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KALES BY AUCTION. 10 CABINET MAKERS, BUILDERS, AND OTHERS. CORN EXCHANGE, WELSHPOOL. VA] Y IMPORTANT act! Unreserved Sale of really J> able ANTFR elegant New Dining and Drawing and Bedchamber FURNITURE, and I EROILS other Articles of Virtu, in beautifully- | MAH"E^ BROWN Oak, Walnut, rich Spanish 1 ?^AD^' consisting of elaborately carved IJJ ^ARDS, Cheffioneers, with Mirrors; Cabinets, JN ^°NS designs; Umbrella and Hat Stands, ill ebards, ChcffioncRrs, with Mirrors; Cabinets, JN ^°NS designs; Umbrella and Hat Stands, Knee-hole Dressing Tables and !)>NDA, Wardrobes, 69 arch-top Swing <WSS*D^ ^ASSES> 40 Easy Chairs, of various VAJ^DS Bureaux, 14 Chests of Drawers, 119 Glasses, 40 Easy Chairs, of various VAJ^DS Bureaux, 14 Chests of Drawers, AHD°U8-; 30 pairs Toilet Tables, polished, stained, ID P^TED Chippendale Side Board, six oblong LF0RI"^P Tables, from 4ft. to 7ft. 6in. long; 14 KI bedsteads, with spring mattresses; three J CHA-°GANY Half-Tester Bedsteads, 60 Cane-seated I ^HP 8-I'°SETHER with the contents of Kitchen and airs I ^HP 8-I'°SETHER with the contents of Kitchen and VY. R DOMESTIC Apartments. I ^KILAN AND SON respectfully announce I ^HO instructions from Mr. John Thomas I UP possession of his premises, No. 5 and T'FL TREET> the Second Week in June) CONDUCT AN ABSOLUTE SALE BY AUCTION, IN TEE CORN EXCHANGE, OrthON THURSDAY, JUNE 4TH, 1896, of the UNSOLD STOCK-IN-TRADE I bet and numerous Effects. Also, Lowing PROPERTY will be Sold by Auction I 0 Oil his premises at PARK LANE, N MONDAY, JUNE THE 8TH, 1896 (unless previously disposed of), IH^BEJ ?.N^RE stock of well-seasoned Mahogany ^1CHE« feet £ in. Deal Boards, six Carpenters' JI S,*°<IR ditto, ditto,'with German iron cramps; I |FTL'TURE SPR'D? Cart, one small Lorry. ^TA,J0 PPIES are now in preparation, and will be JRL OTL application to the Auctioneers, Chest- ^US6) VYelshpool. 001. Ouse, VYelshpool. "lels"p OF THE BRITISH DAIRY FARMERS ASSOCIATION TO WELSHPOOL. i Conference I THE TOWN HALL, WELSHPOOL, | A TUESDAY, JUNE 9TH, AT 10.15 A. I UNDER the Presidency of the HON. THE EARL OF POWIS. | ^ER BY MR. W. FORRESTER ADDIE, '"fr, ON I DAIRY FARMING OF MONTGOMERY- f J, SHIRE, WITH SUGGESTIONS JP 0 R ITS IMPROVEMENT," To be followed by Discussion. To be followed by Discussion. GROES | ^STIC METHODIST CHAPEL. I t BAZAAR j Will be held in a J THE GROES, GUILSFJELD, THURSDAY, JUNE 4TH, 1896. I TuP EJ BAZAAR WILL BE OPENED I MTICI AT Two o'clock by I HUMPH RETS-OWBN, I 6LANSEVERN. I AL)ALISSLON, TO INCLUDE TEA, Is. 1 K 1 Ve^Min | "O given to clear off the Chapel Debt. I ^he Cq f lch 1;na lttee will be obliged for any Donations, *Ut8 entt0 ILJJG ^^LS, Varchoel, President. | ^LSS ^IFFITHS, Vronheulog, Treasurer, j ^J^ES, Broniarth, Welshpool, Secretary. I R THE PRINCE AND I UI^CESS OF WALES TO RV, ABERYSTWYTH. RPFR-N I JV ESTU F J 'COMMITTEE appeal earn- J, ^OVV K SAbscriptions towards the GONEMI Q,»)HEARTY ,EIQ" raised to defray the cost of giving RK°AC^III&CC!N?E TO T'IE ROYAL Guests 011 their TIH E0O 81T- HNETTAKJNERFTTI0U ABC?0TF5TVVYTH ARE generously IJ ,E V EXPENSES street decorations, &c., t" decorat! persuns are spcnding considerabe sums RSD ;I ^HEIR own houses, but there is yet sum for other purposes. <A10NS gratefully received by the Y Secretaries. I ow I AL SUBSCRIPTIONS TOWARDS 0°UTUI5,. • EXPENSES. £ S D | 5. R-PVLOUSLY ACKNOWLEDGED .967 12 6 I ALI ^A'I"DI,»AV^ES EVANS, LORD LIEUT, OF FTT»ANLRNSHIRE 30 0 0 AI^^H P., ^1(* ROBERTS, TREFECHAN 21 0 0 I 6RTTLATI O'' ABERMAIDE 10 10 0 T)Y. J^RDIRR ?