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HAY. SELECT ARTICLES PREPARED and SOLD by JOHN L. DAYIES, PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMIST. THE BANKS OF THE WYE BOUQUET, A delightful and lasting Perfume, and an elegant Souvenir of Wales, in Bottles at Is. 6d., 2s. 6d., and upwards. ———— DAVIES'S SUPERIOR LAVENDER WATER, possessing the fragrant and refreshing odour so much admired in the flowers. GENUINE EAU DE COLOGNE, and a choice selection of Perfumes, Fancy Soaps, and Toilet Prepa- rations of the most celebrated manufacturers. SUPERIOR LONDON MADE TOOTH AND NAIL BRUSHES. A Large Assortment of HAIR BRUSHES and CLOTH BRUSHES. Fine TURKEY and HONEYCOMB SPONGE, WATERPROOF SPONGE BAGS. GENUINE PATENT MEDICINES. ELASTIC STOCKINGS, TRUSSES, &C. PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY DISPENSED. AGENT for SCHWEPPE'S SODA, POTASS, SELTZER, and other Mineral Waters. [71 BY ROYAL APPOINTMENT. To HER MAJESTY, To the PRINCE OF WALES, By Special Warrant, By Special Warrant, Dated December27,1865 Dated February 10, 1866. DAY, SON, & HEWITT, Original and JJLJ' Sole Proprietors of the STOCK-BREEDERS' MEDICINE CHEST, for DtSORDERS in HORSES, CATTLE, CALVES, SHEEP, and LAMBS. Patronised by upwards of Seventy Thousand of the principal Stock Breeders, Horse Proprietors, and Agriculturists of Engl iiid, Scotland, Ireland, and Wates. The only True and Original DAY'S CHEMICAL COMPOUNDS" are prepared expressly hy us. The Chest contains the following matchless preparations Half-a-Dozen CHEMICAL EXTRACT, at 30s. per doz. One Dozen GASEOUS FLUID, at 20s. per doz. One Dozen RED DRENCHES, at 13s. per doz. One Dozen RED PASTE BALLS, at 7s. 6d. per doz. Adapted for all ailments among Stock during the pre- sent Season. Price of Chest complete, with Shilling Book on Farriery, £2 16s. 6d., carriage paid. Either preparation may be had separately in boxes. TESTIMONIALS. The Lambing Season.-The Chemical Extract is unequalled for bad cases in drawing Lambs, and to stop heaving and straining. Mr. Woods, in his Lecture on the Breeding and Management of Sheep, says: My shepherd declares it to be worth a guinea a k°The Gaseous Fluid is famous for debility and exhaustion in Ewes after Lambing, for diarrhoea in calves and sheep, and for colic and gripes in horses and cattle. Mr. Bowick, in his Prize Essay on the Rearing of Calves, says: The Gaseous Fluid is sufficient for all the ills that calfhood is liable to. I have reared 26 calves this year, and by the use of the Gaseous Fluid I have not lost one.—Mr. Thomas Eigby (Cheshire), in his Lecture on Summer Grazing of Sheep, says Day, Son, and Hewitt's Gaseous Fluid is the best corrective of the scour in sheep I have ever tried. I can strongly recommend their Medicine Chest as a most valuable auxiliary to stock-keepers of all kinds, but especially to shepherds. With the Medicines they give plain directions for use, which any man may understand.. Orders sent by post will be promptly attended to if addressed—DAY, SON, & HEWITT, Animal Medicine Factory, 21, Dorset-street, Baker-street, London, W., or Wantage, Berks. Woods on Sheep," five stamps Bowick on Calves," three stamps, both free by post. AGENTS. BRECON Gibson, Charles, Wine Merchant. TALGARTH. Powell, T. W., Chemist. [339 J^AYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS. This invaluable Medicine, which has beer, known throughout the UNITED KINGDOM for nearly half a century, and recognised by all who have tried it to be the BEST PURIFIER OF THE BLOOD, admirably adapted to supply a great want—that of a remedy always at hand, easy of application, and cer- tain in its results. Its timely aid prevents, and its assistance cures, all Diseases, however caused; and where these Pills are persevered with DOCTORS' BILLS ARE UNKNOWN. Being a purely vegetable preparation, they may be taken at any time by either sex without fear of danger. Acting upon the bowels mildly, yet effectually, by their fine tonic, aromatic, and aperient properties, thev re- move all oppressive accumulations, regulate the secre- tions of the liver and bowels, strengthen the stomach, and purify the blood. Prepared solely by JOHN KAYE, Esq., of Prospect Hall, Woodford, Essex. Sold by all Chemists and other Dealers in Patent Medicines, at Is. 1 1 d., 2s. 9d. 2 and 4s. 6d. Wholesale Depot, 22, Bread-street, Lon- don [245 THE CHAMPION JL LIVER AND STOMACH PILLS. These