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CHIRBURY. ANNIVERSARY OF COTTRT HON. HERBERT A. 0. F.— This Festival took place on Wednesday, the weather, unfortunately, being of a mostunpropitious character. Having assembled at the Club room in the morning, the members, headed by the Newtown Silver Band, proceeded to Church, where a dis- course was delivered by Rev Prebendary Burd, who based his remarks on John I., 29. At the conclusion of the service an adjournment was made to a marquee on the Cricket Field (the latter being kindly lent for the occasion by Mr E. H. Morris), where an excellent dinner was served bv Mr h. White, of the Herbert Arms. The chair was occupied by Mr Morris, and the general company included:—Rev Prebendary Burd, Dr Robertson (surgeon), Messrs W. E. Jones, J. D. Marshall, W. H. Morris, B. Poole, W. Ward, W. R. Shaw, E. Powell, R. Davies (Churchstoke), R. Barker, W. Davies (Forden), C. Bowen (Grafton), R. E. Morris, R. Tutnbull (Lymore), A. Eaton (Montgomery), W. H. Langford, E. Embrey, H. A. Hail, Maurice Watkin, C.R., W. Butler, S.C.R.. W. Hreeden, secretary, W. J. Wooley, E. W. Tudor, secretary to sports committee, John Fletcher, Edward Jones, F. Evans, D. Varley, J. Jacks, T. Bishop, R. Sherry, J. Williams, W. Oliver, T. Oliver, J. Bishop, and W. Pritchard. — Dinner being concluded, the usual loyal and patriotic toasts were duly honoured, after which MrJ. P. Marshall proposed "The Bishop, Clergy, and Ministers of other denominations," in the course of which he alluded to the benefit con- ferred on rural districts by the establishment of friendly societies such as theirs.—Rev Prebendary Burd in responding expressed his regret at the gradual decrease in the club walks," regarding it as a misfortune if they should have to be given up. —Dr Robertson having submitted The Army, Navy and Reserve Forces," which was acknow- leged by Sergt W. E. Jones, M.Y.C., the Chairman rose to give the toast of the evening Prosperity to Court Hon Herbert, A.O.F." He had known that club for a good many years, and he was happy to find that at the present day it was in as good and sound a financial position as at any time since it started. As regarded its strength that was About normal, the number of members being about the average, yet there was room for improvement, and he would like to see the number increase. Since that club was established a number of others had sprung up in the adjoining neighbourhood, and he was happy to find that they were in a flourishing condition. He was pleased to find that about 12 or 14 years ago a juvenile branch was instituted in connection with that club, and had proved to be an excellent feeder to the club. By way of inducing some of them to take a little more interest in the increase of the membership he had decided to offer them two small prizes; one of £1 to any member who would introduce during the next twelve months the greatest number of new members, pro- vided that that number was not less than five: and a second prize of 10s to the member who should introduce the greatest number of juveniles during the twelve months. He could not help thinking that if some of the influential men of the country were to apply themselves to the task they could in a very short time by means of education and by means of "getting men to join societies such as that, very nearly empty our workhouses. He coupled with the toast the names of Messrs Fletcher and Breeden (secretary).—Mr Breeden, in acknow- ledging the compliment, alluded to the dishearten- ing effect on clubs of that kind when they bad grumblers in their midst. After thanking the Chairman for his generous offer, tbe speaker referred to the interest taken in the club by the honorary members, concluding by proposing their health, associating with the toast the names of Messrs Marshall and Poole. Mr Marshall having responded, the toast list was brought to a close by honouring that of the Earl of Powis," submitted bv Sergt W. E. Jones. The company then made their way to the field, where sports took place under the following able direction Judges, Messrs E H Morris, J D Marshall, W E Jones, T Pryce, W Davies, T Hotchkiss, RTurnbull; football referee, Mr R T Harris; starters, Messrs C S Pryce and Mr B T Poole; stewards, Messrs W H Morris, E R Morris, E Powell, W Ward, J Mason, W H Langford, W E Jones, W H Jones, R Barker, and W T Hotchkiss hon sec, Mr E W Tudor. The results of the various events were as follows :—220 yards fiat race (con- fined to boys nnder 15 years, resident in the parish of Chirbury). 1 Jesse Hood (6 yards), 2 Richard Bennett (10). 120 yards flat race (confined to boys I under 12 years, resident in the parish of Chit-bury). 1 Thomas Matthews (1 yard), 2 Richard Bennett (4). 120 yards flat race (confined to a radius of 7 miles), 1 Herbert Trentham, Wort hen (scratch) 2 F Colwell, Gartnmyl (2 yards). One mile flat race (open), 1 F Colwell (35 yards). 2 G Evans. Welshpool (scratch). 200 yards flat race (for members of Court Herbert). 1 E W Tudor. Chir- bury (scratch); 2 J Butler. Marton (10 yards). Half-mile steeplechase (open), 1 Herbert Trentham (20 yards), 2 F Colwell (25 yards). One mile bicycle race (open), 1 R Stfatham (75 yards), 2 J Mason (50). Potato race (open). Beane. Shrews- bury. Sack race (open), Beane. Shrewsbury. Wheelbarrow race (open). Beane. Shrewsbury. 220 yards flat race (for married farm labourers resident in the parish of Chirbnrv). 1 T Richards. 2 T Bowen. Bowling competition, singles (11 points up), 1 W Wood. 2 J S C Kcedwell. Tng-of- war (six-a-side). 1 J Mason's team. 2 T Bowen's team. Football contest (six-a-side). 1 Shaw's team, 2 Bayston Hill Wanderers. Qnoiting match (singles), 1 J Jones, wheelwright. 2 D Jones. Qnoiting match, doubles (confined to members of Court Herbert). 1 T Hotchkiss and E W Tudor. 2 M Wmkill and W Pritchard. Qnoiting match, doubles (open), divided between J Mason and L Hughes, and T F and W F Bridgwater.