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MONTGOMERY. ODDFELLOWS' ANNIVERSARY. — The Loval Ark of Friendship Lodge of Oddfellows held their anniversary festival on Friday se'nnight. The members met at the Lodge Room, Prince's Street, in the morning, and marshalled by Bros. T. H. George, P.G., and T. H. Proctor, P.G., marched in procession to church, headed by the band of the 4oh Batt. South Wales Borderers, conducted bv Bandmaster Fred Owen. An excellent sermon was preached by Rev. J. H. Brown, Bedstone, who took as his text Psalm 133, 1 v., What a good and joyful thing it is brethren to dwell together in unity." After the service the procession was re- formed, and after perambulating the streets of the town, returned to the Town Hall, where a capital dinner was provided by Host Griffiths of the Crown Inn. The Mayor of Montgomery (Councillor E. R. James) presided over a very full attendance, amongst whom we noticed the Rector (Rev. E. W. Brown, M.A.), Mr A. C. Humphreys-Owen, M.P., Dr. Robertson (lodge surgeon), Mr C. S. Pryce (lodge solicitor), Mr J. E. Tomley (secretary), Mr Tomley (registrar), Mr E. Bridgwater, P.G.M. The vice-chairs were occupied by Messrs T. H. George Pro. C.S. After doing full justice to the ample spread, the cloth was removed and the toast list gone through.—The Chairman gave the loyal and patriotic toasts, which were re- ceived with musical honours.—Mr T. H. George gave the Bishop and clergy and ministers of all denominations," coupling with the toast che name of the Rector, Rev. E. W. Brown, M.A., who, in re- plying, alluded to the fact that he did' not 'attend as a visitor or in anywise as a stranger, but as a brother and Oddfellow (applause). He was very proud of being a member of that grand Society, which was in so flourishing a condition. Mr. C. S. Pryce gave the toast of The Man- chester Unity.Mr C. Shaker, P.C.S., in appro- priately replying said that the Society now num- bered in all about 870,000 members, and possessed in funds C8,500,000.iNir. R. Tomley proposed prosperity to the Montgomery District, coupling with it the name of Bro. E. Brigwater, Grand Master of the district, who in replying gave some interesting and detailed statistics of the funds and membership of the district.—Mr. A. C. Humphreys- Owen, M.P., in giving prosperity to the Ark of Friendship Lodge, said it was always a pleasure to him to attend their Anniversary Festivals and to see as lie invariably did a more and more cheerful balance sheet, and this year was no exception. The number of adult members had increased by 10, and the juveniles by 12, and the funds had bv £ 18? tPr -1 V ■ T I'" :;ö" tion for friendly societies.—Mr J.. omr:sanded. tarv, whose name was coupled, briefly pc0nded —On the motion of the Chairman, >- :nCere by Mr Lewis Griffiths, N.G.. of the lodge, ;ren,V"ed vote of condolence was passed with the f Caer- widow and family of the late Col Iiairison vcry howel.—At this stage of the proceedings,' interesting ceremony was perfor °'<Lonted Bro Griffiths, N.G., of the lodge, who Prto-" ag a J. Berwick with the sum of half a s0^er Jg"(jul-ing premium for proposing the most mem er the year.- Bro J. Berwick suitably Lodg0 the gift. Remaining toasts were au^ Surgeon," proposed by Mr G. J. Wi-ou?h' replied to by Dr Robertson i\r-Janies' given by Mr S. Davies, and replied to b\ at)(j The Visitors," proposed by Mr S. atid acknowledged by Mr R.' Davies, Churc^s Sir R. Jones; "The Host and Hostess P by Mr T. Statham, and responded to ^g Griffiths. The company then adjournec^^ ^uSfe. Bowling Green where dancing took place cr [n The band of the South Wales Bordeiers 1 attendance. ——— TOWN COUNCIL. -THURSDAY. o. Present The Mayor (Mr E. R- Jame»), 1 ing, Councillors W. Jones, A. Graham, Williams, with Messrs C. S. Pryce ^javor, Hole (surveyor), and R. Tomley. ^'ie f. tbe s 0 befox^e commencing the ordinary business Council, thought it would be wise to ca^ attention to the very sad loss they had sUfjoI1 j a by the lamentable death of Alderman hlajrj, ^ng regard to which he begged to propose the to resolution "That this Council records its Sth of of the great loss it has sustained by the d eIcere the late Alderman Harrison, and that a Sl1 aà vote of sympathy be passed with Mrs Harris family in their very sad bereavement. O'entle- men were very few and they could ill spare d whO men who had taken such great interest all possessed such ability for conducting the o r0. of their county. When their Corpora-ion ^v^ered formed they all knew the great assistance ren ^ejr by Col Harrison, and when the election o gt.jjat first mayor took place all eyes turned towar gentleman. All who worked with him in mation of the Council could testify to tb0 o interest he took in placing it on a sound fotin When the deceased gentleman became the second time he reviewed the work 0 Council, and iu so doing remarked that they lost only one member, Mr Brown, since its tion. Little did they think that the Colore bel', was in point of years their youngest nie ,^e would be the next to be taken from them- fiJled gap caused by his death would not easily be in up.