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LLANFYLLIN. PETTY SrlSSIONs.-Tuesday, before Messrs C. ll. Jones, J. Jones, and J. Lomax. D.C.C. Crowden was also present.-P.C. Rees charged Ellis Evans with being drunk at High street on May 9th. Fined 2s 6d and costs or seven days' imprisonment. —P.S. Meredith also charged Mark Morris, Oswestry, with being drunk on Sunday morning. Fined 5s and costs.—P.S. Meredith charged John Jones with driving furiously on April 30th at Llan- fyllin. P.S. Meredith said defendant was showing his horse to a customer. There was a large crowd. People bad to run out of his way for their lives. He was driving, undoubtedly, at the rate of ten miles an hour. P.C. Brumwell and Edward Jo les, Greenwich, corroborated. Defendant denied that he was driving furiously, and called Edward Jones, Compass Inn, who said the colt was a young one, and was half a cart horse, and could not run ted miles an hour if whipped all the way. The horse did shy. Defendant was not going more than six or seven miles an hour. Fined 5s and costs. CHARGE OF STEALING COAL.—At the Police Court, Tuesday, before C. R. Jones, J. Jones, and J. Lomax, Esqrs., William Stokes, a boy, was charged by Mr Richard Lewis, Llantantffraid, with sealing iewt of coal.—Samuel Victor Jones said at 8.30 on Sunday morning he saw defendant with a bucket and a bag near the coal wharf at Llansautffraid. He did not see him do anything. Witness told Robert Jones, the coal man, and when Robert Jones went to him defendant had some coal in the bag.—Robert Jones said on Sunday morning he went to the coal wharf, and found defendant there- He asked him what he was doing. He said, I am going for water." That was his usual way to go water. Wit- ness asked him what ho was doing with the bag, and he replied, I have no bag." Witness got hold of him, and took him back to the bag, which was then abon four yards from him, and, finding about 201bs. of coal in it, he asked defendant what he was doing with it. He said he had only moved the bag from another place. The coal was worth about 3d. —Charles Davies said he saw somebody lifting a bag on his shoulders. He found out afterwards it was defendant, but he could not swear that it was him. There was nobody else there.—Defendant, who was only 15, was remanded until Friday. CONCERT. A very successful miscellaneous concert was given in the Town Hall on Tuesday evening. The concert was got up by a few sym- pathetic friends for the benefit of Messrs William Evans and Owen Hughes, Bridge-street, both of whom have for many weeks been confined to their beds through sickness. At the close of the concert Mr Robert Jones proposed a hearty vote of thanks to the Mayor for presiding. This was seconded by Mr Richard Evans and carried with applause. The Mayor, in responding, said it gave Mrs Dug- dale and himself much pleasure to help in such a worthy cause. He thanked the performers and those who had assisted to make the concert a success, and he also wished the Male Voice Party good luck at the forthcoming Powis Eisteddfod. The following was the program me :-Instrumental selection, String Band solo, Cenwch orfoledd i Jacob," (soprano solo competition at Powis Eisteddfod) (encored), and in response gave "The Missing Boat recitation, The Pied Piper," Miss Ethel Evans, Welshpool; song" Rhosyn Unig" (tenor solo competition at Powis Eisteddfod), Mr R. A. Bryan violin solo, Miss Annie Jones; song, When the heart is youug," Mrs Roger dwards; chorus, Drinking Song (competition at Powis Eisteddfod), Myllin Male Voice Party; instrumental selection (encored), String Band song, There's a Friend for little children (contralto solo com- petition at Powis Eisteddfod), Miss Dora Watkins; recitation," Billy's Rose," Miss Kingsford. duet, Money matters" (oucored), Mrs Wharton and Mr R. Jones flute solo, Mr D. J. Price; comic song, "John James Brown" (encored), Mr W. L. Williams; chorus, "Dwynwen" (competition at Powis eisteddfod), Myllin Male Voice Party finale, God save the Queen." TOWN COUNCIL.—WED* ESDAY. Present: The Mayor (Alderman J. M. Dugdale), Aldermen J Jones, C R Jones, and Ellis Roberts, Councillors R H Jones, J Lomax, W Jones, D Parry, Robert Jones, Wm Ellis, J Ellis, J Lloyd, with Mr W A Pughe, town clerk.—Mr Forrester Addie, replying to the communication asking for allotment land. said Lord Powis had no land suitable for allotments near All the land so situated was already mainly let in small holdings.