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Situations V&cmt & 'J!I!ted" HEDGING. ENoUGH Work during the Winter — for two w-eii. Apply W. F. Lloyd, Llangoed, Llyswen, Breconshire. To Let and Wantedi T0 LET, Cottage and Garden at Llan- ■ fihangel-Nan t bran. — Apply, Miss Williams, Kidwelly Villa, Brecon. Williams, Kidwelly Villa, Brecon. pOR SALE, one Garvie Threshing ■ Tackle, complete with Ingesco Engine, good as new price f,120.- Apply Jones, Pytindu, Brecon. FOR SALE, New Cider at l/ld. per ■ gal. in purchaser's casks, free on rail.—Mills, Ty-r-Bryn, Talgarth. Af /cejlaneous. BABY'S Long Clothes; 50 pieces 27/9 surpassingly beautiful per- fect work sumptuously full; mar- vellous bargain. Instant approval.— Mrs Max, The Chase, Nottingham. OOCK SALT.—Rock Salt in large or ■ small quantities from Stanton, Veterinary Chemist, Brecon. ALTERATIVE & CONDITION POW- A LTERATIVE & CONDITION POW- *» DERS.—Working Horses should be given Stanton's Alterative Powders during the winter months. They keep the kidneys in order, the legs from swell- ing, the blood pure. Safe for mar in foal. For conditioning horses for show or sale Stanton's Condition Powders in lib. and 31b. canisters.—Stanton, Veter- inary Chemist. Brecon. WANTED daring season good bacon pigs, any quantity, any size.— Box 20, County Times," Brecon. BACON Pigs purchased, any number, any weight, at Government prices. —Apply Box B 14, "County Times" Office, Brecon. MOLESKINS 105/- per 100. Rabbits, Hares, Foxes, Badgers, also wanted. Cash same day..Write for price list.—A. C. Richfield and Stone (1919), Ltd., 112, New Oxford Street, London, W.C. 1. IMPORTANT TP POULTRY Keepers. OVUM, Thorley's Poultry Spice, should be mixed with all Soft Food. Sold by :—Tom H. Ward, Corn Merchant, High St., Crickhowell. DIG POWDERS.—Your Pigs will do well • on Stanton's Pig Powders. They make bad doers thrive and good doers do better. Packets 4d., 8d. and Is. 3d.— Stanton, Veterinary Chemist, Brecon. WHIST DRIVES.—Organisers of Whist Drives requiring Scoring Cards (5s 6d per 100) should call at the "County Times" Offices, Bulwark, Brecon. BUTTER COLOUR.—The beautiful *— golden shade most desired by buttermakers is given by Stanton's Butter Colour. Tasteless, odourless. Large bottles Is. and Is. lOd.—Stanton, Veter- inary Chemist, Brecon. 2,100 EGGS IN 4-1 MONTHS 2 from 34 birds by using OVUM, Thorley's Poultry Spice." Sold by R. C. Prytherch, Chemist, Medical Hall, Llan- wrtyd Wells. WANTED always stretched and dried Moleskins. Only firm making guaranteed offer 50/- 100 through, cash return post.—Thomas Price, Wholesale Furrier, Cardiff. MOLE and Rabbit Skins, etc., wanted. Best prices paid by return. Any quantity.—W. H. Cohen, 6 and 8, Emerald Street, London, W.C. 1. PULTRY KEEPERS SHOULD write to Joseph Thorley, Ltd., Caledonian Road, King's Cross, London. N. 1, who are the manufacturers of OVUM, Thorley's Poultry Spice, for Thorley's Poultry Keepers' Account Book. Book giving useful hints to Poultry Keepers and Egg Record Card. Sent Free. MOLES, Foxes, Otters, Badgers, &c., stretched and dry market value returned same day.—British Pelt Co., 8, Castle Street, London, E.C. 1. "A 1917 HATCHED BIRD LAID 15 eggs in 16 days, as the result of using OVUM, Thorley's Poultry Spice." Sold by Tom H. Ward, Corn Merchant, High I Street, Crickhowell. M OLESKINS. We are buyers of Moleskins in any quantities.; highest prices given for clear winter skins, cash on delivery. Send your collection to A. and M. Winter, 3, Falcon Street, Aldersgate Street, London, E.C. OVUM, THORLEY'S POULTRY SPICE, surpasses everything yet introduced for Poultry. Sold by Tom H. Ward, Corn Merchant, High Street, Crickhowell. CARCASES removed, live or dead, C horses or cows; horses 8/ cows 10/ rags 10/- per cwt. Carcases removed at once on receipt of letter.