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MEREDITH & SS, The Stores, Brecon. Telephone: YI3. Telegrams: STORES, BRECON. M. & SONS have now on view in their Grocery 1 Establishment the LARGEST STOCK in the COUNTY of New Season Christmas FRUITS, I «A> tAj cAj tf\, CAJ Christmas Crackers, New Season Figs, Fancy ■ I Boxes of Chocolates, Dates, Muscatels, Almonds, I I Preserved Ginger in Jars, Crystalised and Dessert Fruits, Home Cured Hams, Wiltshire Bacon, A M Stilton and Cheddar Cheese, and all Other W J Necessaries for the Festive Season. Lg Y AN INSPECTION RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED, MEREDITH SONS Have a Large and Well-Selected Stock of Electro-Plated and Brass and Copper Goods, SUITABLE FOR Christmas Presents, Marked at ESPECIALLY LOW PRICES for the Christmas Season. An INSPECTION of OUR STOCK SOLICITED. ^^8, High Street, Brecon. i ¿] I —^ [ V Before Purchasing t J'k-k im?\ Christmas and New Year PRESENTS I You are respectfully invited to CALL and INSPECT our LARGE and VARIED STOCK of I Silver and E'Lectro-Plate Goods, Gkr —i Silver and Electro-Plate Goods, i IL I Clocks. Watches, Jewellery, I JL 1 Ebony Brashes, Mirrors, ^c. I Also Silver-Mounted Ebony Goods. P We hold the Largest Stock in the County, S 0 and can Guarantee Satisfaction to A) Every Customer. JOHN HANDO, Ltd., 18, HIGH STREET, BRECON. Telegrams Hando, Brecon. New Telephone No.: P.O. 65. 0/'1 11 -r_- Ich ri dtm fruit i in Great Variety. Grapes, Figs, Oranges, Bananas, Muscatels, Almonds, Apples. NUTS of Every Description. The Best Quality at Reasonable Prices. I Holly and Evergreen Wreaths made up on the I Shortest Notice. CHOICE CUT FLOWERS & POT PLANTS. I lifei! nfiNft FLORIST AND FRUITERER TVlLUIIlUf Late J. WILSON), Struet and Priory Nurseries, Telephone 92. BRECON- -L J. E. NOTT & Co., Ltd., I HIGH STREET, BRECON. j Have the CHOICEST SELECTION of Useful Christmas Presents | In the County. Do not fail to visit their SHOWROOM where you will without doubt get suited. ww w w w w ww w w w w w V w w ww —ww w w 3| Electro-Plated Goods. I O //T Y** Choice Articles m China & Earthenware. ONES' SEWING CUTLERY. MACHINES. y CARPET ||jf w VASES. |JJ.'S SWEEPERS. JONES'SEWING MACHINES. COAL BOXES. KNIFE CLEANERS. I Brass Kettles and Stands.: K E R B SUITES. I Lamps and Gongs. Footballs. Crumb Trays and Waiters. "THE GIFTS that please the most are those that serve some useful purpose." i So give the OLD FI RM "a call at- I 1 I 28, High Street, Brecon. I M m SomctDina to I Smoke is alwaps a Useful PRESENT. WE HOLD A LARGE STOCK OF PIPES of different Makes in Case and out SOLE AGENT FOR LOEWE'S PIPES. CIGARS.—Havana, Indian, British and Manilla. CIGARETTES.—Virginia, Egyptian and Turkish. Meerschaum & Amber Cigar & Cigarette Holders, Cigar and Cigarette Cases, Match Boxes, Tobacco Pouches (all kinds, including the Service Pouch). WALKING STICKS, Mounted and Unmounted, Fine Selection of Ladies and Gents' FITTED DRESSING CASES. Military Brushes in Cases. Hair & Clothes Brushes. Shaving Mirrors. SAFETY RAZORS.—Gillette, Auto-strop, Clemak. Y.S.C., &c. ■ Cfte Cadies' Department M^T: Evening Wear, Fancy Combs, Pins, Slides, &c. THE BRILLIANT-MOUNTED HAIR BANDS, proving exceedingly popular. I HAND MIRRORS in Ebony, White and Tortoiseshell. LADIES & GENTS' PURSES of all prices. MFH -(, a r High Street, WILCQCKSCft, BRECON .1j.