* WILLIAMS, CHAIRMAN OF V J. D J,111 SHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL 10 10 0 I TK °!?LIS FARRIES> GROSVENOR HOUSE 10 10 0 0LLLAS IJE^NES- ESQ., DERRY ORMOND 10 10 0 C -C^TOKN V8' ^8CL-> BRUNSWICK HOUSE, I ^^OVFEH £ LN*T0E ROAD 5 5 0 K-8 T. D. JI EDCL-. WELSHPOOL 5 5 0 A ^ENSOT)ARRIES> CROSVENOR HOUSE 5 5 0 I „ DO. DO.5 5 0 D. ?,H ^SQ-' TOWN CLERK 5 5 0 I YX* ^'0BERT^, TO MAGISTRATES 5 5 0 I ^YDNEVSQ-'SOUTH TERRA"E ..550 L3T- UEN ?!■' PIER ^RCET 5 5 0 TARF GC.B. V JAME« HILLS-JOHNES, ILL- ,V SILLS'L I °^RLUCOTHY 5 0 0 A M°L'T' DO 5 0 0 NORTON'FOHDES'DO ■■■ 5 00 1 DIV?' R-BICKERSTAFF, ».,S'«LM„KGATE^ROET 500 I V; °°NE8> V,IE HOTEL 5 0 0 W^WIS MORRLG 5%W&Y TERRAIN 3 3 0 CHI H. M('• REFORM CLUB 3 3 0 I WILLIAM0CP,L. 'LDFIRE STREOT 3 3 0 U JR IERIANET^ HIGH SHERIFF OF | H?VB«N8ALL, R, P, 2 2 0 JRL-> GLANRHCIDOL 2 2 0 1 QEILYSTWYTH EACON Protheroe, Aber- I ^AVJ^F^HPOIL ADDLE' ESQ-, Mayor of I 0(^R,'JAUI'' F"LICITOR> LAmpctcr 2 2 0 I C^' A. Penrv PWTST- RUTHIN CASTLE 2 2 0 ILL DWFIRD T° Y'BAFCH STREET 110 I 0WENNES^CAEFFFYNNON, Dolgelley 110 I IT ^TH BROS-> builders, Aber- 1 1 0 JE,1KID8,L £ ^STREET 0 10 6 A T L°ndon 0 10 6 ^^GHES 1 ^PTIJ^RTIMER GREEN, } HON- SECS- AH?°MMITTEE Room, Aberystwyth. I SALES BY AUCTION. WHITFIELD'S OLD ESTABLISHED WEEKLY AUCTIONS For all classes of FAT, DAIRY, AND STORE STOCK IN THE OSWESTRY SMITHFIELD. FOUR REGULAR SALESMEN IN CHARGE OF SEPARATE DEPARTMENTS. T. WHITFIELD, SEN.—DAIRY CATTLE. T. WHITFIELD, JUN.—FAT CATTLE. G. WHITFIELD-SHEEP AND CALVES. E. WHITFIELD-PFCS AND STORE CATTLK. Sales commencing at 10 30 Settlements as soon as the Stock is Sold. OFFICES :— Willow House, Os.westry. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. THE NANTYMEICHIAID ESTATE, IN THE Parishes of LLANFYLLIN and MEIFOD, Will be offered for Sale by Auction, at Llanfyllin, BY GILLART AND SONS, In the Month of JULY, By order of the Trustees of ths late H. B. W. Williams-Wynn, Esq, (deceased). Full particulars in due course. ON FRIDAY NEXT. RHYSNANT HALL, LLANDISILIO, Three-quarters of a mile from Four Crosses Station. MESSRS. WHITFIELD AND SON have re- ceived instructions from Major Davidson, who is changing his residence, to Sell by Auction, on the premises, ON FRIDAY NEXT, JUNE 5TH, 1896, An excellent collection of GARDEN REQUI- SITES, viz., garden frames, lawn mowers, garden roll, five garden seats and chairs, two sets lawn tennis nets and poles, 30 tennis balls, zinc water barrel on wheels, watering cans, force pump, wheelbarrows, ladders, grindstone, quantities of garden netting, flower pots, cucumber glasses, gar- den tools, a PHEASANTRY, 14 yards by 5; 16 poultry coops, large ferret hutches, iron feeding troughs, water fountains, pheasant and rabbit traps, &c, LUGGAGE CART (by Sheppard), Bassinette, Fitzroy Barometer, Miscellaneous Furniture, &c., also a good variety of PLANTS, 200 bedding-out Geraniums, 50 Calceolarias, in pots; 50 greenhouse Geraniums and Fuschias, quantity of Ferns, Palms, English Citusas, Dracenas, Camelias, Begonias, Passion Flower and other plants, in large pots; young Vine, Tomato plants, &c. Sale to commence at half-past Twelve o'clock. HORSES. 