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CHESS. —————"t should

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CHESS. —————" t should All communications for this departing be addressed to the Chess Editor, who wi ag to to hear from Secretaries of Chess C reacb. tournaments, matches, &c. All letters ^n(,e this office by Wednesday morning. Local in e will be given the preference to other news. -o Correctly Solution to Problem o. 30: B—Rsq- ^hit- solved by Mrs E. H. Huddleston, Manric tingham, C. Jones and F. Carter. nxrtR Col" Solution to Problem JNo. 31: Q—Q"- rectly solved by W. A. Doody. PROBLEM No. 32.—Solutions invited. BLACK 3 Pieces. WHITE— 5 Pieces. White to play and mate in cwo moves- Position: White—K at KBsq, Q, at KR>Q g, QRsq, Bs at KR2 and KR7. Black— K at at QLlsq, P at KB6. u of It is with much regret we chronicle the de Col. G. H. Lloyd-Vernev. He was a warm -eg porter of chess, though he devoted his more especially to four-handed chess, an<1. ij he only last April we publisned a long letter wnj had addressed to us concerning the din variations of the royal game. Col. Lloyd-Verllq took much interest in this column, and we feel b's death deeply. GAME NO. 47. &0 The following bright and beautiful little jpe» was played recently at Hastings by Mr Blackb it being one of the six conducted simultane° blindfold. WHITE. BLACK. Blackburne. — 1 P-K4 P-K4 2 P- KB4 P-Q4 3 P x QP (l x P 4 Kt—QB3 Q—Q 5 PxP Kt—QB3 6 Kt—B3 B-QB4 7 B-Kt5 Kt-K3 8 P—Q4 B-QKt5 9 Castles B x Kt 10 P x B B-Kt4 11 B-R5 Castles 12 B-Q3 Q—Q2 13 Q-K B x Kt 14 R x B F—KKt3 15 Q—E4 KR-K 16 R x P K x R 17 Q x RP ch K-K3 18 B- B4 ell Kt Q4 19 Q x P mate *#* f 00 The chess match between the members 01 Government and Opposition, which has recen^g0 been pending at the House of Commons, .g resulted in an easy victory for the Opposition, seem to be greatly superior in their knowledge the game to their political opponents. &k GAME No. 48. (BISHOP'S GAMBIT.) WHITE. BLACK. Schulten. Kieseritzky- 1 P-K4 P K4 2 P-KB4 PXP 3 B-B4 P-QKt4 4 B x KtP B-Kt2 5 P-Q3 Q-R5 ch 6 K-Bsq P-KKt4 7 B-QB4 B—B4 9 Q-K2 Kt-QB3 9 Kt-KB3 Q-R4 10 Kt—B3 Kt—B3 11 Kt—QKt5 B—Kt3 Jgt 12 B—Q2 Kt—KKt5 v-JPL 13 P-KR4 P-KR3 15 P x P PA:RRA 16 R x Q 11 x R 17 P Q4 Kt K4 18 Kt—Ktsq 1 R—R8 19 P—B3 Kt-R7 ch 20 K-B2 QKt-Kt5 ch 21 Q x Kt Kt x Q ch 22 K-B3 P—KB4 23 B-Q3 U-Ksq 24 R-Ksq Kt-R'7 ch 25 K-B2 PxP 26 B-B2 Kt—Kt5 ch 27 K-Bsq P-K6 28 B—Bsq P—B6 29 P x PBx BP and wins ,¡; 'r:: SOUTHERN COUNTIES AMATEUR CHESS TOURNAMENT. W e have received the following programme f01' projected Amateur Tournament: — President Local Committee: Wilberforce Tribe, Esq., J.P. RI LES ANT) REGULATIONS. 1. This Tournament will be conducted un the auspices of the Southern Counties Union. 2. it will bo held at the imperial Hotel. 'W ladies road, Ciifcon. and will commence on MOB" ,V 7th September 1896, and will be continued necessary) until the 16th. 3. It will be open to members of any Conn ) Association or C'ltib affiliated to the Southc Counties Chess Union, bat the Committee reseJ"v the right of refusing any entry. 4.-—All entries- must reach Mr. T. Letchford, Eastfield road. Cotham, Bristol, on or before Sattl I; day, August 15th, and must be accompanied by entrance fee of 10s. Should any entry be reftiSe the entrance fee will be returned. d 5. The amount of prize money cannot be sta until the entries are received. 0 6. The competitors will be divided into three classes according to strength. 7. If more than twelve entries are, received any class, the competitors will bo divided 1ll" sections. (a) Each player shall contest, one game cach of his opponents in the same class, section. (b) The winner of each section, or there be only two sections) the two hig''1 scorers in each, shall enter into the round. the (c) In the event of a tie in any class, a winners shall play off during the folio" week. (d) The players in the final round shall c<^e test one game with each other. 1° y event of a tie between two competitors, z. shall play a match to be decided by the of three games. Should more than ule competitors tie, they shall play one ga with each oviier. (c) Players tying for other prizes shall 8. A won game shall count 1, a lost game > drawn game fl.0131 9.- The hours of play on each day shall be 1 2 to 6.30 p.m., and from 7.30 to 10 p.m. ollt 10.—Unfinished games shall be played between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. g4 11.- The time limit shall be at the rate ^g. moves per hour, to be determined by c ,no- Players exceeding the limit shall forfeit the gkS 12.—The official in charge will see jhat allc 0f are started at the time fixed for commencernen PLAJ- tthe 13.—At the time fixed for adjournnien^ his player whose turn it is to move must elive fche next move in writing, in a closed envelope, eCed official in charge. Such envelope will be °P -rge, after the adjournment by the official then in c who will make on the board the move aS down. Analysing moves on a chess board iayeJ- the adjournment is strictly prohibited. Any P. fo1" proved guilty of infringement of this rule" 1 feit his right to a prize. rl not 14.—The score of any competitor who does play half his games will be cancelled. the 15. Matters in dispute shall be decided official in charge, whose decision shall be ^Qli of ject to an appeal to the committee, on a ques chess law. I altel. 16.—The committee reserve the power or modify any of the rules and i-e-ul,'Lt,ioDs. tLI t'd Note— The Imperial Hotel is qj^jon immediately opposite the Clifton Down fc> the Great Western Railway, and arran £ 'eCei*re have been made by which visitors will be during the tourney at the reduce rate 0 2 „] Cotfl' per week.—Thomas Letchford, hon sec-g h011' mittee; J. F. Welsh, Warminster, *Vl Southern Counties Chess Union.