., at Erbistock Rectory, situate about threo miles from Ruabon, and four from I W rexham. MR LLOYD has been honoured with instructions from the representatives of the late Rev Peter Price, Erbistock Rectory, to SELL BY AUC- TION, en the premises situate as above,, on Wednesday, October 27th, 1875. the following Superior HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE, Live Stock, Prime Upland Old and New Hay, and other Effects, viz.:—Ladies' and geutleniens' easy chairs, mahogany leather covered chairs, rosewood loo table, mahogany, round and other tables, hair-seaied sofas, cottage pianoforte (by Broadwood), rose- wood whatnot fourtie1*, three corner cupboard, mahogany dressing tables and washstands, pictures, mahogany four- post iron and other bedsteads, bookcases, quantity of valuable books, umbrella stand, brass cornice poles and rings, biddett, child's crib, hair mattresses, mahogany maple, and other chests of drawers, mahogany chair with night commode, large kitchen dresser, wire meat safes, flour bins, fire guards, fender and tireirons, brass candle- sticks, kitchen hastener, large plite rack, churns with ten steans, joiner's bench, set of harness (brass mounted), side saddle, long ladder, set of thrill gears, cart with harvest gearing, wheelbarrow, large fowl house, iron plough, winnowing machine, turnip slicer, two capital milking cows, heifer and calf, fat pig, large new churn, a quantity of wheat and turnips, and a quantity of other effects, too numerous to mention. 1 Stack of prime old Hay (about 5 tons), 1 Ditto ditto new Hay (about 10 tons). Sale to commence at Oae o'clock p.m. prompt. Offices Plassey, near Wrexham. 473b FAIR D A Y. NORTH WALES AND CHESHIRE AUCTION MART, WREXHAM. LL/TR LLOYD (late Jones and Lloyd) begs i-vA. to announce that he will hold his next SALE, on THURSDAY, Oct. 28th, in the Auction Mart, situate as above. A magnificent lot of Fat and Store Sheep. Ditto ditto Pork and Bacon Pigs. Ditto ditto Fat Calves. Mr Lloyd gives notice that he intends presenting at his next CHRISTMAS SHOW DINNER, in addi- tion to the usual CUPS, value E12 15s., 1st Prize.—A Silver Cup, value 27 10s 2nd „ -ApleceofP)ate, „ £3 3s To the Seller whose Live Stock realises the largest amount of money in the Auction Mart or elsewhere, during the present year, from January 1st to December 13th (Christmas Show Day), both days inclusive. Any gentleman winning 1st or 2nd Prize, and not wishing to compote against a Tenant Farmer, will be awarded a Silver Medal, the Farmer coming next will receive 1st Prize. A Cup or piece of Plate, value E3 10s, will be given to the Buyer of the largest amount of Stock between January 1st and December 13th (inclu- sive). Sellers and Buyers will please keep their Bills as a guide Further Entries respectfully solicited. SALE TO COMMENCE AT TEN O'CLOCK PROMPT. Office, Plassey, Wrexham. 8096 Sales bii rilnde nntrad. TO VETERINARY SURGEONS. TO BE DISPOSED OF, in consequence of the death of the Proprietor, a Thriving BUSINESS in an excellent district.—For particulars, apply to the Administratrix of Mr John Edwards, V.S., A 434 SECOND HAND MACHINERY. QEVERAL RIDDLE FRAMES, complete, KJ/ with Cog Wheels and Pedestals, Boxes, Brackets, Strap Pulleys, &c., for SALE, at Aberderfyn Brick- works, Gutter-hill, near Ruabou.-Applications, if by letter, to be prepaid.. 