1,000 HORSES. The Largest Sales in the World FRANK LLOYD'S NORTH WALES PRIZE JP HORSE SHOW & SALE S AT WREXHAM, Between Shrewsbury (30 miles) and Chester (12 miles), G.W.R. On Tuesday and Wednesday, June 9th and 10th, Sale of 476 valuable Harness Horses and Hunters. Many Match Pairs. Thursday, June 11th. 314 High-class Hacks, Cobs, and Ponies. Nearly 50 Prize-winners. Wednesday and Thursday, June 17th and 18th. Over 400 Wagon Horses, Light Lurry and Van Horses, and Young Horses. Entries for heavy horses still open. Horses guaranteed two days' trial. £50 in Prizes. Parade and Judging 10.30. Sales 12.15 o'clock. Catalogues 3d., from FRANK LLOYD, Wrexham. VISIT OF THEIR ROYAL HIGHNESSES THE PRINCE AND PRINCESS OF WALES TO ABERYSTWYTH. Messrs. BELHAM AND Co., OF LONDON, WILL ERECT A COVERED GRAND STAND IN LAURA PLACE, And immediately opposite the Entrance to the College to view THE ROYAL PROCESSION. Plans of Seats, Prices, £ c., will shortly be ready. VISIT TO ABERYSTWYTH OF THEIR ROYAL IIIGIINKSSES THE PRINCE AND PRINCESS OF WALES, FRIDAY, JUNE 2GTH, 189G. 11ESSH,S. M. H. DAVIS & SONS Having made arraii^'firieuts with the well- firn) of LEGGE AND COMPANY, DECORATORS, BRO MS GROVE STREET, BIRMINGHAM, SOLICIT YOUR ORDERS FOR House Decoration or Illumination Which will be carried out by thoroughly experienced men AT MOST REASONABLE CHARGES. Contractors for Triumphal Arches, Public Build- ings, House, Shop Front, aud Street Dcsorations, Trade and other Flags to order at Short Notice. FJagR, Venetian Banners, Royal Coats of Arms, Prince of Wales Plumes, Shields, Mottoes, & General Decorations, Illuminations, &c., &c., for Sale or Hire. C. T. BROCK & CO., SOLE PYROTECHNISTS TO THE CRYSTAL PALACR, Solicit Orders for their Celebrated Cases of FIREWORKS! From 5s. to C20 each. LOCAL AGENTS: M. H. DAVIS AND SONS, 4, BRIDGE STREET, AND 18 AND 20, QUEEN STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. PUBLIC NOTICES. EVERY VISITOR TO ABERYSTWYTH SHOULD VISIT THE PUBLIC BATHS, BATH STREET. HOT, COLD, AND SWIMMING BATHS. BUTTINGTON. ANNIVERSARY OF COURT "VISCOUNT CLIVE," AT THE GREEN DRAGON INN, THURSDAY, JUNE 11TH, 1896, Chairman, CHAS. E. HOWELL, ESQ. SPORTS. NO Entrance Fees.—All Free except Nos. 7 and 8. 1.—120 Yards. Juvenile Members 2.-120 „ Boys 3.—120 „ Open Handicap 4.—120 „ Members 5.—Quarter Mile Handicap 6.-Half-mile or Mile Handicap Prizes for 3, 4, 5, and 6: 1st, 4s.; 2nd, 2s. 6d.: 3rd, Is. 7.—Bicycle, Ball, and Bucket Race. lgt Prize value 10s.: 2nd, value 5s. Entrance Is. 8.—Quoting Match. Entries to be sent to Mr. Pugli, Pool Quay, or Mr. Gwynne, Welshpcol, not later than 8 p.m., on June 10th. