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In another column we report a meeting of church people, held at the Vane Hall, Machynlleth, on Tuesday evening. The relations between the Rev Canon TREVOR and his parishioners have for many months been strained to a degree, and the climax was reached last week, when the rev gentlemen, without consulting, as far as zn can be ascertained, any of the leading churchmen, appointed as churchwaaden Mr JOHN ROWLANDS, solicitor, a Radical and Nonconformist, and who is also a strong supporter of disestablishment. Apparently Canon TREVOR attaches little importance to Mr ROWLANDS S antagonism to church principles, and would seem to be adopting an attitude of lamb-like simplicity, in order to secure the affections of the Noncon- formists, now that he has lost the good graces of the church people. Circumstances over which the parishioners had no control have compelled them to take a step which they would never have done had not they been warranted by the existing conditions of affairs. They have sought for a peaceful settlement of the dispute, and for the sake of the old mother Church would have suffered in silence rather than they should have formed the butt of public opinion. They were hopeful that a satisfactory arrangement would have been come to, but when they heard that the rector of the parish had deliberately ignored their wishes and with a total disregard for their feelings had flaunted his authority by appointing a Nonconformist to a vacancy in the church, which ought to have been filled by a churchman, their patience and tolerance became exhausted, and they determined to resent the action without delav Wprp this dispute confined to some fe^ members of the Church, something might be said as to whether bitter prejudice was not at the bottom of the affair, and it might be thought indiscreet to anticipate, too con- fidently, what would follow. But however much weight one might wish to attach to such consideration, there remains this fact, that the meeting held on Tuesday night was a large one, representing all grades of Church membership, and throughout the whole of the speeches there was an indica- tion of a spirit of dissatisfaction and uneasiness. Consequently it is in nowise surprising to learn that a resolution was passed praying the Bishop of the Diocese to order an enquiry to be held into the causes of the unpleasant relations now existing between Canon TREVOR and his parishioners, and advising his lordship that in default of such an enquiry a building other than the parish church would be used as a place of worship by the members of the Church. And so we find that a little misunderstanding, growing in magnitude' from one year to another, has ended in open revolt, and unless there is a speedy and essentially satisfactory settle- ment of the question, steps will be taken which will prove detrimental to the best interests of the Church and the prospect of a solution of the difficulty driven further away than ever. In the past, clergymen in Wales by their short-sighted policy of carrying out their own ideas without any regard to the opinions of parishioners who may have lived longer and possess more interest in the parish than they themselves, have thus sown the seeds of dissent and alienated from the Church, those who might have been its staunchest supporters. It is regrettable, in the interests of the Church that such a policy should be adopted by those whose duty it is especially to promote good feeling amongst all men. We can only express the hope that in the present instance, Canon TREVOR will meet his parishioners in a conciliatory spirit and not adopt a policy such as that which we have indicated. ♦- —