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WAR PENSIONS COMMITTEE I Wanted a per cent. Increase. A meeting of the Breconshire War Pensions Committee was held at Brecon j I on Friday, Mr A. Beckwith presiding. I The Secretary (Mr A. Jolly) stated, j with regard to a notice of motion by J Prof. Joseph Jones as to the constitu- I tion of the Emergency Sub-Committee, ¡ that he had suggested to that gentleman I 119 the advisability of postponing his ¡ resolution, as the Pensions Committee would have to be reconstituted after the County Council election in March. Prof. Jones had accordingly postponed the motion. ) On the nomination of the Brynmawr ¡ District Committee, Mr Hugh Jones was appointed on the Ebbw Vale Joint Dis- trict Committee. The Chairman reminded the members that at the last meeting a resolution from the Wallasey Pensions Committee, pro- testing against the establishment of the King's Fund on the ground that all I effort of the kind should be under the Ministry of Pensions, was ordered to be placed on the agenda for that meeting, in I' order that there might be time to con- sider the subject. It was now open to any member to raise the question. Mr James Powell having been informed that it was open to any dis- abled soldier to apply for a grant from I 11 I the fund, liie malLer uruppeu. The Clerk to the Ystradgynlais Dis- I trict Committee applied for an increase of salary, stating that the remuneration was out of all proportion to the great amount of work to be done, and asked I for 9 60 a year as from September 1st. Replying to Mr David Powell, the Secretary said the appointment was only recently made. The application was referred to th'e Finance Committee. Mr Hugh Jones considered that the salaries of the other district secretaries should be dealt with at the same time. The Chairman If this application is regarded as worthy oi consideration it will affefct the others as well. On the nomination of the Hay and Talgarth District Committee, Mrs Jayne was appointed a member of that body, in the place of Mrs Howat, who has I left the district. Complaint was made that some miners were being discharged from the Army without being consulted, and there was no employment ready for them when they returned home, with the result that the Army allowances did not last until the Army allowances did not last until they secured work. The Chairman pointed out that in such cases the men were entitled to go to the Labour Exchange and demand 25s per week and famity allowances. A circular from headquarters, asking the committee to see returned prisoners of war, and give them any advice and assistance that might be neceasary, was referred to the district committees. The Essex War Pensions Committee forwarded a resolution protesting that pensions and allowances were inadequate and asking for a 50 per cent. 'increase all round, also for machinery to be set up to arrange for all increases in the cost of living to be met by a corresponding increase of pension. The Secretary explained that this resolution was passed before the bonus of 20 per cent. was given. Mr James Powell moved that the resolution be supported, and Mr Hugh Jones seconded. Mr Hitchins remarked that the 20 per cent. bonus was only granted from November to June. The motion to support the Essex Committee was carried. A resolution from Middlesex, in favour of allowing Pensions Committees to deal with applications for civil liabilities grants over 12s. a week, where immediate action wonld be to the benefit of the applicants, was also supported, on the II motion of Mr Hugh Jones, seconded by Mr E. Pirie-Gordon. Another resolution received asserted that there was a lack of openings for many *men recommended for light employment, and asked that the Govern- ment should find such employment in State factories until the men could be placed elsewhere. I Mr Pirie-Gordon remarked that it was I very difficult to get work for such men. I, The Chairman What sort of State factory could it be ? I know of no such existing factory. No action was taken.


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