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CRICKET NOTES. As per usual Welshpool polished off the soldiers. There was no mis rake nhout it tin's rime, and the good a.1 r< iiml play of the Town men deserved victory. For eight wickets Welshpool scored 140. The b'j.s-c ianit:g3 was that of D. R. Jones, who scored .34 in good form. Very little inferior was was the 26 noc out from C. T. Cronk, who made some capital- strokes on the off. Hiles played steadily for 11 not out, and G. Owen with 10 was tli., next- highest scorer. The bowling of W nrth was good, and puzzled the batsmen considerably. It does not say nnn-h for the good fielding of the losers when extras stand at 33 With the exception of Lieut. Worth 21. and Lient. Knowles 19, no stand was made agaioM rhü Welshpool bowling. and all men out for 63. 11 extras were given—too man)" in this score. Xew;.invtt rather easily defeated Chirburv. The bcnvlirjfr on both sides was good that of H. Hibbott being quire up t,o his best form. Chirburv were all out for 41. C. B a tier with 10 alone getting into double For Newtown only one man E. C. Morgan 15, succeeded in doing so. The scoring- of the Newtown men was very consistent ail through, and the coca! of 73 was not a bad one on the wicket. Chirbnry did worse in the second innings. Hiboott aud 1 atry got 5 wickets down for 15 when time arrived The Montgomery men received their first defeat on Monoay, when they met Meole Brace. Both teams were strong ones. Montgomery opened the ball with 78. Tomlev batted very well for 23, and in his useful innings made some fine hits. p. It Eaton 11, and C. B. Williams 9, were the other chief scores. The Mont- gomery innings was finished off in a rather a sensational manner. The captain of the Meole team, J. j. Davies, is an old Montgomery player, and wheti Tomley and P. Eaton appeared set he went on to bowl. So well did he send them down that the batsinen could do nothing with him. In 8 overs he took 6 wickets for 8 runs. It was rather too bad of him to give his old friends such a taste of his quality. When Meole went in the Mont- gomery bowlers soon got to work, and three good wickets fell for 14 runs. Hyslop and Evton, how- ever, by some really fine batting, gradually wore down tue bowling and took the score up. The score was 58 ere Hyslop was out for a very useful and admirable 23. Eyton, also 28, sta.ved on till the Montgomery score was beaten. After he left the end soon came, and all were out for 92, Meole thus winning a capitally contested, keen, but exceed- ingly pleasano game by 14 runs. When Oswestry Town and Ellesmere College meet it is Greek meeting Greek, and both teams prepare for a stiff fight. Last Thursday their first meeting took place on the Oswestry ground. Both teams were strong, Clapp being included in the home X I, and he did good work, scoring 10 and taking 6 wickets. The College innings reached 83. R. li. PhiIIips 27, Boot 19, and C. D. Penn 17, played the good bowling well, but the others failed before riie Oswestry bowling. With such good bats in the <Jswestry team it was expected that they wofdd make the runs, but so well did Boot and Lea bowl that they failed by 27 runs to do so. The College were 'lucky in getting rid of Clapp so