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. MACHYNLLETH NINTH ANNUAL SHOW. HORSEG, CATTLE, SHEEP, ETC, NEW ATTRACTION. WILL BE HELD IN THE MONTH OF AUGUST. Full particulars upon application to Mr. T. Lloyd, Secretary, Pentrohedyn Street, Machynlleth. CHIRBURY. FORESTERS ANNIVERSARY WEDNESDAY, 24TH JUNE, 1896. ATHLETIC SPORTS AND OTHER ATTRACTIONS. Programme of Evants, and all other information may be obtained on application to E. W. TUDOR, Hon. Sec. of the Sports Committee." CHARLES DREW, IMPORTER OF WINES AND SPIRITS, Wholesale Bottler of Messrs. BASS & CO'S INDIA PALE ALE, GUINNESS AND CO'S EXTRA STOUT (Under Guarantee to Bottle Messrs Guinness's Extra Stout only with their Trade Label), FINEST CHAMPAGNE CIDER, &c., also MINERAL WATER MANUFACTURER. WORKS-KIXG STREET. ALL THE MINERAL WATERS ARE PRE- PARED FROM PURE SPRING ARTESIAN WELL WATER (the only Artesian Well boring in Oswestry) PUT UP IN CORKED BOTTLES, PATENT STOPPERED BOTTLES, AND SYPHONS. THE LATEST KIND OF MACHINERY HAS BEEN INTRODUCED IN THE FACTORY, AND THE GREATEST CARE TAKEN TO ENSURE THE PURITY OF THE VARIOUS BEVERAGES, ALL OF WHICH ARE OF HIGH-CLASS MANUFACTURE. CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS OF WATER FROM WELL OVER 200 FEET DEEP. 11 and 12, Great Tower Street, London, E.C., August 26,1895. A sample of the Well- Water used by Mr. Charles Drew, Oswestry, has been submitted to very care- ful chemical analysis in this Laboratory, and I find it to be a water of excellent composition and quality, bright and sparkling in appearance, and free from turbidity or deposit. It is particularly palatable to the taste, and I consider it to be well adapted for use in the pro- duction of superior Aerated Beverages and Mineral Waters generally. GRANVILLE II. SHARPE, F.C.S., &c., Analyst, Late Principal of the Liverpool College of Chemistry." TO BE OBTAINED OF ALL LICENSED HOUSES AND RESTAURANTS. Price List forwarded on Application. All Orders will receive every Care, Attention, and Prompt Delivery. CHARLES DREW, Agent for Messrs. Bass and Co.'s Burton Ales in Casks, 45, Church-street, Oswestry. HERBERT r ONES, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELLER, GREAT CLEARANCE SALE NOW UN. having disposed of his business to Mr. Cranage, is now offering at 11 COST PRICE FOR CASH A QUANTITY OF WATCHES, CLOCKS, AND ELECTRO PLATE All Watches Warranted for One, Two, or Three Years. CALL AND SEE FOR YOURSELVES. NOTE THE ADDRESS- 15, HIGH ST., NEWTOWN. TUITION. WELSHPOOL GRAMMARSCHOOL Preparation fÓr the UNIVERSITY LOCALS, PRECEPTORS PUBLIC SCHOOLS,^SHORTHAND CERTIFICATE AND CIVIL SERVICE EXAMINATIONS. Over 70 passes during the last five years in above exaltations. 12 Shorthand Certificates gained since 1893. Comfortable home for boarders. Moderate Terms. CAMBRIDGE LOCALS-ALL PASSED. HONOURS. RESIDENT MASTER, UNivjjggi^y GRADUATE. Cambridge Local Examination Class now forming. T. F. Hrs, Head Master. THE COLLEGE, QUEEN'S PARK, OSWESTRY. THE MISSES HOULT (CASTLE BUILDINGS) BEG to thank their Frjen(js for their kind support, and haVB much, pleasure in stating that the AUTUMN TERM will commence in their NEW RESIDENCE, QUEEN'S PARK, Which is in every way admirably adapted for Educational Purposes, having large and lofty Schoolrooms, and Dormitories,and Tennis Court. The MISSES HOULT are assisted by Resident English and Foreign GOVERNESSES, and visiting PROFESSORS. Preparation for Oxford Loca]; College of Precep- tors, and Music Examinations. Home Comforts and Careful Training. TERMS MODEH^TJ., The next TERM commences JANUARY 22ND. ABERYSTWYTH GRAMMAR SCHOOL FOUNDED 1812. A HIGH-CLASS BOARDING SCHOOL FOR Boy s. HEAD MASR R. A. POPE. M.A., Formerly Classical Schol*- of Sidney f Sussex College, Cambndge; and,-Assistant Master at Shrewsbury S^gol. For Pr vjjKKJt /§, 41?