470b PRELIMINARY NOTICE. AN Important SALE of Border Leicester sheep, fat and store cattle, agricultural implements, and horses, green crops, &c., &c., the property of Captain Philips, of Rhual (who is giving up his farm), will take place at the "Maesgarmon" Farm, one mile from Mold station, during the last week in November. The flock consists of 120 breeding ewes, 40 fat ewes and wethers, 140 ewe and wether lambs (all from noted prize-taking stock, bred with great care and judgment)* 30 fat and store cattle, four excellent working horses, and about 17 acres of swede turnips. The implements are nearly new, and by the best makers. Catalogues may be had after the 1st November, from. Mr Waddel, Bailiff, Maesgarmon Farm, Mold. October L4th, 1875. 479d tga mitt JHiblit illtitt, TO THE BURGESSES OF THE B0MU6H ■ OF WREXHAM. LADIES AND GENTLEMEltfA My -N-J three years' term of office as one of repre- sentatives in the Town Council will expire 0|llhe first day of November next. If during that time ifjliictions in the Council Chamber have been such as to your approval, I will again venture to ask you forlykitimi- ance of your confidence, and the honour of yonrailtes at the ensuing election, assuring you that if re-yla<}tfm shall pursue the same independent course in the f»touR as I have in the past, and give my earnest support to pro- ,p posals that would have a tendency to benefit tfifc town generally. I am, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your obedient servant 28, HigUstreet, EDWARD SMITH- October 21st, 1S75. 467h j — IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. JLAING, Artist and Pho&iV 4 grapher, 3, High-street, Wrexhatb/y begs to inform his numerous Patrols "> that LOUIS WILLIAM FUIDGE is ho, longer in his employ; and that the sàid: t L. W. FUIDGE is NOT authorised to receive' any monies or orders on behalf of the so: JAMES LAING, of High-street, Wrexham, and Castle-street, Shrewsbury. 490h BILLIARDS! B I L L I A R D S I OTICE. The OPENING- of the New Saloon, at the Working Men's Club and Institute, will take place on Monday evening next, the 25th instant, when a. grand entertainment will be given by the cele- brated playc, W. Timbreil, and a resident, the latter receiving 600 in 1,000. To commence at 7-30 p.m. Admission, the Public, 2s; Members, Is 6d. Terms of Membership yearly, 4s 6d; quarterly. Is 3d. Tickets to be hod f-om the manager, T. OWENT. N.B.—Peisons becoming members at once are entitled to admission at reducrd price as above; also to join in contest for cue and case, to be presented by the table makers, Orme and Sons, M mchester. 46Gb OXFORD LOCAL EXAMINATIONS. WREXHAM CENTRE. THE Public Distribution of Certificates and Prizes to the successful candidates will take place in the PUBLIC HALL, WREXHAM, on WEDNESDAY, 'the 27th inst. t 3 p.m. precisely. The Meeting will be Lnder the presidency of the Mayor (Robert Lloyd, Esq.), and Geo. Osborne Morgan, Esq,, Q.C., M.P., has consented to distribute the certi- and prizes. W. Trevor Parkins, E?q., the Superintending Ex- aminer, will give some acccunt of the Examination, and Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Bart, M.P., Simon Yorke, Esq., the Rpv W, H. Boscawen, Rev G- H. McGdi, Rev F. B. Brown, aud Charles Hughes, Esq., are expected to take part in the proceedings. Tickets of Admission may be had on application to JOHN GEO. BUCKTON 48Gh Hon. ST. MARKS CHURCH, WREXHA^^y, THE ANNUAL SERVICES to a||H the Salary of the Organist and this church (Mr Edwin Harriss) will take place qJpqjW SUNDAY, the 31st of OCTOBER, PREACHER; THE VICB (The Rev David Howell). The Choir of t. Mark's will