cheaply. J. Y. Jones of the others, alone played up to form. He batted capitally and with confidence. His score of 31 was tho best on either side. In the 2nd innings of the College the Owsestry bowling met with great success. When time was called 8 wickets fell for 43. The College followed up this good work by defeating Wem on Saturday, though some of the best men were assisting Ellesmere Town against Oswestry. The latter team had much the best of the draw, as when time was up 8 wickets had fallen for 53 to the 129 for 8 wickets of Oswestry. The Oswestry batting in this match was very regular all through. Fred Gough heading the list with a well played 31. H. T. Gongh and F. A. W. How bowled very efficiently for Oswestry, and Ellesmere have to thank C. labor 24 not out, Rev L. M. Owen 11, for saving the match by their grand defence. Oswestry A team won handsomely against Gobowen, thanks to the fine bowling of H. Aston, who took 6 wickets for 13 runs. The opening of Gobowen's innings can well be described as a sensational one four wickets, no runs. Extras 11 headed the list in a score of 32. Oswestry replied with 62. X. E. Tidy (15) and W. E. England (19) batted well for their runs, and got them too when ladly wanted. A pleasant match took place on the Oswestry Grammar School ground, viz., the Oswestry Schools v. Masters. The innings of the Boys reached 117, but of this number M. T. Mason scoied 40 in good form. He received great assistance from G. H. Owen 19, T. Ll. Harry 12, and extras 12! When time arrived the Masters had scored 77 for 7 wickets—a very even draw. Rev. W. D. Williams (19) and Mr S. E. Robinson (35) played well for their rnns. Machynlleth went to Dolg-elley on Saturday, and a rather one-sided game ended in a victory for the home team. In the first innings of Machynlleth the batting was feeble. Bull and Clarke bowled well, and the fielding of Dolgelley was all there, no less than 7 batsmen being caught. The total was only 39. The first three on the Dolgelley hst soon settled the game. Howell Jones was top scorer with 32, in compiling which he had a fair share of luck. J. Humphreys (22), R. S. Finlay (19), and D. T. Williams (11) batted well, and the total of 106 was a good one for the ground. The second innings of Machvnlleth would have been wcrse than the first but for a grand display by Vaughan, who carried his bat for 27, out of a total of 37 for six wickets. The supporters of the Machynlleth Club must naturally feel pleased at the good work Mr H. loyd-Jones, one of their members, has been doing at fehrewabury School. In the House challenge matches he compiled 103 (not out) out of a total ° or wickets for his House. Amongst his two s^xes and six fives. He also 1 ,wic'5ets f°r 7 and 5 for 17.—A very good amount of work in one day for a youth. little^rliffi^u068 ?way Newtown A team had for 4 wicke- v-Wlt^ '^ennule. After scoring 102 Abermal. t'i'sTT„° the w?13' an'lthe" dismissed roid f=» LStfS'J, Tld 29 <«* «<"> and 34 re- SX*- 0l,"W,!d ,h'8 very effective VV hitting beat a very good team on Saturdav and must thank Baggulev and p u oat"raa7> Both bowled splcndidhr-thefor™^ he took 6 wickets for 9 runs as Strang batting team for 28G and Beckett (,4) lid nearly al' the run £ Whittington, whose