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A DDR,ESSES. OCCIDENTS TO LIFE &- LIMB, RAILWAY ACCIDENTS, EMPLOYERS' LIABILITY. INSURED AGAINST BY THE RAILWAY PASSENGERS'J^LSSURANCE CoSIPANY, Established 1849. Capital, £ 1,000,000. I COjIPtxs PAID £ 3,600,000. ATIO PAID .), 64 ) CORXHILL, LONDON. A. YIAX, Secretary ljr T AGF.NTS V JtWILKINSON, Cambrian Eaihvays, Newtown Ju ;• PRYCE. Cambrian Railways, Welshpool LSSAPD, Xewtown VISITOR TO ABERYSTWYTH SHOULD VISIT THE -ir-F si 9 PDBLIC BATHS, BATH STREET. HOT, COLD, AND RIMMING BATHS. WILLIAMS & KIDNER, DENTAL SURGEONS, OSWESTRY. ATTENDANCE AT 22, SEVERN STREET, 5p WELSHPOOL every Monday. Hours 12 to v^J^LLANFAIR First Friday in each Month. MR. KERSHAW, SURGEON DENTIST, A NEWTOWN, ABENDS Mr. COWAN'S, Chemist, m, Broad 6.30 Street, Welshpool, every Monday from 11 to by n Patients attended at their own residences PPOintment. t Vn —Every Saturday, at Long Bridge st., w to 7-15- a Qfair—Miss Jones, Bridge street, first Friday 06 month. cs attended Daily at his Residence, Croesawdy New Road, Newtown. ALFHED SLIM, \\t1E AND SPIRIT MERCHANT T* ELSHPOOL. for Messrs. Salt & Co.s', and Trueman, Anbury & Co.'s BURTON ALES. ^DON AND DUBLIN STOUTS, &c., &c. supplied in any sized CASKS, and delivered free. ^ecial Qualities for Harvesting Season, from Sd. Gallon. NOTICE. WILLIAMS & SON TOBACCONISTS, ^ave the FINEST STOCK in the Connty of PIPES, POJCHES, CIGARS, CIGARETTES, And every requisite for the Smoker. t THE LEADING BRANDS IN STOCK. a NOTE THE ADDRESS 4, CHURCH STREET, (Opposite the Bull Hotel,) WELSHPOOL. x §eHts for the Celebrated L N PIPE, and T KIRK & SONS' TOBACCO'S. TtT. J. BRATTON, T PROPRIETOR W AND CATERER, EAGLES, WELSHPOOL Q undertaken for Luncheons, lllliers, Teas, Pic-nic Parties, &c. e1J.t t ————— St for the White Star and Cunard eaiuship Companies, and County Fire Office. PUBLIC NOTICES. TIlOMAS FARMER, DECEASED. kV \^rSons having anv CLAIMS against the >y, cl- of THOMAS "FARMER, late of Wins- ^6 ^Qry, in the County of Salop, and at the death, of Broad Street, Montgomery, a f0' ^re requested to send particulars thereof ji > and all persons INDEBTED to ^tate are requested to pay the amounts espective debts to me. CHARLES S. PRYCE, h Jn Montgomery, 1896. Solicitor to the Executors. CHARLES JONES, DECEASED. Ltp J]afrson8 having anv CLAIMS against the vtte. lrte of CHARLES JONES, late of the erry, in the County of Montgomery, V6 fowi!^Ile8^ to send particulars of same a^so persons INDEBTED to ^tiVe <state are requested to pay to me the amOunts due from them. la CHARLES S. PRYCE, Montgomery, e> 1896. Solicitor to the Executor. tl < tl DISTRICT COUNCIL OF ELLESM LI: I;. ANDERS FOH GAS COAL. ah i ( quire TKXDERS to be DN° NC^ERS'R no^ on or before SATUR- ^a,h °^1 H T-of to'supply the Council with l^,ere(l at Ellesmere Station, or on the (J I897 Ellesmere. for the year ending 3Cth of 'A Sh.? quantftySlS to l,e Enclosed. Tn KrX nor used during the last 12 V^t.8 St 500 tons. B ° sealed and endorsed Tender for llt JOHN PAY, 1895 Clerk to the Council. STENTS OF INNER PAGES. 'jeth 6ryat'Wvti1 PAGE 2. Creuddyn. Machyn- tl°Q> and 1 ian»Qrig, Bettws. Mongomery, Tjj a,,f'Wen news. t,°yal y •, Page 3. e8mere Wales Chirbury. Oswestry, I Cyc]- PAGE b. COt'respoC JJ, and Chess news; Parliamen- ellee, &e. I Items ,„r .acHe,, | Lloyd; Notes from the I^y0^0^ of m .NOTICE. ^Ue8ted concerts, &c., are respect- h °f thio 6 e&rly notice of their fixtures nVe ^ill bo paPer' w^en, if possible, a repre- I 6ceive^ that ftv"ri: f° rePort same. We would advertised in our columns Notice 0 others- j Advert?,0 COilIlESPONDENTS. I Tivi.eir?iSt coPy must be received at 0tQing s Office, Welshpool, by Wednes- I PUBLIC NOTICES. I SUN WC-. INSTTRANCEOFFICE "DED% SUM INSURED IX 1895— £ 390,775,000. For all particulars apply to the following Agents- Welshpool-Ifr. DAVID WALL. Newtown—Mr. W. F. THOMAS, High street. Newtown and Llanidloes—Mr. BENNETT ROWLANDS. Llanfyllin—Mr. W. A. PCGHE. PARLIAMENTARY REGISTRATION. WESTERN OR OSWESTRY DIVISION OF SHROPSHIRE. ALL Conservative or Unionist Owners of Pro- perty, who arc entitled to be, but who are not already, on the Register, or who, being already on the Register, have changed their places of abode or qualifications, are requested to communicate cither with the Local Conservative Sub-Agents for the districts in which their properties are situated, or with one of the undermentioned agents, as early as possible, and not later than July 17th. Conservative and Unionist Occupiers are re- quested to examine the lists, published on the 1st of August next by the Overseers, on the Church and Chapel doors, and, if their names and qualifica- tions are omitted, or incorrectly stated, to com- municate at once with the Local Agents, or with one of the undermentioned Agents. Any person who separately inhabits any dwelling by virtue of any office, service, or employment (.c.g, a Groom sleeping over a Stable, or a Caretaker) is entitled to be on the Register as an Occupier, although he pays no rent or rates. Conservatives or Unionists who are entitled to be registered as Lodgers, as occupying Apartments of the annual value of £10, unfurnished, are also requested to send particulars to Local Sub-Agents, or to one of the undermentioned Agents. Lodgers may, in certain cases, be entitled to the Franchise where rent paid by services rendered. Any further information will be given, and Claims prepared gratuitously by either A. FAY WILLIAMS (Principal Agent). Solicitor, 39, Church street, Oswcsury Or WM. M. HOW (Assistant Agent), Solicitor, 9, Swan Hill, Shrewsbury. WANTED, in Broad street, Welshpool, a TV respectable Youth, as ERRAND BOY.— Apply by letter, Alpha, COUNTY TIMES Office, Welshpool.

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