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MONTGOMERYSHIRE YEOMANRY CAVALRY. 4NNUAL TRAINING AT WELSHPOOL. The annual training possesses an indescribable charm for the citizen soldier, and is one of the opportunities (indeed, we might say the only oppor- tunity) afforded him of takingpartin active service. Troop drill at home is useful, but its infrequency, unfortunately in some instances, makes men care- Jess, and there is not that scrupulous attention paid to drill and accutrements, which is bestowed on them during the training week. Of course, a yeo- man, immediately be puts on his uniform, considers himself a soldier, whether he be drilling at home, or under the more charming influence of training life. This strict view of duty is, unhappily, not generally shared by our citizen soldiers, with the result that the yeoman at training time and the yeoman at. troop drills at home, are, as a rule, two classes of individuals. The former is certaiulv more conducive to bring out the soldierly instincts of the men than troop drill at home. During the training time they set themselves apart for a certain period, solely for the purpose of studying the art of war, they breathe a soldier's atmosphere, a healthy rivalry between their own and other troops stimu- lates them to greater efforts, and other influences joined to these, tend to make the life of the yeomanry during the training time more distinctly military in its character than it ordinarily is. As mentioned in our last issue, the Montgomery- shire Regiment of Yeomanry Cavalry assembled at Welshpool on Thursday week for the annual train- ing of ten days' permanent duty. The town pre- sented quite a lovely scene during the afternoon as the various troops arrived. No duty was performed beyond the troopers reporting their presence, after which they were dismissed to their quarters. There are 261 officers and men on the books under the command of Lieut.-Col Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn, Bart., Captains ll. W. H. W. Williams-Wynn, C. T. Dugdale, F. R. Williams-Wynn, J. C. Munro, Capt and Adjutant G. L. Holdsworth, Lieutenants E. M. Lucas, A. P. Lane, H. E. E. Peel, E. J. Williams- Vaughan, G. Pritchard Rayner, Surgeon-Captain John Gill, and Veterinary-Surgeon J. C. Rowlands. On Friday and Saturday mornings the troops paraded in Broad strest at eight o'clock, under the command of Lieut.-Colonel Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Bart., and, preceded by the regimental band, marched to the drill ground down Severn street. They were put through several field movements and sword exercise by Sir Watkin and Captain and Adjutant G. L. Holdsworth, and returned to town by 3 p.m. The weather was all that could be desired for Cavalry Sunday, which is generally looked forward to with much interest, not only by the townspeople, but the inhabitants of the surround- ingdistrict,and, from an early hour, visitors began to pour in by road and rail, the bicycle proving- a favourite means of locomotion to many from a distance. The regiment assembled in Broad street at 10 a.m., for church parade. Under the com- mand of Lieut.-Colonel Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Bart., and headed by the regimental baud, under the leadership of Bandmaster Whittingham, they marched to the Parish Church for divine service at 11. The streets were thickly lined with spectators. The service was intoned by the Vicar (Rev D. G. Davis);and the lessons were read by Mr W. Forrester Addie. The Vicar delivered an eloquent sermon on the words, Thy kingdom come." The organist (Mr T. M. Price) played God save the Queen as the regiment entered the sacred edifice, and the choir also sang an anthem. There was an immense congregation. The band played an excellent selection of music on the Cross from 4 to 6 p.m. OUTPOST DUTY AND SHAM FIGHT. On Monday, at 7.45 a.m., the Llanfyllin and Llangedwyn troops, being the first squadron, paraded in Broad street, and marched down Salop road, through Butticgton, to the Welsh Harp, a celebrated hostelry in the good old days," on the top of the Long Mountain, along which the old Shrewsbury road runs. This squadron formed the enemy," and continued