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NERVOUS DEBILITY. A CHRISTIAN gentleman will send any sufferer, on receipt of stumped and addressed envelope, his Physician's Prescription, which completely cured him in one month. This will prevent sufferers being imposed upon and robbed by unscrupulous Quacks, as any Pharmaceutical Chemist can make it up.—Mr. Moss, 35, South John Street, Liverpool. !:iMCWL|||r: I: rTHE cwnt-.r ot a single Horse or Ow has .*3»" no excuse now for n-tprovidinsagait. st «*'•- sudden Horse or Cow Ailments when lie can jortlu tnial: &nm oi lOc. Cd s- cur.- aint:- .Chest eoi tar in fit Medicines of years e standing and net >riously the best; and fitted for Horses jnly. ;\>wb only, or both cottar inc alM) that mott succt-sslal f :«il Tiopu'.ar books on Animal disease. Days ° Kvervdav Fa-:i.ry." 220 pasres, lirerHly .<• era mm A with v formati"- a«.d ir.H^-vti- < ii> a liai.dv, pSai:i,a i! ta?v j.-rai. say thp Ch.t contair.s Trays' Black Drink1 an'dVed Pays' Oil. &c.. there will I [f, be no difficulty in at seeing the great t j valna of Days' Special Chest, ? ONLY GKNClNiC FROM li* DAT & SONS, CKEWE AWARDED p^Yi, OVER 50 Fi.iZE MEDALS. o^|i «w»-5 '■. Establish! IB-O. try; i )\YS' BLACK DRINK Cures Colic or :.=-I Gripes, and sudden Thills in Horses and Cattle. 4^-ej !■ -ar Hovei: ot Bl<.wn Cattle and Sheep. Scour in • £ "|j C»lves, &e. 5 per J dozen sample, or ,9s. per /^Sid |-f# dozen Bottles. Carriage paid. I DAYS' RED DRINK Cures Bad Clenus- '■■225 ing and Milk Fcifcr. For Indigestion | Its* stoppage, Loss of Cud, tad Colds in Cattle, 6E»- ?! .*• £ {,1 per dozen packet?. Carriage paid. The Ewe ;;j Drench for Sheep, 3*. 6d. i er dozen Packets. j -DAY8'Pi RlFIED DRIFFIELD OILS, gr (. -Og ''Days' 'Black Oils" or "Days' Oils,9' Heal Kicks, Cut.?. Stfcke Wounds, Broken Knee. to.. in Horse* Cattto. Safely ^eal all Wcu^d* t; I in all Animals. !Jrice 2s. 6d. cuv<d 65. per Hotile. ONLY GENUINE FROM B DAY & SONS, MMM Manufacturer* oT every Veterinary | £ .U7 Requisite for Farm, Stable, and Kennci. hui | jvisg' iLLrsrnATm AyjfUAL FRET. Pages. JZ IVJARIENBAD "w" (AUSTRIA).—1,900 feet above the Sea. PRESSING the strongest (;lauher-Salt Waters known, the most powerrul pre Iron Water. and the richest in Iron of all M meral MuÖ. IS remarkable for iw elevated po,it!on am >ngr 'he Forest-(,<Jvered Mountains. HYDROPATHIC kSTABLlSHMKXT; Carbonic Acid, Tvlud, Steel, Steam, Gas and Hot.Air Baths. efficacious in Diseases of the Stomach, Liver, Intestine?, Pain* of the Bladder, and in Women's Complaints, general Ill-Health, Corpulence, Ansemia,>" &c. "ADF.. Salt-extractixc, \'tURJí8. ElivCTRIT LJG. Mountain Sprinp Water Supply, Tbeatre,Tomt<ola, Ballg, hoo"p¡z. Fisb- inp. Biding, Cycling, and Lawn Tennis. Season ^lay 1st to Sept. 30th. XTjOOO VISITORS (exclusive of through travelers Prospectus and Pamphlets gratis from the Kur^ermei^teramt iMat/or's Office). F0K CUKES BY TAKING THE WATERS The Water? of the following Springs, viz.: Kreuzbrunn, Ferdiuaudsbrunn, Waldquelle, Budoifequelle, and Ambrosiusbruna, cao be had m bottles containing | Litre at tbe Private Residences. NATURAL SUT in Plnvùer..and crystals (0.882 grammes 8a.ltin powcier is equÎ\'a1eutto 100 grammes o Minera1 Water; are put up iu jars of 11!,and 250 grammes, or in vackets divided ioto doses of 5 grammes. 'IAIU1\"BAD.SraI"G PASTILLES (in the on13- genuine Boxes) for use a* aperients and demulcents. FOR A COURSE OF BATHS.—Marienbad Mud, Spring Soao, Mother- lye, and Salt. To be had of all the leading Mineral ater Dealers, Drug- gistfl, and Chemists.—THE BHUNNEN«VERSENDUNG, Mabiksra^. T.ADIES' best friend. -Li MAHEIE3 or SINGLE LADIK8 should f-nfl ft* T.ATin .s' HAXDT IXiLVsTK-ATED GUlPE./rre, s-v W, iW8 ateinps; invaluable iiifcTrwatieri a?id remedy for al? Irregu larit)< cv,l Ohstruo4•<. ou^'iv or lt"vr;ir-s*n1-.o,i? -F. VL&DXZiDu B. ii. LI LJLY. CUi^ToN SIV^j :T■ S sa JCOODFJIT! S s   S Xtc   e N 8 Tho most palatable. tlifrst-flrueBehtiig, re- 0 ttoahlng, ammatinr: t drink prodoceable 9 ■ For every CPrN-AIH WORKER and all 9 employed iu :.L..J ■ Y-: .M-iauiactoues & Kines.. 