-. "i THE HEADMASTER, JASPER HOUSE. CLEVELAND HOUSE SCHOOL WELSHPOOL, FOR YOUNG ladies. Pupils receive a sound and thorough Education at Moderate Charges. Happy home for Boarders. Also a CLASS FOR LITTLE BOYS. PROSPECTUSES ON APPLICATION fa THE MISSES DAWSON. OSWESTRY GRAMMAR SCHOOL (1407). MR. G. COBLEY, Senior Assistant Master receives 25 Boarders m his house. There are a few VACANCIES for next Tenn. Terms Moderate. Prospectus on application. LLORAN HOUSE, OSWESTRY. MACHYNLLETH COUNTY INIERMED [ATE SCHOOL. SCHOOL RE-OPENS MAY 5,,1896. Head Master MR. II. H. MEYLER, M.A., Oxox. Assistant Master 31R. ALBERT WATSON, R.A.,$AXTAB. Assistant Mistress MISS FLORENCE WHITE, Late Scholar of the Royal Holloway College, TEN SCHOLARSHIPS Will be offered for Competition for Children in Elementary Schools and others; also, Bursaries sufficient to cover the estimate expenses of travelling to and from school. Children who have passed Standard 5 are eligible for admission without examination EXAMINATION for Scholarships, and also for Admission, will be held at the Intermediate School, Machvnlleth, on the 18th day of JuIiY at 10 a.m. SUBJECTS for Scholarships Examinations as follows:—Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, English Grammar, Geography (England and Wales). Optional subjectsEnglish History and Welsh (translation). Application to be sent in to the Clerk 0n or before the 11th day of July, 1896. Forms obtained from JOHN ROWLANDS, Solicitor, Machynlleth, 29th April, 1896. Clerk to the Governors. THOMAS FAKR, Son of the late James Farr, of Salop Road COACH BUILDER, J SEVERN STREET, WELSHPOOL. J. H. ANDERSON, CABINET MAKER & UPHOLSTERER, 26, BROAD STREET, and 9, BERRIEW STREET, WuLshp00L. HOUSES COMPLETELY FURNISHED AT WHOLESALE PRICES. DINING, DRAWING, & BEDROOM SUITES, Brass and Iron Bedsteads, Spring, Hair, & Flock Mattresses, Feather Beds, &c. ESTIMATES GIVEN FOR EVERY DESCRIPTION OF CABINET WORK, FUNERALS F U ft N I s H E D. FURNITURE REMOVED & STORED. Removal to all parts Estimates Free. The largest and Best-constructed Furniture Van Obtainable. STORING WAREHOUSE 9, BERRIEW STREET, WELSHPOOL. HOTELS. | WATERLOO HOTEL, ABERYSTWYTH.—This First-class Family and Commercial PRIVATE HOTEL and Boarding House is situate in the centre of the Esplanade, aud commands an unbroken sea front. The House has recently been enlarged and re-furnished, and possesses every modern improvement, making it one of the most comfortable Hotels on the Welsh Coast. ¡ PRIVATE BRAKES LEAVE THE HOTEL DAILY TO ALL PLACES OF INTEREST. 1 ERMS MODERATE. A. E. A A. MORRIS, PROPRIETRESSES. ABERYSTWYTH.—PRINCE ALBERT HOTEL, LITTLE DARKGATE STREET, Family and j Commercial. This Hotel is entirely under New Management. STABLING AND POSTING. [ ————— PROPRIETOR J. PA RE ISJJ. t MACHYNLLETH.