on this occasion be assisted by several Cathedral Singers, and the SERVICES WILL BE FULL CHORAL. The Morning Service takes place at Eleven o'clock the Evening Service at half.pasc Six. 483c NOTICE. I HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that I, John Rowland, Hat Inn, Charles-street, Wrexhajn, will not be responsible for auy debt or debts that my wife, Caroline RJWlalld, may contract after this date. Signed, JOHN ROWLAND. October 22, 1875. d496 THE DAUGHTERS OF MR MANUEL JONES, WREXHAM. IN response to Canon Cunliffe's appeal, the following subscriptions have been revived :— £ s. d. Subscriptions previously announced 40 60 Mr T. C. Jones 050 Messrs Peters and Rowland. 0 2 6 Mr Hutchinson 0 2 G Any further subscriptions will be thankfully recieved by the treasurer, Mr Thomas Heywood, y, High- street. 420c WREXHAM AUXILIARY BIBLE SOCIETY. ON MONDAY Evening, October 25th, 1875, the ANNUAL MEETiNG of the above institu- tion will be held in the TOWN HALL, WREXHAM, WHEN THE REV. JAMES A. PAGE, M.A., As a Deputation from the Parent Society, Together witb several Clergymen and Ministers, will advocate the claims of the institution. The Rev CANON CUNLIFFE, M.A., President will. occupy the chair. A Collection will be made in aid of the Firoas. The Doors will be opened at half-past Six, to commence' at Seven o'clock. 489h FESTIVITES TO CELEBRATE THE BIRTH OF A SON AND HEIR TO THE HOUSE OF ACTO ,i. I AT a Meeting of the Tenantry and Friends of SIB R. A. CUNLIFFE, BAET., field on Thursday, the 23rd ot September, 1875, a Com- mittee composed of the following gentlemen was formed for the purpose of raising a ftthd and carrying out the celebration of the above aappieious event. COMMITTEE >I Mr Henry Bate, Pantyockin (Chairi|jfUi) Mr E. Lewis, Pickhill Mr T. Meredith, Borras Mr E. Williams, Borras » Mr Peters, Pickhill Mr McLevie, Rhosnessney ft, Mr G. Price, The Fields ijf Mr T. Jones, Tvgwyn Sft Mr J. Price, Croesyn Iris !&' Mr E. Roberts, Gresford 9Ri Mr Robert Jones, lihosnessney a Mr J. Farquharson, Rhosnessney Robert Lloyd, Esq., Mayor of WrexaKa T. T. Griffith, Esq- IfT Edward Williams, Esq., M.D. JLjff Edward Davies, Esq., M.D. MS J. Pryce-Jones, Esq., J.P. Henry Humphreys, Esq. John Jones, Esq. Subscriptions in aid of the above purp, be received- by any of the above named gentjfltin, or by the Treasurer; or may b9 paid into thewBional Provincial and North and South Waul ks, Wrexham. Mfyl SUBSCRIPTIONS PROMISED. M Amount already acknowledged jgf§ £ 0 lit WILLIAM SNAPE, TreaeurttMpf THOMAS WOODVILLE, slk Jftpl anfr fluMix U-iOficts. WR EXHA M RATIONAL JJUSTEDDVOD, 1876. V V SUBJECTS FOR COMPETITION, BARDDONIAETH (POETRY). VOCAL MUSIC (CONTINUED). Awdl y Gadair—" Helen LliNzyddawg." Heb vod dros Chorus—open to Denbighshire and Flintshire Choirs 600 o lineliau. £ 20 Cadair Dderw, a Thlws Aur. onlv-" RalldlJjrlh to the Father," (" Haleliwia i'r Arwrgerdd-"Cadvan Vrenin." ileb vod dros 1,000 o Goruchav,)—Bcethovev. English or Welsh. Choir linellau. X-15; a Thlws Aur. to contain not under 40 nor over 60 voices. To be Pryddest ar unrhyw destyn Cvraraega ddewiso r Awdwr competed for on the third dav of the Eisteddvod. £20, na ddanvonwyd mo hono i gystadleuaeth o'r blaen. and a Goid Meda; for the Conductor. Heb vod dan 500 na tkros 1,000 o lineliau. £ 10, a SPECIAL NOTICE. Thlws Aur. „ Ladies'prize of £ 100 to be competed for on the last day Awdl-\arwnad- Ab Ithel. Heb vod dros o00 o Qf Eisteddvod 0pen all comers (except lineliau £ 10^ a Th ws ur- winners of £ 100 first day). First, £ 50 second, £ 30 Cywydd—"Yr Orsedd. £ o, a Thlws Arian. fhird £ 2Q pjece Rhiangerdd Gwladys a Phutens/' £ o, a Thlws Ma]e chorus—(-Yr Uc'hel Dyraa" (5/ere^), and ^Sailor's Arian. £ £ tiU- c- r-q Chorus" (Pencerdd America). Choir to contain not Can GyBghanedc;ol "Rhianod Sir Dainbych. £ 3. under 3Q nor ov(?r -(J £ 2Q d & Cadwen o ddeuddeg Englyn newydd, ar ddeuddeg o MedaJ fof fbe Conductor_ wahanol destynau a cdewisor Awd^vr. £ o. Quartett—«' YBlodeuyn Olav" (Ceiddor Cymreig). £ 4. Tuchangerdd 1 or,lan^ b "n- Trio—"Pob cnawd edrychant atat Ti". (Cerddor Can Anerch gymhwys 1 w darllen ar ddecareu r Eistedd- Crmreio} £ 3 v°d drosoOo iincllau. £ T Duett— (Soprano and Contralto)—"Y GWLITHTN Clochdy Gwrecsam —20 Ihnell, Cynghanedd Tawdd- (OirainAlav:^ £ 2 gyrch Cadwynog: gorchan y gyhydedd hir; yn ol Duetf_(Tpn0r .«ld Bass'). P.ccs, "Go, baffled coward" dull Davydd ab Edmwnd. £ 2. fHandel's Sovison) Unodl-union, vel Beddargraph ar jr ^«r Glan Alan, B^Sopr;no^iDFer of «<Thoa did'st blow« (W,-„ £ 1 Is, gan Thomas Jones, Ysw., Manchester. „ £ 9- second 1 Hir a Thoddaid (6au) Y f einant Dyrnu. £ 1. Bee{ Contralto singer of O. rest in the Lord" {Elijah). Englyn Y Wenol. £ 1. £ 2; second. JBl. ENGLISH AND LATIN. Best Tenor singer of '-Cuius An imam" (Rossini's Stahat Poem (Pryddest)—Ihe Death of Saul (a llfar- Matey. 22: second, -xl. irolaefh Saul.") £ 5 5s, by Dr Williams, Chairman of gest jjags sjnger 0f pro Peccatis," (from Rossini's the Committee, and a Silver Medal. (English or Stabat Mater) £ 2 ■ second £ 1 Welsh). Not exceeding 200 lines Best singer of "Yr Aderyn Pur," confined to children English Poem, never belore published, upon any dis- not under 13 nor over 15 years of age. Prize, aliand- tincrivelv Welsh subject. Not to exceed «0-J lines. Bomely bound copy of the Gems of Welsh Melody," £ o, and a Silver Medal. presented bv Charles Hughes, Esq., Wrexham. English Poem, upon the Massacre of the British Monks j}est; Penmllion singer on each of the four davs. Fir^t of Bangor-is-coed." £ o and a Silver Medal. day, X2 second day, £ 1 10s: third day, XI 5s fourth Descriptive Poem (En-lish)-l' The View from Hope day, £1. The successful competitor one day not to re- Mountain. X3. r ceive the prize on a subsequent day. English Prologue, suitable to be read atj ihe opening of por ^.jje si^rht- of a quartett. £ 4. the Eisteddvod, not to exceed 50 lines. £ 2. Quartett, by members of the same familv, Norab, the "Complimentary English epigram, upon 'Ihe Welsh- Pride of Kildare (Os liudol yw Flora), Hughes and woman s Hat. £ l,Son, Wrexham. £ 2; second, a handsomely bound copy- Latin Ode. after Horace, upon Deva Flumen (The of the of Wehh A}ei0(f„ » presented by Charles River Dee), open to youths studying m a North Wales Hughe" E-q Wrexham jgj* SeC°Dd' <l- lT° be "T bj "*•( INSTBUMENTAL. RHYDDIAITH (PBOSE). BEST RRASS BAND.-Piece: "La F Jte MuicBle" (Smiili, of Hi'll). Copies mav be had from Mr R. Mills, 10, Best Scientific account of the origin and growth of the Ruabon-road, Wrexham. Wel4i language, from the earliest period to the Best String Quartett. Piece," Haydn's Quartett in G present day." (Y Traethawd f/oreu ar darddiad a Major" (Op. 54). £ 5. chynydd yr laith Gymra^'j, o r cyvnod boreuav t r Best lady amateur performer on the Pianoforte, confined aiuser prcsenol). £ 25, and a Gold Medal. (English to ladies not only horn but settled in North Wales, or Welsh). Piece to be plAyed-Rondo, "11 moto