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BRECON 8U8AL DISTRICT COOKCSH.. Friday. —Present Mr Jenkiii Wil- liams, vice-chairman, presiding, the Revs. T. Griffiths, A. E. Evans and D. H. Picton. Messrs. John Jones (Liatiri T hangel Xantbran), Jno. Smith, D. Watkins, Evan Jones, T. Daniels. W. C. Davies. Rees Williams, T. R. Williams, Roger Price, W. Watcyn Williams, Jno. Price, Jno. Jones (Llanclefalle), D. J. Thomas, T. Davies. T. Powell, J Ricketts Price, Jno. Thomas, W. Morgan (Llan- frynach), W. Morgan (Mae.scar), Edíyd. Jones, T. Joseph, and P. J. Williams, with the Clerk (Mr M. F. Thomas) and other officials. HOI."II OF .MKIZTIX: There was some discussion as to whether the war practice of holding the meetings of the Council immediately after those of the Guardians should he continued, or a reversion made to the old custom of meeting in the afternoon. Mr Watcyn Williams proposed that the war practice be continued, as it had proved very convenient. Mr Jno. Jones (Xantbran) said in the old days they could hardly get a quorum for the relief cases at the close of the other business of the Guardians, the members flocking out but with the Council meeting to follow they stayed. Mr Jno. Smith remarked that there was one objection to the proposal. Some- times they had gone well into the after- noon before they finished the business of the two meetings. With the proviso that the Chairman should have power to adjourn* the Council to the afternoon when there was a great deal of business, he would second the motion. The motion was carried with Mr Smith's suggestion incorporated. RKPK KSENTATIVE. Mr Jenkin Williams was re-elected the Council's representative on the governing body of the Devynock scholar- ship district. CARDIFF PROPOSAL RE-IKCTE1). The invitation from the Cardiff City Council to send representatives to a conference to consider the provision of a Welsh national war memorial having beezi re--eived, Mr Jno. Smith said he was strongly in favour of a county war memorial if anything. They could not support a national memorial and put up a proper county memorial as well, and he pro- posed that they decline to send repre- sentatives to Cardiff. Mr Jno. Jones (Xantbran), in seconding, remarked that they respected Cardiff as a capital for Wales, but they had their own county to consider. The motion was carried unanimously. HOUSING. The Clerk reported that the Sanitary Committee had appointed three sub- committees to deal with housing questions in the districts of the three medical officers, including one lady in each case —Mrs Gwynne Holford (Buckland), Mrs Powell (Castell Madoc), and Miss Adelaide Williams (Penpont). They instructed him to send a circular to each Parish Council and Parish Meeting in the district, asking for their requirements in regard to housing. Also he was in- structed to ask the Medical Officers of Health to specially inspect their districts and report. Dr. Thomas had already made his report, and one or the sub- committees had met at Talybont and considered the housing question as affecting Talybont, Llanfigan and Llan- santffraed. He had received a circular from the Local Government Board urging that housing schemes should be expedited and that a special housing committee should be appointed and be allowed to exercise most of the Council's powers in the matter. The Sanitary Committee had so far dealt with the housing question and they might be appointed the special committee. Mr John Jones, Xantbran, moved that the Sanitary Committee be appointed as a special housing committee. Mr Jno. Smith suggested that the r three ladies who were on the sub- committees should be added, and the ttiover agreed. The Rev. T. Griffiths then seconded the proposition and it was carried. cy) o, The Chairman remarked that Mrs Grwynne Holford met the sub-committee at Talybont and was very helpful. She Was prepared to grant the sites that were asked for, with the approval of the trustees. The whole proceedings at Talybont were very satisfactory. Mem- bers of the Parish Council were present and they came to an agreement. The sooner they had similar meetings in the other districts the better. The Clerk mentioned that 12 houses Were proposed for the parishes of Llan- figan and Llanddettv on sites selected. Mr Jno. Jones, Xantbran, said he was afraid some of the parishes did not take into consideration the cost of the houses, and that they thought they could get houses for little or nothing. The Housincr Committee should very care- fully consider the question of finance because it would be useless to build houses to cost. £ 500 or 9600 and have them vacant. i The Chairman I believe the sub- committees will use discretion. Of course it would be foolish to build houses with- out the prospect of tenants. Mr Jno. Smith contended that it Would be wrong for any district to build houses to accommodate persons that the district itself did not require. In his Parish they had decided that they did not require any houses there were ah eady 'three good houses empty. Some yaihpjiymen attended their Parish Meet- ing and thought they should build. If they did the people who would take the houses would be railwaymen and pos- sibly others from Brecon town. He did not