Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

11 erthygl ar y dudalen hon





o LLANIDLOES. I conP*Alj ^ESTIVAL-—The annnal choral festival I te](} nection with the Welsh Wesleyan Circuit was I \'i On Monday. Revs J. Pritchard and D. Darley t¡C() e were the presidents, choirs being in attend- ed ^0ln all the churches in the circuit. The was ^or £ aT1 Harris, R.A.M., I Ph''n^iS8 Thomas, The Shop, Llandinam, and I Swancott presiding at the organ. The throughout was of a high order, and elicited Praise from the conductor, who expressed greatly pleased. In the afternoon tea ait¡!e provIded in the Public Rooms for all the I Ilene 1'8, the catering being under the superinten- ^r II. Williams, Liverpool House. At the ^eV8 Serviee suitable addresses were given by Ifoj> n • L. Martin and M. Griffiths, and certificates j^ficiency -were distributed. ^Ct^lHENT.—A fatal accident occurred on of irday afternoon last, to a platelayer of the name ii]a ^Ce George, living at the Pentre, a mile from I Cj 1^loes. George, who was in the employ of the Raihvays Company, had been working the past week on the section lying south of t^idloea. It is usual for one of the gang to 011 duty on Saturday. His Head Ganger ^(^LLaWieriCe) was worKing in his garden jSIJ^ne and two o'clock just Opposite the A th so on Tylwch side of Llan- h, 6 ^ij ere the deceased resting against >. fig the bridge. Shortly after this the work- W ^roin Rhayader went'past, and in a Ifyy^hile afterwards, Lawrence, not seeing George 15 in sight, went up towards the bridge and 1S George on the ground quite dead. It 1^8 v. he might have been half-asleep whilst and being startled by the sound of the &c^^ng train, in his dazed condition, might &c^^ng train, in his dazed condition, might e forward instead of getting out of the way. | ea,(]j ^od a very severe blow on the side of the ^Ugt "ich was the only visible injury, and death etQo tlave been instantaneous. The body was I^Pot to his home, which was just opposite the ere he was killed, and word was sent to the I Sc°n as possible. None of the officials on dV* having noticed the occurrence. The ^ife is thirty-seven years of age, leaves ltlqnesta,nd child to mourn his loss.—On Monday an (t H vv^'as 011 the body of the deceased before • (coroner), and a, jury of which Mr ierdiC(.* "er Owen, Glandulas, was foreman. A I (leceasct:' mei liis death by being t 0n t^ie head bv a locomotive engine was BOASIJ, Wednesday.-—Present: Mr E. n V'Q the chair), Messrs G. M. Benbow, D. [%lc) ij- Hdwards with Mr John Davies tat Clerk reported that seven interments Ii^be^c P'ace during the month, makiug the total ^Hrru27. Feei amounting to £ 4 17s 6d had during the month, which together received made a total 9d. The Clerk read a letter received t*1 ^Qnle ^^thorn Assurance Company stating that If* th0e^ there would be duo on the loan granted ^9 l^oard, six months interest amounting to 3 ar>d £ 50 4s lOd on account of the prin- F '^aking a total of £90 4s 8d. It was decided |pnefj le amount be paid, also that precepts be ti 'iir])'1''011 'le ra'L'ng authorities of the parish of 6 Sn^°es (Within) and Llanidloes (Without) for • of £ 40 ea(.h. ) ,.1\- JvERRY. SorxcI1"—n Thursday week.—Present: Poundl'. y, (in the chair), W. White, W. -A-lderson, jun., J. Yenables, T. Joiles, I iai 'es Powell, J. JIackaj-, Ed. Kvans, W. I M11-! \V°0t' ^ar(ii"t"1 H- Chapman, W. Aldersrn, I 0 k-A Ph and K. Astley, witJi Mr J. M. Milnen j p ^ettei was read from the Clerk to the | Ul,c' i-'lviting applicatiojis from technical I 51" C^a l0n classes.—In the coarse of discussion, ^ttPtnan ea'^ some time ago he tried to get I oVe^r making classes at Dolfor, but he could (j, r.c,Jrrie the prejudices of the farmers' wives, ^jjIntained that butter made by the new jiro- k tl^ods110^ Se" as us kntter made by the old I If they could not have dairy classcs, he I t}.ley should have lectures.—After con- k « c,e scussion, it was decided to apply for a I ih*11) a»fiS ^or and for lectures at Kerry, I to a dolfor.—The Postmaster-General, reply- r>* lWlniemorial fro,n the Council, presented by | j P eys-Owen, M.P., asking for improved J seVe Cl'ities for Kerry, Sarn, and Dolfor, said ra snggestions had been carefully examined |0{>6fi 9;> auth<rjties were of opiuion that the reasons .'s.ijtj' V' not snilicieut to warrant the erection 'catil0Ua' boxes, &c. With regard to the (Hthe*^ f°r a mt>ney office and savings bank at. »_ 't^orities regretted that the circ-um- >.H>est Gr° such that they could not grant the t0 ^owever, the inhabitants were dis- a R'uarantee of £ 5 they would open father place. It was further pointed I the p -r t^le Office Amendment Act of I ^ara Council had the power to become I ilg the J1 tors. Much dissatisfaction was expressed e?'y' ana 011 the motion of the Chairman, 'O^oual White, a resolution was >^5 ^issati adpPted, expressing dissappointmeut I^W^^tiho- action with the tone of the reply, and V kat an official be sent to Kerry to So,18. }> Parish Council and otherinterested ^aro C^PEC-ING the opening of money offices ^ND Dolfor, it was decided that the J^L.—JPIF'RAN*'EO GIVEN to the Postmaster- %E?AIRIN a Chairman introduced the question IC^Satirf ective footpaths, and after some ^eetiQ t^ie matter was adjourned to the a n^' each Councillor in the meantime to I\nepo^ upon the footpath in his own I that OUnciU°r Wm. Alderson, junr., gave at tho next meeting of the Council he ) IJ. bri at tho next meeting of the Council he Pb n forward a proposal to extend the II 1re from Kerry to Sarn.