5 IMITATED BUT NOT EQUALLED. Agente Wanted, g m One fid. botf.le makes 3 p-aTlons. Of all Chemists and Stores. J • SAMPLE BOTTLE FREE 8 STASTS, 2 FOR 15 STAMPS. • HEWBAI<L & MASON. NOTTINGHAM. ■ .8Be!e.eme!I&9fe. ]yi"ONEY MONEY! IMPORTANT TO JEiO to £500 may he obtained on Loan immediately. If You Want to Start in Business, If You Want to Increase your Stock: If You Want to Furnish your Homes, If Y. u Want to Pay Jour Rent. If y,) Waut to Pay y. ur Debta, If You Want to Pay Out an Execution, or any matter, ho wever urgent or pressing dmande may be, you can be aL-comnio iated without delay by pply- ingat this old-established Private Loan Office, whe-e tiasi- ness is done in a th0rou!lhJy genuine manner, VJZ. Monev Lent OD Borrower's own Security, and a guarantee of the 1:;tricte8t Secrecy g-iven if required. Money Lent to 3ouseholders (Male oi Female), Farmers and Cowkepper Innkeeper?, Tradesmen. Working Men,and all classes residing witbiu 10 ) Miles of Shrewsbury iuBuml Tarymg from 410. 0£12, £15, £211, £301. to £500. Office Hours till 7 o'clock p.m. Letters by Poot immediately replied to, aud Xo Eaciasad Stamp necessary for reply. XO >, Jay. MR. S. BERNSTEIN, ACCOUNTANT, 26, CHESTER STREET, SHREWSBURY; AND 16, I^ENNETT'S HILL. BIRMINGHAM. N.B.—Mr Beriittein thini;s it necessary to Caution Intend- ing Borrowers agai .st unscrupulous persona who pretend to advance money, when iu many cases they are even in a worse position than the person who ap lies for the Loaa. Mr. B. has now b en established at th-' above address for timo, and Borrowers can dept".d upon if that if a Loan cannot be obtai ed nt. trim office it ca not, be got anywhere. If Borrowers persist in trading with people of no standing they have only themselves to blame if treated unfairly. A PRIVATE CAPITALIST, Member of a well- known wealthy Finn, having' a considerable sum of Uninvested Money, .sprrpareii ro AD ç '.NCE the same, in sums of not less than £10 to £.<),000, to Persons of undoubted respectability in nmn or country (distance no object), on their own Promis- sory Note, wirnout asking for sureties or security, or preliminary charges or fees whatever, at a low and Reasonable Rate of Interest, for short or long periods. StJctly private and confidential. As this advertisement is not connected with any ijoan Spciety, it is requested that Habitual Borrowers will not apply. For full particulars, apply personally or by better, direct to the Lender. W. SPENCER, ESQ., 1, WELLINGTON BUILDINGS (SOUTH) 2 LITHERLAND ALLEY, SOUTH CASTLE STREKT, LIVER FOOL. THE OLDEST Advance Ofiii.k [ SHKEWSB"hy. A DVA-NCES male privately and confidentially i" "ump of £10 up to £:;00 UPON PROMISSORY (nE ONLY, At much lo-vi-r interest than usually cimnred. Repayments irraiioed to suit ments. Genuine and extensive business done for ¿0 years NO BILLS OF SALB TAKEN. Apply persor.r.ny or write l'or terms to GEORGE PAYNE, AococvTAvr, 5, TOWN WALLS. .IJ ¡-, "J.> OSWESTRY BRANCH—1, Cambrian Buildings, Oswald ftoa<! iaca to Cambrian Hail way .■? ration)! MONEY. KjXtfi. F 2 r I n r rt j 6q CASH A l.ANCED, Fifojtf £5 AN D UP \v To Farmcis. Cufdctit-is C«\i':io;-s, ner Shopkeeper?. I>ri:rvmcn, CWV-: c 1 8' men, Lodging-house Keepers, Private Hoo^hoid^B and others, without Bondsmen ON TTIErrt OWN S'eoufity On Note of Hand alone, repayable by'easT iw-u ments, or arranged to suit Borrower's .y mstal. venience. Ai; eouiaumic&t;>n. r. „°-ur' Con. kept in VvV^d and ever refused, and honourable arid f atio11 transactions srnaranl.eed °'~u:="tturward It t j N" ENQUIRY fef Intended ifo:mWers are 7' < v«. "PD!ri°8 25, CHEST RR XTH vY-v 'r !J> wKT"'A'HC'i' W ST™ •