Pills are compounded from the recipe of one of the most eminent physicians of the present day (who, from purely philanthropic motives—knowing their excellent proper tIes from experIence- has beeninduced to give the benefit of them to the public at large). They are prepared by an able and experienced chemist, and are acknowledged, by the faculty, to be the most valuable medicine for all disorders of the stomach and derangements of the liver ever prepared. It is a well-known fact that most of the diseases incident to the human race arise from a disordered stomach, and an irregular state of the bowels, and for want of a suitable remedy, taken in time, thousands of (at first) simple maladies become serious illnesses. To guard against this great evil, and to preserve the bles. ings of health, these pills are confidently and earnestly 'ecommended. They act generally on the constitution, cleanse the 100d of all impurities; regulate the secretions, and givetone to the stomach- correct the morbid condition ci the liver, regulate the bowels, and, by removing all mpl diments, restore elasticity and vigour to the whole frame. ° Sold m boxes (with directions for use) ls.Hcl. and 7*d. each (a saving by taking the larger size). Sold Wholesale by Messrs. Barclay and Son, London, and Retail by all Medicine Vendors. AGENT FOR BRECON: MR. MORRIS, CHEMIST. TLLIAM LLOYD, APPRAISER, LAND and ESTATE AGENT, HAY' Valuations for Administrations. Timber Measured aDd Valued. [48 PARSONS, FLETCHER, and CO.'S INDIAN RICE STARCH. (TRADE MARK, AN ELEPHANT.) This excellent STARCH, introduced by PARSONS, FLETCHER, and Co., has met with a success unparal- leled m the annals of the Starch Trade, and is known aST^- kHANT StAkcI1- Ladies should insist on tbeir Laundresses using this Starch, which, being manufactured by an improved process, is much purer, and consequently more glossy, requires no boiling, and is ENTIRELY FREE FROM THE DESTROYING EFFECTS To THE LINEN so common in other Starches now in use. 22, BREAD STREET, L0ND0NT napers £ Packets °F *lb'' i'b'' and llb-> and in 41b BENJAMIN THE GROCER AND BENJAMIN AND COMPANY, BRECON, And all respectable Grocers. [338 OPENING OF THE NEATH AND BRECON RAILWAY. THE "BRECON C 0 U N T Y TIMES" a (In consequence of the Opening of the above Line) will, on and after SATURDAY, JUNE 8, 1867, contain MORE COPIOUS REPORTS of NEATH NEWS (by a Special Correspondent) than any other Paper has hitherto done, and will be obtainable soon after the arrival of the Last Train from Brecon on FRIDAY EVENINGS, from the Agent, Mr. JOHN HILL, Bookseller, Stationer, and Newsagent, Neath. N.B.—Persons who are desirous of securing copies regularly are requested to leave their Orders with Mr. HILL. Brecon County Times Office, Brecon, June 4th, 1867. -oo.- P) ENJ A AI IN T H E G R 0 C E R, JD HIGH STREET, BRECON, a* A- 4? J? TOWN OF TALGARTH. D. M 0 R G A N PLUMBER, GLAZIER, HOUSE AND SV'<N PAINTER, IMITATOR OF WOODS AND MARBLES, &C., Has now in stock a large assortment of Sheef and Crown Glass, and Glass Slates—(the higher qualities of glass supplied to order). Sheet Lead and Ziiif Lead Piping, Oils and Colours. Gilt and other Mouldings in various patterns. Picture Frames made to order. A large stock of Paper Hangings, in great variety, just received, consisting of upwards of 1,500 pieces and 18,000 yards, varying in price from 6d. to 4s. 6d. per piece of 12 yards. 11 D. M. respectfully informs his friends and the public generally, that he has introdiieed,.in connection with the above business, the General STATIONERY TRADE, in which he will supply all goods at a fair remunera- ting profit. London and other Publications supplied weekly. Agent for the BRECON COUNTY TIMES. [152 Talgartb, February 27th, 1867. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN T* H E "ALTON COURT" ALES, JL now in splendid condition, are offered to the public by the undersigned, in casks of 9, 18, 36, and 54 gallons each, at Is. and Is. 2d. per gallon. SPECIAL CONTRACTS Made (with those Families who at present brew) for a stated quantity at reduced prices from those quoted-in fact at such that should tempt all to purchase with CHARLES GIBSON, HIGH-STREET, BRECON, and HIGH-STREET, BUILTH. [269 MESSRS. ROBERTS AND WATKEYS Are prepared to show their NEW STOCK of DRAPERY, HABERDASHERY, MANTLES, and MILLINERY, which they can confidently recommend for quality and price. A CALL IS RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED. High-street, Brecon. [364 BRECON. TOHN G-R~IFFITHS IF (LATE T. GBIFFITHS AND SON), DEAL TIMBER AND SLATE MERCHANT, BUILDER, SURVEYOR, AND GOVERNMENT CONTRACTOR. Building and Fire Bricks, Ridge Crest, Malt Kiln Squares, Drainage and Socket Pipes, Garden Borders, Paving Stone and Sills Navy and Merchant Ship Timber and Plank Mahogany, Oak, Elm, and Ash Plank Boards and Scantlings, Oak Staves, Oak and Deal Laths, Oak Gates, Hurdles, &e. Cement, Plaster of Paris, Chimney Tops, &c., &c.; Oak Spokes, Felloes, Wych Elm Stocks, Oak and Elm Coffin Boards, English Oak Quarter Boards, Larch, Poplar, and other Boards, all descriptions of Building Scantling and prepared Flour Boards. J. G. begs to inform the public generally that he Contracts for all Descriptions of Builders', Carpenters', and Joiners' Work, and Designs and Estimates furnished. Shop Fronts Fitted up upon the most Modern and Improved Designs, &c. J. G has Boats for the conveyance of all kinds of Goods plying weekly between Brecon and Newport, to and from the Tredegar Wharf, Newport. [317 FELIX (JOLDEN (From Professor Brown's, London), HAIR DRESSER AND PERFUMER, SHIP STREET, BRECON. Hair Brushed by Machinery, and Shampooing Apparatus. A choice Selection of Brushes, Combs, and other Toilette Articles too numerous to mention. Private Hair-Cutting Rooms. Parties waited upon at their own residences. [404 W. D A V I E S WATCHMAKER* JEWELLER, AND OPTICIAN, HIGH-STREET, HAY. GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES, GOLD CHAINS, EAR-RINGS, PINS, RINGS, LOCKETS, &C. Also a large assortment of Electro-Plated Goods, comprising Cruet and Spirit Frames, Tea and Coffee Services, Cake Baskets, Salvers, Sheffield Cutlery, Barometers, &c. REPAIRS EXECUTED WITH NEATNESS AND DESPATCH. [374 HAY. LIVER PRITCHARD, Respectfully invites an inspection of his Large Stock of New Goods suitable for the present Season, MANTLES AND JACKETS, IN CLOTH, SILK, AND VELVET, TRIMMED IN THE NEWEST STYLE STRAW BONNETS AND HATS CAPS AND FLOWERS THE NEW BEADED FRINGE, WHICH WILL< BE MUCH WORN PLAIN AND FANCY DRESSES AND SKIRTING. FAMILY MOURNING.—FUNERALS FURNISHED. PRINTS, CALICOES, SHEETINGS, AND LINENS considerably Reduced. FELT CARPETS AND HEARTH RUGS. CURTAIN DAMASKS, BAIZES, OIL CLOTHS, &C., &C. [18 R I S T O L PACKET COMPANY. JOHN PROTHERO Respectfully informs the inhabitants of the town of Brecon and neighbourhood that he has just taken to the old-established and well-conducted CARRYING BUSINESS of the late Mr. W. THOMAS, and that all goods intended for conveyance by his Boats, which will arrive in Brecon from Newport every other day, will receive his prompt attention. All goods to be conveyed by PROTHERO'S BOATs-from London, "per Great Western and South Wales Railway, Newport,"—from Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, and the North of England, per London and North Western Railway to Newport,—thence per PROTHERO'S BOATS "—and all goods from Bristol, 'per Burton's Bristol Packet." GOODS CARRIED and DELIVERED WITH CARE and at MODERATE CHARGES. No more complaints of delay in delivering goods!—PROTHERO'S BOATS will await the arrival of the Packets at Newport, and be despatched with promptness to Brecon three times a week. Brecon, 1st Oct., 1863. [17 COUTH-WAL^^ERCANTILE COMPANY, Y.) LIlVfITED, (LATE NORTH AND SOUTH WALES COAL AND LIME COMPANY.) HEAD OFFICES HIGH-STREET (OPPOSITE THE TOWN-HALL), BRECON. The above Company beg respectfully to announce that they have been appointed Agents for the Sale of the following Ariifkial Manures at all Stations on the Brecon and Merthvr, Hereford, Hay, and Brecon, Mid- Wales, and Neath and Brecon Railways :—Lawe*' Celebrated Manures the London Manure Company's Valuable Manure the Herefordshire and South Wales Company's Excellent Manure. The Company are also now in a position to supply the following al ticles at any of the Stations on the Railways named above :-Besl Peruvian Guano (direct from the Importers), Agricultural Salt, Coals of all descriptions, well burnt Limo, Slates, Biicks, Tiles, Draining Pipes, Building Materials, &c., &c. Orders sent to the Manager, at the Head Office, High-street, Brecon, or to any of the undermentioned Agents of the Company, will be promptly attended to and executed. Mr. Joiitte, Agent tor TalyIlyn and District. Mr. Webb, Agent for Trefeinon and District. Mr. David