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TUITION. WELSHPOOL GRAMMAR SCHOOL Tyv>- Preparation for the ^IVERSITY LOCALS, PRECEPTORS PUI3LIC SCHOOLS, SHORTHAND N CERTIFICATE AND LXVIL SERVICE EXAMINATIONS. Ov-er 70 passes during the last five years in above examinations. 12 Shorthand Certificates gained since 1893. ^0jufortabIe home kr boarders. Moderate Terms. CAMBRIDGE LOCALS—ALL PASSED. IIONOu IIS. RP.T D F"T;,L\ ,n:F:. UNIVERSITY GRADUATE. CA»., ^bridge Local Examination Class now forming. T. F. HILES, Head Master. I THE COLLEGE, QUEEN'S PARK, OSWESTRY. I MISSES HOULT (CASTLE BUILDINGS) to thank their Friends for their kind th support, and have much pleasure in stating a t}ie AUTUMN TEH 31 will commence in I 'heir NEW RESIDENCE, QUEEN'S PARK, \YI I IliJever7 way admirably adapted for {J j^tional Pu eposes, liaviug large and lofty Ooh'oom?, and Dormitories,and Tennis Court. Sn v MISSES HOULT are assisted by Resident I J, Slish and Foreign GOVERNESSES, and visiting R^ESS0RS. teP&ration for Oxford Local, College of Precep- I> and Music Examinations. Home Comforts and Careful Training. T TERMS MODERATE. TERM commences JANUARY 22ND. ^HRYSTWYTH GRAMMAR SCHOOL FOUNDED 1812. A ULGH-CLASS BOARDING SCHOOL FOR BOYS. HEAD MASTER: n. A. POPE, M.A., as formerly Classical Scholar of Sidney ex College, Cambiidge; and Assistant Master at Shrewsbury School. I Prospectus, &c., apply to THE HEADMASTER, JASPER HOUSE. I ^EVELAND HOUSE SCHOOL I WELSHPOOL, FOR YOUNG LADIES. at receive a sound and thorough Education ¡ ode rate Charges. Happy home for Boarders. i Also a CLASS FOR LITTLE BOYS. I PROSPECTUSES ON APPLICATION TO THE MISSES DAWSON. OSWESTRY GRAMMAR | SCHOOL II W (1407)- jy| G. COBLEY, Senior Assistant Master receives 25 Boarders in his house. There a few VACANCIES for next Term. Terms ^erate. Prospectus on application. | ^^QRAn HOUSE, OSWESTRY. THE COUNTY I INTERMEDIATE SCHOOLS, WELSHPOOL. SCHOLARSHIPS will be given on the fWe&uHs °f an EXAMINATION to be held on JPfe? 11TH, at the Schools, from 9 ^i»i* an(^ ^'10Tn 3.30. The Subjects of the J Nation will be :— 2 ^rifehmetic. ,5' ^glish Grammar and Composition, (fc) Vasography of either (a) The British Isles, or 4 (?r°Pe in outline. ^tlines of English History from 1066 to 1603. Rawing (Boys); Sewing (Girls). Jw —3 and 4 are alternate subjects, k) to 0 Scholarships will be open to Girls and One \)81!s wishing to enter in September who have On |^andard V., and are under the age ot 14. 6 Scholarship will be open to Girls and one to J)UpjjJlrider 14, already in the Schools, and to new *H0o)Wh° have not been at a Public Elementary EDWARD L. R. JONES, Solicitor, Welshpool, Clerk to the Governing Body. MACHYNLLETH COUNTY TERMED [ATE SCHOOL. SClIOOL RE-OPENS MAY 5, 1896. Head Master H. H. MEYLER, M.A., OXON. i. Assistant Master: It. ALBERT WATSON, B.A., CANTAB. Assistant Mistress I*. S MISS FLORENCE WHITE, cholar of the Royal Holloway College, Egham. ill b TEN SCHOLARSHIPS 1'.t1 e offered for Competition for Children in Schools and others; also, Bursaries to cover the estimated expenses of f ^hil^11^ and from school. ^ave passed Standard 5 are eligible )(:lSs10n without examination. for Scholarships, and also for 1{h 8101), will be held at the Intermediate School, t on the 18th day of JULY, at 10 a.m. p^o^va S ^or Scholarships Examinations as 'Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, English (W- Geography (England and Wales). (td.ll onl subjects:—English History and Welsh 4^IATIO»). ll<Catiou to be sent in to the Clerk on or before "day of July, 1896. Forms obtained from JOHN ROWLANDS, At\ -i Solicitor, Machynlleth, "P^Vl896. Clerk to the Governors. HERBERT TONES, ^Tchmakl-r AND JBWELLEK. QnEAT CLEARANCE SALE NOW ON. h aving disposed of his business to Mr. Cranage, is now offering at C0«SRN T PRICE FOR CASH A QUANTITY OF LHES, CLOCKS, AND ELECTRO PLATE A^}] ^ches Warranted for One, Two, or Three Years. CALL AND SEE FOR YOURSELVES. 