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LLANGEDWYN. MONTGOMERYSHIRE YEOMANRY CAVALRY. On Thursday and Friday, October 2 and 3, t&e mem- bers of the troop in conjunction with those of Llanfyllin Troop, met at Llangedwyn for two days' drill. There was a good muster of troopers each day. On Thursday Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Bart., M.P., and Mr Q W. W. Wynn, H.P. (late colonels of the regiment), were present in their uniform. The following- officers were in command —Captain and Adjutant Sir Frederic, Bart., Captain A. W. W. Wynn (Ijlangedwyn Troop), Lieut. Anwell, and Captain Dugd^le (Llanfyllin Troop). After being put through various field movements, they marched up the avenue to the front of the hall, where t'ae sword exereise com- petition for the snufE boacep, took place. The com- manding officer and. judge was Sir C. Frederic. For the Llangedwyn Troop the successful competitor I was private Nathaniel Hughes, and for Llanfyllin Troop, Private W. H. Ryle. On Friday the most novel part of the proceedings was the sword tilting I competition. The following were the winners in Llangedwyn Troop — 1st (. £ 1 10s.), Thomas Edwards; 2nd (XI), Edward Jones; 3rd (10s), Edward Pryce; 4th (cigar holder), David Evans. Llanfyllin Troop:—1st, Corporal J. Davies 2nd, Private C. Evans; 3rd, Sergt. D. Jones. There was a dinner provided each day at the expense oF ,-i their respective captains at the Cross Foxes Inn, Llansilin, for the Llangedwyn Troop, and at the Wynnstay Arms Hotel, Llanfyllin, for the Llan- fytlin Troop. THE COTTAGERS' PRIZES.—-The annual Cottage Garden Show was not held at Llangedwyn this year in consequence of the badness of the season, but the following prizes have been awarded for the best cultivated gardens and cleanest cottages. A dinner was provided for the cottagers at the Hall on Thursday, October 2nd:— Ltaiige(lzvytz Parish.-Gardens: 1, Thoniis Morris 2, John Rogers; 3, Ebenezer Phillips; 4, Jumes Morris. Cottages 1, Mary Rogers; 2, Mary Edwards 3, Jiaria Phillips, 4, Maria Rogers. Llanrhaiadr Pa,rish.-Gardens: 1, David Jones, Pentre- felin; 2, Edward Morris, The Village; 3, John Jonas, Pentre- felin; 4, Thomas Carter, The Village. Cottages: I, Mary Williams, Top-y-Graig; 2, Catherine Jones, The Village; 3, Mary Evans. The Village 4, Betsy Morris, Scrwgan. Llansilin Parish.-Gardens: 1, Thomas Jones, Craigwen 2, Evan Jones, Briw; 3, Peggy Vaughan, Briw; 4, Edward Williams, Village, Cottages 1, Mary Rogers, Briw; 2, Evan Jones, Briw; 3, Margaret Williams, Golfa; 4, Margaret Rogers, Penyfedw. Irefonen Parish. G.-trd 1. David Lewis; 2, Robert Jones, Nantmawr; 3, Robert Morris, Trefonen; 4, John Carsley, Nantmiwr. Cottages: 1, Mrs. Lewis, Wern,2, Mrs. Lewis, Giavel Hole; 3, Mra. Edwards, British Row; 4, Mrs. Davies, Pottery Row. Extra prizes for best cultivated gardens—Robert Williams, Top-y-graiff, Llanrhaiadr; EdwardDavies.Tynewydd; Edwd. Davies, Ochrllywn; John Davies, Pentrefelin, Llanfhaiadr, [Thomas Edwards, Cilhaul, Llangedwyn; Richard Lewis, Gravel Hole, Trefonen.