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CAERSWS. FOKKSTERS' \XXIVKRSARY. — The village, of Caersws was be See,:e of some little bustle and excitement on Wednesday, the occasion being the anniversary uf Court A.O.F. Tne members assembled at the Lodgeroom at 10.30 j a.m., here they formed into procession, and, headed by the Llanidloes Brass Band, under the! conductorship of Mr Lewis Rowlands, marched to Pontdolgoch, whence they proceeded owr Gwyn- fynydd to LIanwllog Parish Church, where an appropriate discourse was delivered by the Vicar, Rev D. Parry. Having called at the Workhouse, the members adjourned to the Buck Inn to partake of an excellent dinner, provided by Mr 1). K. Thomas. Mr Evan Jones presided over a large company, which included Rev Morgan Jones (vice- chairman in the unavoidable absence of Rev D. Parry), Messrs Francis, G. Jones, secretary; T. Roberts, Caersws; D. Jones, Church House; D. T. Francis, Tynyrwtra; T. E. Kinsey, Maesmawr J. E. Mills, j. Evans, huilder: T. Jones, Bryn- Ilywarell W. G. Cleeton, C.R.; A. R. Breese, Union R. Savage, Penyborfa George Phillips, Unicorn; E.J. Catkin, Henfryn; E. Humphreys, J. Davies. if. E. Rees, Llaudinam, R. Rogers, Caersws; J. Evans, Gellydy wyll James Hamer. Penyborfa Dr Snow and others.—The Chairm." i having submitted the usual loyal toasts, that of the Bishop, clergy and ministers of all denomina- tions," was proposed in felicitous terms by Mr T. Jones, to which Rev Mergan Jones reponded. "The army, navy and reserve forces" having been duly honoured, Mr J. E. Mills gave "Agriculture and Trade," in so doing referred to the interest mani- fested throughout the county by all classes of agri- culturists, in that industry, especially in the bleeding of shire horses. The introduction of Here- ford pedigree bulls into the county was a step in the right direction. He coupled with the toast the names of Messrs Watkin, Henfryn, and Evans, the builder, those gentlemen responding.— The next toast on the list was that of the A.O.O. and Court Hand-m-Hand." Jn submitting it for the accep- tance of the company, the Chairman alluded to the great assistance rendered by friendly societies towards the relief of the rates, and to the fact that by means of those societies alcne, it was possible for working men to obtain their independence. The report was very encouraging, showing the society to be in a prosperous condition (applause). He associated with the toast the names of Messrs Cleeton and F. G. Jones, secretary. The former gentleman having acknowledged the compliment, the Secretary said that the history of the society had been a record of success from year to year (applause). Since the Court opened in 1880, with the exception of one member, there had been no appeal from the decision of the Chairman of their Court meetings, and the dealings of their officers had been marked by consideration and adherence to rules. During the past year there had been an increase of eight members, the total membership at the end of the year being 128, the average age of whom was 31. Of the 128, 60 were married. Turmng to the financial condition of their society, they found ample proof of its progress. During the past year the total receipts on the sick and funeral fund amounted to £ 170, and their expenditure on that account was L128, which was rather heavier than ordinarily, having had to pay for 202 days sickness and accident. They had paid C275 into district funds, and had received £ 198. In addition to the balance shown at the foot of the balance sheet, they had zC90 to their credit with the bankers of the district. With regard to the Order, progress had been very steady, the total number of mem- bers being 888,304, which was an increase of 1,659 female Foresters' on the year. There were 1,359 widows who contributed after the death of their husbands 5,789 juveniles, and 320 honorary mem- bers. Their distrtct funds reached £ 680,320; juvenile branch, £ 164.890; widows and orphans fund, £ 52,843; High Couit relief fund, £ 25,570; I medical service, zCl,847, making a total of £ 5,617,030, being an increase on the year of £ 128,217 (applause). Other toasts followed and were interspersed with songs by members of the company. BOARD OF GUARDIAN'S.—WEDNESDAY. Air. R. Bennett in the chair.—The Master re- ported that at a school examination held in the village recently, two boys, one 14 years of age, attached to the House, passed. On the previous Friday, service was held in the House by Rev. F. Wellbourne, twenty inmates being present. Num- ber in the House, 63; vagrants relieved during the fortnight, 60 against 86.