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CRICKET. Welshpool opened the season on Saturday in a manner which augurs well for a successful season. D. Jones could not go with the team to Chirbury, otherwise the visitors had their best men. Against the bowline: of Chirbury Welshpool scored 88 by good all round hatting. Makepeace headed the list with a well hit score of 26. Wilfred .Jont", Tallis, and Iart aiso showed good form. The bowling of Chirbury was not so deadly as usual, Tomlins be- in T most successful. Shaw met with little success at first but afterwards did well. The fielding of Ch*.rli v showed a sad want or practice and stit. sadly by comparison with that which followed by Welshpool. Parry's strong right arm aii<1 Tiai-i.'s head were too much tor the villagers whi) were all out for 29. The howling was un- doubtedly good especially that of Parry, but as the wicket was not a bad one Chirbary ought to have done better. The men evidently had not practiced a little for their indifferent display. Tile of Welshpool wa= *xe*ntionallr good. Makepeace made a splendid catch in the outfield, hut what, can be said of the one made by Blaekith who was field- ing where was it Mr b i It was a relllg-em and deserves a whole column of praise. Plav np Welsh. pool and show neighbours that the old spirit of more than a quarter of a centurv zi -!o is not dead. The mato'ie-hefwenn and R.W.W., New- t,)wti, and Mon g. mejy will I e m. st interesting ones, and Welshpool ought to hold their own. Y\ ith the object of discovering any rising talent and of improving the cricket of'the youngsters, Mr Swainson arranged a match between 18 Colts of the district and the Oswestry team. Mr Swainson worked hard for this good cause, but he did not get the support he deserved. It is rather a pity the match was not arranged earlier and the attention of secretaries in the district called to it so that the Co.ts would not be engaged in club matches on the day. Only 16 Colts turned up and some of them were vorv moderate. Against the effective bowling of R. T. Gough and How the Colts were dismissed for 3D. NO one reached double figures and the only ones to make any stay at the wicket were R. Eyton 5, and Cutland 9. The former showed very good form for his runs. How captured nine wickets for 14, and n, T. Guug-h 6 for 16. Oswestry made verv light of the task set them and soon polished off the runs. F. M. How 36, and G. Whitfield 24, showed very nice form for their runs, and R. T. Gontrh 13, n. W. Sabine 12, F. C. Campbell 14, and W. K. Minshall 10, proved that they will be all there this season. The fielding of the Colts was rather moderate, but no doubt the admirable lesson taught them by Oswestry will hearth, in good fruit. did a fine bowling performance for Elles- mere on Saturday against St James's Wrexham. The whole of the Wrexham men were out fcr 37 runs, and Lea got seven of the wickets for 10 runs only. Pdlesmere replied with 60 T. P. Jones, Rev K. R. Thompson, and Inglis doing well with the bat. With at least three good men away from the Knocki". team it was fully expected that Whitting- ton would be too good for them. This proved to be the cn-e as "Kin ckin were badly beaten in one innings—scoring 29 and 25 to 78 made by WbiÇtií; ton. Only two men showed up prominently for Whittington in batting. J. Charles batted steadilv at first, for 14, but Grindley hit away very hard for -34 He rattled up his score in a very few minutes. Ba<:nley and Charles bowled well the first innings for Whittinatoa, but Beckett and Sanderson did even better in he second. L'anvmvnech were only able to take a scratch team to m'eet the High School, and perhaps were very fortunate in winning. The wickst was as bad as can be imagined, and was all against batting and bowling. 