—Mr Lomax also wrote saying he was willing to let the field known as Siamberwen for allotment purposes, but he wished to know whether the Council wanted it on lease, and if so, for what length of time. This was important, because if the field was let for gardening, and only by the year, the field could be given up at a year's notice, and would not be worth much for some years afterwards as a field.—The two letters were referred to the Allotments Com- mittee. 1 he committee appointed to consider the glazing of the Market Hall recommended that the whole of one side and the two gables should be glazed, and that Mr Ward be asked to prepare speci- fications and an estimate of the cost-The report was adopted.—A long discussi n took place as to the site for an ashpit near the Lower-street Bridge. Mr. Lomax thought it would be very uilsuitav-e to place the ashpit right at the back of the well. Mr. C. R. Jones aid he remembered an ashpit by the Bridge, near the water tap it was removed because it was unsightly. He thought it would be more advisable to erect an ashpit further back, where Mr. Lomax proposed. It would be more advant- ageous and more out of sight.—Messrs. W. Jones and J. Jones proposed and seconded respectively that the ashpit be built on that strip of land behind the present Wall.—Mr C. H. Jones proposed and Mr Ellis Roborts seconded an amendment favouring the erection of the ashit on another site offered by Mr Lomax at a nominal rent, on the ground that the site was a more convenient and desirable one, and would pre- sent a lesn unsightly appearance.—On being put to the vote, four voted for the amendment and four for the motion, and the Mayor gave his casting vote in favour of the amendment.—It was resolved that the question of ad,)pting the Notification of Infectious Diseases Act be considered at the next meeting.— The Finance Committee reported that zC20 4s 9d had been expended on the roads during the past month, being Y,17 7s Id less than last year.—A Committee consisting of the Mayor, and Messrs John Jones and William Jones was appointed conside- the report on :hc sf e supply. A tije the public footpaths in the pariah, prepared by Borough Surveyor, was read.—The Committee ap- pointed to report on the condition of the f>e^ road, reported tli.-i t the road was in a very state, aud they recommeuded that it shou' backed up in the worst places, and that after harvest the overhanging roots be dragged, ,] that don(- b til the v;ork be I y e Council's do Lomax suggested that a new piece of road be n*'1,, from the gate at the bottom of Hendre through Hafod to Tynewydd. The distance be about 582 yards. The piece of bad road vV^g the Council proposed to repair was over 700 yar • If the Council thought it worth while doing ifc would be very glad to put the load in °rde from the Lledfrorr turning to the to meet it. He only threw out the suggestion, he was convinced it would be a saving of money 1 the long run. He thought it could be donei^) about £ 100. His father had done a bit of road, ° yards, for £ 140. The Belan road could then closed.—The Surveyor said he had visited the plaC with Mr Lomax, and thought a very good r"a could be made there for £ 120, and it would be a great convenience to the farmers.—The Mayor sai here could be im doubt Bolan road was a bad one, arid could never ,-n.tde a i*ud oae. Lt. was of the worst roads he knew in the district. They could never make it a good one, and even W constantly spending money on it they could expect to mitigate the badness or it. In whiter1 was blocked up with snow or it was a sheet of ice' —Mr. Wm. Ellis said the new proposal would do at all for Bethel people. It 'let' them into to road at the bottom of the very worst bank they had to climb.—Mr. John Jones proposed that t e recommendation of the committee with re^ereate to Belan road be adopted. He adrrytted that th road was not a satisfactory one, nor would other road they might make amoug those hills satisfactary. He did not think £ 100 would sufficient. According to the committee's recom, mendatiou they would be employing their (nd men, and, would now spend some zEI5 or that would make the road passable.—Mr. Ellis seconded this—Mr. C. R. Jones said he «"aS Radical—(laughter)—aud a go-a-head man, arid was therefore prepared to move chat the new su»_ gestion which had been put before them be oughly considered before it was condemned. therefore moved that the subject be considered a committee and reported upon. —Mr. R. H- J0l*ue seconded the amendment. — Five voted f°r g amendment, viz.:—Alderman C. R Councillors R. H. Jones, John Lomax, D. Parry John Ellis; and five for the motion, Aldermen John Jones and Ellis R°b 0i Councillors William Jones, Robert Jones William Ellis.