total reached 56. th!F? J Lo innings Overton score*: tor 68 for 6'wickets Pock let on carrying his bat for a good innings of 28 no,. olit. Surrey seem to be in for the Championship again -nob that they are showing better form than Yorkshire, but are having more luck. Yorkshire have drawn three matches -all in their favour- while Surrey have only drawn one. Lancashire is creeping up, and may yet have to be reckoned with. The averages are all dropping; Gunn and Ranjit- sinhji have done so well this week that they are now close to the top. PRESENT POSITIONS. One point is credited for a win, one point deducted for a lose, and drawn games are ignored. W. L. D. Tot'l. Pts. Surrey 10 0 1 11 10 Yorkshire 7 0 3 19 7 Lancasnire. 5 1 0 6 4 Middlesex 2 1 0 3 1 Essex 1 2 0 3 1 Hampshire. 1 2 0 3 1 Notts 3 2 1 4 -1 Leicestershire. 1 3 0 4 -2 Somerset. 1 3 1 5 -2 Gloucester 1 3 2 6 -2 Derbyshire 1 4 0 5 -3 Warwickshire. 1 4 2 7 -3 Sussex 0 3 2 5 -3 Kent. 0 4 0 4 -4 FIRST-CLASS AVERAGES. Calculated to Saturday May, 30th inclusive. BATTING AVERAGES (7 innings). No. '1 imes Most of iiOt Total in an inr s. out. runs, inns. Aver. Abel 14 2 931 231 77.58 Newham, W 12 2 556 201* 55.60 Havward 14 3 606 229* 55.09 Ranjitsinhji, K. S. 16 1 795 138 5:'00 Peel 14 2 573 210* 48.16 Brown. J. T 22 4 814 203 45.22 Woods, N. M. J 16 1 673 158* 44.86 Jackson, F. S 13 2 486 117 44.18 Havman, H. B 13 2 472 152 42.90 Grace, Dr W. G. 18 1 668 243* 40.47 Gregory, S.E 14 0 556 154 39.71 ,,ur.n 17 2 578 138 38.53 Kev. K. J. 15 5 382 73* 38.20 Webbe, A. J 10 3 267 80 .38.14 Lilley 12 1 400 121 36.36 Jones, A. 0 12 2 361 98 36.10 Stoddart, A. E 14 0 502 121 35.85 BLirriip, C. J 11 1 346 92 5460. Signifies not out. BOWLING AVERAGES (10 wickets). O. M. R. W. Aver. Hearne (J. T.) 596 255 994 103 965 Trumble, H 267.3 101 561 52 10.78 Curliffe, F. H. E. 249.4 99 452 36 12.55 Jones, E. 280.3 100 597 47 12.70 Lohmann 151.4 48 303 23 13.17 Shine, E. B 152.3 é 8 333 25 13.32 Attewell (Wm) 560.3 259 859 64 13.42 Hayward 281.3 94 632 43 1469 Giffen, G 287.3 81 654 44 14.88 Richardson 590.2 195 1396 89 1566 I'Anson 149.4 43 372 23 16.17 Wain wright 395 115 887 53 16.73 GOBOWEN V. OSWESTRY 2nd.—Played on Saturday, with the following result :— GOBOWEN. T Pryce b H Aston 0 E Peel lbw b Aston 0 Kilvington b Aston 0 R Price b Aston 8 J Groves lbw b Powell 0 G Nield b Aston 3 W Jones c Jarman b Powell 9 J Roberts c Parsons b Powell 0 T Griffiths not on: 1 J Bromley c Watson b Aston C W Peel run out 0 Extras 11 Total 32 OSWESTRY. H Aston lbw b Field 4 Seth Powell b Nield 1 M E Morris b Nield 3 H Turvin b Nield 1 N E Tidy b T Price 13 F Parsons b Nield 0 W Watson b T Price 3 W E England b Groves 19 J Roach b Peel 9 J Jarman b Peel 3 J H Griffiths not out 0 Extras. 7 Total 62 ELLESMERE v. OswESTRY. Played at Ellesmere on Saturday. Score:- OSWESTRY. R Gough c Tabor b Lea 11 J Moore st Phillips b Jones 12 F A W How c Mylius b Lea 10 T Eyton c Inglis b Lea 6 F C Campbell b Lea 6 G Whitfield run out 16 F J Gough b Brown 31 B Gough c Tabor b Lea 3 W K Minshall not out 15 EAstoncotout. 13 A Robinson did not bat Extras. 6 Total 129 C H Lea b How 8 G Inglis b Gough 0 H Hare c Eyt ou b Gough 0 C Tabor not ont. 24 R H Phillips b How 0 F J Brown c Eyton b How 0 T P Jones b How 0 L M Owen c Robinson b Gough 11 H ShelIon c Gough b How 6 C G N Mann ) r E L Ingliss ) dld not bat Extras. 