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."NIDM IMr Sr-TTTTT AFRICAN <^OX.l> Si? XVrpnFIx;iI>S TUK P.OYAL MAG. 5«» gif^lfcDlAXE STi.A.Mi' s; from HwAamn*— at i^y- iat 8«uth and liusi African Vovi?,. Gag; FJAJW /2Ta and Tentnft. Apply to THE UNION E?iWim+„'ffEP OOaCPASfY (Xan lite*), Canute Road, "Wit??1 *?d South African HOIUKJ, FRL to Bs, jjishopsg*#* ™tW YnD 1/ FastSteamers'-STATEOPNBBRASKA" ,«» | MKM and "STATE OP CALIFORNIA" Sail •—j a.. fortnightly from Glasgow. 25, Bothwell Street. Glasgow.. GUARANTEED puke] tx-" _I: IJ "r-' Ap R, .i,1:/ i .¿¡ E', .> 1 fA: 1m. 'IAor- .ii !{r'fI'l'tJy S rr .L, Vlfced T,v,i'MnriJ «*KST YEAST IN THE WORLD.' [C»JH)e StTKilSS, AND "WINTER. ed ia «jjis 8 hours aft.r Manufacture-' iTPt** Miltlr'.CirTl-i, snii-'Y Jtv W LEA VAT.1LKT riSTir.LF.KT- CO.. LTD.. *?0Tlrr<— Cnit&l ICinc\lom :— & CO.I/f2> HULL, T?FE,ARDS & BAGATELLE. j?S*9- BROS., Billiard Tabic, Makerg, (corner of New Oxford St. I.ondcn, W.O. "°.use for repaiis and all kinds of requisite*. ■— £ jice lists and gamyleo free. Est. 1869. ESTABLISHED 1881. £ RKBECK BANK Avrr\UUni>^cra Buildings, Chancery Lane, London. par CENT. INTEREST allowed on w*»?o Tjp reParabl« on demand. on CURRENT ACCOUNTS, on the mini- S« 0cjfs °a>aneest when not drawn below £ 100. purchased and sold. ALMANACK, with full particulars, post FRANCI3 KAVENSCROFT, Manager. lord's Tfiey Wash.. They Soon.. te i repay their 4T'ii5?i* Cost, a» hun- 5r dr«4« of UiCT« 'V'Cf M r'"? IV1U— Will t«U JOU. 'itXL Mai:!«••». Follow Ajl them. Ad- dirocr.i-ais, ard dresR Hizh kc'eP V??,1} Holborn, Lo*- V&UTK.i ..o-, or Di:K»8- f"t > „/r, nr M 4 =*- tyi'* 3 i&^t v' ypAr* or — »» <\t more, UKP. thou- 1)0ld street, sanas^Y'.n, LIT RRPOOL. I I' ll Vri ?»■<• fALS of every description purchased f 01 NOtTTi Basnakd & Sows, H4.Lambelji Walt .London. HOTEL, Birkdale li^v. Charming Seaside resort in own grounds. VV^SpUs "rT 1'ui-kisn baths. Birkdale Palace Station jV(and Golf.—E. A. FICK, Manager. b^1'^ the World inviting settlers offers Prospects to the Ai^riculturist than ^Pbttajbiio. Sov p e^' with map, sent free on application to the -j;^ j!KnT AGENCY. 9, James Street, Liverpool. s-_N'ENT AGRNOY, 9, Jæ 8ut, L;T"OOI. FLUIDS POWDER In °OLOHLESS, KON-POISONOTTS H [PISINFECT ANTS. f M ^AICPHXET ON APPLICAELDir. B8M W Cjl THE SANITAS CO., Ld., WM Green, London, E.Jt*! S>±1g|fcV±ts] !5&T blood-forming TONtC. 7" 8CIENTrFIO ORGANIC SPECrFIC. and Recommended by the Medical Profession, for. — Anamia, Chlorosis. Poorness ■ ■ ° £ Blood, General Debility (either c»n- ■ W MM ^tifatlomal or the effect of severe illness), ■ -koss of Appetite. Neryons Disorders, &c. ''ad by W^fecti^J1 CJ'emwU, 1/9 (SO Pills), -JH9 (lo# o<SlL*tt /L>?/J8 W"H every bottle. Manutiicturcd by ^II Hii i>S. Chemists,COLOGNE. GPt^*3?&4K r% J^osD.e *nh*»8 bearing tki* Trade Mark (rrgd.j k. 1 ^0\tru Lfl ^'e Hriti.