—The Mayor gave his casting in favour of the recommendation of the cortlui Councillor John Lloyd did not vote. LLANSANTFFRAID DEYTHBtfB- n PARISH COUNCIL.—A meeting of this was held on Monday evening in the Village M) I when there were present Mr Hugh Thomas (111 J chair), Messrs J Hughes, G Kempster, T Lewis, E Evans, with Mr J Hughes, junior, derlK' Mr Hugh Thomas signed a declaration of aC?e\n tance of office, he also very cordially thanked t"1 for his election to the chair.—The minutes last meeting were read and confirmed.—Mr Baf> proposed that the Council accounts due be seconded by Mr Evans and carried.—On the jg of Mr Kempster, seconded by Mr J Hughes, a ?rfril rate was levied.—A letter was read from d iug Swayne, Mill House, Llansautffraid acknowled^r the vote of condolence passed to her an ■ of family in their bereavement through the deat her husband, Dr Swayne.—A letter was read tr^ the Local Governmcut Board, and it was a^CjIr on the motion of Mr Kempster, seconded Jones that the letter be entered on the A discussion arose as to a suitable place for ho' ^0 meetings, and it was decided to further discuss as question at the next meeting. -Corresl)()rider,.Cc I, read from the Montgomery County Council, '"In for ing them that they had allocated a sum of J travelling dairy and cookery schools. Mr stor proposed to ask for lectures on dairy, c°° and manure, and to he held if possible at LlaOs ffraid as being a very suitable district-. d T. Jones seconded, and it was Mr J. Hughes proposed to ask the trustee Kempster's charity for the names of the reclPf^ Mr Evans seconded and it was carried. I unanimously agreed to give to the trustees ot „i charities the names of the deserving recIpIen Trinity Monday charity.—Mr Kempster pro to appoint a joint committee, the same nuff-j?Sj| be appointed from LlansMtff«^i^J>ey Llausantfiraid to fnr!;hei, charities question, and the following were co*"1' to constitute the Llansautffraid (Deythenr pes G. mittee:—the Vice-Chairman, Messrs J. Kempster, and T. Jones.—Mr Kempster PtO^ic0 that a balance sheet be placed upon the °0lJld board after the audit, so that the ratepayers ied see how the money was spent. Mr Lewis sec° rd and it was carried.—Mr T. Jones said with r to the working men on the bye-roads, one taken off and the other two remained summer. He thought it was very unfair. decided that the District Councillor for loristi0o ffraid (Deytheur) be requested to call the atte of the District Council to the matter. LLAN FAIR. rl1 SUNDAY SCHOOLS' MEETING.—The district school meeting was held at Sunday last. A teacher's meeting was he 8 a.m. Mr D. Thomas, Carregybig, was \$ delegate to the Sunday School Asanelarion, held at Siloh on June 9th and 10th. The meeting was fixed for Gerizim. The fo"° were appointed overseers for the relpetitiOI115 oil, examinations for the year — Beulah, Mr T- Tregynon; Bethany, Mr R. O. Jones, NeW ..ijuS, Horeb, Mr T. Jones, Adfa; Gerizim, MrT. Tregynon Carmel, Mr E. Bennett, Adfa; tjj« Mr D. Davies, New Mills. At ten o'cloc" children were examined in.pare of the life of of and the intermediate classes or the 4th tfi* Judges. During this meeting the cert' gained at the recent musical examination^. distributed as follows :—Simon Evans Jones, j^e gwyn Mary Ann Richards, Gwae .ymagle jpg, Elizabeth Richards; Thomas John$ Gvvernydd Mary Elizabeth Jones, Tynevvyd two o'clock the adults were examined in 1st chapter. At six o'clock the examiner an eloquent sermon to an overflowing CODg'rer> LLAN FECH A] N. -00 THE LATE MASTER H. BONNOP.- AURIC tl,io Wednesday week the body of Master OilI Henry Bonnor-Maurice, third son of Mr £ • nor-Maurice, of Bodynfoel, was laid tn reffug lit^e family vault in Llanfechain Churchyard. fellow died on the previous Thursday ver-y after only half-an-hour's illness, at Upper Terrace, London, at the age of nine-and-a-ba Amongst those who followed the coffin to were Mr and Mrs Bonnor-Maurice, Master lid Bonnor-Maurice and Miss Bonuor-Matiricc, i*o, servants and others from Bodynfoel. 'i covered with flowers, was borne up the c^r jj by four employes ou the estate, J. Arnold, a jt Gittins, John Shropshire and Hugh Evanslløpet was met by the Rector and choir. A large of beautiful wreaths and flowers were s^ere relatives and friends. Amongst these wreath and cross from the boys and S\rrf,n tb0lf Llanfechain Children's S.P G. Guild, a little brother of the Guild The service wa ve beautiful and impressive one.