15 NOTE THE ADDRESS— 111GB ST., NEWTOWN. 1r°SPENNYROYALANDSTEELPILLS *iini^es> rpm A LES. Quickly correct all irregu- 688in~ °Ve a" obstructions, and relieve the a*ea ig ^^T^ptons so prevalent with the sex. 6g tirnpo VL anc' ^S. ^d. (the latter contains lter es the quantity), of all chemists. Sent •Bt> E qi°^p receipt of 15 or 34 stamps, by the ^itatin .wle, chemist, Nottingham. Beware ns> injurious and worthless. I • A DDR ESSEX. VISIT TO ABERYSTWYTH OF THEIR ROYAL HIGHNESSES THE PRINCE AND PRINCESS OF WALES, j FRIDAY. JUNE 26TH, 1896. JHESSRS. M. H. DAYIS & SONS Haying made arrangements with the well- known firm of LEGGE AND COMPANY, DECORATORS, BROMSCllOYE STREET, BIRMINGHAM, SOLICIT YOUR ORDERS FOR House Decoration or Illumination Which will be carried out by thoroughly experienced men AT MOST REASONABLE CHARGES. Contractors for Triumphal Arches, Public Build- ings, House, Shop Front, and Street Desorations, Trade and other Flags to order at Short Xotice. Flags, Venetian Banners, Royal Coats of Arms, Prince of Wales Pbmes, Shields: Mottoes, & General Decorations, Illuminations, Ac., &c., for Sale or Hire. C. T. BROCK & CO., SOLE PYROTECHNISTS TO THE CRYSTAL PALACE, Solicit Orders for their Celebrated Cases of FIREWORKS I From 5s. to £20 each. LOCAL AGENTS: M. H. DAVIS AND SONS, 4, BRIDGE STREET, and 18 AND 20, QUEEN STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. VISIT OF THEIR ROYAL HIGHNESSES THE PRINCE AND PRINCESS OF WALES TO ABERYSTWYTH. Messrs. BELHAM AND Co., OF LONDON, WILL ERECT A COVERED GRAND STAND IN LAURA PLACE, And immediately opposite the Entrance to the College to view THE ROYAL PROCESSION. Plans of Seats, Prices, &c., will shortly be ready. EVERY VISITOR TO ABERYSTWYTH SHOULD VISIT THE PUBLIC BATHS, BATH STREET. HOT, COLD, AND SWIMMING BATHS. MR. KERSHAW, SURGEON DENTIST, NEWTOWN, ATTENDS Mr. COWAN'S, Chemist, 18, Broad Street, Welshpool, every Monday from 11 to 6.30. Patients attended at their own residences by appointment. Llanidloes—Every Saturday, at Long Bridge st., from 12.30 to 7.15. Llanfair—Miss Jones, Bridge street, first Friday in the month. Patients attended Daily at his Residence, Croesawdy New Road, Newt6wn. NOTICE. M. WILLIAMS & SON TOBACCONISTS, Have the FINEST STOCK in the County of PIPES, POJCHES, CIGARS, CIGARETTES, And every requisite for the Smoker. ALL THE LEADING BRANDS IN STOCK. NOTE THE ADDRESS: 3 & 4, CHURCH STREET, (Opposite the Bull Hotel,) WELSHPOOL. x Sole Agents for the Celebrated L N PIPE, and T KIRK & SONS' TOBACCO'S. F. C. PREECE, Practical Hairdresser, Perfumer, AND Ornamental Hairworker, OSWALD ROAD, OSWESTRY CUPISS' CONSTITUTION BALLS Are an unfailing remedy (Write for pamphlet). For Horses for Grease, Testimonial. Swelled Legs, Cracked The Cannock Agr. CO., Ltd. Heels, Coughs, Colds, Star. Cannock, Apl. 16,1890. ing Coat, Influenza, giving Dear Sirs,—I have much tone and vigour, and keep- pleasure in testifying to the f,irj Ufiropq in superiority of your Horse mS high-led Horses in CoirsiiTUTioK BALLS. We Health, &c. have used them for the last « „ C31 10 years, and find nothing For Cattle Ofc Olieep that can equal them. You can make what use you like m cases of Hove or Blown, of this testimonial.