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BRECON POLICE INTELLIGENCE. COUNTY PET I Y SESSIONS, SATURDAY, before JOHN LLOYD, Esq., and JAMES WILLIAMS, Esq. A DAMAGED CULVERT.-Jeli kin Williams, of Pentwyn, near Dowlais, farmer, summoned the Brecon and Merthyr Railway Company for refusing to repair a culveri upon his property. The facts of the case ap- peared to be as follows:—The Bi-econ and Merthyr Railway runs through the complainant's farm, and acro-s a road which be used for his own purposes, in driving his cattle from one field to the other; under the road the culvert in question is made to carry a stream of water under the railway, and in consequence of the areh ot the culvert having fallen in, the com- plainant has been unable to take his cattle that way.- Mr. Cobb appeared on behalf of the company, and he contended that they should not have been summoned at all, as they had told complainant that the culvert should be repaired. He would not submit to their Wor-hips nuking an order upon the company to yet the culvert repaireri, nor to pay the co:;t-. as in the summoi s it was not stated that the culvert was damaged, but the arch over which the railway passed, and which was perfec ly safe. Complainant wa-, therefore, ordered to pay the costs, and the case wa", adjourned for one month, during which time VI r. Cobb undertook that the passage in question should be re- pairl d. NEGLECT OF DUTY.—William Martin, a signal-man in the employment of the Mio-Wales Railway Com- pany, was summoned by t4a.t company for neglecting hi duty on the evening of the 13 h instant Mr. F Bronghton app' areo to prove the offence, and ,at. d tha' be was mit,g up with -he h«!f-pa>.t -ix o'clock tl "ill from Talgarr h to TaUlhn on the evening of the 13th irit-tirnf, wtun on Miming toward-) 'he place where the signal wa- which the d, te, dant kept, the d-iver sta. ped the train in consequence of the right sifji al not being given. They waited there a f. minutes thinking the signal had been turned on account < f the weather, hut finding that nothing appealed in answer to the whistle, be (Mr B oughton) got out f the carriage in Iiieh he "as, and went on the engine. and undertook the respors'bi'ity of taking the train down very slowly towards the sit. nal-box. %h, ri they got there he went to the box to look for the d. fendant, who just then made his appearance. The d-fendant hart been signal-m^n there for about three months, ,nd no previou-neglect had been brought a. a)nst him.- Mr. B. Bi hop disputed several points in the case, and contended that Mr. Broughton had rendered himself culpable in btinginii on he train without having the right signal rab.d, wHch, btjweve,, (iid not tpjid to disprove or t xrtisc in any way the offi-uce c,,mp!aine(i of; and the Bench con-tiderin*; this to be clea ly prov. d, imposed a fin of *1, it. cludi g costs, on the d, fend-nt, or seven days' imp isonment in dpfanlt. HIDING WITHOUT REINS.-Rees Lewis, charged with the above offence, which waS proved by P S. Davi s, of Talybo. t, wa, fined 6d. and 6, costs. UNLAWFUL RIDING William Lewis was charged wit., unlawfully tiding on the staffs of bis own carr. Defeodant pleaded guilty to the off-i ce, and was fine, I 6.J. and cost*. ASSAULT CASF.-Ann Hu hes summoned Elizabe h Jones for a-saubing hf-r.-Th- assaut-, it appeared, aro.,e in consequence of a petty vi,agrt-e,eDt amongst the pa't'es' children, which resulted in the defendant thr -wing stones "t complainant. Defendant d-nied the offer ee, but the Be ch were disposed to credit the statements of the complainant, and fined the defen- riant Is. and the costs 8s., or seven days' imprison ent in default. PERMITTING DRUNKENNESS.—JEvan Parry, landlord of the Ro., al Oak Inn, Talybont, was summoned for wilfully permitting drunkenness in his house, on Sun- day, the 22nd July. P. C. Stephen Davis said he was passing by the defendant's house about seven o'clock on the Sunday in quection, when he heard men's voicesii-sid, He then went to the door, and knocked, but received no answer for a considerable time. When the door was opened he went into the house he found the table wet with beer, and a glass on it, with a little beer in the bottom. Two men were in the house drunk.—The defendant denied the offence, and said that one of the men alluded to by the officer, lived close by him, and he came to the door at half-past seven o'clock, and knocked. Defendant answered the door, and the man told him that his mother had not risen from bed, and he could not get into the house defendant, therefore, asked the man to come in and sit down a little while his mother got up, which he accordingly did. The other man was a shoemaker, and he had just called to see how the boots suited which he had brought there the night before they had not been in the house many minutes before the policeman came in. They had no drink in the house. Their Worships thought the offence had been clearly proved. and imposed a fine of Is. and 7s. 6d. costs. AFFILIATION CASE. —Mary Thomas, smgle woman, summoned Tlumas Jones, a labourer, a. the father of her illegitimate child. The defendant had absented himself fr m the neighbourhood for about 12 months since the birth of the child, during which time the complainant had had to uppnrt the child wi h..ut as- sistance. She h oi had a t il Id » y the defendant pre- viously. The defendant admitted the paternity, tind the B uch orde ed him t.. contribute Is. 6 l, per we, k from the d1.t.. of the birth, and pay the eosts. 'ow_



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