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TOWN AND COUNTY. Devolution, we are told, has got to come. More, according to statements made at the recent Shrewsbury Confer- ence, something in the nature of a scheme is already on the Government stocks, and in the case of Wales the probability, amounting almost to a certainty, of a quarrel between North and South as to the location of the Parliament has been anticipated by the determination that the Prime Minister shall decide the point (" his word will be law," said Mr J. H. Edwards, M.P.), if there is no agreement. Well, what must be must; but the writer is as far as ever from being convinced of the wisdom or the desirability, in the true interests of the Principality, of a separate Parliament. A Welsh Parlia- ment -would be a very costly thing to keep going, and the necessary re-adjust- ment of the financial relations with ngland would probably press hardly on this poor country and one cannot con- ceive any great practical purpose that would be served that could not be as well served by enlarging the powers of the county councils. Moreover, with an overriding local House of Commons, there would be a danger of the county councils sinking into insignificance. There is the further very serious factor, and none of the advocates of Welsh Home Rule seems to have troubled about it, that t.he finances of the United King- dom are in a parlous state, and that re- construction schemes already adopted- housing, better education, &c.-are bound to add enormously to the rates and taxes. Is this a time to add the expensive luxury of Home Rule to the financial burdens we now have to becer or will have to bear in the near future ? Everybody concerned in the sale by auction of a porlion of the Buckland estate at Brecon is to be congratulated on the proceedings and the result, not excepting the spokesmen for the Farmers' Union. It was evident that the vendors meant the farm tenants to have their holdings if by an\ possibility it could be .managed. This was shown not only by what Mr Alexander, the auctioneer, said, but by the way he acted and the writer has since heard it stated by those who ought to kiiow, that the tenants bought their farms well worth the money." It may be well. perhaps, to emphasise the fact that when trustees dispose of property, they do so with definiteVlegal obligations to make the best of it and their responsibility, if they do not. may last a .very long time. Without intend- ing to go further into the general ques- tion, one would like to invite farmers to consider the landlord's point of view as put by Lord Glanusk in a letter to the Editor in another column. Its perusal should enlarge their views somewhat, though it may not altogether change their opinions. The Chairman of the Crickhowell Board of Guardians showed a firmness in dealing with an element of insub- ordination at the last meeting of that body which is to be commended to some other public authorities, too long-suffer- ing when some of the members go from argnment to clamour. The Minister of Health having refused to sanction the selfish Brynmawr proposal to change the place of the Guardians' meeting from Crickhowell to Gilwern, the Chairman refused to accept a resolution to "kielc against the pricks," stuck to his guns and r won the day. It was not the best of form to leave the room because they could not have their own way in q, piece of useless defiance, but some of the Bryn- mawr members adopted this method of showing their displeasure. One of them, it is gratifying to find, recognised the correctness of the Chairman's attitude, and courageously spoke in his support. On the merits of the original question, one is not as a rule enamoured of such close control of local affairs by a Govern- ment department in London as here displayed but it is pretty obvious that in this instance the Minister of Health stepped in to study the convenience of a large number of people in the whole Union, as against the convenience of a small number in one particular part of of it.








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