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FOltDEN BOARD OF GTIARDTANS. HEDNESDAY. Colonel Twyfurd in the chair. Guardians' Handbook The chairman referring to this lum book, with a copy of which, each ber has been furnished, said that the thanks of Wh Board were due to Mr. Pritchard, who had initiate** and carried through, the matter. A malgamation • On this subject being brought before the Board, Mr- W. Pryce expressed the opinion that the presen position of affairs was satisfactory.—Mr. Langf°r observed that, the cost of keeping 60 indoor poor a Caersws and 120 at Forderi was the same. —' Pryce continuing remarked that the more P0?r there were, the less was the cost. He would be1JB Caersws and 120 at Forderi was the same. —' Pryce continuing remarked that the more POOR there were, the less was the cost. He would be1JB favour of amalgamation with Llanfyllin, but aJ not see the: advantage; which would accrue from the amalgamation of four Unions. Mr. J. Edwards alluding to a statement in the letter from Caersws Union to the effect i I ;It, the vacant- Houses could be used for the purposes of t^rmcdiate Education* characterised the same: as being absurd, with which lemark «hn chairman expressed his agree- ..<A" (. c. H t ment. Continuing, Mr. Edwards stated that he came from 1 }¡,. upper part, of the county, which was within Caersws Uniom The rale* at that lime amounted (o about in the £ In Welshpool district the amount was only 2s In the ;x>und. Before uny scheme 0» amalgamation could be adopted this question must come before the pansnes. The 'test thng that could be done was to let the communication from the Caersws Union lio on the tabie for the present- He proposed that.—Mr Holloway having seconded, Mr Langi'ord said that the Caersws Union desired an even rate, but seeing that this rate was 3s » Caersws and only Is 5d in Forden. He did not thiuk that they would be doing right in ptittir-9 upon the ratepayers an increase In the rate of Is 5d in the pound. It was thought that should amalga' matiou come about the House at Caersws should bo the one selected, yet they had a freehold atFordeOj and what would "ber do with it ?—The Chairman did not think that they were prepared for amalg^T matiou. The present Board had never once elsctea to decide a question of that kind which ought to be before the electors before it was settled. meetings should be held to ascertain the ideas and feelinurs of the people upon the matter.—Mr "• Pritchard moved that a committee be appointed to consider the question and report to the Board- Nobody seconding this amendment, the origin8 motion was put and carried.—Overseers There having been some doubt as to the validity of the appointment of Mr J. Richards, overseer, K^oS" goch, the Clerk stated that the appoiutmeut st" held good,The Education Bill: A communication from the Gat. shead TTnion drawing attention to j Clause 2, sub-Clause 5 of the Education Bill was allowed to lie ou the table- Poor Law Conference The Clerk read a notice 01 the forthcoming Poor Law Conference to be he^I<* in Londoi on June 10th, when a paper will be rea on the education of pauper ciiiidi,en. -it was agreed a to ask Mr Humphreys-Owen, M.P., to attend 011 behalf of the Board.—Ladies Visiting Committee- The Chairman read the report of this committee* from which it appeared that the House was in 01 very satisfactory state, the committee having °0 suggestions to offer.— Statistics: Number in House, first week 86, against 97 last year; week 86, against 95 last year. Tramps relieved) first week 103, against 85 last jear second wee 75, against 77. Out-relief administered during last fortnight: Montgomery district, per Mr -P" Tomley, £ 10 9s, to 60 recipients; Welshp* district, per Mr J. Fortune, £ 11 9s 8d to recipients. Worthen district, per Air J. Oliver, £ 12 17s to 85 paupers.—Visit of Mr Bircham The Master reported that Mr Bircham, Local Goveril- ment Board inspector, visited the House on tb 26th ult, when he found the rooms, etc., clean, and the inmates comfortable and well cared for. The vagrants' accommodation should, however, re-arranged, so that a strict system could be out. It would certainly be advisable to construe some more sleeping cells, the present associate ward being often overcrowded. Until separate provision was made, and the vagrant detained a whole day and set to a given task of work, the numbers would not decrease. In order to do thia it would be requisite thau 800e twelve cells for sleeping and a few more for stone- breaking, should be provided, and also proper means for drying clothes. He would call the atten* tion of the Board to the sewage in the field adjoin* ing the House^ There should be a'proper cesspoo with a pump placed upon it, and the sewage shorn not be allowed to run down into the brook at the bottom.—In answer to the Chairman, the Master stated that the system of detaining tramps for a whole day csmo into fovea at the House on Monday- —The question of the sewage was left in the hand^^ of the Farm'ng Committee, the considerntiontJ^H| the romalnder at-. 'iI'fT to Biieham :;eing adjo irneri for a- month. f Biieham :;eing adjo irneri for a- month. f