0 It was positively dangerous to stand up against fast bowline, and one or two batsmen carried away tokens of the fray. The first innings of Llanymynech only reached 29, and this was the work of four men. Robert Jones, late of Aberys- twyth, who has joined the Llanymynech club this season, headed the list with a capital innings of 14, made in very stylish form and under great diffi. culties. He will be a decided and welcome acquisi- tion to the club. The bowling of Messrs Benfield, Millp, and Parry was very good and true, but the fielding of some of the boys was not up to the proper standard of school fieldioir. With only 30 to get to win, Mr. Benfield and Parry entered on their task with great confidence. Both played ad- mirably, and it was very unfortunate for the High School that Mr. Benfield was run out when well set. Home and Parry batted well and 5 wickets realised 23 runs. Hugh Pryce had been bowling very well all through and with R. Morris on at the other end these two sent down some trimmers, and the bowling being backed up by very smart fielding the boys found it difficult work to get the ball away. The last wicket fell for 24 runs only. On both sides dusks predominated—there being no less than 13. Hugh Price took 6 wickets for 11, and R. Morris 3 for 3. In the 2nd innings of Llanymynech 3 wickets fell for 28. Hugh Pryce was the saviour of his side, as he not only bowled well but played an exceed- ingly steady innings of 10 not out. The two professional footballers at Newtown are also good cricketers. Charlie Parry helped Harry Hibbott to get rid of the Captain's team on Satur- day for 20 runs on the occasion of the match between Secretary aud Captain's eleven. P.W.Jones bowled well for the Captain's team, but the trundling at the other end was not very killing. n (13), Bannister and H. E. Breeze (11 Par k&ttec* well in the score of 62. Hibbott and rry got rid of the other side for a score of exactly score. The Newtown team this year look like aomg j hasbf-J^ feafcura °f First Class cricket this week PKvinr^orr wonderful success of the Australians, ian bcwlin^lnSt aQ of England the Austral- were all out that the England team 7 wickets for 15 P ?* en actually took whole team from hi^na' L*tt,e Gregory beat the innings of 154. Yort v?n and scored a grand a rare race fortheCharw Surre? are running are wonderfully stronc aU°r S' first"named of good judges are the bent ° in theoPlniou to-day. They have already nia ty team in England against Warwick and Susse -° scores every member in the team se?ms as if century. Dt> to go in for his NEWTOWN CLCB.—A pleasant between teams selected by Mr tip8 to°k place xetarv) and Mr W P Richards ?reeze («ec- SKCRETARY'S XE VU S^RES II Hibbott run out Saunders b P W Jones C Parry b Claffey ? F R Hall c G F Roberts b P W Jones" n W Parry c and b P W Jones H E Breese run out F E Binns b P W Jones R Rider c and b P W Jones g A T Benoow run out 4 G M Evans b P W Jones Q Bannister lbw b Barrington n W J Jones not out i J Andrew c Thornton b P W J^nes 2 Extras. 5 Total 62 CAPTAIN'S TEAM. R Williams run out 1 H Morgan b Hibbott 7 Rev G D Roberts b C Parry 1 T Worthington b Hibbott 2 G H Claffey c Saunders b Parry 0 K C Morgan c Hall b Hibbott 1 Thornton b Hibbott 0 P W Jones b Parry 2 J E Roberts b Hibbott 0 T Barrington st Breeze 2 W Crewe b Parry 0 II Owen not out 1 Extras. 