—Mrs Margaret Morris, 26, Silver Street, Llanfaes, Brecon. ""THORLEY'S PIG POWDERS, as simple remedies for ills in Pigs, are the best. Certain cure for Catarrh, Cramp, Constipation, Eczema, &c. f5 MOLESKINS.—Million skins wanted, Five Pounds per 100 for Best Qualit-Gerrard, Furriers, Edinburgh. OOULTRY POWDER.—Poultry pays if tili well managed and good Poultry Keepers say that it pays to give Stan- ton's Poultry Powder. It keeps them in good health, prevents disease and doubles .the egg basket. Packets 4d., 8d. and Is. 3d.-Stanton, Veterinary Chemist, Brecon. FARMERS' BOOTS, 12 months" ■ wear waterproof uppers and soles « watertight tongue stitched to top j warranted to keep out water 27s 6d.— j Write for list and testimonials, J. T. Taylor, Bootman, Halesowen, near Birmingham. OULLETS and Ducks, March, 1919, • hatch, finest layers, only 10/6 each, 16 dozen list breeds free.—Hummell, Stratford, Essex. DEPENDABLE-THAT'S WHAT D OVUM, Thorley's Poultry Spice, is. Because by its use you can be sure of healthy birds and a plentiful egg supply. Sold by Thomas Price, Corn Merchant, Lion Street, Hay. MOLESKINS, ETC. WANTED. We pay up to 1201- per 100, also skins of rabbits, hares, foxes and otters. Cash by return. Send for price list to the Largest Cash Buyers in the world. Western Fur Co., 13, Bridge St., Bristol. Broody Hens Wanted in January, February, and early March. Purchase 10s. Hire 2s. a month. DICKINSON, Llandefaelog, Brecon. County of Brecon. YEAR 1920. LICENSES For Armorial Bearings-Male I Servants—Carriages (including Motor Cars), Dog, Gun and Game Licenses. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Breconshire County Council will not in the future issue, to persons. required by law to take out any of the above-mentioned Licenses, and to make and deliver declarations in respect thereof, personal reminders of their obligation to do so. Forms of application for exemption from Dog License duty can be obtained on application at any Police Station in the County or at any Money Order Office. Forms of Declaration and Licenses may be obtained at any Money Order Office. C. G. COLE-HAMILTON, Chief Constable, Local Taxation Officer. Gwillim's Mole Poison. is. 6d. PER PACKET. Easy to use and certain to kill Moles, Rats or Mice. No Trouble. Only requires a few minutes of your time. Obtainable only of OWILUM, CHEMIST, BRECON GO TO -ANY CHEMIST and get BLANCHARD'S Female PillS. They supersede Pennyroyal, Pill Cochia, Bitter Apple, &c., &c. Recommended by eminent physicians and thousands of ladies. These Pills have been used with the most signal success in all ailments inci- dental to the sex, and thousands of grateful letters have been received from all parts of the world testifying to their efficacy. Sold in Boxes, 1/3, by all, Chemists or post free, with instructive guide, same price from Leslie Martyn Ltd., Chemists, 34, Dalstoh Lane, London, E. 8. Brecon & Merthyr I Railway. NO PASSENGER TRAINS Will be run on THE BRECON AND MERTHYR RAILWAY' ON CHRISTMAS DAY, Thursday, December 25th, 1919. HERBERT R. PRICE, General Manager. Newport, Dec., 1919. 1 NOTTS GAB AGE, J BRECON, ,1 AUTOMOBILE, ELECTRICAL j & GENERAL ENGINEERS. I r I UNDERTAKE PROMPTLY AND AT FAIR | PRICES ALL KINDS OF REPAIR WORK. Accumulators re-charged, repaired and cleaned. High pressure Acetylene Welding. Sole Agents for I Standard; Humber; Bedford; Calthorpe and a Other Cars. Clyno; A.J.S.; P.M. James; Humber Hobart; Allon and Other High-grade Motor Cycles. LARGE STOCK OF TYRES, SPARES & OTHER ACCESSORIES IN STOCK. I IbS, — Telephone: Brecon. Ald* Sales by A uction. By Messrs David & W. J. Price. (formerly David Price and Williams) MR. DAVID PRICE.] [MR. W. J. PRICE Saturday, Dec. 27th.