4 Total. 53 THE OSWESTRY SCHOOLS V. MASTERS (TWELVE ASIDE).—Played on Saturday. Score :— O. G. S. M T Mason b Vaughan 40 E S R Trevor b Mr O'Malley 7 G H Owei o Mr O'Malley. b Dr Cart- wright 19 W Gravelle c Dr O'Conner b Vaughan 6 F C Parry b Mr Robinson 1 T W A Jones b Mr Robinson 0 T LI Harry b Vaaghan 12 J D Evans not out 6 j R F Wiliams c Dr Cartwright b Mr Robinson 1 H G Price b Vaughan 1 0 B Edwards b Vaughan 3 J Stott b Vaughan 0 Extras. 21 Total 117 MASTERS. Dr Cartwright b F C Parry 1 Rev W D Williams b F C Parry 18 G T Edrds not out 9 Mr O'Malley c and b F C Parry 9 Mr G E Robinson c Gravelle b Trevor 35 Dr O'Connor c Gravelle b Trevor 2 Mr Pope c T LI Parry b Giavelle 1 C E Vaughan b Trevor 0 H Bernard not out 1 J W P Jones A Wynne Jones > did not bat Mr Lloyd Williams) Extras. 1 Total (7 wickets) 77 OSWESTRY T ELLESMERE COLLEGE.— PUyed at Oswestry on Thursday week. Score :— THE COLLEGE. H Hare b Gough 0 b Clapp 0 G Inglis b Clapp 5 b Sabine 1 C H Lea b Clapp 5 lbw b Sabine. 10 R H Phillips lbw b Ben- field 27 c Parsons b Sabine 0 Boot (pro) b Clapp 19 runout 8 T A Harvey c Benfield b Clapp 3notont 13 E D Harvey b Clapp 3 b Benfield 0 E B Lane run out 1 bRT Gough 0 G L Walker not out 0 ° R 0 Johnson c Whitfield b Clapp 0 C D Penn c Clapp b Ben- field 17 c Hayhurst-Frauce b Benfield 1 Extras. 3 Extras 10 Total 83 Total 43 OSWESTRY. R T Gough lbw b Boot 0 G B Benfield b Boot 4 A E Clapp b Lea 10 T C Campbell b Boot 0 Capt Hay hurst-France c T A Harvey b Boot 0 H W Sabine b Boot 0 J V Joms c Lea b Boot. 31 G Whitfield lbw b Boot 1 R J ones not uut 4 F Parsons c Boot b Penn. 0 A Robinson run out 0 I Extras. 6 I Total 56 NEWTOWN "A" TEAM v. ABERMCLE.—Played on the Twenty-four Acre on Saturday, and resulted in a win for Newtown by fortv-six runs and Six wickets. Score :— NEWTOWN. A Worthingtou b Chapman 34 1 Barnngton b J Miller 2 T n c Chapman b Morris 14 p m" ^Wa'er c VVilliams b Chapman 1 « Taylor not out 14 « Taylor not out 14 W Owen not out on Extras H ITorton, VV Crewe a 102 C Lambert did not bat! Beabow> w E Sayer, and T P <2 ABERMCLK. EPBsS^T5„H(!r''b0«" 0 J b 11 J Morris b Worthington ,° J Morris b Worthington 1° S Miller c Roberts b Barrin^ton ? P lihams c Horton b Worthing R Goodwin st Horton b Barrinfton t G Swettenham hw b Worthington r> E Williams b Owen ° ? W D Davies not out 3 Extras. 3 I Total 56 MONTGOMERY v. MEOLE BRACE.-These teams met at Shrewsbury on Monday on baked turf and nnder a broiling sun. The visitors batted first and thanks to the old Montgomery man, T. F. Davies who took 6 wickets for 8, were dismissed for 78. Meole Brace replied with 92, winning a keenly contested game by 14 runs. C. B. Williams for Montgomery took 4 wickets for 24 runs. Score: MONTGOMERY. A Eaton c Davies b Hvslop 7 A Edwards c Eyton b'llyslop 7 P R Eaton b Davies 11 R W Wood lbw b Hvslop 0 J E Tomley c and b Davies 23 Elliott Davies c and b Davies 3 C B VVilliams c Waters b Davies 9 R T Harris c II vslop b Davies 4 A Vaughan b Davies 1 T H Evans not out 2 E Jones run out 3 Extras. g Total 78 I MEOLE BRACE. I C L Elwell c Harris b VVilliams 2 Dr Little c A Eaton b Williams 7 T F Davies b Kdwai-ds 7 W Brocklehnrst c Wood b Williams 2 C Hv.