-h V>'hoWsale Ik'v6t{3T, \Val- BHKSBBBBIM "°S» K.C.) for J>KS«CRIRTIV* PAMPHJ.KT. W'V H ^pf?Y CflARRSED WOMAN applT to NUIt-SK GAMliaJL for ILUUKTEATBD *» JRJ^K'vrcApi'max- '?. Bnclo-e two penny Stamps u„ ^OIO-FREUCK E.UBSEK, O., ^t»o0rf 8a. N £ WTOK SiBKP/ PICCADILLY, Ll BEST FAMtLY MEDICINE; I 1 TEARS' REFUTATION. MKpTrajnnjrrag|s^ S^&tiiSSED FOB ALL LIVBK AUTX) BILIOUS <rS)g1 QUICKEST BEMJEDY poa FSVBS, & ENSURE SLEEP. AB80LirTjBLY NO COLD SO COMMON WITHJMBBCUKY 5TaBB MINSBAL DBUG8. SABBAWD IN ALL CLIMATES. fcatJUm SUFFICES TO CONVINCE, and Medicine Vendor* in Boies, 184d- and ift. Of^WDEBS, iSd. per Box; OINTMENT, 15*d. and W li^J^JTlst^olMale Hou«e»,or from Meun. M0B1S0N & 00., SKii'W 1? ALLEGE OF HKALTH, S3, JSuston Rd„ London. mn alto prepartd with «• Ptmrl Coatmg nkiek rtnderi doe* not rnttrftrt with their prewxpt action. Rheumatism (^JUEED. ^^nswick Sq, London ,W.C; has been thoroughly "n*a»tism after inaoh suffering:, will gladly S&LOL on receipt of application tÐ her. "Vl INTERLAKEN ^n' "IPTEL GRAED HOTEL aJlCTORIA. JUNGFEAU. „ C0En^??ttiB from fr. 3. 250 Beds. Boomsfrom fr.2.50. Qrw V AUJtRMS FOK MODERATE ^CaS^oiiY- ritAKiiKS. ^?lIC LIGHTING THROUGHOUT. ■ BALLS, LAWN TENNIS, &0. SK?'S HONOURABLE & SUCCESS- K^olfATRmONiAL ASSOCIATION. M nu^^S given and Marriages avrai«?ed for the class only. Pafaoriiscd by the N»bility, 8rèc II.nd specially recomru"llll,>ù by the ClArgy; Tal observed. Full partirulnvr. of business system, pyP." °f 12 stamps.—Address, \l t£s INli-. 16. fereat Jane's iSrrcct. London. W.C.' tratffd while ^findin^. V ■< & lluptared Horaea operated upon by WAI.TBR_1^ a AJiMN&ATtCAMaa. /'t!Æ."A of_THE Tlf!IS Grocer for From 1/4 to per lb. —LINDOO VAMtMT TEA CO., a. Idol Lme, LONDON, | ^AU^ONy—Genome^ t 1 ,'(; ;Yr' ^i-WORTAST HEf f^Snu. Sr.Vf>I»)Ts' I^aikxt PNKU.VIWWO THiv^S, fret. F.T.Supjnpns^g.Kathbune l'l..l.riiil .M,\V. SUCCESS IN LONDON, te 'fi A T>t^'w DfPiPtTU^E IN MILLINERY. *u £ i? ,IS [J at 9/6. Great vnrie;y Vrruoh Cutu] ^ paid ahywbere. Jlln.-i.r .lod u?tJue CHAFBAU BON MARCH* CO.. LTD., ~-rit y>;i. Agents waited ever\wf:ere. H',2.«»' t|x?UNGERFORD,& WILLIAMS. » I'ei-c,?^iT3 PAID DUIUNG ia35. • JuiK.S;1" >Vl). 1, £ <3; ?iiu:vh 1. £ 5: April 1, £ S; V <J':t 7 ^P July 1. £ 9: Aug. 1, .-CD: Sept. £ B; ih "r JS rn'Q Nov. 1, £ 7 Dee. 2, £ 7. is £ '*• ~92 per cent., an avei.^gc of nearly «0$.f Per Cent. PER MONTH. a i:R~PAIB DL'KISG 1890. Ih i?L •• £ ■;Pe1, cent, Apr. 1 £ 6 per cent. VW^ii •*• £ 8 May 1 £ 6 „ W,V. ^Iw vV." June 1 £ 5 „ „ k, ILLUSTRATED MANUAL, yfe]Dvor^O^jx ci'i;T>;v,,A'in" '-4,AV* P'-olita may be I ItiK U>i 1 of ION. Cheques for jn'oiits I ^XBth v'lc^ moiiTh, and for withdrawals of w n hd? e?