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VARIORUM. The Marquis of Bath is about to diminish the breed- ing of game on his property at Longleat. The Rev. Professor Kennedy has been formally in- stalled a Canon of Ely Cathedral. The new Foreign-office is expected to be ready for occupation in August. General Garibaldi has accepted the honorary presi- dency of the Reform League. The Hereford Agricultural Society have resolved not to hold a cattle show this year. The Privy Council has consented to allow a show of cattle to be held this year by the Norfolk Agricultural Society. Mrs. Brewin, of Tiverton, has just given zC500 to the endowment fund of the local infirmary. Active steps are being taken by the Admiralty to establish a chaplain-general for the navy. 11 The Lords of the Admiralty have invited all ship- builders or designers to send in designs of men-of-war for the consideration of their lordships. A farmer in the county of Dorset has received over £ 1 ,000 for one year's yield of barley, the produce of sixty acres. The Earl of Haddington is appointed Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. All cavalry regiments on proceeding to India are to M allowed an additional major, who shall not be re- ducible on the return of the regjprient to this country. A company has been formed-at Poole, in Dorsetshire, for deep sea ifishino- between the Ise of Purbeck and the Isle of Wight. ° M. Brasseur, formerly Professor of ^French at King's College, London, has been appointed a Chevalier of the Legion of Honour. Land-slips are continually taking place in the neigh- bourhood of Lyme Regis, in Dorsetshire, owing to the encroachments of the sea. A robbery has been effected at the British embassy in Berlin, and Lady Augustus Loftus has lost jewelry to the value of about two thousand dollars. Since the easterly winrls of the last week a fearful blight has set in among the early planted potatoes, and n whole fields are affected by disease. The Synod of the United Presbyterian Church has unanimously appointed the Rev. Dr. Cairns to the newly-created chair of Apologetical Theology. "Y. The Rev. Dr. Moberly, upwards of thiitfy years Head Master of Winchester School, will succeed to the Deanery of Chester. Nearly twenty fine salmon were caught in one week in the river Avon, iin Hants. Last week a salmon weighing near 40lb. was caught in the same river. The butchers of Hereford are getting tenpencc a pound for meat, and yet they tender to supply the city gaol at fivepence a pound. Either the citizens pay dearly, or the prisoners will fare badly. The Marquis of Westminster has given X2,000 to- wards the support of the Women's Almshouses at Shaftesbury, A500 to the Salisbury Infirmary, and £100 to the Bath Hospital. The conservators of the River Frome, in Somerset- shire, have employed a person permanently to protect the means adopted for the cultivation of salmon in that river. Lord Shaftesbury has undertaken the conduct of the Bunhill-fields Burial Ground Bill in the Upper House. The Bill was read a first time in the Lords on Monday, but is now referred to the examiners. Mr. Carpenter, one of the great bee masters of Hamp- shire, died a few days ago. He had 200 stocks. lie and his family have 'resided at Godfrey's Farm, -it Beaiilieu, in the New Forest, for upwards of a century. The Queen has granted permission to William Parnie, LL.I)., employed in the service of the Sultan, to ac- cept and wear the insignia of the Third Class of the Imperial Order of the Medjidie, which his Imperial faster has conferred upon him. The annual festival of the Vale of Aylesbury Church Choral Association will be held on Thursday, June 20th. The sermon will be preached by the Very Rev. Dean of Ely. The Ven. Archdeacon Bickersteth has given notic that he will hold his annual Visitation of the arch- deaconry of Buckingham in the course of the last week in June. The Visitation at Aylesbury will be on Tues- day, June 2.5th. At the meeting of the London Missionary Society, Mr. Hadfield, M.P., responded to the appeal made for enlarged contributions to meet the extended operations of the society by requesting that, instead of his usual contribution of Y,100 a year, his name might that year be put down for £ 1,000. The Bishop of Bath and Wells has appointed the Rev. Henry Clutterbnck, M.A., vicar of Buckland Dinham, to be Rural Dean of the deanery of Frome Selwood; and the Rev. Prebendary Melward, incumbent of Paulton, to be Assistant Rural Dean, in the place of the late Rev. Prebendary Mayne, vicar of Midsomer, Norton. It is announced that the Princess Louise of