—-Sale of Stock, Crops, etc., at Gilfachyrhaidd, Llandilo'rfane. Monday, Dec. 29th.-Grading and Auction Mart at Talybont. Tuesday, Dec. 30th.-Grading and Auction Mart at Brecon. Wednesday, Dec. 31st.-Grading and Auction Mart at Sennybridge. Thursday, January 15th.-Sale of Stock at Oaklands, Llanddew. Jan.—Sale of Freehold House Property at Brecon. Talybont (trading and Auction Mart. Monday, Dec. 29th. Brecon Grading and Auction Mart. Tuesday, Dec. 30th. Sennybridge Grading and Auction Mart. Wednesday, December 31st. Auctioneer, W. J. Price. 6, Bulwark, Brecon. LTE RATION OF DATE. GILFACHYRHAIDD FARM, LLANDILO'RFANE, Sennybridge. Important and Attractive Sale of Live and Dead Farming Stock, Crops, Dairy Utensils, and Part of Household Furniture. M ESSRS. DAVID & W. J. PRICE have received instructions from Mr Griffith Price (who is leaving the farm) to Sell by Public Auction, on SATURDAY, 27th DECEMBER, 1919, and NOT Saturday, January 3rd as advertised. the following attractive Iota :— 50 RADNqR EWES, two and three years old 2 stock rams. 9 CATTLE.—Barren cow, Cross- Shorthorn cow to calve April 5th two two-year-old .heifers, two steers, three steer calves. 3 HORSES.—Four-year-old mare supposed to be in foal three-half-year- old colt,, typical collier three-half-year old Welsh cob mare. PIGS.-Good fat pig. IMPLEMENTS. Mowing machine, threshing machine and gearing, win- nowing machine, chaffcutter, horse rake, pair harrows, pigs trough, sheeprack, casks and tubs, rolls of netting and barb wire, strong trap (new), etc. DAIRY UTENSILS.—Cheese press, separator, new churn, bench, buckets, pans, etc. PART HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE.— Settle, safe, table, bedstands, benches, &e. CRops.-About 10 tons of hay, 2 stacks of oats, stack of barley, stack of barley straw, &c. Note.—The crops were harvested in excellent condition. The hay will be sold in four lots to suit buyers. Light refreshments -provided. Sale at 1 prompt. Terms-3 months' credit on approved bills. Auctioneers' Offices, 6, Bulwark, Brecon. Sales by A action. Three Horse Shoes, Trecastle. LETTING OF GRASS KEEP. MR. W. J. PRICE will Æet at SENNYBRIDGE MART, on DEC. 31st next, the Grass Keep on above Holding to 25th March next. Sale at 12. Messrs. Joseph Hibbard & Sons. First Portion. G.R. FOR ABSOLUTE SALE. WITHOUT RESERVE. By Order of the Board of Trade. Timber Controller's Department. SOUTH WALES. MESSRS. JOSEPH HIBBARD & SONS (F.A.I.), will 'Sell by Public Auction, upon the Sites, as hereunder:— CASTLE MADOC (6 miles from Brecon Station, Great Western Railway), CAMDEN (4 miles from Brecon Station, Great Western Railway), and GLANUSK (2 miles from Crickhowell, near Abergavenny), on TUESDAY, JANUARY 13th, 1920, and following Day, at 12 o'clock pre- cisely each day. Stock of Timber- including 200,000 ft. CUBE ENGLISH TIMBER comprising OAK, ASH, BEECH, ELM, POPLAR and CHESTNUT, cut into Planks, Boards, Scantlings, Van and Truck Bed Planks, &c. 30.000 Oak and Elm Pit SLEEPERS and Key Blocks. 