their journey a little further towards Rhosgoch. In the meantime the "defensive party," consisting of the Welshpool, Guilsfield Newtown, and Berriew troops (second and third squadrons) were assembling in Broad street and at nine a.m., marched iu the same direction as "the enemy" as far a- the Welsh Harp, when they turned to the left for the Heldre hill. On arrival there, they threw vedettes and patrols in a southerly direction, who very quickly came in contact witn the foe." They gradually fell back on their main force, which at once made a desperate attack on the enemy," and afterwards retreated, but only to return to the fray with greater dash until they utterly routed their opponents, whom they drove on to the Welsh Harp road. Captain R. W. H. W. Williams Wynn was in command of the enemy," i assisted by Captain C. T. Dngdale; whilst" the de- feBce" was in command cf Captain F. R. Williams Wynn, assisted by Captain J. C. Munro and Captain and Adjutant G. L. Holdsworth. After the battle the men were drawn up in line, and went through the formation attack, and afterwards re- tired to a no doubt very welcome duty—lunch on the lawn in front of the Welsh Harp—where mine host" Hughes gave every welcome to his martial visitors. The regiment returned to the town about 2.30 p.m. On Tuesday they assembled in Broad street at 8.30, and under the command of Lieut.-ColoneI Sir W. W. Wynn, Bart., and, headed by the band, marched to the drill ground, where they were put through various held movements and sword exercise. Returning at 2 p.m., they paraded again on foot at 3.15 p.m., in Broad street, and marched to Maesgwastad, Powis Castle Park, and went through carbine and sword exercise; returning into Broad street at 5.15 p.m., when they were dis- missed. The regimental band, under the leader- ship of Bandmaster Whittingham, played duriug the day, aud during the evening discoursed an excellent selection of masie in frorJt of tho Royal Oak Hotel. JlILlTAHY TOURNAMENT. The military tournament held in connection with the .3lontgO:ileryshin Yeomanry Casalry, which took place Oil Wednesday on tho Drill ground, proved a great attraction. Long before half-past two, the advertised time for commencing, crowds oi spectators arrived upon the scene, and the various contests which took place during the afternoon were watched with the keenest interest. The committee cousisted of Capt. R. Williams- Wynn, Lients. J. 0. Munro and A. L'. Lane. Cap! Williams-Wynn acted as cleik of the course, whilst the duties of judging devolved upon Capt. Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn, Bart., and Lieut. C. WVMIO Evton. It had been arranged that the four men who made the highest aggregate score in post practice, tout pegging, and lemon cutting should compete at Rhyl for the Brigide Challenge Cup and gold medal. The arrangements made for the sports were most satisfactory, and tho whole affair passed off without a single hitch. The following is the result of the competitions :— HEADS AXP C Humphreys, A troop; 2 Sergt T S Jones, A troop; 3 C Miller, A noop. TEXT PEOOIXT;.—1 Sergt T S Jones, A troop; 2 Sergt T Sides, D Troop 3 W W Watkin, E troop: 4 C Miller, A troop. LEMON CUTTIXC.—1 Serge T Sides, 1J troop; 2 Corpl J R Thomas, C troop; 3 C Miller, A troop; Sergt T S Jones, A. Troop. VICTORIA CROSS RACK.—1 Sergt T S Joues, A troop; 2 C M iller. A troop; 3 W W Watkin, E troop. The competition for the troop prizes, a silver snuffbox, took placpc, on Thursday afternoon, the judge being Sergt.-Mujor Cross, Carbineers. The following was the resultBerriew Troop, Cbrpi. Ernest Jones: Llanfyllin Troop, Corpl. Jones; Llangedwin Troop, Trooper Buckley Newtown Troop, Trooper Maurice Bowen; Welshpool Troop, Trooper J. H. Thomas. Tho competition for the regimental shooting cup took place on the Golhi Range on Thursday afternoon, when the cup was awarded to Trooper J. H. Thomas, Welshpool Troop, who scored 19 out of a possible 20. The handsome silver cup offered by Major Pryce- J nes, M.P., to the best shot in the Newtown troop. has been won for the third time in succession by Sergt. Barratt, and now becomes his own. CONCERT AT THE TOWN HALL. The concc: lJ.