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:II xfummer tfaie m COMMENCING FRIDAY THIS WEEK. I FEW EXAMPLES OF THE VALUE. TO BE OBTAINED. I, siousFS. n 'Vhite Jap Silk, newest styles, all sizes, Uslially 13/1 III, to clear 9/11. Oddments in Poplin and Muslin, Sale price 2f(L IIOSIERY. ^-Excellent value in Black and Coloured t ,°se..Sale price 1 /112 Besses. ^V"hite Yoile and Muslin Embroidered, 33/6, to clear 19/11. PRINT. A huge selection in Light and Dark Patterns below to-day's cost of manu- facture, all three-yard lengths. Sale price 1/9, 2/9. MILLINERY. Our entire Stock of this Season's Models Half-price. SCARVES. Plain and Check Voile and Chiffon, To clear 2/6. ALL GOODS throughout the Shop REDUCED. SU) your Winter Underwear Now. We hold Large Stocks for Ladies and Gentlemen. DAVia JONES & co. TALGARTH. 11 WASTE PAPER firl ^er *or OS* OUa Any Colour or Quality 9s. to 14s. per cwt. for better qualities, — 0 THOS. OWEN & Co., Ltd., Ely Paper Works, CARDIFF. t'ILL LEND BAGS AND PAY CARRIAGE. WRITE FOR FULL PARTICULARS. "!——— !)'!))-))- FOR. url%k& wil n PITWOOD HAULIN6 ■> IT Immediate Delivery 43 TON I j AUSTIN CHASSIS. T & O I RICH AND SONS, I. 1 Motor Engineers. I J B.RBCON,, | Tel. 23. Telegrams Eich, Brecon. 8100. T e 1. 2 Telegrams: Rich, Brecon. ^Jj^kgrauis—• TYLER, BRECON." Telephone—P.O. 15. !:>'p, I I Pl.tmhi'.cr -0. I f<* K. f t l-.fc; i W W *>ow 1 lag- I A. H. TYLER & SON Builders, Decorators, Sanitary Plumbers, Hot Water and Gas Fitters, and General Contractors, BRECON. Shop, Office aed Showroom BULWARK. Hardware Stores LION STREET. Workshops and Yard CANAL BASIN WHARF. i,arge Staff of Competent Tradesmen in all Departments of the Building- Line. Depaitmacis Decorating. Piiimirjg. PaperbaDging. Glaziog. jj Graiaiug and ? Writicg. Picture Framing I Electric arrd I J ¡ i Bells. | [ £ "11* WiI' te1noexP.en3eto ask A. H. TYLER & SON for an sua. ate | ut everyt"'ng complete without subletting, which involves twoprofits. GRATES and BOILERS always in stock and fixed immediately. j I •


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