continuo" Best "Compilation of historical facts connected with (Wehex). The Prize HartJ. the early British Church. I-A compilation of the Best player upon the Pit nof orte-(con fined to boys best evidences and proofs of the existence of a Chns- under 18)—Fantasia, "North Wales" Bi-ijiley tian Church in Britain within the first century aiter Richards). £ 2 second, kl. v its invasion by the Romans, during their stay, and at Best player upon the Piaioforte-(confined to girls the time when Augustine with lus fellow missionaries under 18)—Fantasia. "South Wales" (Brinley arrived in Britain about the year 597. 2—What in- Richards). £ 2 seco:i(I X]. formation can be obtained of the places whye Best player on the Welsh H-irp on eachof the four days. ^Chr^ was Firsrt day, £ 4^ ^co^ dE3third day, £ 2; fourth 'by If-. T. <)" Y rdure Cvmmi.-( Y Traethawd Cymraeg goreu ar gymetiad "Hamlet, Tywysog Denmark" (Shakespeare). zElO 10s., gan "Harvest Home" Anthem, for four voices, adapted for Watktn Williams, Ysw., A.S., a Thlws Aur gan y country choirs, with suitable Welsh and English werds. Pwyllgor. Not to exceed eight pages Musical Times size. J63, Best English E??av on The benefits politically, socially, and a Silver Medal. (To be the property of the Coin- and commercialfy, to be derived from improved inter- mittee). national communication ;—having reference more Rest Quartett for String Instrument?. £ 4. particularly to the communication between England Best new Soprano Song, written to Welsh and English and France." Xio, given by William Low, Esq., worZs. £ 3, Roseneath, Wrexham, and a Gold Medal by the Best new Tenor Song, written to Welsh and English Committee. words. £ 3, Rhamant—" Yr Hobert o Strathciwyd." Llf—Caer Best Duett (Soprano and Baritone), written to Welshjand Estyn Aitiser-Aiiarawd. tiO. a Thlws Aur. English words. Xo. Y Traethawd goreu ar Enwogion Sir Ddinbych." ART Bvdded ar ddull eiddo G.vynionydd, a gyhoeddwyd „ o-an Spurrell, C-^rvyrddin, 1809. £ o 5s, gan y Se^Ongmal hi Painting on any subject illustrative of Parch. T. James, F.S.A. (Llallawg), Huddersfield, -a H'?tory painted subsequent to 18-4. £ 2o,and Thlws Arian gan y Pwyllgor. (Cvmraeg). n • i P ■ vxr + n i t Best account of "'Wrexham and its mliahuants during B^t Ongmal PicHre m Water Colours, of any view in the 17th and 18th centunes." (English). £ 5, and the "unhesof Fhntand Denbigh, to be painted sub- a Silver Medal. n sequent to1^4. £ 10 and a Gold Medal Best Essay on "The Welsh Border Life and Best Original.Pencil Sue,coot any view m Wrexham or Character—their peculiarities." (Y Ttae/hawd cjoreu aY-adj01 n1LI^ 10s.. Vuchedd a Nodu-edd neullduol Trujolion Cyfiniau Best Ongmal-Chalk Sketch of any view m Wrexham or Ci/mru). After the manner of Dean liainsa.y's liecol- pu'DfS pa"? v £ f" rp t \jt u lections. English or Welsh. ^5, and a Silver Two best Photo^mph^c liews of the Town of Wrexham, j^edal 6 taken from different positions. £ 2 10s. Best^paper or short essay—" Whether the Leek or the Sculpture-" DunawciI, of Bangoi%nearf>JVrexham, de- Misletoe be the more appropriate Emblem of Wales." ,hl? cdebrated Bntish Protest' at 1St, Augus- Traethawd Byr—«Pa un ai y Geniven ai yr Uchelwydd tme s 0ak m oicestershire. £ 25, and a Gold Medal^ tfW AricyAdlun priodol Ci/mru." £ 2 2s and a Silver KTATUBAL PPODUCTIOWS Medal, given by Brinley Richards, Esq., London. Fullest Collection of the names of places, fields, rivers, Geology-Best Collection (correct y labelled with names