Jones, Agent for Talgarth and District. Mr. Brace, Agent for Boughrood, Three Cocks, and District. Mr. Samuel, Agfeat for Erwood and District. Mr. Joseph, Agent for Builth and District. Mr. William Smith, Agent for Garth and District. Mr. Powell, Agent for Newbridge and District. Mr. Worthing, Agent for Doldowlod and District. Mr. Jones (Harp Inn), Agent for Rhayader and District. el Mr. George Lewis, Agent for Glasbury and District. Mr, John Probert, Agent for Hay and District. Mr. Roberts, Agent for Whitney and District. Mr. Watkins, Agent for Eardisley and District. Mr. Blissett, Agent for Kinnersley, Moorhampton and District. Mr. Mtllonie, Agent for Talybont and District. Mr. John Thomas, Head'. Office, High-street, Brecon, Agent for Brecon and District. -r ull information as to Prices, &C-, may be obtained trom the Agents, or- at the Head Office of the Company. By 0rder> J- A. JEBB, Managing Director. High-street^ Brecon, Feb. 11th, 1867. [375 J. B. LAWES' MANURES FOR THE Y-EAR 1867. HPHE SOUTH WALES MERCANTILE* COMPANY, LIM ITED, have been appointed X AGEN S for the sale of the above celebrated Manures at all Stati ons on the Hereford, Hay, and Brecon, Mid-Wales, and Brecon and Mcrthyr Railways. They have succeede i Mr. Jo .es, ot Glasbury, in the Hgency for the district of Hay and Glasbury. Orders for Lawes' Manure* for this year should be given to the Authorised Agents of the Somh Wales Mercantile Company named in the fo; regolllg advertisement, and to no one else. ZD Orders for Brecon and district should be given to Mr. JOlIN THOMAS, at the Company's Head Office, High-street, Brecon, where samples and full particulars may be obtained. A large quantity of the Superphosphate and Turnip Manures has just beon received at Brecon, in excellent condition, and can be forwarded to any Railway Sjtation at Short Notice. BRECON STO iiES-BRYN MAWR WHARF. By ORDER. High-street, Brecon, April, 1867. [387 SALE THIS DAY. BRECONSHIRE. FREEHOLD PROPERTY. MESSRS. JOHN & EVAN WILLIAMS will SELL by AUCTION, at the KING'S HEAD INN, LLANDOVERY, On Saturday, the 8th day of June, 1867, At Three o'clock in the Afternoon, subject to such conditions as shall be then stated, all that very desirable MESSUAGE, FARM, and LANDS called BLAENGEFEL, with the Messuage or Dwelling- house, lately erected thereon, called TYNEWYDD, situate in the parish of Llangammarch, in the county of Brecon, containing by estimation 220 acres, be the same more or less, and now let at au annual rent of X50. Appurtenant to the said farm is a right of de- pasturing sheep on Munydd Eppynt, and the lands thereof are situate within a mile of the contemplated Station at Llandylas, on the Neath and Brecon and Central Wales Extension Junction Railway. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers, or to THOMAS JONES, Esq., Solicitor, Llandovery. [430 SWAN HOTEL, HAY, BRECONSHIRE. POSTPONEMENT OF SALE. THIS SALE will take place on MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, and FBIDAY, JUNE 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st, 1867, instead of on the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th June as previously announced. Catalogues may be had at the places mentioned in first Advertisement. [434 SWAN HOTEL, HAY, BRECONSHIRE. TO HOTEL KEEPERS, POSTMASTERS, &c. IMPORTANT SALE of all the valuable APPOINT- MENTS belonging to this well-arranged Establish- ment, comprising Harness Horses, well built singie- horse Omnibus, a pleasure Break, 1 Brougham, hooded and other Phaetons, Dog Cart, &c,, sets of single and double Harness, Saddlery, &c., Milch Cow, Pigs and Sheep, Agricultural Implements, Growing Crops, Potatoes, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, Empty Casks, &c., several dozen old Port, Sherry, and other Wines, Spirits, Lemonade, and Soda Water, the appropriate FURNITURE (chi, fly in solid Spanish mahogany), in the Com- mercial, Coffee, and Smoking Rooms, Private Reception and Ball ard 15 B. d-cha mbers, including bedsteads, prime feather beds, hair and wool mattresses, a quantity of excellent linen, good Brussels, Felt, and other carpets, chimney gl issi s, engravings, books, silver and electro-plated goods, metal wares, china, breakfast, dinner, dessert, and tea services, cut glass, fixtures and fittings, kitchen and culinary requisites, and a multiplicity of effecis useful to Hutel-keepers and private families. "1 I K. W. LLOYD