-dop b VVillianiw 28 11 Eyton c and b Wood 28 R Waters c P ii Katon b A Eaton 4 E L Cross lbw b A Eaton 2 F W Bunnev e Wood b A Eaton 2 T Jones run out 3 Rev J Ball not out 1 Extras v 6 Total 92 NEWTOWN t. C'HIKBCRY.—Played at Chirbury on Saturday. Scores:— NEWTOWN. VV F Richards b Tomley 6 I H Hihbotr cun out 9 H E Breese b Tomley 8 H. Williams b Tomley 5 E C Morgan b iShaw 15 F R Hall b Shaw 5 C Parry not out 9 H Morgan b Tomley 1 P W Jones bShaw 0 A E Lister b Shaw 7 R Rider b Shaw 0 Extras 8 Total 73 CHIRBURY. T Shaw lbw b Hibbott 7 st Breese b Hibbott 0 T E Kiusey c Breese b P VV Jones 0 b Parry. 2 J E Tomley b Hibbott 2 c Kichards b Parry 2 W H Morris b P W Jones 7 not out 0 C Butler st Breese b Hib- bott 10 T Price b Parry 6 b Hibbott 0 M Kinsey c P VV Jones b Hibbott 0 R Morris c Parry b Uib- t bott 0 R Barker b Parry 1 b Parry. 9 B Poole b Hibbott 0 J D Marshall not out. 0 b Hibbott 1 Extras. 8 Extras 1 41 51 v. MACHYNLLETH.—Played at Dol galley on Saturday last, resulting in an easy win for the home team. Scores: — MACHYNLLETH. 1st innings. 2nd innings. A M Suthery b Clarke 0 lbw b Clarke 1 N Lloyd Jones c Hum- phreys b Simms Bull 6 b Bull 5 C II Kei:yoti b Simms Bull 2 c E C Owen b Clarke 3 P Vaughan c Humphreys b Clarke 5 not out 27 A Hammond c D J Wil- liams b Clarke 8 hit wicket. 1 II II Meyler c E A. Williams b Bull 0 G Griffiths b Clarke 5 b E A Williams. 0 M Evans c R Williams b Bull 1 J Edmnnds c Fitchard b Clarke 3 H, Pnse Evans not Ollt J J Edwards c Fitchard b E A VVilliams 4 b E A Williams. 0 Extras 4 Extras 0 Total 39 (6 wickets). 37 DOLGELLEY. D J Williams b Sutherv 11 J R S Fnrloug b Suthery 19 Howell Jones c Vaughan b Lloyd Jones 32 Dr Griffith b Vaughan 2 E C Owen b Vaughan 3 J Humphreys st b Lloyd Jones 22 Simms Bull b Kenyon 0 R Williams c Evans b Kenyon 0 J S Fitchard b Kenyon 3 E A Williams c and b Lloyd Jones 3 WE J Clarke not out 0 Extras 10 Total 105 WHITTINGTON v. OVERTON-ON-DEE.—Played on the ground of the latter on Saturday. Score :— OVERTON-ON-DEE. W F Hargraves b Bagguley 12 c Sanderson b Tat- man 7 A Roberts b Bagguley 1 c Fonlkes b Tat- man 3 E A Orford c Bagguley b Rodenhurst| 0 c Rodenhnrst b Bagguley 5 Captain PockKngton Ibw b Rodenhnrst 8 not out 28 C H Aston b Bagguley. Cf Dr Eyton Jones b Baggu- ley 0 ran ont 4 H Wheeler b Bagguley. 0 c Beckett b Tat- man 0 G Nugent bRodenhurst. 0 Rev T Buncombe b Bagguley. 3 c W Jones b Charles 17 Dr Richmond run out 1 W Roberts not out. 0 Extras. 3 Extras. 4 Totat. 28 Total 68 WHITTINGTON. J Charles b W Roberts 0 W Jones b Orford 5 E Rodenhurst c Orford b W Roberts. 17 E Bagg-uby run out 2 C Tatman b A Roberts 1 W Williams st Wheeler b W Roberts. 2 W Sanderson run out 7 J Beckett c BuncombebDr Eyton Jones 14 W Foulkes c Orford b A Roberts. 0 D Griffiths c and b A Roberts 0 A Groom not out 0 Extras ..f. 7 Total. 55 WELSHPOOL V. 4TH BATTALION SOUTH WALES BORDERERS.—Played in Powis Castle Park on Saturday. Score:— 4TH BATV. S.W.B. Lieut Worth b Owen 21 Col-Sergt Wilson c and b Hart 2 Lieut Knowles b Owen 19 Lieut Lumley Jones b Owen. 8 Capt Colvile b Owen 1 Lieut Tudor b Owen 1 Capt Tolcher b Owen 2 Lieut. Hopwcoc b Parry 2 Doctor Griffiths b Parry 0 Private Howells b Parry 1 Drummer Davies DOt, out 0 Extras. 