3 Total. 20 OSWESTRY HIGH SCHOOL V LLANYMYNECH.— iMaved at Oswestry on Saturday. Scores :— LLANTMYNFCH. J Push lbw b Parry 8 H Pryce c Mills b Benfield 3 Jones cLewis b Mills 14 T Perrott c Home b Benfield 0 R Morris b Parry 0 Roberts b Mills 0 Wilde b Benfield 1 Brown b Benfield 0 E Davies not out 0 Jeffrey b Mills 0 Richards b Mills 0 Extras 3 Total. 29 THK HIGH SCHOOL. -;eniield run out 8 T W Parry b Pryce 4 Kerslake b Pryce 0 Horne b Pryce 10 Wheldon b Prvce 1 Mills b Morris 0 H R Hughes c Davies b Pryce 1 T J Jones b Morris 0 R A Lewis not out 0 Edmunds c Wilde b Pryce 0 W Davies b Morris 0 Extras. 0 Total. 24 In their second innings, Llanymynech made 28 for the loss of three wickets. ELLT.SMBRE TOWN V. ST. JAMES'S (WREXHAM).— for the loss of three wickets. ELLT.SMBRE TOWN V. ST. JAMES'S (WREXHAM).— Played at Ellesmere on Saturday, and ended in a win for the home team. Lea bowled well for the victors, taking seven wickets for ten runs. Score:— Score:— s JAMES. J Stanford c Inglis b Lea 2 b Lea. 2 S Read b Lea 0 not out.! 21 W T W Jeffrey b Jones.. 3 b Lea 2 D H Pugh b Lea 9 b Lea 4 J A Berkeley c Tabor b Lea 3 b Jones 21 T C Dodd c Tabor b Inglis 5 c and b Tabor 8 S Weaver b Lea 0 b Lea 0 G Whitaker not out 4 run out 0 W Humphreys c Owen b Inglis Ib Thompson. 0 H Humphreys b Lea 0 did not bat 11 Leach b Lea 0 Extras. 10 Extras 22 Total 37 Total 80 ELLESMERE. Lea b Read 4 G Inglis b Read H Ashion b Read 1 Phillips lbw b Pugh 3 Tabor b Pugh 0 Rev It B riompson b Dodd 13 Rev L M Owen c Dodd b Jeffery 2 T P Jones c Jeffery b Read 16 FE Roberts c Read b Dodd C J Shelhorn not out 0 S Mann lbw b Dodd 0 Extras 1Q Total 60 WHITTINGTON V. KNOCKIN.—Played at Knockin on Saturday with the following result :— KNOCKIN. W Davies b Baguley 0 b Beckett, 0 W Jones c Baguley b Charles 6 c Griffiths b Beckett 2 W Williams b Baguley 10 b Sanderson 9 H Harris b Charles 0 st Williams b Sanderson 5 E Griffiths b Baguley 7 st Williams b Beckett 0 E Bill lbw b Charles 0 b Beckett 2 T Evans b Baguley 0 b Beckett 4 H Hales c Beckett b Charles 1 c Baguley bBecket 0 E Davies not out 0 c Griffiths b Sanderson 0 C Evans c Owen b Charles Q not out 0 R Owen b Charles 1 Absent Extras. 4 Extras 3 Total 29 Total 25 WHITTINGTON. J Charles run out 14 E Baguley lbw b Bill 2 W Sanderson c T Evans b Bill 0 W Williamsb W Davjeg 3 I J Beckett c Hales b Davies 0 W Foulkes b W Jones 3 W Davies c Bill b Davies 8 W Grindlev run out 34 W Owen b W Davies 9 D Griffiths run onf 1 F Griffiths not out 0 Extras 3 Total 78 OSWKSTRY v EIGHTEEN COLTS OF THE DISTRICT. —Played on the Town Ground on Saturday. Owing to several neighbouring clubs having matches Mr Swainson (who captained the eighteen) was nnable to put a representative team in the field. The Colts batted first, Rowson and Davies facing the bowling of R. T. Gough and How. With his first ball How bowled Davies, and in the next over Gough caught and bowled Rowson. The Oswestry fielding was good, and the Colts were dismissed for 33, How taking 9 wickets for 14 and Gongh 6 for 16. Oswestry sent in R. T." and H. W. Sabine, and the score was taken to 21 before Gongh was bowled by Cutland. How followed, and at once seemed at home, but at 28 Sabine was out to a smart catch by Cutland, his contribatition being 13. Moore was beaten by Cutland after scoring 6, and Whitfield joined How and runs came freely, the score being taken to 95 before How fell to a catch by Rowson, he having made 36 in his usual good style. In the next over Whitfield was sent back with 24 to his credit. Campbell and Minshall both helped the score, and the innings closed for 128. The Town were thus left easy winners by 95. Of the bowlers' tried Swainson met with the most success, taking four wickets for 16 runs. Scores:— COLTS. 