will SELL by 1 ? I AUCTION, on the Premises, On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, June 17th, Isth, 19th, 20th, and 21st, 1867, (And following Days if necessary.) Sale to commence each day at Twelve o'clock punctually. Full particulars in Catalogues ready one week prior to Sale, which may be obtained at the Swan Hotel, Hay; Mr. Horden's, Printer, Hay; Hay Railway. Station; the Green Dragon Hotel, Hereford Castle Hot.1. Biecm; Lion Hotel, Builth; and at the Auctioneer's office, Hay. [431 IMPORTANT SALE OF GRASS. TREGUNTER, Within one mile of Talgarth Railway Station. MR. JOHN PROBERT has been favoured with instructions to offer for SALE by AUCTION, oil the Premises, as above, On Wednesday, the 19th of June, 1867, The GROWING CROPS of about 100 ACRES of MEADOW LAND, which Crops may, if required, be carried away. The Aftermath to be Grazed up to the 8th of March, 1868. Lot I.-The whole of the GRASS in the Park, on the right-hand side of the carriage-drive, and con- taillg 38a. 3r. 25p. Lot 2.-Ditto ditto, on the left-hand side of the carriage-drive, and containing about 21a. 3r. 35p. Lot 3.—Ditto ditto, in the South Park, and con- taining about 40a. The Auctioneer begs to direct the attention of Butchers, Graziers, and his Friends the Public gene- rally, to the great Fertility of the above valuable Lots, which will be Let without reserve. Luncheon on the table at half-past one o'clock Sale to commence at half-past two precisely. To view, apply to John Cuddigan, at Tregunter Lodge, and further particulars may be had of the Auctioneer, Watton, Brecon. [445 DESIRABLE INVESTMENT. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE TREATY, _JL all those TWO FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSES, with the Yards and Appurtenances there- unto belonging, situate in Free-street, in the Town of Brecon, and now in the occupation of Mrs. Cecelia Thomas, grocer, and Mrs. Price.—Apply to Mr. J. D. WILLIAMS, Registrar, Llanfaes, Brecon. [417 OLLIERY.-For SALE, a STEAM COAL COLLIERY, in the Dulais Valley, close to the Neath and Brecon Railway, and within a short distance of Neath.—For particulars, apply to Mr. JAMES GUNTER, Consulate Chambers, Cardiff. [442 Y,30 MAHOGANY WARDROBE FOR 6D. BUILTH ART UNION PRIZE DRAWING (in aid of the Horeb Chapel Build- ing Fund), will take place on THURSDAY, JULY the 4th, 1867. FIRST PRIZE, A LADY'S SUPERB MAHOGANY WARDROBE, VALUE £30. Thirteen other Prizes ranging in value from X20 to 30s., together witn upwards of a Hundred other useful and ornnmental articles. Tickets, Sixpence each, or a book containing twelve for 5s., may be had at the Brecon County Times Office, High-street, Brecon. [428 TUITION.—A Lady, resident in Brecon, 1 who has had considerable experience in Tuition, desires to meet with some Junior Pupils whom she could instruct in English, and the rudiments of Music and French.—Address, C.M., County Times Office, Brecon. CLERK WANTED for a Builder and Timber Merchant's Office.-Apply A. Z,, Post- office, Brecon. [425 rrHE CELEBRATED GINGER JL CHAMPAGNE (Registered) UNFERMEN- TED WINE, not intoxicating. Sole Bottlers- WITHY AND COMPANY, Orange Grove, Bath, and Wilder Street, Bristol; in Champagne Quarts and Pints. Families can be supplied direct from the Works if there exists any difficulty in obtaining it from Wine Merchants and others in their own neigh- bourhood. A sample Hamper, containing 1 Dozen Quarts and 2 Dozen Pints, sent to any address, car- riage paid so far as a through rate can be obtained, on receipt of Post-Office Order for 30s. Agents Wanted. [417 JUST PUBLISHED,-PRICE Is. THE WAY TO HEALTH and LONG J_ LIFE A POPULAR TREATISE ON IN- DIGESTION, by J. EVANS SMITH, Surgeon, &c. Hereford, J. HEAD; Hay, G. HORDEN Brecon, WILLIAMS London, SIMPKIN and MARSHALL and all Booksellers. [435 MID-WHALES RAILWAY. PASSENGERS from Brecon, Talyllyn J Talgar h, or Three Cocks, wishing to travel by London and North-Western Railway (change at Llecb- rhyd, a mile north of Builth), or by Cambrian Railways (el,adge at Lianidloes), to SHREWSBURY, LIVER- POOL, MANCHESTER, or other places to which these routes afford the most convenient access, are requested to insist upon being supplied with Mid- Wales Tickets at the reduced fares lately published. The route by Llechrbyd is nearer than any other to Craven Arms, Salop, Manchester, Leeds, Bradford, Liverpool, Ireland, and