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WELSHPOOL. D. JONES & SON'S Indian and Ceylon Tea, at 2s. per lb. is absolutely pure, therefore best.—Noted Home Cured Ham and Bacon Stores, High Street. —[Advt. ] PRIMITIVE METHODIST CHAPEL.—The Sunday School anniversary took place on Sunday when the preacher, morning and evening, was Mr J. Pugh, Westbury. In the afternoon a children's service was held under the presidency of Mr R. Evans, Pwllyglo. Special hymns and anthems were rendered by the choir, conducted by Mr D. J.Jones, whilst the scholars gave recitations and dialogues, the Misses Venables (Oswestry) contributing duets. An address was given by Mr J. Pugh. The duties of accompanist were ably discharged by Mr C. E. Pugh.—On Tuesday afternoon a Sunday School Convention took place in the chapel, Rev T. R. Maland in the chair. A paper was read by Rev A. H. Kynaston, Newtown, which was followed by a discussion in which Rev G. T. D. Pidsley, Messrs D. J. Jones, R. Evans, J. Pugh, and T. Ashley took part. At the conclusion of the meeting the friends sat down to tea over which Mrs Crow and Mrs Ashley, assisted by Mrs Davies, Misses Whittington and Clara Davies, presided. This was followed by a meeting in the interest of Sunday Schools at which Mr T. S. Pryce took the chair. Addresses were delivered by Rev G. T. D. Pidsley, A. 11. Kvnaston, and T. Hunt (Connexional Sunday School secre- tary). A vote of thanks to the speakers, proposed by Rev T. ll. Malaiid, brought the meeting to a close. THE ANNUAL MEETING OF THE POWIS HABITATION OF THE PRIMROSE LEAGUE. The annual meeting of rhis Habitation took place en Saturday evening. In the unavoidable absence of the Ruling Councillor, Cape Mytton took the chair. After the minutes of the last annual meeting were read the accounts of the past year were gone through, which showed a good balance in the bank. The re-election of the Ruling Councillor, Dame President, Treasurer, and Secretary, then took place, whilst a few changes occurred in the com- position of the Executive Council which was re- appointed. Misses Oweu and Hole were delegated to attend the Divisional Council on behalf of the Habitation. The delegates' report of the Grand Council meeting held in London having been given, the proceedings concluded with a vote of thanks to the Chairman.—During the course of the meeting, the Secretary presented the following report, for which a vote of thanks was accorded her on the motion of the Chairman REPORT FOR THE YEAR ENDING APRIL 19TH, 1896. My Lord, Ladies, and Gentlemen,—I have much pleasure in presenting my annual report of the Powis Habitation. During the last 12 months we have enrolled 39 new associates, and two associates have been transferred to our Habitation. Many members have left the district and have left no address. Five have been transferred to other habi- tations and five members have died during the year. Our Habitation therefore now numbers 604 associates and 48 knights and dames total, 652 members. The Executive Council have met on four occasions to transact the business of the Habi- tation. We have held four public meetings during the winter—-two at Welshpool and one each at I Leighton and Castle Caereinion respectively. The three first mentioned were very successful, but unfortunately it was a very wet night for Castle Caereinion, which no doubt was the reason more people were not present. Leaflets have as usual been sent to the wardens for distribution. The wardens' and sub-wardens' books have all been sent in, and the accounts therein entered into the general register of the Habitation. As the pay- ment of the associates is so small it would be a great convenience, should they be changing their address during the year, if they would kindly let the wardens or myself know where they go to reside. I wish especially to mention that a mem- ber only retains liisleoilnection with the Habitation, and of course the privilege of attending any social evening or other gathering at members' prices, so long only as he or she pays the yearly tribute. I men tion this because it has come to my knowledge that some persons, who entered the Habitation years ago but have not continued the yearly tribute are very erroneously under the inipression they are members. I find also that non-members have obtained mem- bers' tickets for our social evenings, &c.; but I hope I have only to mention this matter to prevent members in future transferring their tickets to non-members, as such practices are in many cases most injurious to our Habitation. It has been mentioned by some of the Wardens that they have had the trouble to call two or three times in order to receive the small yearly tribute. It would be a very great convenience if associates would kindly pay their tribute early in the year so that the Wardens and Secretary should have plenty of time to make up their books before the 19th of April, that being the end of the Primrose League year. During the general election which took place last July, several ladies and gentlemen gave very valu- able assistance, and these members were presented with a special service clasp in recognition of their work. The two social evenings which took place in the Town Hall were very successful financially and otherwise, and a good balance is added to the amount already in the bank, which will make the Treasurer's accounts very satisfactory. The ban- ner, for which the Countess of Powis very kindly and generously provided the materials, and which two lady members of the Habitation have worked very beautifully, is now being completed in London and we hope to have it shortly, and I am sure the members of the Powis Habitation will be much delighted with it. The League now numbers 2,326 Habitations, and 1,320,774 members. We are all exceedingly sorry that our esteemed Ruling Coun- cillor and Dame President are not with us this evening, but trust that they may soon be restored to perfect health again. I have to offer my best thanks to the Executive Council and all who have so kindly assisted me during the year, and espe- cially to the Wardens and Sub-wardens, as upon the ability and zeal with which they discharge their duties depends in a large measure the success of the Habitation.—M. SHUKER, Hon. Sec.















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