1st innings. Rowson c and bR T Gough 0 E Davies b F How 1 Shelton b R T Gough 2 Mortis b F How 1 R Eyton c A W Sabine b F How 5 Cutland c F J Gough b R T Gough 9 E Parry b F How 0 T Morgan b F flow 1 S Deakin b R T Gough 1 J Lloyd c Tidy b R T Gough 0 E Clemson b F How 3 J Minchin c Campbell b R T Gough 0 Roberts not out 2 W Glover c F J Gough b F How 5 G Davies b F How 0 A Swainson b F How 0 Extras. 3 Total 33 2nd innings. Rowson not out 6 Shelton c and b W II Sabine 2 Mortis run out *I* 1 R Eyton b H W Sabine 8 Cutland not out 17 Extras. 6 Total (for 3 wickets) 40 OSWESTRY. It T Gough b Cutland 13 H W Sabine c and b Cutland 12 F M How c Rowson b Lloyd 36 J Moore b Cutland 6 G Whitfield c Mortis b Swainson 24 F C Campbell c Shelton b Swainson 14 W K Minshall c Lloyd b Swainson 10 A Sabine b Lloyd 0 F J Gough handled ball 0 S B Billington not out 6 N E Tidy b Swainson 0 Extras. 7 Total 128 ABERYSTWYTH GRAMMAR SCHOOL PAST AXD PRESENT V. COLLEGE 2ND XI.—This match was played on Saturday last on the U.C.W. ground. The o egians won by two wickets and 60 runs. Tne following were the scores — c.c.w. 2ND 11. W D John b J C Rea 0 li Morgan c J F Jones b J C Rea 8 ^borae b J C Rea 1 cowwbjCRea 5 FOTHERIJGH^BBJJVTREA 30 D k Rea°ne8 £ D Morns bHAHughes'. « M Thomas not out. ? Wordsworth not out". O T Evana did not bat Extras.. 8 Total — GRAMMAR SCHOOL. O Green c Morgaa b Osborne £ 5 Y Orton b Osborne H A Hughes b Osborne 4 D A Jones b Osborne 4 J C Rea b O T Evans J F Jones b O T Evans ] P Kinsey c Word worth b O T Evans 2 Daniell not out J G Morgan b Osborne 0 Blackhurst b 0 T Evans Q A Green c Morgan b Osborne 1 Extras 13 Total 40 CHIRBURY v WELSHPOOL.—Played at Chirbury on Saturday last, and resulted in an easy victory for Welshpool, for whom Tallis, Hart, W. Jones, and Makepeace scored freely and well. Parry took 5 wickets for 10 runs and Hart 5 for 18. Score WELSHPOOL. T F Hiles b Tomley 1 C F Tallis c Butler b Tomley 12 J Hart b T Pryce 15 W Jones b Tomlev 12 R F Parry c Poole b Butler. 3 J H Addie run out 2 W Makepeace c and b Henley 27 T Jones c Tomley b Shaw 4 H Blackith c Poole b Shaw. 2 Cronk b Shaw 2 R Hutchins not out 0 Extras. 7 Total. 87 CHIRBrRy. W R Shaw c Addie b Parry. 4 W R Morris b Parry 2 C Butler c Hart b Parry 1 J E Tomley c Makepeace b Hart 7 W Langford c Hiles b Hart 3 T Pryce b Parry 0 Barker b Hart 0 B Poole b Parry 4 Marshall c Blaekith b Hart 3 Heuley st Addie b Hart 2 Tudor not out. 1 Extras. 2 Total 29 CRICKET FIXTURES. (All matches played on the ground of the first-named Club.J MAY. 23-0sweAtry High School v. Ruabou 25 — U.C.W. v Oswestry Hi¡!h School 30—Tedsmore v. Oswestry High School 30-Llanymynech v. Oswestry A Team i UN E. 6—Oswestry A Team v. Oswestry High School 6—Llanymynech v. Gobowen 13—Llanymynech v. Oswestry High School 17-itti-,iG()n Grammar School v. Oswestry High School 20Oswestry High School v. Oswestry A Team 27—Oswestry Ifiifh School v. Wrexham Welcome 27-Knoekin v. Llanymynech JULY. 8—Oswestry High School v. Ruabon Grammar School ll-Ruabotl v. Os^restrr High School 4.





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