Hesse (Princess Alice) will hold Drawing Rooms on the I Queen's behalf at St, James's Palace, on Saturdays, June the 8th and 15th. State Concerts will take place at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday, the 12th, and Monday, the 17th of June, and two State Balls will be given at the same Palace later in the season. News reached Winchester on Monday that the wife of Sir Roger Tichborne, the claimant to the Tichborne estates, had been safely delivered of a son at 11 o'clock on Monday morning. The bells of the old cathedral were immediately set ringing, and continued for some hours to celebrate the event. The Belfast papers express great satisfaction at the selection by the Admiralty of the Messrs. Harland and Wolff, the iron-shipbuilders of that town, to build one of the new gun vessels. This is the first time," says the News Letter, that any firm in Ireland has ob- tained a contract for building a vessel of war." The guardians of the poor of St. Pancras three months ago entered into a contract to enlarge their workhouse at the cost of £10,000, but they have hitherto been prevented from carrying out the works from their y inability to borrow the money required. The Provident Clerks' Life Office has, however, now consented to lend them the t 10,000, at 5 per cent. per annum interest, re- payable in twenty years. Mr. Bradlaugh has resigned his position as one of the rice-presidents of the Reform League and member of the council and executive. He does so, he states, in order that the League may not any longer be taunted with its irreligion, and that some of its friends may not be pained by having their names associated with his own. He will always, however, be friendly to the so- ciety, and if ever his <' poor support should again be of any value, he will be ready to give it. A Roman catholic paper, printed in Dublin, acknow- ledges the receipt during last week of a handsome sum of money, which has been subscribed in New Zealand, for the benefit of the wives and families of the state prisoners in Ireland." It is to be entrusted for distri- bution to Mrs. O'Donovan (Rossa) and Mrs. Clarke Luby, both of whose husbands are now confined in Portland Prison. A Roman villa has just been dug out at Andover, in Hants, by the Rev. E. Kell and other Hampshire archce- Ologists. It is 65 feet long and 45 feet broad. The roof had been supported by massive pillars. Two fire- places have been discovered, also a quantity of frag- ments of Roman pottery, glass, and iron articles, and coins of Victorianas, Claudius, Gothicus, Maximums, Constantine, &c. The Roman station of Vindonum is believed to have been in the neighbourhood. • A Royal Commission is about to be issued to inquire into the present state of the Exchequer weights and standards. The following gentlemen will form the CommissionLord Rosse, Lord Wrottesley General Sabine, the Astronomer-Rojai, Mr. Graham, Sir John Lefevre, and Professor Miller. The same paper has reason to believe that the Government, in view of the opposition with which the Irish Land Bills are threatened have resolved to withdraw them, and that the order' for the Committee in each case will be discharged. In consequence of the announcement a day or two since of the birth of an heir to the Tichborne baronetcy, Messrs. Dobinson and Geare, of Lincoln's-inn-fields, write to the liines, 11 As representing the infant baronet, Sir Henry Alfred Joseph Doughty Tichborne (only child of the late Sir Alfred Tichborne), will you allow us to say that the guardians of the person and estate of the infant appointed by the Court of Chancery utterly deny the right of the person calling himself Sir Roger Charles Doughty Tichborne to bear the name and title he has unwarrantably assumed and that, should he venture to £ tii: any, claim in a tangible shape, the guardians will be prepared to profit whSlly without foundation ?" ^he Dl,)ke/ Cambvidge has decided cn calling upon a general ofheer of her Majesty's army to resign his commission, inconsequence of his Bai £ c having been SoKi ? recent notorious turf scandal. Al- though this is not the first occasion in which this officer MSS r ai] "nfu;/c.u7ab\e manner before the Ibf, ° ^mbndge !ha.S only decided on taking this step on the general m question having declined, on the ground that pecuniary embarrassments render lns_ presence in London impossible, to armear before a private court of inquiry of his brother officers at the Horse Guards. The Secretary of State for War nas funy concurred with his Royal Highness in the course proposed.



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