<;tl Trial investments of £ 5 V TrYT?iu*e- hf-ve not a dissatisfied Client. Co'pSfliGERFo^, & WILLIAMS, I P;Q ^vsnue, London, E.G., and lac" de la Bourse. Paris. L«K PERFECTION I JSHSF™ h ^iUU^tu^001116 is reeularly and iXV^^al a Weekly Profit of £ 2 to £ 3, ^ies ? Weekly Profit of £ 20 to £ 30, V<U%?°ssii^08s tha.,S, ^n« so founded upon caution and tlXj1)lVc ve aP»ro-i,.v,U5oes3,is assllred. This system is the mfUlhbllltJ' V/ h in all parts. ? of £ s> or MAY BE MADE. v 0< ?^ticuiir*au, ('a;ntal withdrawable at ten X"S « }vl11 h" >ent FKEE OF CHARGE 14, HolHom, ^CNDOX, K.'c, 1_ I ^^sS^ateShS^OiSCILIA'S COLLEGE VWT tea. T house and position in Margate. !?v"\ I Sfftp/ir Tennis Grounds. Moderate terms. i MAY BE WON BY I Portrait can ^>e8t connect a number of | the authors, both of which appear I ^^SIBPLK" of June I6th (13, Fleet i- The 1 i RE M. SOON TO LADIES, T1/^k J5spftd*ty to chota who wi*b to know T A T^TTf1 Q JL\ of e^rtAin, Mid »po«dy iciriftdy U riXJllliU f>v,r P. irrcku'rtTit36i fcod crtintr«otionc, *■ & "T^\T~~n '15J a rtmft'W »*hi;'h endm- the mo»f wying 1 i A 1/1 HaS ci\is\'AiViT»fi ftnri it: tbemoit diAculr. 10 "d LADIES p OBUTIJCAl'E CASES A MIJVjEB JAILS TO 1FFORD iJ^ « t.J fa Lli-^IES TO rxs«ajjj.T AI ram Kovan. LAPLES 5^ kopnJea*. ftdior* U MmpJy T AT^TI?^ J. \J *» Jfln. 8now,«yf I>«iiijtArk XJ'i.iJj/i. JU3 O Hal. 0*nib*rw*U, T 7^T, 11 ) l'r rear tntitmeiri my LAJyl iwviA-v niiktry «u ever vithiii Vf\ hou?a. tor cvtt T A TNiTT7 C Sl v/ ">ou;3k.n I b«*»n diii>' -LsixJL-tA' J i_« O m/^V ia ▼ai». Ha*2 -y Tvrp l f J .1 wia* »ror^»l»»,llvD, JjAl»f-Li. j t, m&oo jo*' aDd uarjvrijte." iO A S1'f,U '1a\\1'L'1"" I eneiiwwd wHh I..J.tiIJ1L ,'J r- V.V 5r1 IY.€iif«4aR, ~j- 7— ,■* V'f .*M bott'u a* it 31 T A M J iii uwAlIy su/ffh^nt *«k>v-L ro In lr. „ *ur{.i ta My lady aa io«4to4 oi — f Q iMetstti. MnlKt. ti.A,.Ju> ;.It; 5 TO 1I'ri. Jlrl'1J LAIUJL ikui, jj^nivs u» iioaiwmL KOAO, TO LCHDOrt. LAUiin'? ESPLANADE HOTEL, PORTHCAWL, fac- -*—• ingr Sea. 100 looms, Electrio Light, moderate terms, good water & drain ago. Mean tumperaturesame as Bournemouth but climate pec, iliarly invigorating. Dry sandy setl, southern aspeot, afe bathin SRa tihmg, wxteaaive Downs, splendid golf links full course; JumMbed & upf iigUshed houses. Apply Manageress. (XARDEN SEATS AND CHAIRS of "Man-o'-War" Tealcwood. Send for particulars to H. Castle & Sons (Ltd.), Ship Brealsers, Millbank. London, 8.W. (l1fac!.ur¡¡rs of Gardep Sgatsby apment to t tur lJ LADIES fKDISPElSIELE TO LIMES! SSH.S Asafe and reliable remedyfor ali obstructions and irregu- larities, a medicine which cures (u8ually in a icw hours) CARee which have baffied the skill of the best medical men. No lady need despair as the most obstÏDaw i hopeless eases hart been immediately relieved by this remedy. Mrs. Wilson, ol Honor Oak Park, Forest Hill, says: "Your In valuable remedy took immediate affect; inlaws than 12 hours I was all right, after 14 weeks of misery and hope;esa- ni1ss." A properly certified guarantee is englOBed with all tCRti- and medicine. 