Scotland. F. BROUGHTON. Brecon, 30th January, 1867. [311 WHITSUNTIDE HOLIDAYS. AT all the Stations on the NEATH and BRECON RAILWAY, First and Second Class RETURN TICKETS are issued on SATURDAY and MONDAY, JUNE the 8th and 10th, 1867, and will be available for the Return Journey up to and including Tuesday, the 11th of June. On WHIT-MONDAY, June 10th, THIRD-CLASS TICKETS, at SINGLE FARES for the DOUBLE JOURNEY, will be issued to and from all Stations, available for the Return Journey by any Train on that day. rgsl0 Passengers from Neath and the Great Western Line take Tickets and join the Line at the Vale of Neath Railway Station. THOMAS MORLEY, Traffic Manager. Neath, June 4th, 1867. [443 NEATH & BRECON RAILWAY. -1 LAYING THE FOUNDATION STONE OF THE NEW INDEPENDENT COLLEGE AT BRECON, ON WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12, 1867. FIRST & SECOND CLASS TICKETS, at a Fare-and-a-Half for the Double Journey, will be issued from all Stations to BRECON on the above day, available for the Return Journey by any train on the 12th or 13th June, tggT Passengers from Neath and the Great Western Line take Tickets and join the Train at the Vale of Neath Railway Station. THOMAS MORLEY, Traffic Manager. Neath, 4th June, 3867. [444 CASTLE OF BRECON HOTEL FISHERY. NOTICE is hereby given that no person, unless provided with a Ticket issued by the Directors under the Seal of the Company, will be allowed to angle in the. waters of the CASTLE or BBECON HOTEL COMPANY, Limited, which extend from the Island Gate over all lands belonging to Lord Tredegar above the town, Mr. Dickson's land, The Pennoyre, Penisha'r Pentre, Gaer, Aberyscir, Pontar- fran, and Cusop lands. On the USK the Fishery extends from the Island Gate to Aberbran Bringe on the north side, and on the west side over all lands between Brecon Brid^ and Aberbran Bridge, excepting Newton and Aher- bran, Cil-gove and The Swall" field on the Y SCIR to P,,nifa,n on the BRAN to the top of Cusop on the TARA.LL to Pontestill and below the Ton along Glnnusk Farm, the property of William de Wiiiton. EFq All persons found Trespassing by Fishing will be Prosecuted as the Law directs. J. BATES, Manager. Castle Hotel, Brecon, 1st Feb., 1867. [358 BRISTOL IMPORTS.—MAY loth, Per JL) Corsair." from Charente, CHARLES GIBSON, BRECON, 50 CASES BRANDY. [426 IMPORTANT NOTICE! HALF-HOLIDAY AT BRECON. THE Public are respectfully informed that the DRAPERS, MILLINERS, and TAILORS, of Brecon, have unanimously agreed to CLOSE their respective Establishments EVERY WEDNESDAY at Four p.m., on and after the 5th of JUNE, 1867. [436 THE BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1861. In the County Court of Brecknockshire holden at Hay. rN the matter of BENJAMIN DANCE, ft of Cross House, in the Town and Parish of Talgarth, in the County of Brecon, Farmer and Haulier, adjudged Bankrupt on the 15th day of February, 1867. An Order of Discharge will be delivered to the Bankrupt after the expiration of thirty days from this date, unless an appeal be duiy entered against the judgment of the Court, and notice thereof be given to the Court. Dated this 31st day of May, 1867. 441] THOMAS C. PERKS, High Bailiff. MONEY.-Ready to Lend on Mortgage or any other Good Security, at 4 per cent., .£300, £ 400, or 9500.-Apply to A.B., County Times Office, Brecon. Brecon, 6th June, 1867. [449 IMPORTANT. IF vou want to BORROW MONEY at a cheap rate, go to Mr. W. WILLIAMS, 16, Dock- street, Newport, Mon., and Insure your Life, and he will guarantee that, with approved personal security, you can have any sum from X50 to X2,000, for 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 years, repayable by fixed half-yearly or quarterly instalments. Office hours: 10 to 5. [174 MIDSUMMER QUARTER, 1867. LIVERPOOL & LONDON & GLOBE JLJ INSURANCE COMPANY. LIVERPOOL 8.: LONDON & GLOBE JLj INSURANCE CO. Fire risks of every description undertaken. LIVERPOOL & LONDON & GLOBE INSURANCE CO. j j INSURANCE CO. Farming Stock insured at moderate rates. LIVERPOOL & LONDON & GLO.,E JLj INSURANCE CO Persons about to insure their lives as a family pr vision should consult'table 2 in the Company's annual prospectus. LIVERPOOL & LONDON & GLOBE JLJ INSURANCE CO. Persons desirous of providing comfort in old age will find satisfactory information in tables No. 6 and 7 in the Company's annual prospectus. LIVERPOOL & LONDON & GLOBE t) J INSURANCE CO. Parent may make provisions