11 Total 68 WELSHPOOL. C- F Tallis c and b Worth 6 D R Jones b Davies 34 J Hart b Worth 0 R F Parry b Jones 1 R Makepiece b Knowles 8 T Jones b Knowles 3 J II Addie b Jones 3 T F Hiles not out 11 G Owen c Griffiths b Knowles 10 C T Cronk not out 26 E Sillitoe did not bat 0 Extras 38x Total for 8 wickets.140 WELSHPOOL V. 4TH BATT. S.W.B.—The return match was played on Thursday. Score :— 4TH BATT. S.W.B. Lieut H Harrison b Owen 30 Lieut Lumley Jones cAddie b Owen 0 Lieut Worth b Owen 0 Lieut Knowle3 c Tallis b Parry 5 Col-Serg-fc Williams c Barrett b Parry.. 1 0 Captain Tolcher run out 0 Lient Tudor b Owen 1 Lieut Hopwood not out 13 Sergt Coulov b Owen 5 Pte Anson b Owen 2 Extras 21 Total 78 WELSHPOOL. C F Tallis run J II Addieb Worth 3 VV Jones b Jones 6 G Owen b Jones 5 R F Parry b Knowles' 27 -A Ev&nq b Jones Q c T Cronk runout 1 T F Hiles not out 9 H Blackith st Wilson b Knowles! 1 H Barrett b Harrison 3 D R Jones b Knowles 5 Extras 22 TotaI 86 -+- RACING FIXTURES. Alexandra Park.June 20 Newcastle Summer Meeting June 23 I VVindsor JUDe Meeting June 23 Sandown Park June Meeting June 25 Kempton Park 1st Summer June 27 PENNAL V DOLGELLEY.—This match was played at Dolgebey on V\ ednesdav last. and ended in a wilt for the home team. Roberts and Humphreys camt together i)(,i, Dolgelley bad lost 5 five wu-keis for 13 runs, and by vigorous cricket acdsd 55 for tb., s'xrh wicker. Sutthtrv howled well for Pennal securing six wickets for 38 runs, and Lewis got 3 for 12. Pryce-Jones played well for his 28 runs. Sc,re DOLGELLEY J R S Furlong b Stmherv 0 R Williams c Fancourt b Sutthery 2 II Jones c T II Jones b Pryce-Jones 2 W E J Clarke b Suttherv I E 0 Owen b Suttherv 2 T H Roberts c Lloyd-Jones b Suti hery 32 J Humphreys b Lewis 27 Dr Griffiths b Sutthery 17 I R Lewis b Lewis 4 Fitchard b Sutthery 6 A E S Bull not out 2 Extras. 6 Total 101 PENNAL. W E Pryce-Jones b Oweu 28 A M Sutthery c Bull b Roberts 10 A Lloyd-Jones b Roberts 2 Vaughan b Owen 5 J Edmunds b Roberts 2 Edwards b Roberts ] F Lewis b Roberts 0 R H Williams b Owen 0 Fariconrt b Roberts 1 T Jones I) Roberts 0 iiees not oat 1 Extras 8 Total 53 0 CRICKET FIXTURES. (All matches played on the ground of the first-named Club.) JUNE. 10-Oswestry Itigh Schooi v. Oswestry A Team 2 )-08we,tr" School v. OswestrY 20—Whitchurch v Ellesmere 23—Abermule v. Montgomery 20 —Mr. H. Aston's XI. v. Whittington, at Halston 27-0,swestry v. Ellesmere 27-ho" > Oswe>-try 2nd 27—Oswestry High School v. Wrexham Welcome 27—Knockin v. Llanymym ch JULY. l-Ellegmere College. 1st v. Oswestry Grammar School 1—Oswestry Grammar School 2nd v. Ellesmere College 3-Montgomery v. Llanidloes. 4-Welslipo.,ii v. Oswestry 4—Oswestry 2nd v Chirk 4—Montgomery v. R. W. W., Newtown 8—Ellesmere v. Oswestry Grammar School S—OswesLrv High School v. Ruabon Grammar School ll-Ruabon v. Oswestry High School 11—-Ellesmere v. Overton 11—Shrewsbury x. Oswestry 11—Wem v. Ellesmere College 11-0swestrv 2nd v. Gobowen 11—Montgomery v. Welshpool 18—Ellesmere College v. Oswestry 18—Ellesmere v. Haniner ¡18-TNh!more v. Oswestry Iligli School 20—Montgomery v. Brace 20—Oswestry lligb SchooJ- Pnst v. Present 24-Liani(-Iloes, r. Montgomery 25-0sv.-estry v. Nantwieh.