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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

19 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



GOOD WILL. If we survey the nation's problems and tasks in the spirit which Christmas- tide bids us apply to them, we shall see that they can be rightly solved in one way and in one way only. The same unfailing precept-as old as Christmas- tide itself-fits them all. At home, abroad, what is wanted is that great- hearted good will which the British people have so often triumphantly applied to their difficulties with dis- trustful, sullen, intractable people of all sorts and conditions. The vast work of necessary reconstruction after the war has been well begun and diligently advanced. Therefore we may with loyalty to conscience and honest cordiality bid those who suspect or pro- fess to suspect the nation's purposes, resolves and plans judge us by our record, and hope from us in future what our record so plainly promises. Confining ourselves for the moment to the outlook at home, we see revolutionary plotters amongst us, the unwearied sowers of discord in our midst. A salutary Christmastide truth was told them a few days ago by Mr C. B. Stanton, who has been miner, docker, miners' agent and is now member for Aberdare, when he said —" If only Labour will rise to its dignity, be true to itself, and cast out the would-be Trotskys and Lenins, there is a bright future before the country, in which poverty and unemployment will be seen no more, The Bolshies and mad-brained people who are misleading Labour to-day must be removed from our midst. Benefit will only come from a mutual understanding, and not by preaching class war." We quote this message of a genuine and trusty repre- sentative of British Labour not because we think that the lesson of goodwill needs to be preached to the working classes alone, but because we fear that they are in special danger of losing sight of its importance to them, as sharers in the nation's weal or woe, in these days of constant agitation for the betterment of their conditions. As individuals the Christmas message still has a force and meaning for them: viewed in the mass, they do not seem to feel its universal appli- cation. Yet. whatever form of government we may have. whatever further changes in the direction of State control of the means of production may take place, it will be necesary for the « mass, as well as the individual, to show the spirit of goodwill—to be ready to co-operate for the common good, to consider the rights and needs of others as well as their own selfish aspirations-if our dear country is to have a happy and prosperous future. Never was it more necessary for us all- high and low, rich and poor-to realise that there must be goodwill towards men" if we are to have "peace on earth."





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