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SHROPSHIRE ATI!) WEST MIDLAND AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. The annual i-hree show of the Sliropshire and West Midland .Agricultural Society opened at Bridgnorthon Wednesda y in somewhat una uspicious weather. In addition t > the sum of £ 300. the amount of the guarantee, £ 600 was subscribed locally, and the arrangements in every respect were almost perfect. The entries were numerous and though somewhat less than last vear at Shrewsbury considerably beyond the average. The horses llTUIl- bered 253, cattle 162. nd sheep 215. Nearly 261,350 is awarded in, in the following pro- portions Horses £ 517, she-p £ 292, and cattle £ 303. The sum of £ 76 is given for horse leaping, and z653 for prizes in the cheese and butter classes. Numerous special prbes were also offered. The attractions mch/ded a dairy show, aud a new feature in the Society's programme was the ait-play of autocars, oce of which was sent direct from Paris. There was a capital lot of horses, and most of the classes w-ve well filled with useful and well-built anÜllak In tne local shire horse class the first award was T> by Mr John Richards, Lay ii eh s, Oswestry, Mr Hey wood Lonsdale, Market Drayton, being second. Por the best yearling mare or gelding Lord Bgert je jf Tatton, secured first honours with a very stylish youngster, Mr P. A. Muntz closely following as second. Lord Egerton was also placed first in the class for mare or gelding ipQTCirD 1894. For tbi-, m;ll'e or gelding foaled in 1893 Messrs W. and J. Thoijipson, of Desford, ne-ar JUeicester, had first pla^e, Mr J. A. Barrs, near N uneaton, taking the second prize in the class. Mr r"' een' f l vVelshpool, received the first awaro in the class for mares and foals, and Mr ^untz 1a a«aiii to be corVent with second place. Mr Edward Jones, Pool Qr^v. exhibited the best toai, and accordingly secured the first award. Lord Llangattock being second o.n the list. In the class for yearling hUJlters) -V-r R Oswestry, was first, and Mr W. Tin, of Ross, Hereford, was in the same position in the class for mares or geldings foaled in 1893: fbe hackneys made up an attractive feature 1ll themqebes- }or mares or geldings foaled in 18^4 Mi1 Forrester Addie was awarded premier honours with a very fine animal, and the same exhibitor was equally successful in the class oi foals. Mr A. E. Evans, Wrexham, was placed at the head of the list for stallions, Mr J. Coneher, of Birmingham, coming second. The exhibition of cattle was remarkably £ ood. There were classes for snorthorns, Herefords, dairy cattle, and the representatives of each breed in the various classes were beyond tue average. The Shropshire sheep shown were of very high quality. The show was'continued on Thursday under much better conditions as regards weather than on the previous day. The weather was fine, with the e xception of a, slight shower in the evening. This and other causes combined to make the show a most successful one. The attendance was very large. Heavily-loaded trains arrived one after the other, and for some hours there was a continual stream of visitors on to the ground, the money- takers, aided by the financial stewards (Messrs J. Bowen-Jones, T. Hlaney Eyton, and W. L. Browne) having a very busy time of it. When the returns were published at two o'clock it was found that last years' att endance at Shrewsbury had actually been exceede. The neither of persons who had passed the turnstiles at that hour 7,306, as against 6,575 at Shrewsbury, and 4.775 at' Whit- church in 1894, and at four o'clock Bridgnorth was still ahead, the figures heing Shrewsbury 9 150 Bridgnorth 9,400. Tin's is over 3.000 above the figures recorded at Whitchurch in 1894. At the clo«^ the attendance reached H:" high fig-ure of 10,058, some 600 in advance of Shrewsbury'last year On Wednesday night Bridgnorth itself was en fete hundreds of people lining the streets to witness The illuminations and ^reworks, and for some hours dancing was indulged in. Among the attractions the showyard the auto-car takes a very promi- nent place, and although the local committee were only able to obtain one entry, there is as much i, Leres-i manifested iu the stranger as if half a dozen cars were on view. The working dairv is another most interesting feature. The following is a list of local prize winners:- tiiiEE (county and locan prize, L3, Richards, LlynclVs, Oswestry — Mare and real, 1st, *10 Edward Green, the Moors', V\ fc.thpool. Foai, exJnbi..ed with mare, which mnKi- be led and shown without their dams l«rLpo Edward Jones, the Bank, Pool Onav • F Green, ihe Moors, Welshpool. HUNTERS.—Yearling, 1st. £8, George n j Hafod Offa, HACKNEVS,-YEARLING Filly, r, W. Forrest,, Welshpool Mare or gelding, foaled in 1394 £ and r, V. Forrester Addie, Welshnool m Gelding foaled in 1893: 2nd *4 r T& OT Bank, Pool Quay.- -Brood mare ^d foal lf i' 'If and over: ord, £ 2 10s. and r, W Forr Welshpool:—Foal, which must be 1 t Without their dams: 1st, £ 5 and Forrester- Addie, Welshpjol.—StMlion f u 1894- ?nr! -0" ;,u, A stallion, foaled in ^nd> ^varu G-cen, Welshpool.