-Ll0 HOTEL, First-class Hotel for Families. Visitors and Commercia Gentlemen. The house has been entirely renovated, and its Sanitary Arrangements and Bath Rooms are of the most modern kind, thus affording: the best accommodation in the town. The Hotel is largely patronised by Anglers and Sportsmen, and possesses an excellent Billiard Table. OMNIBUS MEETS ALL TRAINS. POSTING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. AGENT FOR BASS'S BEER AND ALLSOPP'S STOUT. WHOLESALE BOTTLING TRADE. I EDWARD JONES, PROPRIETOR. E. J. takes this opportunity of thanking his numerous customers for their patronage for the last I three years and hopes, by strict attention to business, to merit a continuance of their support. I THE CROWN BREWERY. I A. D. DAWSON, BREWER AND I WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANT NEWTOWN, MONTGOMERYSHIRE. FINE WELSH ALES OF SUPERIOR QUALITY, FROM 10d. PER GALLON, CARRIAGE FREE, IN 9, 18, 36, AND 54 GALLON CASKS. The Celebrated "Crown Bitter Ale," and Cobbler Mountain Scotch Whisky. IMPORTANT TO FARMERS. HARVEST ALES OF SUPERIOR QUALITY FROM jd. PER GALLON. I Orders received for the above at Bull Hotel and Eagles Vaults, Welshpool; Sarn Inn, Kerry Belle Vue, Trefeglwys Raven Inn, Churchstoke Anchor Inn, Bettws, Salop. TELEGRAPHIC ADDRESS MALT, NEWTOWN, MONT." Manager T. E. SKIDMORE. TESTIMONIALS. Newtown, August 19th, 1895. through the Camp as the best Beer, not only in To T F SHdmore Camp, but in Blackpool as well.—YTours truly, My Dear Sir,—You may, I think, be glad to know (Signed), J. HYSLOP. that the Beer you supplied to Camp was of excel- To A. D. Dawson, Esq., Newtown. lent (.uality, in fact the best of the six Batalions in camp. Everyone agreed as to this, and especially NEWTOWX HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY'S SHOW AXD the men of the other Regiments.—Yours truly, FETE. (Signed), EDWIN J. PIPER, Captain, Newtown, August 26th, 1895. ° Brigade Transport and Supply Officer. Dear Sir,—I am pleased to inform you that the n catering of Mr. T. J. Bratton, and the qualu j of the goods supplied by you for the above Fete, gave [EXTRACT FROM LETTER.J general satisfaction.— Yours truly, I The Turf Hotel, Salop, I ERNEST C. MORGAN, Sec. 15th Aug., 1895. A. D. Dawson, Esq., Dear Sir, Your Beer was acknowledged all Crown Brewery, Newtown. I CABINET FURNITURE I; I, OF EVERY DESCRIPTION ¡" SOLD BY M. H. DAVIS & SONS, ( 4, Bridge STRKET AND 20, QUEEN STREET, ABERYST WYTH, ^jaMBMinuf ■■ ri-mwr«««n=ri||irrj"1*M| ESTABLISHED 1839. JOSEPH DA VIES AND SON, 1 TAILORS AND OUTFITTERS, 11, BROAD ST EFT, WELSHPOOL, t Are now showing the Newest Materials for Spring and Summei wear in 1 GENTLEMEN'S SUITINGS, COVERT COATS, &r., and an excellent selection of i • OUTFITTING. ° ( LADIES COSTUMES AND JACKETS r { In the Latest Styles a SPECIALITY. COSTUME C LOT H S .c. INS TOe K J <ZMV AGENTS IN WELSHPOOL FOR CHRISTY'S CELEBRATED SILK, FELT AND U BUIL STRAW HATS. J PUBLIC NOTICES. