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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

18 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



CEFN COED. I Preferment.—Through the promotion of the Rev D. Davies, curate of Vaynor, to the benefice of Talfechan with Glyn- collwng, the Rev E. L. Jones, B.A., of Brynmawr. has been offered and has accepted the curacy of the parish of Vaynor. Mr Jones has recently passed an examination at St. David's College, Lampeter, gaining the intSr B.D. He commences his duties in the parish next Sunday. Parish Council.—At a meeting of the Vaynor Parish Council at the Cefn Coed Infanta' School on Friday, Miss Betterton iu the chair. a letter was read from Mr Evan Morgan, butcher, Cefn Coed, pointing out that a portion of land on I Cilsanws which he had previously been refused permission to enclose, had now been enclosed by Mr David Davies. Mr Morgan, in addition, contended that his right of way to his own garden was thereby taken away, and he appealed to the Parish Council to tee that justice was done. It was unanimously decided j to refer the matter to the Yaynor District Council, the two parish councillors who sit on that body also to bring the matter forward at their next meeting.—Coun- cillor Harry Evans, B.A., B.Sc., reported that the deputation from the Parish Council had met the manager of the Merthyr Electric Traction Company. and, though they had been unable to secure that the car service from Cefn Coed should be restored as far as the Graham Street terminus, yet they had been given the promise that the manager would consider the possibility of running cars to connect with the trains leaving Merthyr Station—G.W.R.. R.R., and T.V.R. If that were done it would mean that about eight cars per day would run along the whole route from Cefn to Merthyr. The manager promised also that when the Board of Trade gave him permission he would restore the car service as it was before the war.—Pro- posed by Councillor Williams, seconded by Councillor George Rees, it was re- solved that the paths of the parish be walked by the councillors on the second day of the two days' general holiday that they anticipated for the celebration of the signing of Peace.—On Cilsanws is a large, fairly level part known locally as the "black patch," the favourite play- ground for children. Councillor Francis called the attention of the Council to the fact that the condition of the patch was becoming very dangerous and proposed that ashes be tipped there in order to level' it out and make a better and safer playground. This was unanimously agreed upon. Welsh Class Outing.—The Cefn Coed Welsh Class enjoyed a very successful char-a-banc trip on Thursday, visiting places of interest in Breconshire and .in this way following up their studies of the past winter session. Leaving Cefn Coed at 8 p.m. they proceeded through Brecon to Talgarth, where they visited the grave of Hywel Harris, the reformer, and the spot where William Williams, Pantycclyn, was converted by his preaching. After lunch at Builth they saw the monument erected on the spot where Llewelyn "Llyw Olaf" was slain, and at Llan- gammarch they stayed a moment at the graves of Theophilus Evaus & Theophilus Jones. At Cefn Brith they visited the farmhouse where John Penry was born and continued through Llanwrtyd to Llandovery where the Rev. J. Seymour Rees, instructor of the class, placed a suitably inscribed lafirel wreath on the grave of William Williams, Pantycelyn, and here they sang one of the fine Welsh hymns for which Williams, Panty- celyn, was so famous. A hymn was sung, too, at the grave of David Owen("Brutus"). The arrangements for the trip were ad- mirably carried out by Mr Thomas Lewis C" Mab-y-chynydd"), secretary.




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Llanelly, Breconshire.



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