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-gl OO AND UPWARDS. Established 50 years. Persons entitled to money under Wills, Settlement, Annuities, or Interest, eft" obtain CASH ADVANCES promptly by applying to me, write or calL No fees. J. SAYER8, 25, Argyll St.. London, W. Digtanoeno obiectioa- f^ENUINE CLARET. Grand Vin de Table, 10s. per doz. Grand Medoc, 18the most perfect Medoc. Old Grape Brandy, 78 special for invalids. Carriage paid.—The MEuOC company (limited) (Syndicate of Growers;. 5, Bloomsbury Square, London, W.C. YACHTING on the NORFOLK BROADS.— Personally conducted cruises by a University man^One of the best yachts on the Broads. Terms 4 guineas per week. Kortner particulars apply to WAKPEHIR, St. Johii'n College, Cambnuge. BOOKS. Curious & humorous, French or /rw-fitate wants. ■.»«,, B«ofc«ellf ,J"hn BnghtSt,Birming»m. I fiRFAT SACRIFICE.—Real Silver Plated a IB OHUnirlUti reign or qnaint old silver Spoons and Forks, King George 11. reign, u „ Srr.vEK. Kat-tail" Pattern, BO rarely seen except M botni> BIXVEE^ A I*dy in sad T^and Desert Spoors and Forks and S^&a^e paid to> adtoas"Jj before navment to responsible applicant, ine aas nev&?beenused. Would make a noble present.. Letters only. Prima Lodge, North Brixton, Surrey. "NOTE.—Will sell half the Swnce for 35/- Vf ONOPOL." THE NEW GARDEN -L'-JLEN&JNE. For Greenhouses, Vineries, Conservatories, Fruit Trees, Bushes. Shrubs, Flower Beds, &c. Delivers a beau- tiful continuous spray in a most elfective manner. In various i-izos, prf.-e Tiom 22/6. Send fer price list. MACINTOSH and CO., WOOL EXCHANGE, COLEM.WT .STHEET, LONDON. A RMY BELL TENTS aud MARCLUEES DIRECT FROM GOVERNMENT STORES for sale at low price. Apply to A. COHEN & CU., 161. Great Dover Street. London, S.E. T UCERNE, Switzerland, HOTIF. T, (le ]'I?, U, ROPE. j Beautiful situation on the Lake, magniliceut view of the Alps. 220 beds. Lift. Electric light. Modv>rate.pen<ion rates. Tm:OUTH. ROY AL MARINE T T FAMILY HOTEL. Facing Alexandra Gardens and Sea, close to the pier, and adjoining the departure stape of Jersey and Guernsey packets. Also GOLDEN LION HOTEL for Gentlemen, centrally rituated. Apply for Tariffs. Proprietor, E. N. CLAPP. Switzerland. BIGNASCO Canton Tessin. I HOTEL DU GLACIER. Open from MAY till OCTOIBER. Proprietor. .ét6\b' I'P 6 nsri SliMI! 'm rpHE owner of a single Horse or Cow hns |v; 1 no excuse now for net providin g agaicst I sudden Horse or Cow Ailments, when he can .:j ;.}<». fort-he tmall sum of 10s. 6d. secure a little u :-j ft- Chest containing Medicines of 5(! years' standing and notoriously the best; and v fitted for Horses only, Cows only, or both •' ra containing also that most successful of all J! 1J My popular books on Ar.irnal disease. Days' »\ Everyday Farriery," 220 pages, literally t • crammed with information and instruction, j .• > in a handy, plain, and easy form. When we i s- 'J* say the Chest, contains Days' Black Drink J'- and Bed Drink. Days' Oils, &c., there will j J' be no difficulty in at once seeing the great j value of Days'Special Chest, j ONLY GENUINE FROM í" DAY & SONS. CREWE £ :j X: ■- AWARDED fVT)^1 ^1 OVER 50 PEIZE MEDALS. '3? — s:|! ESTABLISHED 1840. t'i \YS' BLACK DRINK Cures Colic or ^rJi sudden ChiDs in Hordes and Cattl<\ Hovcu (jj Cattle ana Sh'*ep, Sc^ur in Calves, &c. b' "p?r i dozen sampir, or \i*s.p»r dozen Bo:ties. Carriage -paid. £ ;< DAYS' RED DRINK Cures B*d Cleans- inp and Prevents Milk Fever. For Indigestion Stoppage, Ixws of Cud, and Colds in Cattle, 14s. ♦ «C3? per dozen Packets, Carriage /-aid. The Eve i# d Drench lor Sheep, Ss. 6d. per dozen Packet■ '•« r J' Ifd*DAYS' PL RIFIED DRIFFIELD OILS. -Days Black Oils," or Days' Oils. Heai '»{ Kicks. Cut*, Stake Womide, Broken Knees, 4c :n Horw »nd Cat-tls. Safety Heal all 'U "nrt« I. ■ (if, in ail Aminals. Price 2*. t5rf. and («. per hoi:I:- i'l ONLY GENUINE FROM V I onNS,G jjiy ™ Manufacturer* of every Veterinary |- Requisite for Farm, Stable, and Kcnntl. | I U.USTRATF.U AyM'AI, FTirr.^ «•! Pagns I I S m AJt IGoodpll § Jj¡:Î. '?/: II i tx 0 TR,A.CT- H-pes t A 1, 4(. NON_ INLI-FML YN 6 BE E 2 The most palatable, thlwt-qnenchlng, re- • freshing,ajilmating tn»i= drink produceable For every OPI5K-.K.IIX "WORKBR and all gg employed in shops. Mills. Manufactories & Mines. 