100 STANDARDS well-cut SCOTCH FIR and LARCH, in Planks, Deals, Battens, Boards, and Scantlings. On view Monday prior to Sale and Sale Mornings. Catalogues can be obtained upon application to the Board of Trade, Timber Supply Offices, Ply- mouth Chambers, Westgate Street, Car- diff of the Timber Controller's Depart- ment, 80, Newman Street, London, W.l; or of the Auctioneers, at their Offices, Newington Green, Islington, London, N.1, and at High Street, Brentwood, Essex, and Branches at 110, Bouverie Road, Stoke Newington, London, N.1; 471a, Caledonian Road, Islington, London; and Offord Road, Islington, London. Telephone Nos. 16 and 2020 Dalston and 3687 North. Telegraphic Address Archlike," Highbury, London. — — Xmas Presents. The most Useful Present is a SEWING MACHINE, and of all Sewing Machines SINGER'S IS THE BEST. Machines of all sizes on show in Brecon Market and at 15, Castle Street, Brecon, All makes Repaired and Exchanged, Cash or Easy Terms. Sales by Auction. I .— —————————————————— j Messrs Miller and Powell. I December 30th.—Brecon Mart. I December 30th.—Talgarth Mart. January 7th.—Surplus Furniture, Officers' Hospital, Llangammatch Wells. I 11 G. R. I By Order of the Disposal Board. LINKS. HOTEL, Llangammarch Wells. MR. HOWELL POWELL, F.A.I., ■ has received instructions to Sell by Public Auction at the above place the whole of the Furnishing of the Officers' Hospital on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 7th, 1920, and the following day if necessary, comprising Very handsome writing table, draw, cupboard and shelves, 12 excellent upholstered basket chairs, 9 excellent arm chairs equal to new in mahogany and Russian leather, 2 oak arm chairs upholstered in Russian leather, 2 very fine Chesterfields (equal to new), 4 self- propeller invalid chairs, 48 iron bed- steads with woven springs, 50 bar-wise invalid beds mounted on wheels, invalid wheel chair, invalid carrying chair, 6 occasional tables, 10 bedside tables, 10 trestle tables, 10 pedestal tables, 4 stools, 4 linen baskets, 139 counterpanes, 100 hair mattresses, 360 white blankets, 200 brown do., 100 feather pillows, 20 hair do., 20 bolsters, 560 pillow slips, 340 bath towels, 400 hand towels, 100 damask table cloths, 450 table napkins, 80 tray cloths, 30 hot water cans, 3 ware slop pails, 17 housemaid boxes, 25 sweeping brushes, a large quantity of brushes, Japanned trays, buckets, bed pans, sponge baskets, strong galvanized tubs (various sizes), medicine cloths, dusters, distinctive cloths. Catalogues may be obtained from the Auctioneer at his Offices, Castle Street. Brecon. Further particulars may be obtained from the Controller, Furniture Section, Ministry of Munitions, Disposal Board, 18, Queen Ann's Gate, Westminster, S.W. 1. Mr. T. J. Phillips. Dec. 30th.- Brecon Grading and Auction Mart. Mr F. G. Price Dec. 29th.-Hay Auction Mart. Vy Educational. PRIVATE TUITION. MR. W. P. J. LEBROCQ, M.A., F.L.S., F.R. Met. Soc. (Honours, Christ's College, Cam.) PREPARES PUPILS for Com- 1- missions in the Army and Navy, and for Law, Medical, Civil Service and other Entrance Examinations. Private lessons in Botany, practical Botany with use of Microscope, Mathematics, French, Nature Study, etc Mr. Ernest W. Baker (Fellow of the Royal College of Organists), Organist and Choirmaster Priory Church, BRECON. Receives Pupils for Pianoforte, Organ, Singing, Theory, &c. Ensemble Classes for the Practice of Chamber Music. SCHOOLS VISITED. For terms apply— I 19, The Struet, Brecon. Llanthetty, Llanfigan and Llansantffraed Welcome Home Fund. An Entertainment will be held at the CHURCH HALL, Talybont-on-Usk, On SATURDAY EVENING NEXT, DECEMBER 27th, at 7 p.m., at which the ADDRESSES, etc., will be presented to the Men who have served with the Colours and to the Relatives of those who laid down their lives foi their country. ERNEST S. EDWARDS. COMRADES' XMAS DRAW. Winning Numbers. 1638, 402, 2750, 2476, 3072, 1753, 2501, 952, 2097 2526, 210, 30, 3128, 537, 2385. South Wales Jams and Marmalades. PURITY GUARANTEED. South Wales Jams and Marmalade Co., Cardiff I

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Brecon Farmers' Union.