-I''1.E('fj,¡;¡.; » pr PLEASE NOTE -01 THE BEST SHOP for QUALITY as well as QUANTITY in all kinds of FRUIT is J CASTLE STREET, W V_y V^/ LA & THE WATTON —————, (Cornar of Conway Straet), where you will find plenty of FIGS, APPLES, DATES, ALMONDS, NUTS, ORANGES, DRIED & BOTTLED LEMONS, COCOA3TUTS, FRUITS, in fact all English and Foreign Fruits. Also a Large Quantity of id., 2d. and 3d. CHINA FANCIES containing Chocolates. ILWJF I'IE": THOMAS REES, S5" £ £ £ £ »; Brecon, Having dispensed with the labour of DELIVERING Corn, Meal, and Feeding Cake, can sell same at Stores at 10 per cent. less money, and the better devote his attention to Agricultural Seeds and Ironmongery, He respectfully tenders his sincere thanks to his friends for their patronage since he has opened his Ironmongery business, and points out that any article in this line not in stock will be procured at the shortest notice ORDERS ESTEEED. Address g, SHIP STREET, BRECON. TELEPHONE, 74,J [Telephone, 74. SPECIAL SHOW OF CHRISTMAS FRUITS. | j Selections include PINES, Black and Green GRAPES, ORANGES. Motto TANGERINES, MUSCATELS, and JORDAN Best Quality ALMONDS. FIGS in Layer, also Loose for Cooking. I at ————————————————————————————————————— Popular CRYSTALIZED FRUITS, English and Canadian. Prices. 0 APPLES. NUTS include Brazils, Monkey, Coker, Almond, Barcelona, Chestnuts, and Walnuts. Excellent Supply of VEGETABLES Fresh Daily from our Own Gardens. Fresh-Cut Flowers and Pot Plants In Good Variety. A. QUARRELL, F.R.H.S., FLORIST AND FitUiTERER, HIGH STREET, BRECON. ii'Mtfi" iiiawBBBmm—oawmmwmm 'i whmii^——— r rTHOMAS & ADCOCK have a Large Assortment of Articles suitable for CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR GIFTS Handkerchiefs. Gloves, Aprons, Ties, Furs, Umbrellas, Blouses, Table Centres, Tea Cloths, Cushion Cases, Cosey Covers, Print Dresses, Lace Neckwear. Any of the above Articles would serve as a lasting reminder of the good-will of the sender. Warwick House, BRECON. S ■nynHHOBflEBMBBiesnaHHnnHHHiHHBDBKBinBnnaB^HHnBnBBmHranEciHM — TTMF THE — TOP of CASTLE "DOT STREET. j DAINTY DISPLAY OF All our Chocolates are quite Fresh from the Englisb and Continental Factories and are the I I „ best in Quality. CDocolatcs. pr BONBONNIERE in DAINTY great variety. Artistic designs, and the con- CONFECTIONERY of grea, flayoul. packed in the Daintiest of Boxes. and purity. ICED CAKES & GATTEAUX (a speciality) MADE ON OUR OWN PREMISES. CRACKERS BY THE BEST MAKERS. Inspect the DAINTIEST & Best of CHRISTMAS STOCKS AT a. The HOT Corner of Castle Street and j<. — CONFECTIONERY DEPOT, The Struet, BRECON. Our Xmas Show this Year Beats all Records. tZcKftmand iSfcf. Prime home killed Meat only sold at this Establishment. A TRIAL SOLICITED. a Branches: 45, HIGH STREET, and ORCHARD ST., LLANFAES, BRECON. Xmas Toys & Presents. We have a Large and Up-to-date Show of Dolls, Games, Mechanical and other Toys, Dolls' Houses and Furniture. Specialities in Leather Goods. Dressing Cases. Z, Ladies' Handbags. Purses. Z, Hair Ornaments in great variety. I Ji Sbow Room of Cards S Calendars. L. SENIOR, 12., XXIG-H STREET. Telephone: P.O. 70. VALUE FOR MONEY. IF YOU WANT BEST FRUIT FOR XlVIAS AT LOWEST PRICES GO TO JAMES & SON, Grocers, Struet, Brecon. THE FINEST XMAS SHOW OF BEEF, MUTTON, PORK SAUSAGES, &c. IS TO BE SEEN AT H. W. PHILLIPS, 14, Ship Street, Brecon, All Cattle Slaughtered with the Humane Killer. GO TO THE Watergate Drapery Stores FOR THE VERY BEST VALUE. THE BAZAAR, MARKET ARCADE, BRECON. The Finest Assortment of Toys, Dolls, Games, Novelties, Enamelled and Tin Ware Brushes, Mats, Baskets, and Hampers in the County. NOTICE. I From December 11th to December 31st. aH 6d goods will be I reduced to 6d. 'For the Festive Season And all the Year Round PATRONISE 0. cfaefidon, PHOTOSaa?HER, Wellington Studio, BRECON, AND Enig Bazaar, TALGARTH. Family Groups a Speciality. :z-¿Z,I1n"=-<:Y77'a.t.IIII'.lU- Here we are aain. Christmas Season, 1913, With a Large and New Assortment of Smokers' Requisites consisting of the latest and best makes in PIPES, POUCHES, CIGAR & CIGARETTE HOLDERS, WALKING STICKS, and various fancies too numerous to mention. See Our Show Room. Note Address E. Williams & Son, 3, Castle Street, Brecon