bills, etc., in the two Maelors, with their derivation, specimens) of Stones and Fossils col- (1- casuhad mwyav cyvlawn o enicau lleoedd, kcted m North Wales, illustrative of its Geology. £ „ meusydd, arovydd, frc., yn y ddicy Yaelor, yn<jhyd a ,raUU VeL 1 r tharddiad ycyvryu). English or Welsh. £ 3. Co.lec^cn (corractly labcLcd with To the person who shall best report a Welsh speech. ^mes and localities of specimens) of North Wales _ro Minersls). Ml, and a hdver Medal. Botany—Best Herbarium of dried and labelled leaves. CYVIEITHIAD (TEALFSLATION). flowers, and plants, indigenous to North Wales. £ 7, B3st Translation into Welsh of Goldsmith's VICAR OF and a Silver Medal. CYVIEITHIAD (TRANSLATION). flowers, and plants, indigenous to North Wales. X7, B3st Translation into Welsh of Goldsmith's VICAR OF and a Silver Medal. 1 £ L^1MY,G1\0SJURIM0!NR'EIQ" CARVING Q~N WOOD AND STONE. Q.C., M.P., and a Gold Medal by the Committee. Best Translation into Welsh of Shakespeare's play, As Best Carved Oak Bardic Ch:ur(to'be the property of the You Like It." Xlo and a Gold Medal. < Committee). £ 10, and a Gold Medal. Y Cyvio-thiad goreu i'r Seisnig o'r Alareb at ol Carn Y Beithynen oreu, a Chywydd Goronwy Owain 1'1' Ingli," gan Ddy vedwr; gwel Yr Eisteddvod, cy v. ii., Calan, 1775, wedi ei thori ami yn llythyrenau tudal. 275—80. £5 5s., gan y Parch. T. James, Coelbren y Beirdd. £ 5 a Thlws Arian. F.S.A. (Llallawg), Hudrsfield. a Thlws Arian gau Btst/Cai ved Wood Album Cover, with National Emblems y Pwyllgor. of the United Kingdom on one side, and those of Bm<* Translation into Welsh of Tennyson's "Locksley Wales on the other. £ 3. Hall." X5, and a Silver Medal. Best original Wood Engraved Block, illustrating any -Best Translation into Latin of the Royal Speech at the Welsh subject, not to be larger than 3 in. by.2t in. Opening of Parliament in 1876. Open to youths £ 2 studying in a North Wales School, who have not Most artistic set of Carved Oak Welsh Figures in* 0 gained the prize for the Latin Ode. (To be certified costume, for mantelpiece ornaments. X2. by the Master.) X2 second best, XI. Best Carved Oak Cmlw, ti a gai" (Money Box), with I lege-nd Avrad pob Avraid" carved upon it. Xl. CERDDORIAETH (MUSIC). Best letter cutting in st(-re. XI. I VOCAL MISCELLANEOUS. Chorus—open to all comers—"Ye Nations oner to the n I. A c AI T *»Ti» 7 „ r n • "x Best made Welsh Harp (.o be tho propertv of tbe Lord (Mendelssohn s Ijymn of P.aise ); and „j v r, TJ J I » Achieved is the Glorious Work (Second Chorus), R Commit^): £ 10 nnd a_Gold Medal. Haydn's "Creation" Choir to contain not under 100 Bo^^r of ™«gbt Dooi.ScrapenMhancmer work nor over 150 voices. (To be competed for on the first onl.^ b-v or Flintshire Black- day of the Eisteddvod). £ 100, and a baton, value smitii. £ • Best turn-.d wooa baiuster. £ 1. a £ 10« for the Conductor. ■« r 7T>i "p t j* n <■ r Chorus-open to North Wales Choirs only-Madrigal, Mo, t^fcsticahy anao^e. Parlour Folding Scrcen(four "Myfamvy Deg" (Gwih/m Gwent), published by folas), ornnmcnied wiin scraps >Hustralive of Welsh Hughes and Son, Wrexham. Choir to contain not n cfmn'' Tw a under 00 nor over SO voices. (To be competed for on4 of Welsh Ftann^l. £ l. the second day of the Eisteddvod). £ 30 and a Gold P'E^E 0 S FN T w ri Medal for the Conductor. 1 Best f;Dd neatest ( ';h iiat for a Jjad-V' £ l* CON D I T ION So. 1.—No award unless fully merited. 2.—Everything submitted for competition must be original. 3.