for their children on arriving at the ages of 14, 18, or 21 years, by con- sulting table No. 13 in the Company's annual pro- spectus. IVERPOOL & LONDON & GLOBE INSURANCE CO. INSURANCE CO. Any person wishing to create a present annuity on advantageous terms should refer to table No. 11 in the Company's annual prospectus. LIVERPOOL & LONDON & GLOBE INSURANCE CO. The Company's Annual f.jr 1867 supplies every information on the subject of Insurance in all its branches, and may be had, gratis, on application to the u n d G rs i £ T n t? d j EVAN JONES, BANK, 439] BRECON. BRECONSHIRE SESSIONS. NOTICE is hereby given that the next GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS of the PEACE for the COUNTY of BRECON will be held at the SHIBE-HALL, in BRECON, in and for the said County, on TUESDAY, the SECOND day of JULY next, at Eleven o'clock in the torenoon At Twelve o'clock at noon the business relating to the assessment appli- cation or management of the County Rate or Stock will commence. The Court will also order and make a Police Rate under the provisions of the 19th and 20th Victoria, c. 69, and the several Acts referred to therein. All Witnesses in any Appeal are to be ready in Court to answer to their names at twelve o'clock at noon on the above-mentioned day, when all Appellants and Respondents must also attend. Grand and Petty Jurors, Prosecutors, and Witnesses, must attend on Wednesday, the Third day of July next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon. All Depositions must be forwarded to the Clerk of the Peace seven clear days before the Sessions, and in all cases arising subsequently immediately upon being taken. And Notice is hereby given that all persons having Claims upon the County must attend with their Accounts before the Visiting Magistrates to the Gaol, at the Shire-hall Brecon, on Tuesday, the Twenty- fifth day of June instant, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, when such several accounts will be audited. And that all Costs of Prosecutions to be allowed by the County must be taxed at the same Sessions previous to or during which they shall be incurred, or they will not afterwards be allowed. And further that all Appeals and Traverses for trial must be entered with the Clerk of the Peace before the sitting of the Court, at eleven o'clock on Tvesday. EDWARD WILLIAMS, Clerk of the Peace. Brecorj, 3rd June, 1867. [440 ESTABLISHED IN 1848. GROCERY AND PROVISION BUSINESS, 3 & 4, CAS ILE-STREET, BRECON. THOMAS begs to inform the ly I inhabitants of Brecon and its vicinity that J he has adderl the BAKING TRADE to the above business, and that Pure Home-made Bread can be had daily. N'.B.-Cakes of all kinds jnade upon the shortest notice. • ".0\ June 6, 1867. -;1TB t,r" [448 PURE W AT E R. GEORGE SHAWS IMPROVED PURE CARBON WATER FILTERS are warranted superior to any other invention for effec- tual y removing taste, colour, lead, and all organic imp rities fr >m any kind of water. Prices and Drawings, on application, from the Manufactory, Crown Filter W rks, Manchester. Agents Wanted. [446 WINDSOR, and 10 miles round.—Mr. MASON'S LIST of Furnished and Unfurnished RESIDENCES will be forwarded on application. Windsor Estate Agency Offices. IR. SWAIN'S REGISTER OF TOWN ,7 1 AND COUNTRY RESIDENCES, Furnished and Unfur- nished. Freehold and Leasehold Investments, &c., issued the First Day of Every Month, may be had gratis on application, or per post for one stamp. Particulars of Properties intended for insertion, for which no charge is made, should be forwarded not later than the 26th of the Month. Auction and Estate Offices, The Lodge, Notting-hill, W. A PRINTED LIST of the HOUSES to be LET (Furnished and Unfurnished) in the neighbourhood of Hyde-park, Bayswater, Notting-hill, and the Western districts, can be had gratis on forwarding a stamp to Messrs. BAILEY and BUPtGOYNE, Bayswater Auction and Estate Agency Offices, 21, Archer-street, Westbourne-grove West, and 22, Inverness- road, opposite the Royal Oak. NOTICE OF REMOVAL. WILKINSON AND KIDD, 1 SADDLERS To HFR MAJESTY AND H.R.H. THE PEIKCE OP WALES, havia REMOVED their Establishment from the Cerner of Park-street, Oxford-street, to 5, HANOVER-SQUARE, W. (Adjoining the Queen's Concert Rooms). ESTABLISHED 1786. THh WESTMINSTER PALACE HOTEL, Victoria-street, London, S.W., oppoite Westminster Abbey, adjoining the India Office, close to the Houses of Parlia- ment, the parks, and theatres. Bed-rooms from 3s.; dinners in cotfee-room and ladies' coffee-room from 2s. 6d.; and as per daily bill of fare. Attendance charged in the bill. There is an ascend- ing-room and a telegraph office in the building.