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WELSHPOOL AND ITS FRIENDS. To the Editor cf the COUNTY TIMES AND POST. Sir, Let Mr John Lloyd Peate and his friends not be mistaken about the question of a Light Rail- way to Llanfair Caereinion. Either they must give up the vain idea that Welshpool and L!an- fyllin are going to let themselves be ruined bv allowing a Meirod Valley line or else they mas: rest themselves eonient with their present com- munications with the or.tside world. It is alto- gether preposterous and ridiculous to imagine for one single instant that these two boroughs are gc- iug to allow themselves to be strangled in the sum- mary fashion proposed by Mr Peate. I see by Mr Peate's letter that the original scheme to follow the course of the Vyrnwy Valley via Llausantffraid and Pcntreheylin to the Four Crosses has beer, abandoned in favour of another route When will I these Llanfair gentlemen make up their minus or this essential point Now it is proposed to carry the line from Meifod across the Vyrnwy at Keel. thence via the Gaer (at Trefnannau) and Holyweil to Sarnau, thence through Maerdy to the Four Crosses. Is Mr Peate aware that the country between the Gaer and Sarnau is nothing bett. r than a howling waste, and moreover that an expen- sive cutting will be required between these t-.vo places ? Sarnau hamlet is three miles from the Four Crosses and is at present not in want of rail- way accommodation Arddleen station is less th:.n two miles distant, whilst Hurgedin wharf on the canal is not quite one and a half miles away. The xaer (Trefnannau) again is three miles distant "u one side from Bryngwyn station, and three miles on the other from the Tyddn wharf. This place is five miles from the Four Crosses, which means five precious miles of light railway across a sparsely populated country that does not require it. We all know that goods from the North can be obtained as cheaply and as easily by way of Welshpool as by way of Four Crosses. We likewise know that the superior attractions of Meifod will quite threw Llanfair in the shade, unless Llanfair or else Heni- arth is to be made the station for the Meifod Valley. If Meifod can boast of sundry attractions surely Welshpool can boast of countless more The whole case in favour of Four Crosses lies in a nut- shell. It is this :—That the Llanfair tradesmen imagine that they are going to be ruined by their Welshpool neighbours. This contention retinites respectful consideration by Welshpool, although it is based upon an altogether groundless fear. if this contention had any grounds for being correct then we may well ask why has not Pool been ruined by Shrewsbury years ago, every since the making of the branch line between those two places ? Does any of the Welshpool trade go to the latter town i What would be the condition of Pool at the present time if its inhabitants had caused the line to be constructed say to Jiaschnrch instead of to the railway centre at Shrewsbury ? What is that joke your correspondent has concerning a raven ?" Has it something to do with the public- house which lies in rhe Llanerchydol suburb of Welshpool ? One thing is certain, viz., that the Pool people are determined that the line shall not stop at Llanfair, but that it shall extend at the least as far as Llanerfjl.-—Yours obediently, A BURGESS. Welshpool, June 27th, 1896.