—The Ex-Mavor (Councillor Willia1113^ seconding, stated that a kinder-hearted uaIl waS Col Harrison he never knew.—The motJOl atXl, supported in feeling terms by Councillors «r'' and Jones, the Town Clerk, and the The Town Clerk announced that the V!1 Assurance Company, in consideration of t^6 -caJ that the Town Hall was not used for thea purposes, had reduced the premium paid by Council to £ 1 17s 6d. The Town Clerk refWJl) letter addressed by the Rector (Rev. E. W. to the vestry clerk, Mr Edwards. The rev. £ en man said that with regard to the demand f°r parish books to be handed over he had c'1IlS jjcil the churchwardens, and now referred the Coo ted to the Local Government Act, 1894, which s that the custody of the register of marriageS oOP- burials, and all other looks or documents, the taining entries wholly or partially relating to as Church or ecclesiastical charities, shall reXoai11 foe provided by the existing law unaffected by re- recent Act. Vestry books containing entries aill ferring to the affairs of the Church must renl for in existing custody. There must be two keys one the cupboard, one for the churchwardens, and ,or for the Town Clerk. It was decided that the » and Ex-Mayor should consult with the churchw»rf g —On the proposition of the Mayor, the Inspector oe, empowered, in case of the water becoming scarpjj0 to turn off the water from 6 a.m. to 9 a.n1.- re- Local Government Board wrote sanctioning tbe appointment of Mr R. Tomley as Nuisances for the next twelve months, but poin out that as the Board disapproved of the P-VP01^ ment of relieving officers as inspectors of nUJsall re, they hoped that the Council would, in the fu 9011 make some different arrangement.—This waS the business of public interest. PETTY SESSIONS.—TIIURSDAY. JS. Before the Mayor (Mr E. R. James), Williams (ex-mayor), and Mr J. Davies. ,„<rot THE LATE COLONEL HARRISON.—The said that before they commenced the busine^o0tf the court he should like to make a few obser?? as to the loss which the court had sustained death of Colonel Harrison, who had been a t yll figure in that court for over 20 years, takia^^Lrb the administration of justice both in the Borone and County Petty Sessions. As a magistrate p took pains to fulfil the position he was called ;PfBl to occupy. During the whoje course of his fog career he did not think that the decision ot. late Colonel Hairison was ever called into queW biS .He was firm but always temperate, tender in a of dealings, and whatever he did was from a senSe j duty. He moved That this Court place on re^°0{ its sense of the great loss sustained by the death one of its most able and distinguished memh0 | Colonel R. J. Harrison, and that a sympathy be conveyed to Mrs Harrison and L in their sad affliction."—The ex-Mayor seconded the resolution, Mr J. Davies, »s youngest member of the Bench, supported it. el pressing his personal indebtedness for the ^ assistance rendered to him by the late Colonel■» the outset of his (Mr Davies's) public career. M. Woosnam, as a member of the profession, had on more than one occasion practised before deceased gentleman, fully endorsed the se.DoIl ments uttered by the Chairman. Colonel kept in view the Scriptural injunc that what was required of a magistra was to do his duty and love He had had ample opportunity for judging the u of the late Colonel on the County Council of jj they were, at one time, members together. Altb°u^ he did not always see eye to eye with the ^ecea gentleman, there was that manliness, that spokenness, and that geneality of manner which to ways endeared him to those who were opposed ud him. He regretted his untimely demise, aId trusted that the record of his useful life stimulate those whom he left behind to etnu him, in the nobility of his character. co BREACH OF THE SHEEP SCAB ORDER.—P.C. -^r?e charged Mr W. E. Shuker, Pentre, Churcbsto with a breach of this order on the 28th se- bringing 6 sheep from Radnorshire without a hceIl Fined 2s. and costs. AN UNJUST WEIGHT.—Andrew Baugh, itl1 Churchstoke, was charged by Inspector Breeze, having in his possession on the 4th inst., an and an unstamped weight. Defendant was mt"c in the sum of 10s. including costs. yl, BASTARDY.—Martha Ellen Morris, aged domestic servant, Stalloe Cottage, applied for an affiliation order against John Fos farm labourer, Gaer Cottage, Forden. Mr M_a 1 .g Woosnam, Newtown, appeared for the P'a'D^ce defendant being represented by Mr C. Ycarsley, Welshpool. Verdict for plaintiff-


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