000 package lit 4s. 6,1. i>' USU&111 sufficient for any case. Ladies send II-t once fully directed en- yelope for p:\rticnj ars and proofs. I will forfait £ 1000 for ever7 kstjmenial that is not genuine. Thousands of te,t:woníals have been reoeived. Establi;[lel over lOQ yotrs. Do (lOT, be itislod by showy and other so-called once, lo— .:r.V¡ h r,Th.. TwI :r: .t?' :E:-t !J, BSDiCfll. IN?.TITi'.»TB. HACKHSY KOAD _i9_1? _11Crf>.dJt.:1 Oiurcrji, Lo¡¡.ivn. Jof.E. TO ST:2AM USEitS AND EMPLOYERS ØF LABOUR, If you wish tQ avoid BCilEB EXFLOSIOS OR BREA¡mùW OF EKSSSES INST7RJ3 WITH THE mLER INSURANCE UJ& AND STEAM POWER CO., LD. %Jr HEAD OFFICES 67, KING STREET, MANCHESTER. THE FIRST AND LARGEST COMPANY OF THE KID IN THE KrUSDOSI. Also apply to thi CCl.npany for Tenns for EMPLOYERS' LIABILITY GH.^ERAL ACCDENT INSURANCE. APPLICATIONS FOK AGENCIES I^vits^. U ,l. 'Jl.l. kJ\iEi'{ I3i!ST. JUNO CTCiiES vMf bb?t. «<•.••:??; fk5 liACiNW, I.. td-i\ fTs tvLADIES', Toaaus' k- I vl I 3 MILITARY, Aim i»| OTUEK SAFKTIUS. (\N easy mm* iff" r > | LARGE DISCOTJ'N'T. iflJLr?-'# R CAItaiAGk PAID. >.| Send (it for 2setc S Season's Large Ulustra- ¥lSW POSrXFP.ti:^ I ted JUNO List of Mar •SS^Zrr- -SigAtfS!. | chines, Fitting Parts, C !dSTS' ce., "M:T?.0PDLITA2{" Sew'u^ Machines. 5/-Monthly. VrU'/or LM. 7b & 7ti, LUahoprt^ate Street ^.Viuiout, London, E.O. Paper* YCLINt1! El KAgtiC IUWS-_ yybw -TEATBD crfUNi PAPSH? VERY f I *TOfl OTfH IT For rcJuclB^ StoutDMR «h WARD S FUCUS VESI- IUU OIUUI CULOSUS PILLS. HaraiIeMUdpUMMttoUk«.S/9* Ot»tain>bW.QRljfromXOy^Ckem»t,»^AK>M^HnjHI— "RALEUIHS" UMEQUALLED —5^^DESI6H,FiiiiSH,WDriKH/!SSHIP All RALEIGH Cvcl«s JJI-: built \iader tba p<»r?on;iJ Hiniountcnni'iiof of Messrs. V & MILLS, until r« ciwt«> mana- Q^^9BSi £ 3b% anc^ ('hieL''iJtively, ;-tthe v' B«Cfton Htimber Workn. Tb' ;»ast work ot tbene gentleman i» a pM:ir;infee ot'tke fvture. «nd vutiiher oneiyv nor expense have been spared to trtacp H AT.1TJIGHS ohm,i ,-)t rim?. THB RAIEIM Oyo^iE CO., LTD., KOTTIKOKAM. 1^1CT-F>T,,TlSr INDUSTRIÄJXHIBITlON in the Manicipal Park at Treptew on the Upper Spree. UNDER TBB PATKOrtAOl OT H.K.H. P2.INCB FR'EDBEIC LEOPOLD OF PBT7SSIA. BARON VON BEBX3TP9CH, Pnutian Mi"å8ttT of Commerce ond lnduitrii, Honorary Preri4n&t. MAY 1st TO OCTOBER 15th, 1896. Open daily until towards Midnight. THIS EXHIBITION is of larger dimensions tha.n any Inter- national Exhibition hiflherto held in Europe. It covars an area of more than a million square yards, the princÏJlal exlllbitton building occupying a space of over 55,000 square yards. The Exhibition is divided into sections for fishing, sport, alimen- tary products. famitfiry and hygienic arrangements, educatibn, chemistry, scientific instruments, and photography. There is lIløo a department fer astronomy, with' a giant fMe8cope. Å large hall is set apart for building a«d engineering. THE EXHIBITION presents a complete Picture of the Industry and Art of the German Capital, asd comprises 83 groups, representing all brfcmchee of trade. TBSkl ABB AX SO COHRBCTSD WITH It I. The GERMAN FISHBRISS EXHIBITION. tmw* IIATirKi.D-l RAcH*if ■*»« A Presideift HBBWIO, Hon. Presidents. 