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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

21 erthygl ar y dudalen hon


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MACHYNLLETH. A LODGING HOUSE ROW.—A WOMAN STABBED. At a late hour on Thursday night P.C. D. P. Davies (Dinas Mawddwy), who was on duty, was informed that a rather serious row had taken place at a lodging-house owned by a person named Roberts, and that a woman, the wife of a travelling labourer, had been stabbed. He at once proceeded to the lodging-house and found the information to be correct. The husband of the woman was in bed at the time, but his wife had been taken to another house close by, where she was found with her left arm badly gashed and bleeding profusely. P.C. Davies arrested the man and took him to the Police, Station. The woman was also taken to the station and Dr. A. O. Davies, who was called in, attended to her wounded, arm, and having stitched up the the wound bound the arm in a sling. From the information supplied by the keeper of the lodging- house it appears that the couple came in early in the evening and began to quarrel amongst them- selves. They were told that unless they became quiet their money would be returned to them and they would have to leave. They promised to obey the request and presently went upstairs to bed. They had hardly got upstairs when the woman w as heard to scream and then begin moaning. The lodging-house keeper immediately proceeded upstairs, and he there found the woman lying on the ground bleeding from a wound in her arm. In reply to a question she said that her husband bad done it, and the proprietor of the house said that he would go for a policeman, at the same time taking the woman away from the room. A careful search of the bedroom failed to discover any knife, neither were the police successful in finding any instrument on the man with which he could have committed the crime. He gave his name as Daniel James, and that of his wife as Ellen James. On being charged on suspicion of having unlawfully wounded his wife, he said that he was as innocent as a newly born babe and had never touched her on that night. The parties are known to the Aberyst- wyth police as having figured in a case recently heard in the local court in which the woman ac- cused her neighbours of having kept a shebeen. They had been staying at Machynlleth for a fort- night or so, and the man has been engaged in assisting to construct the decorations. He is de- scribed as having German blood in his viens, and, like his wife, is the wrong side of fifty.—The case was adjourned. ARRIVAL OF THE PRINCE AND PRINCESS OF WALES LAST NIGHT. The royal train left Aberystwyth at 4 55, being forty minutes late. It arrived at Slachynlleth about 5 30 outside the station, there was a fair sprinkling of spectators and several ladies occupied the o-rand stand. The Corris Baud assembled out- side the station and played a selection of music as the royal train entered the station. The Princess was the first to leave the train foilowed by the Prince and the two Princesses. They at once entered their carriage and drove away to the Plas. The streets were thickly lined with people who bad come in from the surrounding districts and the occupants of the royal carriages were loudly cheered as they entered the town. The suite, including the Marquisof London- derry, Lady Aline, the Earl of Powis, Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn, Lord Herschell, Lord Herbert and Lord Henry Vane-Tempest, the lady-in-waiting, and Sir Francis Knollys. Therealso travelled with the Royal train Messrs R. W. Henry, Rd. Gillart, R. W. Hughes (chief constable). In the evening the Male Voice Choir sang in the Plas grounds under the conductorship of Mr H. R. Humphreys, and rendered an appropriate programme of Welsh music. In the evening the town was again brilliantly illuminated. MACHYNLLETH RECEPTION COMMITTEE The reception committee was composed of the following ladies and gentlemen representing the various activities of tb.