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CRICKET. E.VV.n. cricketers paid their first visit to the lovely Klan Valley cricket ground on Saturday. The visitors took a strong: team, as they thousrht they might possibly meet a "dark horse." The home t.e:ia! won the toss and put When trie score was 23 Pugh and Lewis were tried, and gi» well did they perform that only 10 were added. iaciiMliuir extras—really four from the bat. Pugh also did the hat trick. For R.W.W. Cannon and t-h Prvce-Jones scored 91 before Cannon fell to a good one. He had played a sterling innings. Afterwards Rees (22) and Edwards (12) hit aw well, and the total was 175. The captain was in his very best form and hit all round the wicket brilliantly. His score of 71 contained oulv 11 singles. Considering- the weak batting team Newtown brought to Welshpool they did not do so badlv, especially against such good bowling as the home team had provided for them, Hibbott (12) alone got double figures, and the del-1m" plaved well for his runs. Five of the Newtown men failed to score. II. 11. E. llarrisor. and Owen bowled very well the former took 5 wickets for 12 and Owen 2 for 7. The fielding of Welshpool was good, while the wicket keeping of Blackith was tirs- rat. He stood up with rare pluck to the "expresses" of Harrison and 1,. Jones, and what is more, stopped them well too. With practice lie will soon become a good wicket keeper, and is worth playing for this alone. Welshpool scored 87, h. R-. E. Harrison quickly hit up IS in nne style before P. W. Jones bowled him with one that kept low. Parry carried his but for 23—a very good innings, and made without a chance. The fieiding cf New- town was at first very smart. In fact it was closer and smarter than that of Welshpool but towards the end it was dreadfully slack a::d loose. P. W. Jones bowled well but Parry was the most success- ful trundlor and took five wickets for very few runs. The last. wicket of Welshpool put on 20 rnns-the best stand of the day. In the second innings of Newtown seven wickets fell for 52. Worthing-ton scored 23 by plucky and hard batting, A drawn game was the result of the match between Montgomery -k team and Abermule— 71 each. Montgomery went in firs' T. S. Davies 16, Tomley 10, and Harris not out 15 getting most runs. Harper, Morris, and Towusend bowled well forAbermnle. Swetenham (13) and El well (37) played so well for the home team at the start that a victory seemed assured for them but after they were sent back the others fell quickly. Three wickets were to fail when the score stood at 69. Tom icy and Harris changed ends and the Mont- gomery fielders were all alive. Tom ey got the last and the score was exactly a tie. Oswestry had much the best of the draw with the Gt-amlcar SchooL If they had closed their innings earlier tnev would have won. The Town scored 142 for nine wickets. R. T. Gough 18, F. A. W. How 17, F. Corfielu 22, F. J. Gough 20, W. K. Minshall 15Juot out, N. E. Tidy 12, and W H. Ellis 10 plaved well. Thanks to the steady play of Mason (14-) and A. Gravell (28) the game resulted in a draw with the score standing at 68 for eight wickets. A good game between the High School and Oswestrv A. ended in a win for the latter, for whom A England (20) and A. W. Sabine (32) batted well. Mr Benfield (24) and Horne (10) started well for the High School, but the others failed before rhe good bowling of the A team. Scores, 78 to 62. lr. Armistead brought a good team to Xewtown on Wednesday to meet the R.W.W. A capital and most pleasant game ended in a very creditable win for the home team. The visitors put on 123 bv batting of good quality, Thornburn and Hennin in particular showing good form. C. Parry (Everton and Newtown) scored 12, and assisted Wilson to score 23 for the last wicket. The home team began very baàly-the captain being out to a wonderful catch at point before scoring. Cannon and Pugh soon followed, and things were getting desperate when Edwardg and Rees got together. Both played well—Rees especially—and followed up his Saturday's work with a grand innings of 38. Wood kept the game up and quickly scored 41 by fine and attractive batting. Taylor and A. O. Davies were in at the finish, when the score stood at 139 for 7 wickets. It was a good victory-pluckily fought for and well deserved. The first match between England and Australia ended in a six wickets' victory for the home team. In the first innings the batting of the Colonists was a complete failure, but in the second Gregory and Trott played magnificently. Indeed it is question- able if such cricket as this has ever been seen in any of those contests.










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