2. The GERMAN COLONIAL EXHIBITION. Organized with tit* Co-cprration of the Imperial Governmrnt. PBIKI TOK ABENKbrs aad D«. Kinu, ke»d of the OoloniaJ Depart- ment of the German Foreign ftffic#, Bonorary Presidents. 3. The migniflcent and highly attractive dfiplays OLD BERLIN, a living picture of the Histoty nnd Development of the Capital. Special ErhiMrtion: CAIBO." THBATSB. CoSCJEIl. KESTAtTaABM. In the PLEASURE PATtK the most Varied Attractions TMPORTANT—SCOTIA DUNDEE PILLS. -k A wQndmuI and mighty piedicine for the Infant, the Adult, and the Aged. NO aCOBS DEATHS from EPIDEMICS and DI8KASXS by the use of this wonderful and mighty <« DISEASE-DESTBOYIHG MKDIOlltE. The only firm in Great Britain who does or dare publish OB oath the name of the drugs in their preparations in plslin English. Sold in Boxes af Is. 14d. eaeh. Try them. U not approved, the money returned in full- Address :-T HE »tjNJ>l!S! TILL OOKPABT, 176, Beet i London. ]1.0, THE ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY'S GARDENS, Regent'a-park, are OPEN dailyCexcept Sundays), from 9 a^a. till sunset. Admission,Is.; onJdondayg,6d. Children alwaysQd. FEEDING TIKES oIF TM ANIMALS :— PELICANS 2.30 p.m. LIONS AND TIOKRS 4.0 p.m. OTTERS 3.0_ p.m. SEA-LIONS -• f-3" EAGLES (except DIVING BIRDS IN I P ™* Wedpesdifcrs) 3.30 p.m. thb FisE&-HOiTsi! j &o.Qp.jg; LADY & GENTLEMEN CANVASSERS WAHT0J; in ull districts. AS AGENTS for a patent article reqmreJ ui rW lumif, seilii r- at 1'5 ea It. Send SU- postal ordfr f»r haiapl* |ca"TJg" free, witk iu.tructroi.) t.. THE HOUKNE M ANT OIL KING CW., fto, Cb. Londux. W.C. YOUNG MEN nfferlng from Nervous Exha.ustioB, General Debility, Ac., due to youthful ignorance, should send for new Treatment, free. ST. LOUI3 MEDICINE CO.. «, Gray's Inn Road, Lontiom r~Two&s £ €fs\ I;íi' ''J, .N \A< ftTVKD TO MACinXKSr are REPABREO M'l TYR* gW nuitimv SEASON 3.S91- £ BMW8EB rafflASY .A'JSt. ^THE HYDE IMPERIAL RUBBEil C0..1P-I W30-AEY^I BOOTS & SHOES Par LADIES' & CHn.mtKrf's^WKAB, AU genuine, stamped, CINDEBEI.LA. MANUFACTOnY. WORCESTER. Na:meofneare.t Ageivt on receipt #'CINDERELLA' A BEP.DEE2T GRANITE MOW UICBKTS, j £ \„ iS&. c;ivriti&i paid. Inscription* m-cm' >■ «•••«-' -'J tii'uL I'lanspriews iroui J. W- Sculi't-j*. •• 'iU•- Tf) Wn^rM Irregularities, Obstructions, I v Vff y*lJL.«\lt (te., rHinovwl by an AJiOOLU'l'KLT CERTAIN Method WITHOUT MEDICIN K. No Mix- tures', or Injwtions. (freitt'nt IHscomr.; 3!oUrrn Medwu 8cir»c' ,S-rii1 .s;,"d envelopefor rarticulflirK.Tontuiionials, to S/La». AjMOSi-iitiNXYON. 