—All compositions to be legibly written on one sice of fcehcap, leaving a margin of^onelimch and a half on left hand side. 4.-All compositions to be sent (bearing an assumed name; the real nn"" and address in a sealed envelope) to the General Secretary on or before 1st June, 1876. Names of Musical Performers to be I sent in on or before 1st August, 1876. All works ef Art and Exhibition to be sect in to the Eisteddvod Museum on or before 10th July, 1876. and to remain there until the close of the Exhibjrion. 5.—The prize compositions will be retained, bound, and deposited ior in Aberystwith University Library; competitors should therefore keep a duplicate of their work. G.-Amompaniments will be allowed in all Musical Competitions. 7.—The successful Choir on the first day will not be allowed to compete for a subsequent prize. 8.— The successful choir each day may be called upon to assist in the concert.. 9.-No reed instruments allowed in brass band competition. Except as a Loader ro professional shall p.ay in the band. The leader must give a certificate that each mm is a bona fide member of the band. 10.—The musical compositions must be written with accompaniments. It is- particularly requested that all competitors appear persoutlly :-it, the Eisteddvod,Jas the interest of the meeting is much enhanced by their presence. A Complete List of Subjects, with Names of Adjudicators, may be had froin the General Secretary post free for Four Peuny Stamps. EDW. WILLIAMS, II. D., Chairman. JOHK JONES, c HUGH DAVIES, j it0"' "ec ROBERT WILLIAMS, General Secretary. 482c 35, i-oine street, Wrexham. i tgar anD ublit |] otirxs. PRESENTATION S TO n R.J. w HITEFOOT, SENIOR, Formerly Head Ostler at the Wynnstay Arms Hotel, Wrexham. Subscriptions Promised. £ s. cL W, w. Overllon, Esq. 5 0 0 John Richards, Esq 110 E. Peel, Esq., Brynvpys 10 0 Thos. Williams, Esq., Plastirion 0 10 6 Rev Ll. Griffith 010 6 Watkin Williams, Esq., M.P. 010 0 Mr J. Wm. Jones 010 6 Mr Kearsley, Cefn Park. 1 0 0 Mr Ford, Holt-street. 1 0 0 Mr Wm. Evans, wine merchant. 0 10 0 The Misses Lewis, Llwvnknochia 0 5 0 Mr Thirston, Cefn Park 0 5 O Mr Henry Nelson Hughes 0 5 0 Mr James Barlow, Brynvpys Arms Inn, Overton 0 3 O Mr Butt, Queen-street 0 2 6 Mr Fraser, Minera 0 2 6 Mr Booth, Cefn Park. 0 2 6 Mr Wm. Warburtoa 0 2 6 Mr Robert Shackleton. 0 2 6 Mr F. 0 2 6 Mr Joseph Williams, Bank-street. 0 2 S Further subscriptions thankfully received by- Mr J. W. Jones. Saddler, High-street. Wrexham. Mr Richard Evans, Corn Dealer, &c.9, Yorke-street, Wrexham. Mr Joseph Williams. Tobacconist. 43, Hope-street, and Bank-street, Wrexham. Mr Manley, Feathers Hotel. On behalf of the above, RICHARD OLLERHEAD. 9, Charles-street, Wrexham, Ocrober, 1875. 491h (tbutafuw. EDUCATION. TAVISTOCK HOUSE, RHOSDDU, WREXHAM THE MISSES SIMONS (who have had much experience in teaching) receive Eight; Young Ladies to Board and Educate. References to clergymen and parents of former pupils. Quarter couinienoe2 on day of entrance. 242h tfofresmm's ¿\hbrtt%. jyj ES gCOTT Respectfully announces her return from London with the L A T E S T NOVELTIES in French and English Millinery, Costumes, Mai ties, & which she purposes showing on TUESDAY NEXT, the 26th instant, and following days. 31, High-street, Wrexham, October, 1875. 49811 1 > ¿¡J" ST Elt, THE present Season's arrivals of FINE ^TEAS from China are aKain°exceedingly large, while the excellent quality of former years is fully main- tained. 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