think it was the intention of the Government that they should build houses (cheap as far as the rental was concerned) for people to avoid rates in the districts where they now lived. The intention of the Government was to intention of the Government was to build for the needs of the district and that was what the Council should do. They had some bad houses not fit for good workmen to live in, and these were the men who should be catered for. Whether it was an urban or a rural centre, they should see that the 'men there had proper houses to live in, but they should not build little palaces in the country for men to come out of town to live in. The Chairman pointed out that the object of the Sanitary. Committee in asking the Medical Officers to report was to ascertain how many houses were j condemned in each district and how many of such could be made habitable. The chief object of appointing the sub- committees was to guard the Council in the same direction, so that the owners of any houses capable of being made habitable should be compelled to do the necessary work and money should not be wasted in building houses where they were not required. The Rev. T. Griffiths Bui I under- stand there is a commissioner coming to scs what houses are required. see what houses are required. The Chairman Generally I believe the committees know more about that than any commissioner can know. Messrs Jenkin Williams, Jno Jones (Xantbran) and the Rev. T. Griffiths were appointed to attend the County Council conference on housing. INCREASE OF SALARY REFUSED. The Council next dealt with the application of Mr W. Williams, one of the highway surveyors, for an increase of salary. At the last meeting a recommendation was received from the Finance Committee to continue the war bonuses paid to the highway surveyors for three months, but not to alter their Mr Williams then put in a formal application for an increase, con- sideration of which was postponed for a month. Replying to the Chairman, Mr Wil- liams said he had found the money insufficient for the work. He had had to fall back on other money he had from private sources and he did not think that was fair or right. Including the war bonus he received from the Council £ Uti, and the expenses ran very deeply .Y into that amount. He had £ 75 a year as fuel overseer, but that was extra work and a good deal went in expenses. The duties of this office had entrenched upon the other work to a certain extent. When he made his application lie ex- pected the fuel overseership would soon be finished, but it was now likely to go on for this year. Since he had taken it on lie never knew when iii,4, work was finished. He had had to work many I times till 2 and ?> o'clock in the morning and come into Brecon on Sundays. A discussion then took place in the absence of the surveyors. It. was pointed out that Mr Williams was appointed as a full-time officer, but had been allowed to hold an assistant overseership. The Rev. T. Griffiths spoke of the decreased purchasing power of money, and added that they must acknowledge that Mr Williams was an efficient officer, and it was their duty to pay him adequately. Mr Juo Smith proposed that no increase be granted and Mr Jno Price I seconded. Mr Jno Jones (Xantbran) remarked that as the fuel overseership would continue for some time, he did not see how they could grant an increase that day. Whilst that office was held, the other office could not get the full value of the surveyor's time and it would not be just to the ratepayers to make an increase. They all knew Mr Williams was an excellent officer, but the rate- payers also had to be considered. Mr D. J. Thomas did not think the Council were dealing quite fairly with Mr Williams. They all agreed he was an excellent officer. They had been raising the salaries of other officers all round and he believed Mr Williams was the first whose application was objected to. He was not out for extravagance, but why not treat all officials alike ? Mr Jno Smith He has had privileges which others have not had. The Chairman It must be remem- bered that Mr Williams was appointed a full-time officer and we have given him opportunities to increase his salary, £ 75 j as fuel overseer and the assistant overseership. ) Mr D. J. ThonAa But he does a lot I of work at night. Mr T. Davies said they all knew Mr Williams was an efficient officer, and as other salaries had been raised they were j not treating him quite fairly. Mr Wil- liams was an assistant overseer before,! he was appointed surveyor he had had great difficulties in his work as surveyor j during the war, and they should give him I a small increase to encourage him. The Rev. T. Griffiths proposed as an amendment that a small increase be given and Mr D. J. Thomas seconded. The Chairman I shall be quite pre- pared to consider his salary when the fuel overseership comes to an end. Mr Roger Price took the same view. Mr D. J. Thomas Is he allowed any- thing towards travelling expenses ? The Chairman No. Only four voted for the amendment and the original preposition was carried. The Chairman afterwards informed Mr Williams that the Council would be prepared to consider his position when the fuel overseership was abolished.