-WILLIAM 00 WELL, Manager. rr* RAND HOTEL, Brighton. It Contains Library, ladies' coffee-room, ladies' reading-room, ladies' drawing- room, gentlemen's coffee-room, billiard-room, and smoking- room, for the use of visitors, besides upwards of 200 bed-rooms and private sitting-rooms. Care has been takes to render, the cuisine perfect in every department, and about 150 sorts of choice wines are kept in stock in the cellars. A complete establishment of salt-water baths communicates with the hotel. An omnibus meets the principal trains. First-class stabling. Strong room for valuables.—J. MARKWELL, Manager. WOOD'S FAMILY HOTEL, f 102, JERMYN-STREET, St. James's London. Families and Gentlemen visiting London will find excellent accommodation in the above Hotel, whieb is new and elegantly furnished, at greatly reduced prices, from this date until May 1, 1865. Beds from 31. Hot and Cold Baths. On parle Frangais. 5e habla Espanol. Cuisine Frangaise, BEDFORD HOTEL, 21, Percy-street, Bedford- square.—Bed and Breakfast, 2s. 6d. Private Sitting Room with Bedroom, 3s. 6d. and 4s. 6d. per day. CTACEY'S CLERICAL HOTEL, 2A, Berners- street, Oxford-street.—Established 12 years. Clergymen visiting London will find every accommodation at the above Hotel. Terms, Bed and Breakfast 4s. per Night, or 95s. Der Week, inelvidina: attendance. WARWICK AND SON, Engravers to the Royal Family, Jewellers, and Silversmiths, 124, Regent-street, beg respectfully to acquaint the Nobility, Gentry, and their friends that they intend making a reduction of 15 per Cent. on all JEWELLERY and PLATED GOODS, purchased for cash during this and the following month, in order to make room for a new stock for the autumn. OPERA AND RACE GLASSES, by "I^EGRETTI and ZAMBRA, 21s. and 42s., in leather case, with rock crystal lenses or in aluminium, 5 guineas and upwards. To be had only at their four establish- ments, 1, Hatton-garden; 59, Cornhill; 122, Regent-street, and 153, Fleet street. n^-iTED SPECTACLES, Direct from the Maker a so every other kind adapted for weak or near sight Elastic Steel Spectacles, 3s. 6d. Tinted ditto, 5s. 6d.; with f;es Pebbles, 10s. 6d. fitting the face accurately by the new process of nK.a.&Mrement.—WHITEHOUSE, Practical Optician, 8, Co- ventry sreet, Haymarket (opposite the late Thos. Rubergal's). "OOND'S PERMANENT MARKING INK.— 1 The Original Invention, without preparation, is by far the est for marking CRESTS, NAMES, and INITIALS upon House- hold Linen, Wearing Apparel, &c., securing it from loss or mis- take. Price, Is per bottle. Sold by E. R. Bond, 10, Bishopsgate street Within, London, E.C., and by all respectable Chemists, Stationers, &c., in the Kingdom. -N.B.-Purchasei,s should be careful to observe the address," 10, B.i&opsgate-street Within, E.C. is on the label, without which hs Ink is not genuine CYDENHAM COLLEGE, SYDENHAM, KENT. PKINCIPAL REV. W. TAYLOR JONE, M.A., Queen's Coli'-ge, Cambridge, Fellow and Examiner of the College of Pre- ceptors, asstsied by a Staff of Competent Resident Masters. Master of the Junior Department—Rev. W. Taylor Jones, Jun., B.A., L.C.P., Queen's College, Cambridge. German-W. Finkch, Esq. FreEch—M. Boulland, LL.D., M.C.P Oriental Languages—Rev. George Small .M.A. Drawing—T. C. Dibdin, Esq., M.C P., "Examiner in Art, Col* lege of Preceptors. Pianoforte and -inping-lv. J. Westbrook, Esq., M.C.P. Dancing and Calisthenics—J. B. Tenniel, Esq Fencing and Drilling Mr. Heading, late Colour Sergeant Grenadier Guards. Fees for a thorough gentlemanly Education, including instruction m the various departments of English Literature and Science, the Classic, French, and German Languages, Mathematics, Drawing, Vocal Music, and Drilling, with admission to the Crystal Palace and Grounds Per Term. Per Annum. Boarders 20 Guineas 60 Ouineas. ,j under 12 years of age 18 54 „ Daiiy arders 11 „ 33 „ >, under 12yTs.ofage 10 „ 30 „ The Academical Year is divided into three Terms, viz. Spring Term from January 24 to April 30. SummerTerm. from May 1 to July 31. Christmas Term. from September 18 to Christmas. Prospectuses forwarded on application to the Rev. W. TAYLOR JONES, M.A., Sydekham COLLXQK, S.B.