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HAY mm couscn.


HAY mm couscn. Monday.—Present Councillors F. Cadman (chairman), E. George, E. G. Boucher, S. Williams, • J. Morgan, and T. E. James, with Dr. T. E. Hincks (medical officer), Mr H. Gilby (surveyor), and Mr R. T. Griffiths (clerk). HOUSING SCHEME. Arising out of a letter from the Local Government Board concerning housing schemes, the Surveyor reported that the Housing Committee had considered the offer of the Board of Guardians in re- spect of the purchase of the allotments. They required a block plan showing the street and houses which would run from Brown-road to Gipsy Castle Lane. The question now was whether the front of the one row should face the workhouse 'or otherwise. The committee considered that it would be an advantage to the town to have houses built on Ship Pitch, and decided that Messrs Lilwall, Gwilliam and Price, the owners, be written to as to the purchase of the site. Mr George said that he found there was serious objection to the erection of houses in front of the workhouse by those who rented allotments. If they took those allotments away they would be re- quired to find allotment ground elsewhere. Mr Boucher endorsed what Mr George had said. If houses were built on the workhouse allotments a lot of discontent would be engendered among the working class, and if any other ground could be got he advised that it be acquired. Mr George thought as an alternative they should endeavour to acquire Mr James Evans's meadow as a building site. The Chairman and he thought if they could get that land at a reasonable figure it would be just the thing, for they could get a road through the centre and have two rows of houses with gardens at the back. It was the best possible site in the town, with every necessary con- venience at hand. He further quite agreed to building houses on Ship\Pitch. The Chairman agreed. The Clerk It would involve making a road as well as houses if we built in front of the workhouse. Mr Morgan agreed with the suggested sites, especially advocating the building on Ship Pitch. Very decent houses could be built there with a fair amount of back to each. Mr T. James Will it not be better to ascertain whether the Ministry of Health would sanction the building of houses there ? The Clerk Oh, yes. The Surveyor .thought the Ministry of Health would stretch a point if necessary. The Chairman suggested employing an architect. Mr George proposed that the Clerk ascertain the price at which Mr James Evans would sell his field. Mr Morgan seconded, and it was re- solved, and the workhouse scheme was droppjd for the present. THE MART DIFFICULTY. Col. Drummond, live stock commis- sioner, wrote that complaints had been made to him that at the live stock market the pens for sheep were not numbered and the weighing machine was not pro- perly fenced, and asking for steps to be taken to remedy matters. Mr George asked if they were sup- posed to find pens for the Mart. The Chairman I don't think so it was let to the auctioneers. The Clerk We always provide pens for the fairs, but this is for the Mart. Mr George said lie could speak as a grader and say that no complaints had reached him either from auctioneers or dealers. He did not know where the complaint came from. If the Council provided pens they would have to charge a toll. They are anxious to meet farm- ers and dealers in every way. Some one is trying to press the question of a Smithfield. It was resolved that the Clerk \\rite to the Commissioner stating that the weigh- ing machine had a fence round it, and that steps were being taken in respect of the pens for sheep also that he further write the auctioneer informing him of the complaints that had been made in respect of pens for sheep and expressing the hope that he would be able to rectify Matters. Subject to the sanction of the Ministry of Health, the increase of Mr Gilby's salary by £ 65 was approved, to take effect after food control ceased. On the motion of Mr Morgan, it was decided that the toll for hucksters on the streets be l/ ditto with motors 2/6, and that the Id ticket for baskets coming into the market be abolished. Applications for increases of salary Were received from the Medical Officer arid the Clerk, and were put down for future consideration. j Acting on the recommendation of the Works Committee, the charge of £ 1 Is Per six weeks for use of Isolation Hos- pital was increased to £ 2 2s. J SUNDAY MAIL. Mr Morgan proposed that steps be taken to get the motor mail which comes as far as Letton on Sunday to come on to Hay. It was stated that there was no delivery lU London on a Sunday, but that it was possible to collect one's own letters I during certain hours. There was no seconder of the motion aud the matter topped. WATER SUPPLY. The Surveyor reported having gauged water supply on July 5 th, as allows — Llangwathan, 20,1G0 gals.; ^_ew Forest, <S,G40 gals.; Hay Common, 24 ^s'' 57,000 gals., every hours, a slight increase as compared 'th the corresponding day last year. I




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