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NONCONFORMISTS AND HOME RULE. Some of the comments of the leaders of Noncon- formists and other Radicals, on the effect of the Irish vote on the Education Bill, in relation to Home Rule, are well worth reading. The Daily Chroniclc, of May 22nd, says We can admit that the old strict alliance between the two parties (the Irish and English Radicals) is over, for the simple reason that the circumstances that caused it have passed away." It deprecates, how- ever, the too hostile attitude of the Nonconformists. The editor of Word and Work suggests that the Catholic Irishman has no conscience" (Daily Chronicle, May 22nd). The British Weekly declares that Home Rule is dead. The Methodist Times, of Thursday, May 21st, in an article under the heading The death of Glad- stonian Home Rule," published in the Times of the same date, states that when Mr Dillon sat down, after speaking on Lhe Education Bill, "Gladstonian Home Rule uttered its last sigh and died." So ends one of the most heroic, tragic and distressing chapters in the history of England." The article finally makes the following overtures to the Liberal Unionists: The only question we need consider now is whether, under these circumstances, some practical step cannot be taken to heal that breach in the party of Progress and Protestanism. May we not stand shoulder to shoulder in oppposition to principles which degraded Spain, and in defence of the principles which have made England ?" Mr Gladstone's opinion on the present position has naturally been asked. The editor of the Daily Chronicle sent him the following telegram:— Prominent Nonconformist papers, like the Metho- dist Time* and the British Weekly, declare tht Home Rule is dead, and we are receiving many Noncon- formist letters in this sense, based on the Irish vote on the Education Bill. Our opinion is strong that the argument for Home Rule, based on British honour and imperial interests, is absolutely un- affected. Will you confirm this ?" Mr Gladstone replied :— Cannot appear in the matter but agree with editor. Blame Irish a little, Nonconformists more, Parnellites by far the I most."

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