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POLITICAL GOSSIP. --+- LORD REDESDALE, as Chairman of the Committees of the House of Lords, signalised the approaching close of the present Session of Parliament on Saturday, the 10th of August, by the usual fish dinner at the Trafalgar. ,Covers were laid for 50 guests. A CONTEMPORARY says Juarez is turning quite moral: lie has forbidden lotteries and raffles. He will next ob. ject to murder if he goes on improving at this rate. "JOHN BULL" regrets to state that owing to con- tinued ill-health the Right Hon. Horatio Waddington has tendered his resignation as permanent Under Secre- tary for the Home Department, an office which he has for years filled with so much credit to himself and use- fulness to the country. ACCORDING to the Saturday Review, the organ of THE French Government enjoys an unenviable notoriety. In an article on Saturday last we read The Moniteur has managed, by half a century of lying under the orders of every possible kind of Government, to establish such a reputation that it is only believed when the news it gives is bad news." A CARICATURE has been published at Matamoras, which represents Uncle Sam lying flat on his back with Canada underneath him, and his head in his Russian purchase, taking an iced drink, his legs cramped up by a rickety fence named Mexico. Uncle Sam meditatingly says he will have to stretch out his legs directly. The picture tickles the Texans amazingly. AMusa the prizes delivered at the meeting of the Ormskirk and Sowthport Agricultural Society just held, was one of 21 10s. to James Thomas, who described himself as a down reet ow'd Toury, th' backbone," and who had been in the service of the Earl of Derby for 58 years. The master would be hardly able to repeat the words after the man. THE Lord Mayor had sitting close to him at the recent banquet the much-honoured representative of Russia in this country; forgetting the fact, his lord- ship alluded in his speech to the glorious thrashing our men gave the Russians at Balaklava. People in the vicinity of his Excellency got red and very fidgety but his Excellency took the matter with his wonted good- nature and tact, and smiled, doubtless putting it down, as it was, as a slip of the tongue, and quite unintentional. THE following circular to district attorneys and marshals of the United States has been issued Attor- ney-General's office, Washington, July 30. By direction Of the President of the United States, you are hereby iaaUucted to observe with vigilance all persons whom you may have reasonable cause to suspect of combining unlawfully for expeditions into the territory of any foreign nations, and to promptly interpose the authority of the United States whenever you have probable cause for believing that any person has violated the neu- trality laws of the United States.—John M.BINCKLEY, Acting Attorney-General." A RECENT circular of the Cardinal Archbishop of iksangon to his clc-rgy, exhorting them to make efforts to obtain donations from their flocks for charitable pur- poses, contains this curious passage for a clergyman "I have compromised my present and my future. I give to the poor and to churches, and secretly or openly to a host of people in distress as much as I can, even more than I can. I do not keep a carriage I wear shoes with holes in them, and my cassock is patched. You have seen more than once my patched sleeves. I laugh at all that. God knows why I do it. I am anxious to save in my pecuniary expenditure for the service of my Master, and am content to wear His livery." THE MAN TO VOTE FOR.-We extract the following from the Pall-mall Gazette :-A member of Parliament, representing a large and important English borough, was lately waited upon by a well-dressed man, who repre- sented himself as a near relative of one of the most influ- ential supporters of the hon. member. He had been detained in town longer than he anticipated, and had got into a little pecuniary difficulty, when he was called upon suddenly, by a most urgent matter, to leave town that very day it was of most vital importance that he should reach home that evening, and if the hon. gentle- man would kindly advance him a few pounds he would return it with his most grateful thanks as soon as he reached home. He was asked some questions, and answered them most accurately, and displayed an inti- mate acquaintance with many of the inhabitants of the borough. The member, taking out his chequebook, asked if d65 would be sufficient for his purpose. The reply was that if he made it £10 it would be ample, and it would be re- turned in a day or two by a bank bill. The hon. mem- ber replied that it would give him great pleasure to make it that amount, for, said he, we are all liable at times to run short of money, which is very inconvenient when from home. It happened to himself not very long since that, on arriving at the end of a journey, his luggage, which contained his money, except a very trifling amount in his purse, was not to be found. He went to his hotel and told his landlord how he was cir- cumstanced, and the landlord very kindly said, If S20 is of any service to you, here it is you need only show that your name is as you state by showing me it marked on the linen you are wearing." On showing him the name at once he handed over the money, and it was returned the same day on the arrival of the luggage. So show me your name marked on your linen in the same way, and I'll hand you the cheque for XIO," said the member. The gentleman looked confused, and stammered that he did not carry his name about on the linen he wore." Oh, never mind that then," re- plied the M.P., "we will take a cab and drive to your lodgings show me your name on linen or papers, either will do." The gentleman, however, did not accept this proposition with any alacrity, but appeared very indig- nant, and having said something about his honour being doubted, made his retreat, and the M.P. saved his cheque. On communicating with his constituents the member found that nothing was known of his visitor.



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