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THE RISING FLOOD. LONDON'S GERMAN CHURCH. It sounds incredible, but it is true, that until a quite recent Sunday the German church in London, at Forest Hill, was well filled every Sabbath Day with pious wor- shippers from the Fatherland, at large and free in our metropolis to do just as they please. What manner of prayer and praise went on in that house of worship we do not precisely know; but since the German national petition, constantly upraised on week-day and Sunday by the whole Germanic peoples—God punish England—fairly reflects the Teutonic spirit towards ourselves, we may conclude that London Germans in the enjoy- ment of our hospitality prayed in the manner of this national desire. Thanks to the rising temper of our people, the visits of Zeppelins, and their slaughter of our innocents, the enemy's house of prayer in London will resound no more, until this war be ended anyhow, with its Hymns of Hate. About the hour of worship on a recent Sun- day a multitude of Londoners, angry but orderly, gathered round this place of worship, and there, in the open, they held such a de- monstration of united, though thoroughly con- trolled, anger and animosity to the traitor- alien amongst them that the, latter in his numbers resolved that no prayer and, praise and no Song of Hate should be uplifted that day. Not only that, but there is to be no more devotion of the same order indulged in there until the end of the war. If only we learn wisdom, and practise the same—and we are on the way to that—no German will ever worship in that place again. Then the demonstrators, having scored so completely over the cliurch-folk, retired to de- monstrate further at the Forest Hill railway station on the South Eastern and Chatham line. That sounds an odd retirement, from church to railway, of a Sunday morning. By way of explanation it may be told'—how well our enemies manage these things in Eng- land !—that the church is hard by the station and the main line. Here, as in a hundred other places all over the country, the enemy held a strategic position, admirably suited in times of trouble, or in preparing for the same, to make havoc on one of our main lines of transport and communication. This highly successful piece of work was arranged and carried out by officers and mem- bers of the Anti-German Union. It is an example of thorough effectiveness that should be copied all over the kingdom. HOW THE MOVEMENT SPREADS. Mark what follows in the track of the de- stroyer—not panic fear, as in his stupidity lie hopes; but action, unity, resolution. There will be more of this to say hereunder; but wherever the Zeppelin, drops his bombs there follows a wave of anti-German! wrath. South- end has, felt the destroyer's hand. There is now already a big battalion formed in Southend beneath the banner of the Anti-German Union. Southend is being thoroughly canvassed; shops, hotels, and townspeople are coming willingly into line-to boycott the German, his goods and gear; to de-ny him a market and hospitality—in general, to cast him out for what he is, foul brood within our national hive. At a crowded meeting at South Nor- I wood the other day, at the local branch hundreds of adherents joined; and with adherence went the pledge — not to deal with the enemy, to hunt him out, to boy- cott him, and report him for attention by the authorities. As a further token of the strengthening of anti-German feeling, too, many are even renouncing further association with alien enemies whom once they called acquaintances or friends. The Union's- stall at the Grocers' Exhibi- tion at Islington was a pronounced success, attracting widespread interest and many adherents. Here was observed, a sign that a vast deal of anti-German, work remains to be done. It was a frequent occurrence at Islington that when a passer-by, man or woman, was asked1 to join the Union he would serenely refuse, saying, No, I am a Cher- man." This, in London, where Zeppelins float above No comment is needed. HAIL, ZEPPELIN! It sounds like rampant pro-Germanism,, and a welcome to the slayer of harmless citizens. And, in fact, since Germany must continue in this its most brutal and stupidest blunder— for the Zeppelin as a military machine is harmless—so the destroyer, in an Ilgly way, is welcome. For witness Southend and up along the East Coast: where he would terrify he raises a Citizen Army to expel and destroy his own vile compatriots. Now he has found London-led by the silver-shining Thames and his industrious fellow-countrymen, with their secret signalling, to his mark-what is to happen? The authorities toyed with the enemy alien question and ignored the public. Then the Lusitania was torpedoed, and the Govern- ment was impelled, from the rear, by popular clamour, into making a show—for they did little else—of interning or deporting the enemies at large. Then the toying was re- sumed. It is known that there are still at large in London at least 6,000 Germans, natu- ralised and otherwise, who by any sane man should be rated as suspect. Now the Zep- pelins are come to London—the heart of our country and Empire, the core and imme- morial centre of our race. Is it to be doubted that these death-dealing monsters have been gtid-ed upon their way by some I of these 6,000 or more of enemies within London's huge .area? It may be doubted-by fools only. Months ago the Zeppelins, no doubt making trial runs, visited the Eastern Coast here and there, and long since the coastline and a wide strip of inland territory were declared a pro- hibited area-that is, a place to be swept clean of every known, possible suspect, alien enemy, naturalised or not, or home-grown. Weeks since, the Zeppelins have struck home in the heart of the Empire, and beyond ques- tion will strike again and again, deadlier and deadlier blows. Yet the 6,000 or so enemies of our race—worshippers and, where pos- sible, guides of the destroyers—not only are still at large in London, but London is not yet declared to be a prohibited area—Lon- don, the seat of Government, shrine and treasure-house of our kingdom and Empire. Is it not time that such incomparable do- nothingness were torpedoed into activity? Mr. Lloyd George has told us what it is that awaits us if wo fail to put forth all our strength, industrial and military-it is to be disaster unspeakable. Let him now, who dare be frank about the nation's imminent peril. < its needs and duties' in meeting the peril-let. him say in his own manner what he thinks of > this—this suffering the enemy to run loose in his thousands, to light the aerial slaughterers upon their way and rejoice in their evil-doing. And yet, in his grisly way, Count Zeppelin is welcome, or say. no unmixed evil. If the Government sits with idle hands while Lon- don is burning, and if London must be bombed into heed of her own peril, then so it must be; let us give what thanks we may to Recruiting-Sergeant Zeppelin. Already the inflow of recruits to the Anti-German Union is rising towards the flood-mark. The lion, secretary and staff, overworked, but smiling, confident, and serene, are reaning the reward of their endeavour, and looking confidently for more, at 346, Strand, London, W.C.





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