* tmvi: ard neighbourhood — Lord «--(iry V.-i rq or. ¡H; Messrs John EdL T'II; J-,• I-: -••.VIS..]. SL Breeze, Henry L -wiv R r-i i >•<• E iwiir.-l Ree?, D. D. Wiliiams. J '-ep-i K>- •us. ¡:>1:IIIJ:il Giilart, SI. Jones, John l'a^-ii. I. R-'i-s J.thii Thomas. County magistral'* (SI .-i-ch v n let h Division) Sir T. G. Frost, C!.e«tei\ Mr. J. (j. W. Bonsai!. Sir John Conr(,y, T. W. Bonsai!, Dr. Edwards. Sir. Edward Hughes, Sir. Edward Davies, Owen. (Estimaner division) Messrs W. R. SI. Wyr.ue, R. E. C. Kettle, SI. R. Pugh. Captain Beadaeli. Slessrs John Corbett, E II Thruston, Humphrey I>a >de=. J. Chidlaw Robert?, J. H. M. L L -wis, Wai. Oxford, R. C. Anwyi. 11. Haydn .J.jues. J. James, Slayrick Roberts, O. S. Wynne, H. J. Robinson. Clergy and ministers:—P.ev Canon Trevor, D. Hughes, John Williams, Chancellor Evans, C. Price, R. J. Edwards, E. Edwards, Josiah Jones, W. S. Jones, D. Slorgan, E. Wnion Evans, T. F. Roberts, Wm, Perkins, R. SI. Jones, Robert Owen. Gentry, tradesmen, &c. :—Lord Herbert Vane Tempest, Messrs S. Phelps, C. R. Kenyon, W. E, G. Pritchard, G. Wakefield, Richard Peyton, S. B. Dickson, Slajor Slaasell, Messrs J. Lascelles, A. M. Suthery, Lawrpnce Ruck. Colonel Slorris, Dr. Jones, Corris. Sir. J. H. Silvan Evans, J. R. Dix, Colonel Norton, Messrs Edward Williams, Corris, R W Henry. H Sloiris. H Lloyd Jones. Bank. Wm Lloyd, D Jones, Wm Jones, N Lloyd Jones, Bank. Peter Williams. Jeremiah Williams. D. Gillart. W P Lewis. Mrs Howell. Sir J I Howell, Aberdovey. W Owen, Edward Slorgan, D Evans. John Rowlands, Dr A 0 Davies, Dr Slatthews. Dr Williams. Slessrs John Evans. John Thomas. Rhys Lewis, D Evans. B Pearce, Thomas Parsons, Edward Slarpole. Edward Jones. David Slorgan, John Jones, John Davies. T R Slorgan, Edward Breeze, T Breeze, Hugh Davies, Wilson Pattison, E Jones, R Ellis, D E Davies. John Slorris. D J Davies, John Jones. Lewis Edwards, D Jones, Thomas Lloyd, J. B. Davies, John Jones, Capt Evan Richards. E Ll Evans. James Evans. George Bowen. G W. Griffiths. Evan Reese. Lewis Williams. Evan Jones. D Smith. J O Williams. Edward Edwards. John Slicah, Richard Lloyd, William Pugh, W R Williams. John Richards. John Lumley, John Jones, workhouse master, Harris, station- master. R Sangers, J R Phillips, organist. J C Griffiths. Llanbrynmair. County councillors — v Rev D S Davies. Messrs John Jones, H Jones. Evan Hughes, Hugh Jones. John Jones, Taliesin. District councillors: -Alessrs Ellis Hughes, R Jones, J Davies. Edward Pritchard, E SI Jones, John Watkins. Richard Hughes, William Parry, John Jones, William Jones. John Rees, Evan Evans. John Owen. David Lewis. Mrs Lloyd, Bank Place. School managers The Slarchioness (D) of Londonderry; Mrs Trevor; Mr Einon Thomas, Llanwrin; Sirs D Pritchard, Ceniarth; Sir R Gillart; Air John Griiffths, jun., Derwenlas; Sir Lewis Lewis, Troedrhiw Mr E Rowland, Penua! Sir H J Evans. Esguan; Dr Grosholz, Slessrs E L Rowlands. Rev J O Thomas, Rev J Rowlands, Aberdovey; Slessrs Daniel Davies. J Davies. Owen Edwards. J Jenkins. John Jones, Eglwysfach; Mrs Jones. Cambrian House Mrs Phillips. Bronhwylfa Mrs L'oyd Jones, Bank; Miss Annie and Miss Evans. 12, Slaengwyn street; Mrs E LI Evans, Mrs Lascelles. Mrs Suthery, Miss Thomas (chemist), Miss Rees, Paris House.— The chairmen of the various committees entrusted with the carrying out of the arrangements were- Decoration Committee, Mr Joseph Evans; Address Committee, Mr H LI Jones Musical Committee, Sir Peter Williams; Executive Committee, Lord Henry Vane-Tempest.




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