0 5 IMITATED BUT NOT EQUALLED. Agents Wanted. S One 6d. bottle rakes S trail on s. Of all md Stortft. 10 SAMPLE BOTTLE FREE 9 STAMPS. 2 FOR 15 STAMPS. • J J1BWB»LL ft MASON, HOTTIHGHAM. ■ BiwwuwieiBiatiignomim MONEY I MONEY IMPORTANT TO BORROWERS ZCIO to £500 may be obtained on Loan immediately. If You Want to Start in Business, If You Want to Increase your Stock If You Want to Furnish your Homes, If You Want to Pay your Rent, If You Want to Pay your Debts, If You Want to Pay Out an Execution, or any matter, however urgent or pressing those demands may be, you can be accommodated without delay by apply- ing at this old-established Private Loan Office, where busi- ness is done in a thoroughly genuine manner. viz. Money Lent on Borrower's own Security, and a guarantee of the Strictest Secrecy given if required. Money Lent to Householders (Male or Female), Farmers and Cowkeeperr, Innkeepers, Tradesmen, Working Men, and all classes residing withinlOO Miles of Shrewsbury in Stuns ▼arying from £ 10, £ 12, £ 15, £ 20, £ 30, to £ 300. Office Honrs till 7 o'clock p.m. Letters by Post immediately replied to, and No Enclosed Stamp necessary for reply. No Delay. MR. S. BERNSTEIN, ACCOUNTANT, 26, CHESTER STREET, SHREWSBURY; AND 16, BENNETT'S HILL, BIRMINGHAM. N.B.—Mr. BernEtein thinks it necessary to Caution Intend- ing Borrowers against unscrupulous persons who pretend to advance money, when in many cases they are even in a worse position than the person who applies for the Loan. Mr. B. has now been established at the above address for somt timo, and Borrowers can depend upon it that if a Loan cannot be obtained at this office it cannot be got anywhere. If Borrowers persist in trading with people of no standing they have only themselves to blame if treated unfairly. MONEY. SPECIAL NOTICE. TO £ 500 LENT SAME DAY AS APPLIED FOR To all classes ef respectable Householders, Farmers, Tradesmen, and others (Male or Female) ON THEIR OWN NOTE OF HAND, With or without Sureties, at LOWER INTEREST AND EASIER PAYMENTS Than ever offered in Shrewsbury. Inforniation free and strictly private. Distance no object. Apply to the actual Lender, S. M. REDHOUSE. Dogpole House, DOGPOLE, SHREWSBURY. Wednesdays at 41, Leg Street (Salop Road), Oswestry. A1'RI\ ATE CAPITALIST, Member of a well- known wealthy Firm, having a considerable sum of Uninvested Money, is prepared to ADVANCE the same, in sums of not less than Xio to X5,000, to Persons of undoubted respectability in town or country (distance no object), on their own Promis- sory Note, without asking for sureties or security, or preliminary charges or fees whatever, at a low and Reasonable Rate of Interest, for short or long periods. Strictly private and confidential. As this advertisement is not connected with any Loan Society, it is requested that Habitual Borrowers will not apply. For full particulars, apply personally or by letter, direct to the Lender. W. SPENCER, ESQ., 1, WELLINGTON BUILDINGS (SOUTH) 2, LITHERLAND ALLEY, SOUTH CASTLE STREET LIVERPOOL. THE OLDEST ADVANCE OFFICE IN SHREWSBURY. ADVANCES made privately and confidentially in sums of £ 10 up to Z6500 UPON PROMISSORY NOTE ONLY, At much lower interest than usually charged- Repaymeuts arranged to suit borrowers' require- ments. Genuine and extensive business done for 25 years past. NO BILLS OF SALE TAKEN. Apply personally or write for terms to GEORGE PAYNE, ACCOCKTANT 5, TOWN WALLS, SHREWSBURY. OSWESTRY BRANCH—1, Cambrian Buildings Oswald Road (next to Cambrian Ptailway Station)' MONEY. MONEY: MONEY. ESTABLISHED 1869. CASH IMMEDIATELY ADVANCED. FROM X.5 to -tl,ooo. To Farmers, Gardeners Carriers, Cowkeepers Shopkeepers, Dairymen, Tradesmen, Clerks, Clergy- men, Lodging-house Keepers, Private Householders and others, without Bondsmen, ON THEIR OWN SECURITY, On Note of Hand alone, repayable by easy instal. ments, or arranged to suit Borrower's own con- venience. All communications are received inrt kept in strict confidence. No genuine application ever refused, and honourable and strai-htlorw^ transactions guaranteed. a NO ENQUIRY FEE. Intended Borrowers are invited, before i • elsewhere, to apply to J. A. RENNIE, 25, CHESTER STREET, SHEEWSBITHV "iDNEmAvs-ATH.KKG-STREET.OSWESTkT. Letters imoiediately^tteaded ^s^aQoe appototm^ "e seen aDy ^7 Aberystwyth bj