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. SEE THE COMPANY'S NEW SOUVENIR ALBUM Containing 50 Superb Views of the Gems of Welsh Scenery. Price 6d. A: the principal Railway Bookstalls, the Company's Stations, and General Offices, &c., in May. EVERY SATURDAY IN MAY, CHEAP DAY EXCURSIONS WILL BE RUN TO LIVERPOOL & MANCHESTER From Llanidloes, Newtown, Montgomery, Welsh- pool, Llanymynecn, Llanfyllin, Oswestry, Ellesmere, Psun's Bank, and Intermediate Stations. Train leaves Llanidloes 6 55 a m, Newtown 7 20 a M, Montgomery 7 35 am, Welsh pool 8 0 a m, Llanfyllin 7 45 a m, Oswestry 8 45 a m, Ellesmere 9 3am. ♦ OX EVERY THURSDAY & SATURDAY IN MAY, 1896, HALF-DAY EXCURSION TICKETS WILL TIE IssrED TO LIVERPOOL (Lime Street, Edge Hill, Spellow,or Walton), AXD MANCHESTER (London Road), as under:— Leaving Oswestry at 11 45 am, and Ellesmere at 11 59 a m. Third-class Fare for the Double Journey, 2s. 6d. Passengers return the same day from Liverpool ( Lime Street) at 11 55 pm, and Edge Hill at 12 0 midnight, and from Manchester (London Road) at 12 0 midnight. Further information regarding Excursion Traina and Tourist Arrangements on the Cambrian Rail- ways can be obtained on application to Mr. W. R. Gough, Superintendent of the Line, Oswestry. C. S. DENNISS, General Manager. ALFHED SLIM, WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT WELSHPOOL. Agent for Messrs. Salt & Co.s', and Truemam, Hanbury & Co.'s BURTON ALES. LONDON AND DUBLIN STOUTS, &c., Ac. ALES supplied in any sized CASKS, and delivered free. Special Qualities for Harvesting Season, from 8d. GftHon. TOWYN-ON-SEA AXD MERIONETH COUNTY TIMES A WEEKLY NEWSPAPER FOR MERIONETHSHIRE. EVERY THURSDAY. ONE PENNY. Fall and Impartial Reports of all Local Events. General News. Markets. Notes. A FIRST-CLASS ADVERTISING MEDIUM. PUBLISHERS SALTER & ROWLANDS, WELSHPOOL. ACCIDENTS TO LIFE & LIMB, RAILWAY ACCIDENTS, EMPLOYERS' LIABILITY, INSURED AGA 1XHT BY THE -KJAILWAY -PASSENGERS' J^LSSURANCI COMPANY, Established 1849. Capital, £ 1,000,000. COMPENSATION PAID £ 3,600,000. (A, CORN HILL, LONDON. A. VIAN, Secretary AGENTS: \?r ^Cambrian Railways, Newiow* l* T; -PSlt CE, Cambrian Railways, Welshpool E. ISSARD, Newtown WILLIAMS & KIDNER, DENTAL SURGEONS, OSWESTRY. A TTKNDANCE AT 22, SEVERN STREET, .1.. WELSHPOOL every Monday. Hours 12 to 5 p.m. LLANFAIR First Friday in each Month. MONTGOMERYSHIRE CARRIAGE WORKS, SALOP ROAD, WELSHPOOL, AND OSWALD ROAD, OSWESTRY, ESTABLISHED 1837. G. ROGERS & SON. AWARDS—Two First Prize and Three Silver Medals for Superior Work and Finish. ASSORTMENT OF CARRIAGES OF OUR OWN MANUFACTURE ALWAYS IN STOCK. REPAIRS PROMPTLY EXECUTED. ESTIMATES FREE. ESTABLISHED 1861. PHOTOGRAPHIC FINE ART STUDIO 26, BROAD STREET, AND V, BERRIE W STREET. WELSHPOOL. J. H. ANDERSON 4 I-NCERELY thanks his numerous patrons for rlieir liberal and increasing support expended o him during the last 35 years, and trusts that h ntroducing all the New Processes in Photograph lp to date, combined with the most Apn-ov d Apparatus, to merit a. continuance of their md support. >~vonr 'HOTOGBAPHS PRODUCED IN THE F7Vwa.r STYLE Ranging from Miniature to Life Size. CHILDREN'S PHOTOGRAPHY A SPECIALITY SCCCKSS T'KRTAILY N?T DOOR PHOTOGRAPHY- £ v • „ >IM\n Groups AC. „action Gaara^ed. Drv Pint E"AT1TES ^VKLOP.P, PRINTKD, ie^7sarv ^t ST' Apparatus> Chemicals, and all W. 7 Matenals to Amateurs at List