33S. Hiuii HOBkito. l^ondon, W.C. THE INFANT'S BENEFACTOR. THE MOTHER'S BEST FRIEND, MOTHERS, TRY IT! SGIEHOE TRIUMPHANT. The greatest boon to Infants is the iVtnv ^cieiitific Discovery, "EDWARDS' HUMANIZED CONDENSED MILK." It is prepared from the very purest Cow's Millc, and when diluted with water, acoording to the instructions on each tin, M absolutelv identical in composition with Mother's Milk. Can be obtained of all Chemists and Grocers at 6d. per tan, or direct from the manufacturers, H, & T. C. EDWARDS, I/n>.» 29, CAT.r.noxrAN ROAJ>> Kryo's CROSS, LONDON. UANATORICJM and 3 S HALING ESTAB- O LISHMKNT, KARLSBAD on the SCHLOSSBiKO-, situated in th» prettiest and healthiest part-the Lnghsh- American West-end "-and supplied wrtli ever}' modem comfort. All kinds of invalids received, excepting only 11* feotious and mental Of the Sanatorium, Inhaling Establishment, T»i- R TtTTXRATTM Dr. J. MULLEK, Dr. b. u u ajjau m, cln Asst Wr. University. IGRT POUNDS dclicious pea-fed STREAK^ BACON or Boneless Haip, Smoked or Palo, carr. paid, lib Fresh Dairy Butter, 1, High cla^1A>r^V',r anteed; tru a samvte— DANISH. DAIRY, Dud!e> ,)V "I"S,P' /CYCLES, LADIES' or GENTLEMEN S. FT1tST Ox. \ss itMra; direct from the manufacturers. ^BVLL^C^. nmSl^V K^I'S. WOLTECJTAJ^TTOgj_ PJAST-OFP CLOTHES, UNIFORMS, ARTI- V^/ ficial Teeth, Antiques. Jewellery, &c. Full value given -r' fAr parcels and boxes sent. fr Mr*. BENSON'S ENGAGEMENT RINGS IN HALF-HOOP, MARQUISE, GIPSY, AND ALL OTHER DESIGNS, SET WITH BRILLIANTS, RUBIES, EMERALDS, PEARLS, SAPPHIRES, OPALS, TURQUOISE, ETC., ETC., ETC. 5,000 IN STOCK TO CHOOSE FROM. PARCELS OF UNSET GEMS TO SELECT FROM. WEDDING RINGS AND KEEPERS. MERCHANTS NETT CASH CITY PRICES, SAVING ALL PROFITS, SELECTIONS SENT TO THE COUNTRY ON APPROVAL. The FINEST, CHEAPEST, and LARGEST STOCK of RINGS in LONDON. Illustrated Book of Rings, Brooches, Bracelets, Watches. Clocks, Plate, &c., at Reduced Prices, Post Free. SIZE CARDS SENT FREE ON APPLICATION. OLD JEWELLERY AND WATCHES TAKEN IN EXCHANGE. ====-===:L:="=-====:=:=:=::=:-=:=- j. W. BENSON, H.M. the Queen's Jeweller, Steam Factory: a2 & 64, LUDGATE HILL, AND AT 82, ROYAL EXCHANGE, E.C., and 25, OLD BOND STREET, W., LONDON. BLINDS BLINDS BLINDS III VENETIAN WINDOW BLINDS. MADE ALL COMPLETE, ANY COLOUR, 4d. and 5d. per ft. WARRANTED. 2 SUN, WIRE, CANE, SPRING, & OTHER ROLLER BLINDS. Before ordering elsewhere send for Samples and Estimates, Free of Charge, to 'W. PAYNE & CO., Office: 114, QUEEN'S ROAD, PECKHAM, LONDON, S. E. N.B.—SPECIAL PRICES TO THE TRADE AND BUILDERS. Old Blinds Re-painted, Taped and corded equal to new, 2%d. &3d. per foot. Shop Sun Blinds fixed complete. Send for Estimates Free of Charge. ESTABLISHED 30 YEARS. BANKERS E. & S. W. BANK.