—Yours Hide bound,loss of Appetite I faithfully, HlfBY R. HUT, Distemper, Epidemic, &c. Managing Director.. For Scouring in Calves they are almost infallible. Prepared upwards of 60 years by the late FEANCIS CUPISS. h.b.C.V.8. Sold in Packets Is 9d and 3s 6d each, 7 small 10s6d,or by Chemists vi d Medicine Vendors, or from Pro- prietor, The Wilderness, Di ss, Norfolk, on receipt of amount WELSHPOOL SAVINGS BANK (SEVERN STREET.) BANK HOURS. Mondays 11 to 1 o'clock MONTGOMERY BRANCH (At the Town Hall, Montgomery). First Thursday in every month, 1 to 2 o'clock Interest allowed £2 10s. per cent per annum. Depositors may now deposit from one shilling to 1 Depositors are requested to produce their Books for examination once a year as required by the Savings Banks Act Amendment Act, 1863, and the Rules of the Bank. JOHN EVANS, SECRETARY GOOD Commercial PRINTING executed with despatch and at moderate charges at the County Times Office, Welshpool. PUBLIC NOTICES. ESTABLISHED IN 183b. FOR THE PROTECTION OF TRADE. STUBBS' MERCANTILE OFFICES (STUBBS' LTD.), 42, GRESHAM STREET, LONDON, E.G. Subscribers, by obtaining timely information, through THE STATUS ENQUIRY DEPARTMENT, MAY AVOID MAKING BAD DEBTS. Every Trader should read STUBBS' WEEKLY GAZETTE, With which is issued a Supplement containing LISTS OF CREDITORS Under all the Important Failures. THE COMMERCIAL REGISTERS Contain more than EIGHT MILLION ENTRIES. Debts Recovered Promptly And remitted to Subscribers On TUESDAY and FRIDAY in each week. BRANCHES at CHARLES ST. CHAMBERS, CARDIFF 1 and 2, SWANSEA ARCADE, SWANSEA, Aberdeen, Bir- mingham, Bradford, Brighton, Bristol, Belfast, Cork, Dublin, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Hull, Leeds, Leicester, Liver- pool, London (West End). Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Nottingham, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Sheffield. SUB OFFICESBlackburn, Cambridge, Derby, Exeter, Gloucester, Grimsby, Halifax, Hanley, Huddersfield, Ipswich, Limerick, Londonderry, Middlesboro', Newport (Mori.), Northampton, Oxford, Preston, Reading, Southamp- ton, Stockton-on-Tees, Sunderland, Walsall, Waterford Wolverhampton, Worcester, York. TERMS:— £ 1 Is., 92 2s., L3 3s., t5 5s., according to requirements. PROSPECTUS forwarded on application to any of the above Offices L. LEWIS, MON;MENTAL AND GENERAL MASONRY WORKS, SALOP ROAD, OSWESTRY. NOTICE. Promoters of meetings, concerts, &c., are respect- fully requested to send early notice of their fixtures to the ffi co of this paper, when, if possible, a repre- sentative will be sent to report same. We would point out that events advertised in our columns receive preference to others. The COUNTY TIMES may be obtained every Satur- day from the following Agents in South Wales J'UKTYPRIDD Mrs. Etvan Jenkins, Taff street. TREHARRIS—Mr. James Junes, Thomas street. MERTHYR VALE—Mrs Powell, Post Office. FKRNDALE—Mr. W. Davies, 21, Oaklands. CONTENTS OF INNER PAGES. PAGE 2. Aberystwyth, Aberdovey, and Machynlleth news. PAGE 3. Dinas Mawddwy, Lllanidloes, Llanfair, Oswestrv and Ellesmere news Parliamentary news. PAGE b. Cricket and Chess news; CyclingNotes; Forden Board of Gucrdians and Rural District Council; Montgomeryshire Summer Assizes. PAGE 7. Agricultural Notes, and Markets; Items for Ladies; Nonconformists and Home Rule.

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