<)lcl in connection with the Montgomeryshire Yeomaury Cavalry at the Town Hall on Wednesday night proved to be a great success, thanks to tho energetic efforts of Capt C. T. vugdalt., who spared no pains in making the affair popular as well as pleasant. The hall was crowded duriug the evening, and Capt Dugdale, who really undertook the responsibility, is to be congratulated upon his idea of distributing copies of the words of the different choruses amongst the audience so that they might join in the singing. This naturally made the singing to be more heartily taken up and the novelty might easily and with success be adopted by other organisers of concerts and entertainments. Programme:- A selection by the Band; song, "Sweet Marie," Mr J. H. Thomas; comic song, If it wasn't for the 'ouses in between," Mr Farmer comic song, I can't change it," Mr Astley comic song and dance, Mr J. R. Thomas; song, "You shan't play in my yard," Capt. C. T. Dugdale. The selection by the band commenced the second part of the pro- gramme, after which Quartermaster Jones gave a Welsh comic song, entitled" The spotted goat." Sisters's gone to sleep by Mr Howell was well received, as was also Mr J. H. Thomas's Under- neath dat ole umOrella." The choruj But it is so," so excellently sung by Capt. Dugdale and party, was much appreciated; and the evening's programme was brought to a close by Capt. Dugdale's rendering of Bobbie." THE REVIEW. Fortune, in the shape of the weather, favoured the brave yesterday, and enabled our reserve defenders to make a handsome show. The drill field has rarely been the vantage giound of so stirring a spectacle. The display of marching and riding and of sword exercise thrilled the heart of the ordinary on-luoker, as if it were the millingtary." Indeed, a well-known army man remarked that the precision and step of the troops would have done credit to a crack regiment. The review was very beautiful; there were some excellent turn-outs; the men wero in review order and were alco well- mounted, and reflected great credit to the county. The reviewing officer was General Gough, Wrex- ham, who was very pleased with the display. There were about 250 officers and men on parade. The review, which commenced at eleven o'clock, did not conclude until one. Smart gowns and smarter hats also did honour to the occasion. On the tield we noticed Mrs Lovell (Llanerchydol), Capt and Mrs Lovett (Belmont), Major Corbett Winder, Capt G H H Hayhurst. France. Mrs Mytton and Miss Mytton (Garth)MMajor E Pryce- Jones, M.P., Mrs Pryce-Jones, the Misses Pryce- Jones (Dolerw), Capt and Mrs Westby, Miss Lane, Mr C E and Miss Howell, Mr H and Miss Harrison (Caerhowel), Mrs Wharton, Mr T Pryce (Pentre- heylin), Mrs and Miss Beck, Mr R J Edmunds (Edderton, Forden), Rev R J Roberts (Fron), Mrs Charles Dugdale, Miss Naylorand Miss Drummond (Leighton Hall), Mrs G D Harnson, Mrs D G Davies (Vicarage), Mrs Welch, the Misses Humphreys (Garthmyl), the Mayoress, Mrs Kerr, the Misses Johnes (Garthmyl), &0. In the afternoon the men paraded in Broad street, and at four o'clock marched to Powis Park for sword exercise, &c. There was a large attend- ance of the general public, and much interest was evinced in the various competitions, which were as follows :—Shooting challenge cup, Trooper J. H. Thomas, Welshpool challenge Clip for sword exercise, Quartermaster J. H. Davies, Welshpool challenge cup for the best four year horse (the judges being Captain Hay hurst-France and Mr Edmunds), 1 Lance-Corporal T. Whitfield (D troop), Llangedwyn 2 Sergeant W. E. Jones (A troop) 3 Sergeant T. Sides (D troop). Veteran carbine (quad, Welshpool, comprised ot tho following .'orporals J. R. Thomas and E. II. Farmer, and Troopers J. Poston, J. H. Thomas, W. Smith, and E. J. Francis. Carbine squads, 1 Llangedwyn (D troop), 2 Guilsfield (F troop), The judging of the sword exercises was most efficiently done by Fencing-Instrncior Cross, of the 6th Dragoon Guards. The competitions over, Mrs C. T. Dugdale gracefully distributed the prizes to tlw successful competitors. This terminated a very successful and enjoyable week's training, and the men return to their homes to-day. — -—






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