Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

3 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



li===-==:-==-_C_- i S t r i king purity, QU^blTY, I Facts t— v^hUE.. II NO higher testimony can be given to the Purity, Quality, and Value of our Goods than that we have for our Customers all Grades of Society. The Rich deal with us because they know that our Goods are j reliable in every way, and our less wealthy friends because they know they can lay out their money to the best possible advantage. I-I HIGH-CLASS AT LOW COST. W. MORIS, I The Store that does things well." I BRIDGE STREET, BRECON. i.. Have 30 years' reputation to uphold WW T| Have the Goods. H MS 1 11 5 § 1 Guarantee a straight deal. Employ qualified opticians. CAN SATISFY YOU. Bown Co., Fruiterers & Seedsmen, St. Ivel Plum Puddings A CI. C/r<0/3/ and Mincemeat. ^3flip Otreet, Ginger Brandy, Black D D17CO AJ Currant, Raisin, ate., LJ1 v* Cordials. Ml K|Ngs 0F FRU|T F0R CHRI8T8AS. rPEACE GIFTS FOR ALL. Smart & Dai nty Blouses^^ I Belts, Gloves, S^TT D T CT^A /f' AC Handkerchiefs, Ties, 1^/ m 1 if fy( xi l J Scarves, Maltese Collars, A-A" Ties, Jabots, Peter Pans, Furs, Ct*\ 73 HT C # .T A JrI C Umbrellas, Fancy- j IJLJ IJ I V I *3 • boxed Handkerchiefs, "V'III'V.V"'II'W.V"V'V'"I"V.v-V. Fancy Embroidered Useful and Reasonable at Linen and ^sh Cushion mm n| I Cases and others too Mnnrion Xi I QUIICL ™MEROTSTOMEIITION- HlUI Hull IX LuVVlUl Children's Silk and Dainty Muslin Overalls, HIGH STREET, BRECON. Pinafores, Frocks and | J Dresses. The Finest and Largest Assortment Gents' Underwear, in the County. Mufflers, Umbrellaf, ————————— Trunks, Portmanteaux, j 11 PLEASE CALL AND SEE. Fleecy Travelling Rugs. Gramophones I 1 t f j i EVERYONE IS CLAMOURING FOR A A "■ Gramophone this Christmas. f U ¥ j [ The greatest boom ever known. I f ii Instruments and Records I 11 AT T jj HEINS & CO., Brecon., || I 1. 'i¡!¡: WARWICK HOUSE, BRECON. I ALFRED A. ADCOCK FOR HANDKERCHIEFS, GLOVES, FURS, AND FANCY T A" LINEN FOR PRESENTS. I