-Tramp Accommodation Ward: The Committee reported that they had given this question their best consideration, and recommended that the Board should adopt and adhere to the ticket system, using three distinct tickets-(l) for bona-fide workmen in search of employment; (2) for the doubtful tramp who should work as at present; (3) for the professional tramps who should be detained two nights, work- ing on the intervening day and the alloted share of the following day. The committee further suggested that the clerk be requested to draw up a. form of ticket to be issued in three different colours, in Caersws, Llanidloes, and Newtown, and that the Chief Constable be asked to allow the police to issue three tickets, by which means the tramps would be kept under the notice of the police, tramps not possessing the tickets being con- sidered as, vagrants. It was further recommended that a notice to this effect should be posted in the tramp wards of adjoining Workhouses.—Mr. Kinsey having suggested that stones should be obtained to be broken by the tramps, Mr. C. Morgan congratu- lated the committee on the excellence of their report. He bad much'pleasure in moving that they experiment with the ticket system for six months, so as to give it a fair trial. He hoped that at the end of that time they would better understand the scheme, and that in consequence of that report the number of tramps would be reduced. He further moved that the same gentleman be empowered to order some stones for delivery there.The resolu- tion having been seconded, was put and carried, it being further decided to invite the co-operation of the Chief Constable in the matter.—Amalgama- tion The Clerk announced that be had received a communication from the Llanfyllin Guardians re- questing to be furnished with a copy of the financial statement of the Union for the years 1895-6, and further asking what period had been taken by the committee in guiding them in drawing up their report. He (the clerk) had replied that the last half-yearly statement had been taken by the committee. The Llanfyllin Union, alluding to the last paragraph ef the committee's report, had written further desiring to know how the amalga- mation scheme would partially settle th9 vexed tramp question.—Mr J. Lewis observed that if a workhoute was abolished it would be evident that it would no longer be a harbour for tramps.—A resolution was received from the Forden Union to the effect that no action would be taken by that Board in the matter at present.—Mr C. Morgan, in the conrse of a lengthy speech, expressed satisfaction at the progress made in the county in respect of the amalgamation question, seeing that three out of the four Unions were in favour of it. In the cource of discussion on this matter in the county, arguments had been put forward such as not prepared," more light," not ripe," to which he would reply that if ever a case was ripe this was. Proceeding, he pointed out in favour of the scheme that agriculture had now reached a serious stage of depression, the prices of stock and produce being ruinous. Were they justified in maintaining four Workhouses in a county of 62,000 inhabitants, and containing but 250 inmates. A great saving would be effected by having one common house, and he moved that this Board respectfully requests the Forden Board of Guardians to reconsider their re- solution.—Carried. BETTWS. MONTGOMERY AND SALOP PRESBYTERY.—A meet- ing of this Presbytery was held here yesterday week. CONCERT. An excellent concert was given in the Schoolroom on Monday evening by Mr. H. Griffiths' Bechan Valley Choir and several gifted friends. The proceeds were to be partly devoted to the Bechan Valley Choir Fund and to the build- ing fund of the new Church School. The pro- ceedings were presided over by the Vicar, who in a very happy vein introduced each piece. The comics brought down the house," but, where all was so good and pleasing, it would be invidious to make any distinction between one or ot her. Miss Hay's performance on the banjo and Miss Evans and Miss Barratt's rendering of songs were much appreciated. The following was the programme Anthem The Lord is my shepherd," Choir song The holy city," Miss Evans. Newtown song "The maid of the mill," Mr. G. Bliss duet, pianoforte and banjo, Misses Miller and Hay song Its a great big shame," Mr. Miller; duet, Misses Evans and Barratt; song Crabbed age and vouth" Male voice choir. Part 2. Toss'd by the wind," Choir; duet, Misses Evans and Barratt; song, Mr. T. HowtIIs; duet, pianoforte and banjo, Misses Mil- ler and Hay song If it wasn't for the 'ouses in between," Mr. Miller; quartette, choir; song, There's another and the 'tother one"; duet,' Love and war." THE NEW SCHOOLS. The foundation stone of the new Church School will be laid on Friday next by Lady Pryce-Jones. Mrs. Lewis-Andrew, Mrs. R. E. Jones, and Miss Marshall. The ceremony will be preceded by a service in church at 2 o'clock when I the Yen. Archdeacon of Montgomery will officiate.