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FORDEN RURAL DISTRICT COUÑÔlJ) Mr J. Davics in the chair. The Berriew Water Supply: The Comrnit reported that they had met the Surveyor all a the Inspector at Bera'ew on the previous SaturdjO^ and found that there were 26 houses in need of gcod water snpply. Miss Gough's tenants having t carry water from the well for a distance of 37 Dr Thursfield, in giving, the results of sever9 analyses, stated that he was prepared to stand fall by those results. In answer to questions, Thursfield said that the supply from the Ladjw Spjing was a proper one, and also that Miss tenants would be affected by the scheme. He not condemned the water supply at the Revel, f'1' though it was not above suspicion. The Clerk certain letters from owners which have already appeared in these columns. A further letter had, however, been received from Rev ° L. Martin, asking to be informed (a) proportion of the cojt would be assigned to him 89 ho'der of the Vicatage premises; (I,) what facility for obtaining pure water would be afforded to those premises, supposing he desired to take advantage of the further supply and (c) whether landowner whc had tenants to benefit by the new water 'b te supply to which they were asked to contribu10 would be at I berty to 18.:30 their rents, so as to obtain interest on their outlay.—Mr. 15. R. O,iv'6^ having r-;tat:-d tha t Major Corbett-Winder had for an analysis, of the water, Dr. Thursfield that there war, no dispute aho'.1t the analysis, atJ lie was prepared to stand by what he had The Chairman suggested that the Clerk sh°u answer the letter of Major Corbett-Winder ing the analysis, &c., and in the meantime the estimate of the cost to be apportioned between tb different owners should be drawn up by the Cler It was decided to further inform .Maior Coibe •Winder that whilst the cost could not be gaaTf?0 teed every effort would be made to keep vvitjl the estimate. It was also agreed that the should see Major Corbett Winder -is to right of getting water from Ladywell. — t Surveyor's Bond The Clerk announced tb he had received Mr. Hole's bond from _t Local Government Mutual So(-i(--tv Infect Ril 1.31 Diseases: A resolution of the Halesowen for District Council in favour of reducing the fee notification of infectious diseases from 2s 6d was adopted by the Council, 011 the motion of J. Halioway.—Canal bridge approaches A Jette 1 was read from the Town Clerk of We,shPool stating that at the last meeting of the Council the question of the repair of the aP proa,dies to the canal bridges within the boriJll» 0 was considered, and in was resolved that action taken ^against the Canal Company to compel repairs, and the case being identical with that the District Councils and the County Council, tb the Forden Rural District Council be asked to operate with the borough authority to join 1,1 ,f expenses incurred and to be incurred in compel11 such repair.-—The Surveyor said that he could n advise the Council to adopt this suggestion, as District Council was under a different Act specting canal approaches from that of Council.—It was decided that the Clerk shun ¡;t reply to that effect. Dr Thursfield: A letter 'r read from the Local Government Board in re- to an application confirming Dr. Thursfield s appointment, which expressed disapproval of is; suggestion that the doctor should be subject to month's notice.—On the motion of Mr E. Dr Thursfield was re-appointed medical otfwel V. a period of five years at the same salary. Hughes having raised a question in regard to representation of Baualey and Criggion, the C replied that the representation was arrange11 j^d. the County Council, and the District Council nothing to do with it.